Thursday, May 14, 2020

Club penguin online is being shut down.

Of course, every single time we are given a good thing it is ripped from our grasps. This time that thing is club penguin online.
As you guys will remember, the original club penguin got shut down two years ago. Since then there have been many imitation websites to revive it and keep it alive, but none of them were nearly as successful as Club Penguin Online. Since its original creation two years ago, over 8 million people have joined. Things were going well, I was entertaining myself over the break chatting with idiots on this site, observing political debates, and buying tons of puffles. Until I logged on this morning and saw a newsletter from the creators saying that they were shutting down the site at the end of May due to Disney's copyright on club penguin. 
In addition to this, recent controversies have been sparked about one of the main creators of Club Penguin Online taking advantage of underage users on the site, granting them mod status if they sent certain pictures. Yikes. Not very cash money, that's for sure. 
The worst part of this whole situation by far is that all of my puffles will be officially put down. I will be holding a memorial service for Ted Cruz, The Destroyer, Zuckerberg, Puddle, Dementia, and Quicken Loans next week. I am in agony and I appreciate the condolences while getting through this difficult time. 
I may be making a video reporting on this and other things on the Morning Show for next week (I haven't decided yet, whatever week this happens). You can watch the morning shows here, a new show should come out every monday. If you don't watch it, you are proving that you do not care about dead puffles. 

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