Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Zombeavers: a film i guess

There's a real film out there about zombie beavers. I watched it so you don't have to, and I highly encourage you don't because its kinda gross. Here's a summary and what I thought about it.
First of all, the virus is started by Bill Burr, and called beaver fever. That's hilarious in itself. I wish he was in the film more, but I understand why he would make that decision. The rest of the movie follows these extremely unlikable college students who are going on a trip to some lake? Why these ditsy college girls would want to go somewhere where there is no internet and no guys is a confusing premise, but I digress. It seems as though it's going to be a normal vacation until uh oh! A zombeaver somehow ends up in the shower and of course they think its a regular old beaver boy with rabies. They "kill" (really just knock out) the beaver and put it in a trash bag outside. The next day they walk out and oh my! The beaver got out of the bag! At this point I really hate these characters and want beavers to eat them, just saying, oh and their male friends show up too. We find out that one of the friends kissed the other's boyfriend, I don't care at all, I'm here for zombeavers. They're at the lake and the zombeavers attack! The most unlikable character gets his foot eaten, I giggled. They're on a raft hiding from the beavers in the lake, I feel bad for none of them. Dog dies, only sad part. They make it back to the house and hide like cowards. They split up. Tommy dies first, only semi-likable character in my opinion. Jen and Buck become zombie beavers. At this point I can't breathe I'm laughing too hard. Mysterious old guy that protects them dies, whatever. I'm too busy laughing at how the human zombie beaver hybrids look. Zoe jumps out a window to avoid a human zombie beaver. There are only two left now, because the guy gets eaten by his girlfriend whom he cheated on, I'm not going to say why it's the funniest death, you'll have to see it for yourself. The two girls are in a car now, old guy is a zombie beaver that can supposedly shoot a gun now so they crash. Mary turns into a zombie beaver after a heated standoff between the two remaining girls. Zoe kills her and walks off AND BILL BURR HITS HER WITH A CAR. Very good ending.
In conclusion, pretty funny, very good ending. Very okay movie, just kinda uncomfortable at times. It's not scary, nor is it meant to be I think. It's very much a joke of a movie. Very dumb, but I like that. Okay well that's it, goodbye.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

My Hero One's Justice 2, What is it?

My Hero One's Justice 2 is a fighting game based off of the anime series My Hero Academia, which I believe my friend Emma wrote about, by here is a quick summary.  In the series My Hero Academia, 80% of the world's population is born with "Quirks" which is essentially superpowers, but the main character, Izuku Midoriya, is part of the 20% without Quirks, but when he a given a Quirk by his pro-hero idol All-Might, Izuku decides to head to the hero school U.A.  The game has a free-play mode, where you can use almost all of the characters and a story mode that limits the characters you can use.
My Hero One's Justice 2 Review - Go Back To School
You use a combination of all of the buttons to attack, shield, set up combos, and use your ultimate moves, which are called Plus Ultras.  The character that I use the most is Denki Kaminari, his quirk is Electrification, where he can emit electricity from his body to cause powerful bursts of electricity, but overusing his quirk causes him to "fry" his brain and render him useless.
My Hero One's Justice [DENKI KAMINARI BE HIP] - YouTube
The game takes this into account by giving him a move that when partially used, it powers him up and strengthens his moves, but after some time, he has a few seconds of immobility.  The game is really fun, and I enjoy playing it with my siblings.

