Friday, February 28, 2020

Apple Tier List

I think we can all agree that apples are the food of the gods. Best fruit by far. We also all know that there are over 7,500 different varieties of apple in the world, all of which I intend to try and rank by the end of my lifetime. What you may not know is that I consider myself a bit of a fanatic for apples. To put it lightly, I want to become an apple when I grow up. But what type of apple? This question has been weighing on me for quite some time, so much so that I cannot sleep without having an apple-related nightmare. What type of apple will I choose to be when the time comes? What apple will I study in college? So I decided to make a tier list to answer these questions:
To summarize, honey crisp and golden apples (not to be confused with golden delicious) are in s tier. Granny smith, sweetango and fuji are in A tier. Envy and empire are in B tier. Cortland, macoun, and mcintosh are in C tier. Gala and golden delicious are in D tier. I sadly had no opinions to place in E tier, and red delicious wins the prize for most repulsive apple, taking the only spot in F tier.
As a result of this list, I have answered the burning questions of my brain. I have concluded that I want to become a honey crisp apple when I grow up, and maybe even teach others the joy of being honey crisps themselves. I encourage everyone to get an apple-based education. Goodbye.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

My Experience with Hungry Jack Pancake Mix (Extra Light and Fluffy)

I'm a big fan of breakfast foods. It's the most important meal of the day that can be substituted for any other meal or midday snack. Eggs? Pair them with toast for breakfast. Have a nice egg salad for lunch. And dinner? Add steak, bacon, beans, or any protein. Eggs aren't a favorite or even enjoyable choice for everyone, but there are plentiful options to choose from.

One breakfast that I've mastered at preparing and cooking is pancakes, specifically Hungry Jack Pancakes. Now I get it, not making them from scratch or even a healthier choice is not the best, but hey, that's the brand I grew up with when my dad taught me how to make them.

Everything about Hungry Jack pancakes is almost perfect when cooked properly. I prefer to not use a non-stick pan, even though that's what I use every time, because the texture of the pancakes comes out less thick and chewy and is easier to cut into pieces. Also, the pattern that is cooked into the faces of the pancake is interesting, and forms a series of vine-like swirls over the surface due to the cooking spray left on the pan. Cooking spray obviously prevents less stickage to the pan, which doesn't happen that often on a non-stick pan if cooked well enough. Anyway, Hungry Jack has never failed to disappoint me; the only times I wasn't happy with my breakfast was my own fault-early flipping of the pancake. Extra Light and Fluffy pancake mix ensures that the final product is easy to tear into and chew, short cooking time, and delicious pairing to any topping-especially Aunt Jemima syrup. Pancakes are not pancakes without Aunt Jemima syrup.

Overall, I'd be glad to stay a loyal customer to the Hungry Jack brand and support their pancake mix. Unless people on social media found out that they put questionable ingredients in their packaging.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

They Both Die At The End: Why The Title Shouldn't Be Changed

Although it was received very well by a lot of critics such as New York Times Bestseller, Common Sense Media, Buzzfeed, and other organizations, many readers have found the title to be a horrible wakeup call to the spoiler-filled ending. In this odd Sci-fi Young Adult novel, a new company, Death-Cast, has been formed, one that will tell you when you die- about 24 hours in advance. These people are listed as "Deckers". Deckers get discounts on everyday luxuries, such as train tickets, alcohol, and even entrance to a fictional club in New York: Clint's Graveyard. There has also been a new outbreak of the popular app "Last Friend", where someone can find someone to spend their last day with. Overall, this story is filled with sad themes but is surprisingly also uplifting, with main characters Mateo and Rufus finding new ways to live (For Mateo, he learns to break out of his shell. Rufus learns how to not beat his ex-girlfriends new boyfriend within an inch of his life). 
Obviously, these characters die in the end (From trying to make tea and burning down his house, then getting run over by a car from a different storyline). 
But really, is the ending always the main part of the story? I think Adam Silvera, the author, would agree.
It isn't our ending that defines our life. And it isn't the beginning. Our lives are composed almost entirely of our actions and thoughts: We're all just middles.

Tech Week & Festival

It is indeed that time of the year again, it is time for tech week for festival!! I already talked about festival but didn't get into the nitty gritty of tech. Normally we spend at least three nights a week during tech at the school until nine at night and because of that we theater kids are all exhausted. Even if we did all just make it back from vacation. We recharged our batteries just to drain them right back out. More often than not on the first night as well. This tech is the first one I've had since last year since I didn't do anything for the fall play. I was terrified for it, and I am still terrified for the tech for the musical, as I won't have the time to do homework backstage like I have been this entire week. Tonight is our longest night and ironically I have the least amount of homework that I've had all week.There are a ton of good memories that have come from my tech weeks here though, just today I got a memory reminder on Snapchat right before writing this of my first festival tech week. Its really weird and yet cool to see how much has changed in the span of two weeks and I am incredibly surprised about how much I remember about festival tech from my freshman year. I feel like I remember that one more because when I did festival last year I was not there nearly as much because I wasn't acting like I'm doing this year, and like I did the year before. Its crazy how much everything has changed in these past two years, and I'm amazed that even after all this time I can remember so clearly my first Festival. I could actually write a whole different blog just because of it, I'm getting a longing feeling to go back to that period in time. GV also thinks that is where I had earned my wings as an actor when I was a freshman, which is something really nice. I miss the memories and the seniors who were there at the time, the whole thing is giving me a very melancholy feeling I guess. I cannot wait for the memories that are always made there, it is a very similar thing every single time, however I always have a good time. No two tech week is the same either, there are always more memories to be made, and I cannot wait to have the time to actually write about it all. Something interesting is that because Wareham is performing first thing, we get to see every single show, when normally we would have to miss one if we go in the middle of the day. When we go on to perform, each school has 40 minutes to prepare for their play, and so during that 40 minutes, another school is performing. And if any play runs longer than 40 minutes or take more than five minutes to set up the stage, we are automatically disqualified. My eyes are gonna be so sore from watching all the plays all day but I am incredibly excited. We visited the school we're competing at today for tech and that means we are only a few days away!! There's always a dance at the end before the awards ceremony so we can blow off the steam of the day and we can just lay back and have some fun with the friends we make during that day. Its wicked fun, until I have no voice the next morning lol. But I love it. Its fun to meet all the kids, socialize, and be entertained for an entire day. My first one, we got home really late, almost midnight, and nobody had power. We all actually had to be at the school at 6:15 in the morning but because of a terrible rain storm nobody had power. And it actually had to be pushed forward a day last year because a parent complained. But hopefully none of tat will happen this year. The latest we'll be home is 9:30 anyways. I hope. I'll probably pass out when I get home but it will be totally worth it.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Victorious Characters: Trying To Figure Them Out (18)

Victorious was an American television series that consisted of four seasons, lasting for three years. It was created by Dan Schneider and aired on Nickelodeon. The series followed teenager and aspiring singer, Tori Vega, as she attends a performing arts school along with a few friends. As I look back on various espisodes I've realized that the show was way weirder than I remember. The characters are all... unique and each has a strange backstory to help better explain their personalities. Today I'll be delving into each character and trying to figure them out. 

