Thursday, May 28, 2020

who is the better property brother? (27)

I've been watching a lot of property brothers lately and honestly I'm not a big fan of these home design shows, they make me feel like my mom. I mainly watch them because they can get addicting, like 90-day fiance. Plus I like the "uh oh this thing went wrong and it could ruin what we're doing but it won't actually" sort of thing that happens in every episode.
So I compiled a list of strengths and weaknesses for both of house boys. Think of them like video game characters, and this is their little introduction screen:
Drew (real estate man)
- sells houses idk
- better name
- better hair
- was in Dancing Ninja (2010)
- master bathroom
- manly stubble
- soulless eyes
- wimp shrimp
- wears ties
- does not destroy walls (often)
- shunned by dogs
- was in Christmas Parade (2014)

Jonathan (renovation man)
- big strong man
- my mom has a crush on him
- destroys walls
- funnier than brother
- natural lighting
- licensed contractor
- always gives the bad news
- lumberjack (may be a pro depending on who you are)
- hair not great
- occasionally wears v-necks
- was not in Dancing Ninja (2010)
So I think we can conclude that Jonathan is the better property brother. Okay, bye.

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