The subversive masterpiece known as animal crossing

While I was hesitant to purchase this game at first, the coronavirus pushed me into playing it. I had not played a game from this series since the days of the Nintendo ds back in the early 2000s. This particular game had you acting as a mayor for the town you randomly happened to go on a train to, leading a small town with like 5 animal people things to civilization, to create a town for other people to visit or enjoy. This quickly turned into a nightmare, with people making the worst towns they possibly could, from fencing off their neighbor's house from the rest of the world to filling their houses with only froggy chairs. If this wasn't already awful, the game required you to play every day. I would only play video games maybe once a week, leaving my town in ruins as weeds and cockroaches overtook it, the laws bending loose as people started leaving just because god forbid one person leaves. 
It was also a near-impossible feat to get anything done: There were no taxes to pay for the town's necessities: you had to either pay out of pocket or wait for your greedy villagers to give you about ten dollars every month (But don't worry! They'll give you a t-shirt with the number 8 on it! That has to help you, right? No? How about a trash can that they thought you would love so much?). In other words, this game was a waste of time.
I abandoned the series after this, which was especially easy because it wasn't like any other games were coming out for it. But then, in late 2018, a new announcement came, saying that a new game would come out the next year. This was pushed back so much that I forgot they had ever even announced the game.
But when it finally came out in late April, I was beginning to have doubts: I saw how much creativity was in the game, how it was so much easier than the last games. How the villagers were so much better. Finally, I caved in when the boredom of quarantine ravaged me so much I had to do something besides school work and writing. It was just too much.
So I loaded up the game, only to find that you were vacationing to an island, that in this game, you had no responsibilities. Instead of waiting for your meager salary to provide you with the essential tools, you could just shake trees five times to immediately get your first bug net, use the same sticks to make a fishing rod, combine those sticks with a rock you happened to pick up to make an axe, use that wood to create more and more things. All of the games require you to pay off your house loan to a raccoon (?) man, but in this one, you are simply allowed to use achievements, from creating a custom design t-shirt to buying and boosting the economy. The game starts out much quicker, (I have more done in the last three weeks than I ever got done in the three years I had the last game) and has a much more entertaining background score, one that isn't too loud, isn't too complicated, yet gives you a feel of an easy time.
Overall, Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the easiest ways to not feel trapped over this quarantine. It does make you miss going to beaches and talking with other people though.

(froggy chair)

Even from the start, it allows you to have many character customization options, with varying skin tones, hair colors, clothing and eyes. You can unlock even more options as you go on.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Week ??? of the National Lockdown

All of us have been on "mandatory" lockdown for what seems like half a year, but has really only been around five weeks. I say "mandatory" because people refuse to stay home and thousands drive around, running from store to store regardless of what the government will tell them. I'll admit, I have been one of those people, but I do not go out every single day or every other day and do not stay out for long.

A little update about my life: I've been baking a lot in the past couple weeks. Not so much, but more than I have before. I've made cookies three or four times and dozens of tasty cakes, as well as pretzel bites which weren't that good because I made them with wheat flour. I've nearly lost my mind a couple times on top of that; I'm a very social person and love being around other people whether or not I know them. School kept me active, so nowadays I lose my breath going up one flight of stairs and walking around my room. I can't believe I'm saying this about school of all things, but you never know how much you appreciate something until it's gone.

I also never thought I would say this will full certainty, but tarot cards work wonders. I know that they seem like a "hippie" thing that a pseudo psychic would scam you into, but I got two (free) readings on two different topics by a good friend of mine and they were completely accurate and realistic, I was honestly shocked. I recommend that if you ever gets the opportunity to receive a reading, do it. There's nothing you could lose besides a few dollars. I might even get into it myself, because what else is there to do while in quarantine besides get into new hobbies?

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Why Spring and Summer are the Superior Seasons

For the past two years after April vacation, I was always busy every single week after that vacation until the very end of the school year. I always had something going on, whether it be with drama or literally anything else, I always seemed to have something going on. And I know for a fact that I am going to miss out on all of that as of this year, but spring is the season where I got to be a busy bee, and not only that, everything form the harshness of winter seems to melt away when it comes to the spring. I love how everything turns so lush and green. Its so beautiful, and just overall makes me really happy because it also means that soon enough it will be really warm outside. And I think that makes me really happy overall as well. My house is just surrounded with green grass, and bunches of bushes and trees, all of these different shades and bursts of the color green and the blossoms of flowers. It is beautiful. And then I get to keep my windows open and feel the soft breeze of spring come in my room. And I get to stare out of my window at night because I can stare out of it and daydream as silly as it seems. It isn't harsh and its not straight up hot like it is in the summer. It still gets cool at night, and I will admit that even to the protest of my sister I have been keeping a window open to get fresh air in. I love gazing out my window at the stars when I can't sleep. I love hearing the birds chirp. It isn't harsh like winter which I usually think of as extremely bitter. But even still I could never retire down south. As much as I dislike winter, I would miss the changing of the seasons. But spring is like a new beginning for me. Spring is when I'm busy and have made a lot of amazing memories in the past two years. It has really come to my attention that this time next year I'll be on my way to graduate. It has really been crazy, and even crazier that I have had the time to realize that. Because of all of this going on with the virus, I know for a fact I will never take anything for granted my senior year. I'll probably hate the spring next year because it will signify me having to leave and to make a new beginning as well. . Not just that, but when I finally get a chance to enjoy the fresh air, it is still really nice. I mean as I write this I will admit that for the better part of the day it is usually pretty chilly still, but it is warm enough, and even with the protest of my sister I still choose to keep the window open. I have a bluetooth speaker almost blasting music on one of my window sills, with an iced tea next to it as I am sitting on my bed writing this. But summer is also one of my favorite seasons because I love the heat. I find myself a lot happier when it is warmer out, and when I have the opportunity to be in the sun. But there are other reasons as to why I love the summer. I go to the beach a lot with my family, and overall I think it is just an amazing time to make memories. I have a lot more time to kick back, and take more time for myself which I normally do not get to do because normally I don't get the chance to keep to myself. And it is the same as in the spring, I love how nice and green everything is. And when the sun is shining and I can feel the heat of the sun on my skin it just makes me really happy. I'm nervous about this next summer, as I am scared that I am going to have a lot of anxieties next summer about my senior year, but in particular I cannot wait for this summer. I am hoping that everything is open and free and I get to see my friends and my boyfriend again. I am having high hopes for the summer. I am also looking forwards to going back to White Horse Beach and seeing my family again. I love going there, as not only do I love being with my family there, but there is nothing more relaxing than reading a book while sun tanning and then jumping into the freezing water. In August there is usually a week where there are a ton of sand dollars that show up. Honestly at the end of the year I'll probably end up doing a blog on White Horse in itself because I love that place. It is my happy place for the summer time.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