1. The Vega Family: This family is made up of four people, Tori Vega (main protagonist), Trina Vega (Tori's older sister), and parents David and Holly Vega. Although they look like a seemingly normal family, they are far from it. Trina is an attention seeker who will stop at nothing to 'make it big' but will probably never do that because of how painstakingly untalented she is. Throughout the show you can see that Tori and Trina are really not all that close, they bicker and plot against each other at times. Tori even leaves Trina in one episode after she's just gotten her wisdom teeth taken out and is very loopy. Tori makes many choices during the show that make her extremely unlikable. She is a mega pefectionist and everything has to be how she wants it to be. There is definitely hidden bullying from Tori's end in the show, revealing the inner demons of Tori. She finds ways to manipulate situations to drive attention her way. Trina is extremely narcissistic and most likely suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. Regardless of what people think of her or what happens she thinks she deserves fame. Both her and Trina has big time attention seekers. Tori and Trina's parents, David and Holly are absent for most of the show but when they appear in epsiodes, they are very unsupportive and borderline abusive. In one episode you can see Tori having a panic attack and being instructed by her mother to close her eyes and put her hands over her head. While Tori is doing this her mother escapes out the back door, ignoring the call of her child. In later episodes you see that Tori's dad is completely, well gone. Holly is seen making mysterious text messages and having flirtatious conversations with David's coworkers right in front of her children. This family although seeming disfunctional, is probably the most normal family that I'll be talking about. 

2. The Valentine Family: From what we know this family is made up of four people, Catarina "Cat" Valentine, her brother, and her two parents. Cat Valentine is a fun and energetic character who brings a lot of comedic relief to the show. She is seen as ditsy and an airhead, and most of the sentences that come out of her mouth are random and don't make sense. A popular fan theory going around is that Cat has a very troubled home life. She mentions her brother several times during the shows seasons and explains that he's 'special' and describes many incidents that he's been through. For example some that are mentioned include, "eating Cat's charm bracelet, getting stabbed in Japan, biting Cat on the foot, falling from a terrace onto a shuttle bus, being shot by a clown, painting his body purple for a job interview, and somehow procuring twelve gallons of real blood for Jade's play. On TheSlap, Cat revealed he is not allowed outside by himself and that he plays 'hide and seek' with the police." Now if we go back to one of these incidents we can start to unravel the theory. Cat explains how he fell from a terrace onto a shuttle bus, now we can assume that falling from a reasonable height can do a lot of damage to a person. The theory explains that Cat's brother got hurt from this event and from this, got severe mental and physical disablities that require around the clock care. Now this may seem like unneccesary information but that is crucial. Since Cat's brother requires this much attention, that means that Cat doesn't receive the amount of attention that is needed for a child. This is why Cat acts like a child, so she can get attention from her friends that she isn't receieving at home. 

3. The Harris Family: This family is made up of two people, Andre Harris and his grandmother, Charlotte but we will call her Mrs. Harris. Andre is an apsiring musical artist and producer and participates in many of the shows plays and concerts. At many of these events you'll encounter Mrs. Harris. She is potrayed as mentally unstable and often paranoid of her surroundings. She is known to be afraid of almost everything, including ceiling fans and mirrors. In one episode she screamed to Andre saying, "Andre, there's another 'me' on the wall!" Whenever she meets new people she gets very nervous and runs from them. But why is she like this? Many fans have theories that she may suffer from Schizophrenia, which can alter how she interprets reality. Why is Andre staying with her? There is another theory that explains that Andre's parents are not that supportive of his music career and want him to pursuit medical school. 

4. The Shapiro Family: There are a few people in this family, Robbie Shapiro, his grandmother "Mamaw", and his puppet Rex Powers. Robbie is very socially awkward and nerdy, but overall a good friend. He's desperate for friends and wants to feel like he can fit in, which is probably why he's attending a performing arts school. In one episode when Robbie gains a small chunk of attention from a gossip blog of his, "Robarazzi", he holds onto it until it ultimately blows up in his face and jeopardizes many of his friendships. His Mamaw is very attached to Robbie and tries to control many aspects of his life during the first season. Her character is eventually forgotten in the later episodes and never mentioned after season one. Trailing back to Robbies traits, socially awkward and nerdy we can assume a few things. He is not very popular and probably not a people person, as he has a puppet he carries around with him. But, why is Robbie like this? What lead up to this. One theory is that Robbie was severly bullied growing up and this had a negative affect on his psyche. This lead him to play with his puppet, Rex. Rex eventually turned into one of his comfort items but soon took on the personality of a bully. This is most likely Robbie's conscience communicating to him as a sort of coping mechanism. Robbie has held onto Rex because he was with him through his childhood. 

 5. The West Family: This family consists of Jade West and her absentee father. Jade is cold and judgemental and very possessive of her boyfriend Beck Oliver. She has a dark outlook on life and many times describes how she didn't have the greatest of childhoods. In one of the episodes we can see Jade trying to put together a play. Jade is very passionate about this play and explains to Tori how her father is coming to watch the play. Jade explains that her father works a lot and rarely shows support to her and her acheivements. This might explain why Jade is so cold. One theory is that she might have developed depression and bipolar disorder from childhood events and piling neglect from the years before. Her relationship with Beck is extremely strained. They are constantly arguing and Jade does many things that test Beck's trust. 

6. The Oliver Family: This family consists of Beck Oliver and his two parents. Beck is the equivilent to today's "e-boy". He attracts a lot of girls, but pays little attention to them. His relationship with his family is distant. He moved out of his parent's house into an RV so he could live by his own rules. Beck's character is very calm and tries to stay out of the spotlight, unless he's acting in plays at school. He tries to be his own person and set himself apart from the crowd. His relationship with girlfriend, Jade West, is very toxic. They both argue and Beck tests their relationship many times during the show. This reveals Beck's immature side, and how he plays around with Jade. 