sweet tomato sauce: a national tragedy

I would say that my mother is exceptionally good at making tomato sauce. She has mastered the skill, reached top rank. It is perfect. Perfect on pasta or lasagna. The best part is, there's always a surprise. Sometimes it's spicy, sometimes it's not. Never sweet. That is an absolute no no.
Tomato sauce was not meant to be sweet. Traditionally, I was under the impression that it was supposed to be savory, and I will personally die for that opinion. Pasta sauce should be savory. My mother's cooking shielded me from the outside world of experimental recipes, things that tarnish the very name of pasta sauce.
But recently, spending the weekend at my father's house, I entered that outside world. My dad's girlfriend has a sudden sense of trying some new recipe, with BROWN SUGAR in it. Are you kidding me? Brown sugar in tomato sauce. She clearly has no respect for the name of tomato sauce. Unfortunately, she made a lasagna with this repulsive substance. I was ignorant. I took one bite, and trying to not vomit, I said "oh wow really good nice job Marie wow gonna be tough to only have one piece" How could she commit such a crime? And then I had an epiphany. A stroke of genius. When I someday become dictator, I can just make it illegal!
So when I become ruler of the Americas, no sweet tomato sauce. I will have a rating system of 1-10, 10 being the sweetest, and if you get above a 5, you get the guillotine. And I am also bringing back guillotines. They have a nice flair, plus the heads still blink in the minutes after, which is also a show.
Anyway, until I'm dictator, I will level with the people of America. Stop making the sweet tomato sauce, or I will organize an army and declare war on Finland. They will be easy to take down, and they have resources. You do not have a choice. Goodbye.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Quarantine Sucks

Throughout quarantine I haven't been doing much, I've been able to escape to the beach a few times and i work at target so I've gone there and back home and that's pretty much it. Work has been good but people can still be rude. I miss going to school and seeing my friends. I've also been binge watching shows but that's pretty much it. Quarantine is extremely boring.

I re-watched a show

I re-watched the show "Jane The Virgin" because I think it is a truly great show and I love everything about it. Its very dramatic and has a bunch of twists and turns. Its about this girl named Jane who is saving herself for marriage, but when she goes into the doctor for a pap-smear she got accidentally inseminated, and she got pregnant even though thee was only a 20% chance it would take.  Then the show is about her life and her love story and crime lord and it is just so interesting and highly recommend it to everyone.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

What I Watched Last Week

I've been spending my time during this Coronavirus catastrophe by reading or watching movies, and last week I watched the film "There Will Be Blood", a drama starring Daniel Day-Lewis as a Daniel Plainview, a ruthless oil baron around the turn of the 20th century, when the industry was arguably at its peak. Plainview makes his way buying plots of land to drill on, massively ripping of those he buys from and making a fortune from it. The whole movie is centered around one piece of land that is proven to be rich with oil, but unfortunately for Daniel, he has to content with the insanely religious son of the land owner, Eli Sunday, played by Paul Dano. The two butt heads constantly on all matters, and, by 1927, 16 years after oil was first discovered on the plot, Daniel is rich, miserable, and bitter, leading to the final clash with Eli that *****spolier***** leaves him dead from taking a bowling pin to the head at the hands of Plainview.
Overall, I would highly recommend it as it has not only an excellent plot but gorgeous cinematography and some very powerful performances, but be weary of some intense scenes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Self Care

Despite what some people think, self care is more than doing a face mask (however if that does help you and you do consider that self care, then by all means please do it). Self care is really important, now more than ever. These are really stressful times, and you're listening to the girl who has been getting stress headaches left and right for the past two weeks, there are a lot of things that are contributing to the stress of all of this. I mean I bet that its hard for a lot of the students to do a lot of these things as well, not only do we all have to adapt to online learning if we haven't already, but teachers are still giving us a lot of work and a lot to do. Times are stressful right now. Here is some advice from me to you, and maybe you all will find something that might help.

1) Stay in touch with friends and family as best you can. Times now are more stressful than ever, and it would really really be in the best interest of all of you guys to do that. Family can help reassure you that everything will be okay and they will keep you up to date with everything going on, so it may help and you may not feel so in the dark because of all of this. And video chatting and staying in touch with friends is also a good way to make sure that they are alright, and having fun with friends online is a good way to have some fun.

2) Reading!! I know I'm a little bit of a bookworm but reading is so fun and I really mean that. Try and distract yourself if things get bad and let yourself get sucked into a good novel. It is really worth it, especially if you find a good story.

3) Writing!! If you don't have anyone to talk to, maybe try writing instead. It can be on a scrap piece of paper, or in a notebook, either way, writing can help relieve stress and let you vent out your feelings if you don't want to talk to anybody, or don't feel like you have any person to talk to. Gonna be honest I've been keeping a journal since eighth grade and it has helped me out a TON! Again, however what works for me may not work for everyone.

4) Treat yo self! Now more than ever it is important to focus on your mental health, because of that, there has never been a better time to treat yourself if you can. Give yourself a little break when you can. Take some time to do something that makes you happy, and is beneficial to your health. Take the time to take care of your mental and physical health as well. Get some exercise and get outside in your yard if you can! A tip from me, if you're inside all day like I am, open up some windows in your room for a little bit as well.

5) Staying on schedule and keeping up with school work. Having a routine can give yourself structure, especially if you're a person who needs it. Making sure you don't stay up or wake up too late is also something that is very important. I think that you should take advantage of being able to do school work after getting a good nights sleep. I know I'm guilty of staying up a little too late some nights, but honestly I feel so much better doing work when I have a good night's sleep. And my brain is so tired by the end of the day that it helps me sleep better at the end of the day, especially with routine.

6) Depending on the kind of person you are, you may want to listen to music to help you relax as well. I know it doesn't help everyone, but it maybe could helps somebody.

I hope that maybe I help at least one person here, that is really my main goal. I would love it if I could help one of you out, as it would make me feel better to have helped out at least one person in this trying time. I hope that you are all safe, and well. Thank you!!

Monday, April 13, 2020

My (Outdated, constantly repeated, bland) Coronavirus playlist

Sorry about the pessimistic title, but it's honestly pretty much true. I should technically have enough time to be able to listen to whatever I want but over the last few weeks, the mundane events are barely enough to spark interest in anything creative. So, I guess without further ado, I'm going on a rant about music.

  • Deviltown 2, By Cavetown
I recently rediscovered Cavetown, an aro, British singer with a mellow heart and lush ukelele chords. In his first album, however, he had not yet found his true style, and instead kept with (except for meteor shower) an punk(ish) rock theme, very much unlike his newer styles. Recently, (more like a few years ago, but is time really relative right now?) he created a softer version of the song, with some new and modified lyrics, a steel-string guitar, and a very bedroom pop vibe. This new version brings out so much more emotions that were lost before, and this quickly became one of my favorite songs.

  • Let's kill tonight, By Panic! at the disco
Although this from their third album, (I usually listen to the latest three) 'Vices and Virtues', I am able to find a common theme of the supernatural and spiritual in these two songs, despite completely different instrumentals and vocals. While the music video for this song is very sparse and odd, the song itself, with its lyrics and busy synths, gives a story in itself.