2 days

Over February break I was very excited about my niece and sister in law coming up from Florida because I haven't seen them since the summer. They finally got here on Sunday and my niece grew so much since the last time I saw her she is now 9 months old and she is such a happy and cute baby. She is starting to learn how to walk and talk and all my family came to my house to see her. She didn't cry once even though a bunch of people shed never met before were holding her and passing her around. And she loves my dog. She would constantly laugh whenever my dog was around. Then on Monday they stayed for some of the day but they eventually had to leave and it was really sad. I cant wait to see them again and I hope its soon. 

Monday, February 24, 2020

The Downward Spiral of Papa John

Papa John, formally known as John H. Schnatter, informally known as "The Papa of Pizza," is a man famously known for his role in creating one of the largest Pizza Restaurant Chains in America. Being the former CEO of Papa John's, he has created his legacy from humble beginnings, starting out by purchasing used pizza making equipment bought with the money earned from selling his car. But you don't care about that. You care about the juice, the dirt, the tittle-tattle, the hooplah, as one would say. Yes, Papa John has had his fair share of controversy, and that's what this post is about. Poor Papa John suffered his first controversy in 2012, when he made comments about the Affordable Care Act. This was a conspiracy between the media and the other shareholders of the company, as it was falsely reported that he expressed his interest in cutting hours for employees as to not pay for their healthcare. This is not what he said, and anyone who knows good old Papa John could smell that lie from a mile away. He was targeted by the media and I am sure he would pay for the healthcare of every sick child if he could. He is a sweetheart. 
Papa had a nice break from controversy, only to face it again in 2017 for his comments regarding the NFL and how their players protesting the national anthem was decreasing his sales. The media also demonized him in their reporting of this incident, and many details were fabricated. He then stepped down as CEO of Papa John's and the food lost quality instantly. But honestly, who could blame Papa John? The poor man just wants to sell pizza, and the NFL was preventing that. 
Finally, Poor old Papa was on the bad end of yet another controversy, this one more serious than the last. In 2018, Papa was suspected of using a racial slur (The N word) while on yet another conference call with a marketing agency. As a result, he resigned as chairman of the board, and Papa John's would never again be the same. 
Currently, Papa John is 58 years old and a Sagittarius. He cannot open another pizza restaurant, since Papa John's technically owns the rights to his name. 
In conclusion, I don't really like Papa John's pizza. Yeah, it's okay, but it has lost its touch of magic ever since Papa John has left. I think we have all learned something important about Papa John: He is a sweetheart who just wants to sell pizza. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

He's Not a Regular Robot, He's a Cool Robot!


  Robots are taking over my house! Or at least mopping my floors. This week a new addition to our family was made and his name is Clinky. We got a new IRobot to mop the floors while we are away and so far (for the last fifteen minutes) he's been great! He's got a bunch of options for cleaning the floor, wet, damp, or dry (ooh la la) and so far he hasn't fallen off the edge of our kitchen, so he's essentially perfect! He's even Bluetooth compatible if that makes any difference. He was originally my grandfather's, but now he is ours and we all love him. All except for my dad, but he's one of those people who think the government is listening to your every conversation and I'm pretty sure eventually he and my mom will be living in an old shack in the woods without internet when he is old and senile. The reason he is named Clinky is, when I set up my mom's phone to tell him to start cleaning, it said I could name it, originally I was just going to call it "The Robot," but Clinky gave him some personality, a little class, and a cool Jetsons-like name.
  Clinky is very smart, he's never once flipped himself over, or fallen off the numerous ledges in our kitchen, he knows better than that, he also doesn't go into other rooms, or tries to wash other floors, he's just brilliant like that. I take that statement back, just moments ago Clinky got stuck on a ledge and couldn't reverse his way out, so he may not be that smart. He also scares my dog, Molly, she won't go anywhere near the kitchen when Clinky is around, but she's afraid of the vacuum too, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Overall Clinky is the best moping robot the size of your hand (as long as it's a normal size hand) anyone could ask for, he's smart-ish, has a funny name, and he does it all. 

Saturday, February 22, 2020

some sloth facts

1. Sloths we know today come from the extinct giant ground sloth.
Image result for extinct giant ground sloth

2. Sloths move three times faster in water than on land. Their long arms pull them forward, sloths can also hold their breath underwater for 40 minutes
3. Their speed is actually their method of survival. Their stomach can take a month to digest one meal, they do not have much energy from their meals because the leaves they eat lack nutrients. Their slowness also helps to not be a target for predators.
4. They have a symbiotic relationship with algae. The algae get a home in their fur and the sloths get more camouflage 
5. Sloths can move their head 270 degrees
Image result for sloth head rotation

Friday, February 21, 2020

The Joker Movie

Yeah, I don't wanna write about books so I'm not gonna. The Joker is a movie we've all probably seen/heard of by now. I mean, it won a couple academy awards and was nominated for a bunch too, so. Anyway, I think that the movie is way too hyped up and is not really that good. Sue me. The movie's plot is dry and doesn't easily fit into the already existing DC universe with Batman. He's what, 30-40 years old when Batman's parents are killed (Batman being literally 8 years old) and we are supposed to believe that when Batman becomes Batman he is fighting the psychotic 60-70 year old? Yeah, no way. The plot was also weird for no reason and was not nearly as horror/psychological drama as it was hyped up to be. Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate the movie. Joaquin Phoenix's Joker was phenomenal. His portrayal of the Joker was amazing and one of the best out there. In my opinion, he's really close to the best, Heath Ledger's portrayal. It was a little disconcerting how much weight Phoenix lost in order to portray the character, but overall it was fantastic (the acting). I'm upset about one of the awards this movie has won (The acting award is fine, he was really great).  I really don't think the film deserved the award for best soundtrack. The soundtrack wasn't very noticeable as many others and did not have nearly enough bops. An example of a movie with a good soundtrack would be Guardians of the Galaxy and/or Thor Ragnarok. Considering both these films had actual scores composed for the film and some relatively older songs that are/were popular, they probably have some of the best film soundtracks out there. Frankly, all the films nominated for the award of the best soundtrack were not worthy or notable, especially Joker. Overall, meh movie and great acting. 4.5/10 from me (IMDB's was 8.6/10 if you were curious).

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Iced Tea Debocle

Just today, I had a light-hearted argument with a fellow classmate whose identity wil remain anonymous. While in the library I noticed she was drinking iced tea, but under a closer inspection, the golden-orange wrapping became all too familiar. It was an unopened bottle of Gold Peak tea.

Now I'm not one to judge or criticize anyone based on what they like, but Gold Peak is truly a disappointment to the iced tea family. I've been fooled too many times into buying a bottle of it under the influence that it would be refreshing. WRONG! If you've ever accidentally done this before too, you know how thick and sickly sweet Gold Peak is. Iced tea is delicious when it's sweetened with the right amount of sugar, but Gold Peak has to be using the fake lowfat sweeteners that can be found in any breakfast restaurant/cafe in the pink wrappers, because it tastes beyond sickening. Even after being refrigerated for days, Gold Peak will never reach a cold enough temperature to be drinkable. It's as if the grimy plastic bottles are unpierceable insulators. If you've never had to go through this experience, imagine drinking a bottle of Aunt Jemima's maple syrup. Now, add half a cup of lemon juice and ninety packets of lowfat sweetener. That's Gold Peak for you.

My go-to option for iced tea is Arizona. I'll admit that it may not be the best brand out there, but it sure does its job well. I can take a single sip out of their beautifully decorated cans and my dehydration will be cured. It's always ice cold, hence the name "iced," and won't lose its temperature even after sitting in a napkin-filled glove compartment of a car's passenger seat for three days. Sounds specific, and that's because I know that from experience.

Water (week 17)

Water - two hydrogen atoms bonded to that of an oxygen. Water is both an essential part of the Earth (taking up the vast majority of it's surface), but also an essential part to all life itself. And yet, despite it's necessity, water is successfully marketed and sold by brands regardless of easy public access to it. I find this to be a disgusting practice, but nonetheless in this blog post I'll be taking a look at the best and worst water brands. As for the worst, Dasani, Aquafina and Nestle are easily the worst. None of these taste particularly horrible, but their bottle design and branding ranges from bland to terrible. Even more points are deducted from Nestle's water bottle as Nestle is an abominable corporation with no regard for human life. As for the best water bottle brands, JUST, Fiji, Evian and Smartwater are all among the elite tier. Fiji and Evian, marketed as luxury water bottles, both offer much smoother pH levels with aesthetically pleasing bottle and branding design. JUST offers biodegradable and recyclable water bottles, with visually striking packaging as well. But above all of these, I feel that Smartwater take the cake as the best available water bottle on the market - it's pH is balanced, it's bottle design simple yet ergonomic, and it's branding minimalist yet memorable.

blog dos

Howdy, y'all it's me again, back here with yet another blog. I totally forgot to write last week so here is my blog about my love for chicken fingers. Okay, let me just say the crispy, tenderness of a perfect chicken finger is immaculate.  Like wow, there's no other way to describe it other than, wow. The perfect golden-brown of the crispy breading surrounding the chicken is what makes it whole. Plus with creamy honey mustard, they are 10 times better than they are alone. So, thank you for coming to my ted talk. peace (mic drop).

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

What is it Like to Live in Thneadville: How Bad Can it Be?

 Thneadville is a fictional town from the Dr. Seuss story, The Lorax.  The 2012 movie rendition of this story gives a better insight into what the town consisted of and how the people lived.  The land had an abundance of trees, but they were plastic.  Plastic trees were viewed as being better for the environment, as people could not cut down the trees for profitable businesses, but what were the citizens of Thneadville to do regarding their oxygen supply.  O'hare Air had a monopoly over air supply, forcing citizens to pay for their survival.  Under O'hare's rule, robots monitored the outskirts of the town to assure nobody would escape, though one person was able to escape when security was down.  Leaving Thneadville, the boy discovered trees that provided natural oxygen-Truffula trees.  These trees contained a unique woolish material atop of the branches, which would be taken advantage of by the boy who left Thneadville.  He created Thnead sweaters, but in doing so, he destroyed the forest he first came across.  The Lorax convinced the boy to encourage the regrowth of trees, and show his friends and family what remained outside of Thneadville.  With the boy's sudden change of heart, the town breaks out into song and O'hare was out of business as natural Truffula oxygen was introduced.  From the story, it can be noticed that the large majority had been going along with O'hare's explanation for artificial everything solely because it was just how it has always been.  The story encourages readers and watchers to challenge what has been set in place and explore new alternatives.  After the help of the Lorax and the Truffula trees, Thneadville isn't that bad.  (Week 17)

Deadly Butterfly Encounter

Almost anyone I ask says they don't have any big fears anymore now that they've grown up. They'll say things like losing people in their life or getting too old, no longer are they scared of the dark and run up the stairs at night after shutting the last light off. Well, I was pretty old when I grew out of one of the weirdest fears that you've probably heard of. Up until seventh or eighth grade, I was petrified of butterflies and moths.

The most vivid memory I have of an encounter with these disgusting insects is when I visited a tourist site called The Butterfly Place. Walking in, I immediately felt uncomfortable being there. My sister and mother were fascinated with the indoor garden and hundreds of colorful butterflies fluttering around. I however, refused to move from where I stood. I covered my face with my hands and arms, twisting left and right as to prevent any insects from landing on my body for long. I tried not to make that big of a scene, but my top priority was not being touched by the tiny slivers of insect legs. My mom was furious with me and sent my sister and me outside, as I was only six or seven, maybe eight at the time. My sister was furious too, as she couldn't leave me alone and wanted to go back to exploring and catching butterflies. I felt bad, but also didn't care about how she felt towards me, because couldn't she see that I was scared out of my mind?