  • Checkmate, By Conan Gray
I know I've already written about him in my first blog, but I'm obsessed with Kid Krow. I'm glad it just recently came out, saving me from the abyss of Coronavirus. This song uses a sparse beat and seemingly random bass mixed with heavy guitar to give a very energetic beat, one unmatched in other bedroom pop artists' songs. Conan uses his own artistic prowess to create a lyric video, complete with illustrations, matching the handmade lyrics of the young singer-songwriter. By now, however, I think it's obvious that most of his songs seem to be about the same girl over and over again. This song, despite the slightly happy instrumental, oozes anger, hatred, and loss. According to Gray, this song was written while he was in a pit of deep anger, to the point of self-loathing.

  • Monster, By Dodie.
Dorothy Miranda Clark started out with a popular vlog from Essex, England, only to become a singer-songwriter with beautiful lyrics, preparing to defy the odds. In this song, she uses tinny synths and an odd beat with lifting up lyrics, her bright voice and back choir keeping a happy feel with slightly depressing lyrics. She knows everyone can't fit in, especially a 'weird' introvert like her, but she still tries.

  • Mad Tea Party, from Wonderland (Not the Disney movie)
And so quickly do we turn to show tunes. This bizarre rendition of a modern-day Alice in Wonderland honestly still baffles me. From Alice, the protagonist who may or may not be the old Alice that now has a divorced husband, a child to take care of and a failing children's books career mixed with a surprise (and unneeded) appearance by Lewis Carrol, a gender-bent Mad hatter hellbent on taking over the world, el Gato, the manic cat who can't turn invisible anymore, and an... honestly normal queen of hearts. She didn't really change. This is right before the Mad Hatter's introduction.
(I can only find the whole scene, which includes one knight [worst song in the musical] and the mad hatter)

  • Sweater Weather
I think enough is said about this song already. It's literally a classic for every indie everywhere, and I listen to it mostly when I'm lonely, which is every day for me now. I really can't say anymore that hasn't been said already.

Alright, I don't want to repeat artists and I'm already bored of this so I guess this is it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Mom Walks

I have to say, I have never been on so many walks in my entire life. All those memes on Instagram and Tik Toks saying that moms keep walking and walking to pass the time of being suck inside. Well, I am here to confirm, and proudly say that I am a survivor of constantly being asked if I would go on yet ANOTHER walk. I refuse the first three times that I am asked, but after that I cave. If you check my health app on my phone, you will see that I walk an average of six miles a day. Please, someone tell my mother that we need to stay home! If I go on one more walk I think not only my legs are going to fall off, but my brain might explode from being annoyed. And yes I know, I know, be nice to your mom, you only get one. I understand that, but for real, I need some space and this coronacation is giving her wayyyy too much time to get up all in my business. I am about to go to the store, mask and gloves on so I don't get anyone's nasty germs ew, and buy that woman a puzzle and sit her down at the table.
I guess there are worse things that I could be doing than walking, and to be honest, I am in the best shape I have been in all Winter long, so I guess that is a plus to the madness I have endured over I don't even know how many days now. Now that I think about it, all this walking is replacing my tennis season, so all the exercise that I would have been getting on the court, I am now getting by walking (or running so I don't have to talk about my mom's work problems) Pinehurst or down my long dirt road.
We take my dog, Oreo, out with us on our walks. I will say he is a bit on the heavier side. Okay I will be real, he is a complete tank. A Shih Tzu/Maltese weighing at over 25 pounds...  just insane. We think he is part bulldog as well, but that is besides the point. He really enjoys going out for his daily walk, which is something new since he has been stuck inside every school/work day all by himself, but now I am here everyday and when my mom gets to work from home, that means he has one more human he gets to annoy for hours on end. I don't know what is worse, the squeaking of Oreo's stupid green dragon, or my mom asking to go walk with her. If I don't ever come back to school after this is all over, I died from walking.

A serious post about my lego batman addiction.