I don't know where this fear originated, or if I just didn't like any bugs and happened to come across more butterflies and moths than any other insect. Either way I'm thankful that it is basically gone now. I don't hate them considerably more than other insects, but they are still pretty gross.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Sticky Fingers: A Story of Espionage and Antiques

*Disclaimer: I have been specifically and repeatedly told to never tell this story to anyone using actual names, so while the events of this post are true, the names and relations are false, as to conceal the identity of the culprit.
"Sticky Fingers" Myrtle 

If you've ever had a parent who is so consumed with the inner workings of GM motors or has an insatiable appetite for automotive in general, you know that trips to car museums are inescapable and oftentimes take up your entire day. So when your father purchases a membership to one of these said museums, it is only natural for him to take your family and some close friends for an excursion through the ages of personal transportation. Now, although it might come off as if I have no taste for timing belts and superchargers, I do enjoy the character and appeal that cars possess, but my attention span wavers after a good fifteen minutes of staring at metal and listening to mechanic terminology, like what even is an "intake manifold?" The museum also contained security people, not Ben Stiller or anything, just people in official suits watching our every move and making sure the guests don't hotwire the cars in broad daylight or anything, you know how violent those middle-aged family men and women can get. Anyway, this story's setting starts inside of a car museum, by an older car with wicker door panels. My mother, father, sister, myself, along with Myrtle and Alfred, an older couple, were looking at the wicker car. My dad, as always was reciting the ancient texts of automotive history and pointing out why older cars just had "more style" than cars today, although I don't see the problem with the expertly designed aerodynamic bodies of most modern cars. While my mother and sister nodded to his spiel, I read from the plaque in front of the car, hoping that lunch would come soon. Myrtle, however, was more occupied with the doors of the car, since wicker panels are usually seen on old living room sets or the Golden Girl's Lanai. She seemed to be focused on the crosshatching on the side of the car and she slowly reached her hand out and touched the side of the car, making sure to take in every inch of the texture. As most people who have ever stepped foot into a museum know, the exhibits, unless explicitly labeled, are not to be touched. If it's got velvet ropes, don't touch it you dopes. But there Myrtle was, lathering her hands in the rough, bumpy door panel of the car, it was pretty hilarious to see. Soon security came up to us, having seen Myrtle rum the car repeatedly and with the force of someone who was paid to be professional, the security guy sighed and said,
"M'am, please don't touch the cars." Herein lies the problem of direct communication, when the person being spoken to is hard of hearing (a fact we only learned after this incident) whatever you have to say gets lost in ten inches of space between you and the person you are speaking to. However, rewind to a few seconds before, Myrtle had gotten bored with fondling the car panel and had moved on to view the next car, in which she promptly reached out and touched its door as well. The security guy yet again had to initiate the daunting and authoritative "M'am, please don't touch the cars," but this time Myrtle heard the man and was scared senseless. It was the funniest thing. For the rest of our time at the museum, Myrtle kept her hands to herself, making sure not to touch any more cars (although there was one car there that had been specifically designed for kids to touch, which we mentioned about to her, to which she only glared at us) but that didn't keep security at bay, they followed us everywhere we went, just like "Every Breath you Take" by The Police. Security watched us view and talk until we decided to leave, partly because we viewed all the cars there were to see and partly because being watched is very intimidating. Overall, it was a great day.
Every now and then I mention to Myrtle her troubled past, how they've probably hung wanted posters in the museum with her picture on them, or mention that the security guy tried multiple times to catch her attention, after all of this "playful banter" I am now on her "bad side" and have to make up for my actions. Myrtle to this day still won't step foot into the museum where she touched the cars, and just mentioning it will make her very upset.

The car Myrtle touched. 
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I think literally all of my characters are trying to kill me.

For those of you who don't know my chaotic inner workings, I write. A lot. Currently, I'm working on probably 5 drafts, 3 essays, two-song/poems, unused dialogue, one-act play, and a 320-page story.

I'm stressed.

I love writing, but why does it take so much time? If I write on my Chromebook, I can't write practically anything because it's all on a different account. If I write on my phone, my style drastically changes (TOO MUCH FIRST-PERSON). If I write on my (probably) 5-year-old iPod, it 1: Crashes and 2: Makes the battery run out in 30 minutes.

During good weeks, I can write half of a 30 chapter.

Bad weeks, I can't even write at all. Writer's block is, in fact, a curse.

Since I have nothing else interesting to say, I'm just gonna talk about my better characters.


Probably the easiest to write. He has so many emotions that you can portray him in practically any way and it would be right. Punkish, probably bi, and oh yeah, the adopted son of Satan.
That's a conversation starter.


Kind of his girlfriend, but also hates him. Everyone thinks of her as really young, but she's only like three years younger. She likes weird things. Dresses kind of Goth, but also kind of pastel. Swears a lot, makes references to old movies. Easy to write in first person.


Why. Why. Why. She's some singer robot girl who's too entitled. No idea why I made her. (I probably should have mentioned earlier that this is like, heavily fantasy)


Best boy. Doesn't like doing anything wrong, but breaks hearts too much because of how aloof he is. Doesn't understand other people's problems. Very serious, but nice.


Fred's childhood friend. Mechanist, dates/hates Miku. Kind of sarcastic. Bit weird, but useful when no one else is talking.


(For some reason) Cories's gf. Then they broke up because he's abusive and she's like, really frail (Yet also probably the strongest character). Has a magical timebomb inside of her which causes a lot of stress.


Coraline's sister. Really entitled, and is heir to a throne (Sort of). Likes power, but believes that you need to deserve it. Overthinks too much+ has OCD.

Those are my favorites, probably. Some other ones really just get under my skin. they are so hard to write about and have no emotion. That's why I think that my characters are trying to kill me (also because for the first book I gave myself a deadline of may 28th, and I still need like 6 more chapters).


Alex Jones and Conspiracy Theories

Today I will be talking about the well known conspiracy theorist that goes by the name of Alex Jones. This man is notorious for sharing his controversial beliefs with the world through podcasts, social media and other ways to get his message across to the public. I became aware of Alex Jones and his show Info Wars about two years ago, but I never genuinely listened to what he had to say until a little under a year ago when he made a very surprising reappearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast. On this podcast, he talked about and explained in depth about not only his very interesting life and past experiences, but also about conspiracy theories. One of the conspiracy theories in which he talked about that grabbed my attention the most, was that higher ups in the government would take DMT in order to communicate with mystic elves and make deals with them. Now, that being said out of context sounds utterly ridiculous, but Alex Jones didn't just say this, he backed it up as he did all of the other conspiracy theories he spoke of. So, after hearing this podcast I decided to look up some of the things he had talked about to see how much truth actually was behind his words. To my surprise, the things he was saying had quite a bit written about it, and had been in the news before. For instance, another topic he spoke about while he was on the JRE podcast was about human pig hybrids. Again, it sounds ridiculous, but upon looking it up on google, you can find quite easily that there were studies being conducted by MIT and some other places to try and create human pig hybrids. As well as this, he talked about a government operation called Starfish Prime, which was when the government tried to ignite the atmosphere by setting off a plethora of bombs in the sky. All of this and more, is what made Alex Jones a very interesting man in my eyes, for he doesn't only speak passionately about all of these seemingly ridiculous ideas, but he always backs them up with information that is re-searchable and identifiable. In closing, not everything is always as it seems, and it never hurts to do some research on something you feel uncertain about, and if you're ever looking for someone new and interesting to hear or watch, I suggest Alex Jones as one of your top choices.

Homework (Week 17)

Homework is sensitive topic to some, for insistence some think of it as a great thing to help you learn more after school, while other believe it is a burden and should not even exist. I believe that in some cases homework is great such as when you are younger and learning about new thing that will be in your life forever but when you hit high school it just becomes absurd, because in some cases teachers will give you a hour of homework and you have four classes a day, so now you have four hours of homework while in my case you have practice after which take about 2 1/2 hours. So if yo do the math 8 hour school day plus 2 1/2 hour practice plus 4 hours of homework your are doing something for 14 1/2 hours of school related things and then you are supposed to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep which leaves a high school student with a hour and a half to do what they want. So over all I think that home work could easily be cut down to a paper a night for even just nothing at all. I know people will just say you don't have to do sports but in the world now colleges care the same about your extracurricular activities as your grades and test scores, because it shows you will be a asset to their community, and in the job world today if you want to get a decently paying job you need a degree of some sort.

How the Grinch stole Christmas review

The 2000s movie starring Jim Carrey is the best movie in cinematic history. The live-action brought the movie to life, you can see every detail the grinch has. The casting was done perfectly to match the characters in the book while adding more realistic elements. The movie including every detail, including his dog, Max. The sets were done precisely and made the whole movie what it is.  The costumes really sold the whole movie. The makeup on Carrey took a total of three hours not to mention the other who's makeup and hairstyles as well. I rate this movie a 10/10. Image result for how the grinch stole christmas

Reviewing Peter Griffin’s Netflix Special: I’m thinkin I might.

Today I am reviewing Peter Griffin’s Netlfix special, which is titled: I’m Thinkin I Might. This is shown in episode 5 of the 17th season. Since this special is just blowing up the internet right now, I have chosen to review, explain, and therefore ruin each and every joke. If you haven't seen it (do you live under a rock?), it went a little something like this: “Good evening, Ithaca Civic Auditorium. So, I'm thinkin' I might get a bike. For you kids out there, a bike is something people rode around on, before they invented Uber. Peter: You know, one of these things? Ring-ring. Ring-ring. "I'll get you, Toto!"  I'm thinkin' I might do a five minute long cutaway, involving a frame-by-frame recreation of a scene from Premium Rush. Yeah. I'm thinkin' I might.” First, Peter opens up by addressing the crowd informally, showing them that he is a friend and therefore more relatable to them. It is also very nice to greet the audience to give them a sense of individualism from all of his other audiences, since he travels all around the world to do standup comedy. Next, he says the best joke of the night, “I’m thinkin' I might get a bike.” This is an amazing line, as it introduces the first bit while also incorporating the name of the special. He then explains what a bike is, classic! He explains to his obviously young audience that a bike is something used for getting around the town, while also relating it to something that they know a lot about, Uber. This is the best way he could have gone for his setup. He then does an impression, which obviously wins the audience over really well. He relates it to an old but famous movie, The Wizard of Oz, suggesting that the Wicked Witch of the West rode on a bike, by using Dorothy's dog as the target of her nasty antics. He then references the movie Premium Rush, an American thriller that is about a bike messenger (his bike has no brakes) who is chased through the streets of Manhattan while on his bike. This is classic, because the image of Peter Griffin riding on a bike is funny in and of itself. He then ends it with the classic title of the special, "I'm Thinkin' I Might." 10/10 would recommend.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Top 5 Characters

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is series of diary-like books by American author Jeff Kinney. The journals follow the daily adventures of Greg Heffley and his friends and family. Rising in popularity, they adapted the books into films. Today I'll be listing my favorite characters from least to best. 

Image result for fregley diary of a wimpy kid gif    5. Fregley Spundervick: This was not a hard decision. Fregley has to be the most disgusting character in the whole franchise. His character does many gross things throughout the books and films that would make the average viewer turn away. He would often pick his nose and stick it onto random objects that Greg owned and it was revealed that he was sent home because of undisclosed hygiene issues. Needless to say, I hate this character. 

Image result for manny heffley gif    4. Manny Heffley: Manny is Greg's younger brother and he is extremely annoying. Manny has youngest-child-syndrome where he believes that he is entitled to everything. He is known to throw tantrums until he gets what he wants, due to the fact that he is extremely spoiled. Greg often gets blamed because of Manny's flucuating mood, which makes him a really unlikeable character. Some of his scenes do give some comedic relief, but that's really the only thing going for him. 

Image result for greg heffley gif   3. Greg Heffley: Greg is the main protagonist and has several traits that make him very likeable. It is very interesting to watch him go through his daily life, going through all these ups and downs. He can be very annoying at times though, he has some antagonistic traits, this can make his character very irritating. 

Image result for rowley gif
   2. Rowley Jefferson: I absolutely love Rowley. Everything about him is amazing. His character is irresistible, not to mention he is hilarious. Rowley is Greg's bestfriend and he honestly just carries the whole series. Rowley's innocent light that he brings to the movies and books can bring a smile to anyone's face. 

Image result for rodrick heffley gif   1. RODRICK HEFFLEY: This wasn't a hard decision whatsoever. Rodrick Heffley is probably the most attractive man I have ever seen. When I said that Rowley carried the series, boy was I wrong! Rodrick might be the antagonist but I wouldn't want anyone else to fill his role. His band, Löded Diper, has iconic music brings him so much edge. He paved the way for the bad boy era. It's a shame he didn't get much screentime, because he was honestly a very good character and I would've liked to see Jeff Kinney utilize him more. 

Moving to Wareham

I moved to Wareham during my 7th grade year in 2016. This was a Big change for me seeing how i come from Springfield Mass which is 2 hours away.. This wasn't the best year for me because i left all of my friends and family behind and had to start attend Wareham middle school while we were already more then half way through the year.  On top of that i  recently lost one of my brothers and sisters. When i started Wareham middle school my homeroom teacher was Miss brangwayne, i also had Mrs Andrews, Mr Cote and some other teachers i don't remember. Going to school here is different where im from because we have to wear school uniforms, we got out of school later than the highschoolers, we also don't take school buses. Andrea Monaco became one of my first friends when i started school here she was really nice and is still one of my closest friends til this day.