I will treat this post as I would an AA meeting, because it is a very serious topic. I, Katelyn Trash, have been playing lego batman with my sister all week. At first my entry was reluctant. I don't really like spending time with my sister, and lego batman seemed as though it would give her incentive to spend more time with me. But, I had nothing else to occupy my free time, so I gave in. Little did I know that this would become an addiction, I was ill-informed and naive. So I played, and this children's game soon became an addiction to me, a craving to play lego batman filled my senses and I fell prey to the constant gratification that the game provided. And then, like any addict, I would say that I "did not have a problem" and that I could "stop at any time." I was wrong.
It only got worse. Lego Batman fueled my life for a whole week. So when I sensed the end of the game nearing closer and closer, I shivered at the thought of losing it. But finally, at 11:45pm on April 5th, 2020, my sister and I finished Lego Batman. This did not come as a shock, although it made me weak nonetheless. Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. Not wanting to eat the pasta my mother had made. Not wanting to do anything, play anything else, but Lego Batman. I started to notice myself getting the shivers and breaking into cold sweats. My way of coping was unhealthy and damaging, searching the house thinking "please, just another Lego game! Anything! Jurassic Park! Marvel's Adventures! Lego Batman 2!" But, my search was in vain. Nothing. Not even a real lego.
Now that I've admitted that I have a problem, I am in recovery. Rehab, if you will. I have strict orders from my doctor to stay at least 5 feet away from the Wii, and to not even look at the game at any cost. It would be lying to say that I feel better, or that what I'm doing is right. I've been forced to go back to games on another console that seem so useless and wrong. I feel like I'm cheating on Lego Batman. But at this point, I have no choice. I, Katelyn Trash, am a Lego Batman addict.


My dog Callahan is a familiar face to many of my friends. His goofy and energetic personality make him memorable to everyone who visits. We got him from a rescue that saves dogs from down south and have had him for about two and a half years. Weirdly he hasn't gained any weight in the time he's been with us but he's definitely filled out a lot. He is extremely loving and intelligent, but unfortunately he does face some prejudice for what he looks like. :(

This image doesn't make him look as threatening as some people think he is, but you can understand why he faces prejudice. He is a huge, 75-lbs, large-headed boy who doesn't know how to act around other dogs the same size as he. He's genuinely a very smart dog but can be stupid/silly at times. He knows a minimum of ten words and phrases and listens very well. He's never injured or made a scratch on any of us, although he does get jealous of my cat the few times she makes an appearance in the house.

I try to photograph him as much as I can. Callahan is not photogenic at all which makes photos of him much funnier. He has no good angles but I'm sure he doesn't mind being the virtual center of attention. Here are a few of his worse/funnier shots:

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Working from Home...Is it better?

Over the past, well I do not know how many days, I have lost count from staying inside within the same four walls, I have gotten so much more work done than I have this whole term if I'm being honest. It may be the fact that I have literally nothing better to do, but I actually have not hated my time inside, being a homebody may help as well. My daily routine? Not much to it I must admit. Get up, brush my teeth, grab a banana, put some music on, and then get to work. A nap here and there too, can't forget those. Everyone thinks I am insane for thinking this but I hope that they just cancel April Vacation so we can just work all the way till the end of the year, and potentially have more summer time when there is no quarantine, that is if this ever ends (if you are reading this and have been going out with other people, just know that I am internally screaming at you because you are contributing to the issue and will make quarantine longer for everyone). I think that we are able to get more work done at home if we are given clear instructions, and now that we have all the time in the world, there is not reason why we can't get caught up and finish this term out strong, never mind the term, finish the year out strong because lets face it, we are probably not going back to school. They foresee this lasting till June. Which I am not mad about, but I know for a fact that everyone else is. Another reason why I like working from home better... getting to spend time with my dog obviously. Pets are left home alone all day every day of the school/work week, they are 100% loving COVID-19 right now since they get to see their humans everyday. And if you have a pet, I demand you to go spend time with him/her right now...GO! Happy Coronacation my friends!

Monday, April 6, 2020

On Reading

I haven't had a good chance to sit down and read like I did last night in actual AGES!! It was so amazing because I had forgotten how much I just love to nestle down with a book so good, that I keep telling myself I'll stop at a certain point, when I know I'll just keep reading more. The thing is, I haven't had the time to either. I mean, with this quarantine I've had more free time than usual, and my weekends are usually a lot more free because of the fact that I'm getting less work (but believe me I am still getting HAMMERED with work every single day). Les Miserables is such a good book, and I am so mad it took me forever to really get into it. I mean I've loved it from the beginning, very interesting plot, and there are a lot of twists and turns. However I really don't like Marius, who's supposed to be the main love interest in the book to this girl named Cosette. The dude is a low-key stalker and personally I'm just not a fan of that. Like he makes it obvious that he's doing it too and honestly it's really upsetting to me. I actually had to force myself to put the book down to wake up at a decent time this morning which was nice because I haven't had a chance to really sit back and read for leisure, not because I have to, you know? I mean personally I see it as a really good thing because I haven't had the time or the motivation to do it, the only time that I could really do it beforehand was because of vacation time, and even then I was always so burnt out because of school that I didn't really want to. And I feel like I'm getting a part of my old self back, I used to stay up every single night just reading and I feel like I really just stopped enjoying it for a while. Probably because I snapped out of it for a little while but I'm glad to get that back, I feel like I'm in my groove again!!