My Hero Academia

So recently I had recently started watching an anime called My Hero Academia and so far I really think that the show is interesting. I'm only just beginning season two at the moment but oh my lord, I really think that this show is something that is good to look into because oh my god. I personally am not too deep into anime its not something I watch religiously or whatever but one of my friends got me into because he needed someone to talk to about for this show. The show follows the main character Izuku (otherwise known as Deku by his friends and enemy Bakugo. The series revolves around the fact that 80% of people on earth have these things called 'quirks' which can only really be described as superhero powers (or for those of you who have seen X-Men, they can very easily be compared to mutations, a lot of the people remind me of mutants) like invisibility, superhuman strength, weird mutations, the ability to float objects, and many many many more. All quirks are different for every person who has one. Deku wanted nothing more than to have a quirk growing up but to his dismay he never was granted one. One fateful day he met the world symbol of peace, the hero All Might!! His quirk is known as 'one for all' which has been passed down from generation to generation of superhero. We find in the first few episodes that All Might is losing his power, he can only be a big strong hero for so long, and when he cannot hold onto it any longer, he fades into a twig-like man and can only hold his All Might form for so long. He needed to find a successor to pass his power to, and he decided during the second episode to make Deku his successor because of his dedication to being a good person after saving Bakugo (even though that is his sworn enemy and I hate that bugger!! He makes me want to smack him every time he talks!!). Oh yeah and the entire time Deku has been wanting to get into this school called UA, just like Bakugo, and All Might had been training Deku for a majority of the first few episodes for him to get into the school and to inherit One for All, All Might's power. The first season consists of Deku trying his best to control his new power and meeting all of his new friends, and because of this, we get to meet a variety of new characters who I also really love. If you enjoy superheros and quirky powers and abilities, then I certainly recommend the show to you, as it is about this boy becoming a hero, and you get to see a ton of different superhero powers that are out of the ordinary for sure. There's literally a girl that has frog-like abilities. It personally makes me really want to have a quirk of my own. I don't wanna be a frog for sure but I would certainly try and be a superhero if I had a good enough quirk. I mean how cool would it be to be able to just have your own little superpower? I am trying so so so so so hard to think of one that I would want to be my own but I cannot think of one specifically (that I've seen at least) that I want as my own. But I wouldn't mind being able to make anything I touch anti-gravity or be able to run as fast as a bullet. It would be wicked cool!!! I am really geeking out here but its alright I don't mind at all. Maybe if I figure it out I'll come back and make another blog just on that!

East VS West Coast

If you are completely unaware of rap culture or 90s history, then you may be uninformed of the infamous feud between West Coast & East Coast rappers in the early to mid-90s. Although in this blog post I will provide a quick synopsis of this crazy time period.
To begin, before the 90s East Coast rappers, or more specifically New York rappers were, “on top”.  Although once the ’90s hit the West Coast began to take over. This was likely due to artists such as NWA, and Comptons Most Wanted. The East Coast saw this as a threat as many magazines began giving the West Coast more press. Due to this increase in the West Coast's popularity some record labels tried pressing images on New York rappers to act similarly. That was when Tim Dog decided to release the diss track “F**K Compton”, which took aim at the West Coast, and the rap group NWA, which has just released the song “Straight Outta Compton” 3 years earlier. Later Tim Dog decided to visit LA for his concert but was almost killed. That was when Tupac decided to step in and calm the situation down even though he helped represent the West Coast. 
After the efforts of Tim Dog the East Coast was back on top with record label Bad Boy Records, and at the head stood rapper The Notorious B.I.G. This was when much of the feud between rappers Tupac and Biggie began. This was due to the fact that on November 30, 1994, while Tupac was at a recording studio in New York he was shot at 4 times. He luckily survived, however, this left a distaste to him for both Biggie and P Diddy as he blamed both for involvement in his shooting. After this shooting, the single by Biggie called “Who Shot Ya” was released although he denied its correlation to Tupac's recent shooting. Although many West Coast rappers took this literally and saw it as Biggie's way of making fun of Tupac. Although Tupac took this more personal and felt betrayed by his former “friends”. This relates back to what was previously mentioned when Tupac saved Tim Dog (the east coast rapper), and he did have close relations with Biggie prior to all the drama.
Then in the following year 1995, Tupac was thrown in a New York correctional Facility on accounts of sexual assault. While this was occurring CEO of LA-based record label Deathrow Records Suge Knight showed support for his friend at the source awards. At this award show when he had the chance to speak he saw this as an opportunity to diss East Coast rappers and stated "Any artist out there that want to be an artist and stay a star, and don't have to worry about the executive producer trying to be all in the videos, all on the record, dancing… come to Death Row!" 
This comment helped spark other comments also made at this award show, some even being from Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg made his comment saying, "Y'all don't love us? Then let it be known then." when Dr. Dre was accepting his award for Producer of the year. Both these comments helped fuel more shots from both Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight that I’ll touch upon later.
After this Suge Knight put a 1.4 million dollar bail for Tupac in exchange for his signing with Death Row records.  When he was bailed out Tupac signed and joined Death Rows records group the dogpound on the single New York New York. This is personally one of my favorite results of this feud as the music video was pretty comedic, this music video featured a gargantuan Snoop Dogg destroying New York buildings. This video was filmed in New York which brought offense to both East Coast and New York rappers further, in fact, they were even shot at while filming the video. 
As a response to this video the song LALA was released by duo Capone-N-Noreaga ft Mob D and Tragedy Khadafi to shoot back at the West Coast.
Then one of the best diss tracks of all time was released titled “Hit Em Up” by Tupac on June 4, 1996. This song addressed many things past East Coast comments had made on the West Coast as well as more personal things. Some of these being claims on sleeping with Faith Evans (Biggies Wife), being more successful, and overall the West Coast being “more gangsta”. To add he also made threats and  addressed his shooting once again stating ““Who shot me, but ya punks didn't finish/Now ya bout to feel the wrath of a menace”
Listed below are some of the highlights from this diss track.
“You claim to be a player but I f****d your wife”
“Plus Puffy tryin' ta see me weak hearts I rip/Biggie Smalls and Junior M.A.F.I.A. Some mark-ass bitches/We keep on comin' while we runnin' for yo' jewels”
“Get out the way yo, get out the way yo/Biggie Smalls just got dropped/Little Moo, pass the mac, and let me hit him in his back”
“You's a, beat biter/A Pac style taker/I'll tell you to your face you ain't shit but a faker”
Now I’ll just cut this list short because there is just too much.
In response to this Mob D released “Drop a Jim On Em” which addressed Tupacs shooting, his prison bid, and rumors regarding his rape. Although this diss track is not often remembered as it was pulled from the radio after Tupac's death. Now I could go way into Tupac's death and all the conspiracies, but frankly, I don’t have time but I’ll give a very brief summary. Tupac was leaving a Casino after watching a boxing match with Suge Knight and others when a fight broke out between him and Crips member Orlando Anderson which was broken up before anything got too serious. 
After the fight, Tupac rode passenger side with Suge Knight and when stopped at a light a white car pulled up and shot Tupac 4 times and Suge Knight (I believe) once. Both were injured however Tupac was extremely worse and things looked down. He commented on how Suge Knight was bleeding and after police got them out of the car Tupac said “F**K You” when asked who shot him. He was then rushed to the hospital and died 6 days later. His death still remains a mystery to this day, however, a lot of the feud quieted down for a minute as a sign of respect. This was until Biggie came over to the West Coast and many found it as a sign of disrespect being so close to  Tupac's death. However, I don’t think Biggie did it out of a sign of hate. He loved Tupac and they were friends originally and I like to think that if the record labels hadn’t pinned them so much against each other that maybe both their deaths wouldn’t have happened. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, 4 months later Biggie was also shot while stopped at a light and also died. Tupac was only 25 and Biggie 24. Biggie’s death also was unsolved even with heavy leads, however, his mom is still fighting for an answer to this day.
To conclude this whole LONG summary I think much of this feud was created by both the record labels and the media, and not as much as the people. Personally, I agree with what most people think, where they can’t pick a side as the West Coast had nice beats and energy, while the East Coast served beautiful and smooth lyrics. Even after all this it helped produce a feud that will live in infamy.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Salem's Lot (and the Shining, sort of)