Netflix Recommendations? (22)

So far this break from school has been really beneficial, I've caught up on school work, slept in, and finally got the opportunity to relax. Although this little break has been fun, I've gotten really bored. I cleaned my room 4 times already, I've slept in to waste half the day, I've downloaded a bunch of apps on my phone to kill time, and I have watched the majority of my Netflix list. So what I'm asking is for you guys to leave me Netflix recommendations, because I'm desparate. I list the shows that I've already watched and shows already recommended to me to avoid any confusion or repeats. 

Already Watched:

  • Tiger King 
  • Aaron Hernandez Documentary
  • On My Block 
  • The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez 
  • All American
  • Love is Blind
  • I Am Not Okay With This
Shows I Like:
  • The Office 
  • Vampire Diaries 
  • That 70s Show 
  • On My Block
  • Elite 
  • Gossip Girl
  • Sitcoms
  • True Crime Stuff
  • Any movie
So obviously that's not everything I've ever watched. I hope these list helps you. I usually watch shows that center around the lives of teenagers, which I never noticed before writing this. Hopefully you'll actually give me good recommendations. 

Are Apps Based of Games As Good As The Original Game?

There are many video games out there, and many people with phones, so one day dame developers decided: "We should make versions of classic games for phones!"  This brings up an important question, are these as good as the originals?  For this I will go over two apps I have, Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. 
Fire Emblem Heroes Game Review -
Fire Emblem Heroes is a lot like the Fire Emblem series, but the maps are smaller, and a lot of the stats, like skill and luck, are taken out.  The game is like a gacha game, which means that you must use a random lottery to get something, in this case, to get new heroes to send into battle.  The game uses this to get money, but it is easy to play free.  The game has events that open and close based on real date and time.  The game has a different feel than other Fire Emblem games, but it is still fun to play, and the summoning system makes it a fun mystery of who you could get.
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp revenues soar thanks to New Horizons
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a game where you gather materials and other objects to complete requests of the animals that visit the world your camp is, and raise their friendship level, once your friendship level is high enough, and you've crafted the right furniture, they will join your camp.  You can also customize your own cabin and camper van, and you receive furniture in two ways, by making it or by buying fortune cookies, which randomly give you something from a list of furniture.  There are many events that open and close based on the date, and the atmosphere and time of day change in real-time as well.  This game does a good job at capturing the charm of the series of Animal Crossing, but there are many things that it lacks on, but the game is still pretty good, and a lot of fun to play.

Both of these games are free to play and download, so if you need something to do during this coronavirus situation, then I recommend you install one of these apps.
(If you do install either of these apps, here is my friend code for friend requests:
Fire Emblem Heroes: 3458971368
name: CĂ´ries
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: 6535 4543 475
name: Maverick

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Day 13 of Quarantine: April Fools' Day

Happy April Fools' Day to my fellow Blogger users. I bet most of us forgot that today was even a holiday. I haven't celebrated it in a handful of years, and I gotta admit, I miss tying a rubber band around the sink so the next person to use it would get soaked. That was the only prank I ever pulled on someone, but with my new sink it's no longer possible. Good ol' days :(

It's been hard juggling school work with free time. Days A/C I have virtually zero work but on days B/D I have a minimum of 8-9 hours of work to do. Somehow it's taking me longer to do work now than it was when I had five or more assignments to do after school before I fell asleep at 8:30. I think that it's ridiculous we have to wake up at 7:40 while we're not even physically at school seeing as we have all day to do our "class" work. It's only bad because I'm always being forcibly woken up by my parents because they think I'll miss something. I appreciate the fact that they want me to do good, but I know my own schedule and know that I can sleep in until 9 and be fine.

On another note, I do miss reading all of the blog posts that my classmates posted before quarantine started. Some of them were hilarious, others a bit concerning, and sometimes even confusing, but overall I was pretty entertained by them. I hope we can return to school in May so people are motivated to write these more often. More so, so I can do classwork in an actual classroom and socialize again.