Another Stephen King? Yeah, another Stephen King. This one is even older than the Shining, but for some reason, it seems more modern? Anyways, the book is not about witches or the Salem witch trials, despite the alluring title. This book is actually about vampires. Not like dainty little Twilight-esque vampires, no, I'm talking about animalistic vampires. The kind that tears a person apart like a ravaged animal who has been starved for months. Yeah. So far in the 631-page novel, no vampires. Just a nice little introduction/ author's note from King and some weird foreshadowing. The introduction was very cute. It was about how he was inspired to write the books from the Dracula book and some gory vampire comics. He dedicates the book to his deceased mother who introduced the vampire literature to him. He also talks about trash and swears a lot in the note. The book is kind of boring when it started, with some weird foreshadowing about the great tragedy to come and then a date between a 30-year-old dude and a girl who just graduated high school a couple years ago (I think she's like 19-20, but idk). So far, there are a lot of King/horror stereotypes. Big haunted building, really bad town sheriff, a town in the middle of nowhere, old fashioned stuff (in 1975, like 1950's cars and diners), and that weird back and forth between childhood and adulthood. I'm not sure if this is going to be like his better novels that are more well-known. Oh, and the Shining had a bit of a flat ending after all. King built up all this suspense around Jack finally snapping and then when he did it just kind of fell flat. In the movie, the hotel did a lot more but in the book, she just didn't do much except run an elevator up and down and replay past events. Shining gets a 7/10 from me. Great suspense, flat ending.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Yo-Kai Watch 3, What is it?

This week I am writing about the game Yo-Kai Watch 3, since it is my first time writing about it, I will talk about what the game is.  The Yo-Kai Watch series is about the world of Yo-Kai, Yo-Kai are demons and spirit that are responsible for all of the world's problems.  What they affect depends on how powerful the Yo-Kai is, weak ones can just make you confused, or make a toy go missing, the more powerful ones can cause powerful storms, hurt people, or make people disappear.  They are invisible to everyone except if the have the Yo-Kai Watch.

Image result for yo kai watch watch
The Yo-Kai Watch has a lens that allows people to see the Yo-Kai, and you can use the watch to befriend Yo-Kai, if a Yo-Kai likes you, they will become friends with you and give you their medal.
By inserting the medal into the Watch, you can summon the Yo-Kai to help you.Image result for yo kai medals
Yo-Kai Watch 3 has two main characters, Hailey Ann and Nate.
Image result for hailey ann yo kai watch
Hailey Ann lives in Springdale, which is based on Japan, she is obsessed with anime and sci-fi, and is constantly daydreaming, she mistakenly buys the Yo-Kai watch when it is advertised that it will allow her to speak to aliens.
Image result for nate yo kai watch
Nate Adams just moved from Springdale to St. Peanutsburg, in the Continent of BBQ, which is based on America.  Nate is the definition of average, he gets average grades, likes the same things everyone else does, and he doesn't stand out, the only thing special about him is his Yo-Kai Watch, which he receives in the first game.
The game has you freely switch between the two to advance the story plot, each with their own team of Yo-Kai.  Each team has six Yo-Kai, with three out battling and three ready to switch in:
Image result for yo kai watch 3 battle system
Yo-Kai can be moved on a 3 by 3 grid, which is only to Yo-Kai Watch 3 and none of the other Yo-Kai Watch games. The grid can allow them to combo attacks, protect others, or dodge powerful attacks, teams with Yo-Kai with matching tribes get other bonuses.  There are 10 tribes:  Slippery, Brave, Charming, Heartful, Mysterious, Tough, Shady, Eerie, Enma, and Wicked.  There is one Yo-Kai who belongs to the 11th tribe, Wandroid.
That is the basics of what the game is, I hope that wasn't too boring, next time I write about Yo-Kai Watch I will talk about what I have done so far in the game.

Other News:  For my birthday 2 days ago, I got a new game,  Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, so I will add that to the list of possible games I will write about.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Drama Festival!

It is that time of the year again where us drama kids get to go back to festival!! It is where we get to compete against other schools in 40 minute plays, and this year has a lot of firsts for me. I haven't acted in festival since my freshman year even though I went last year because I had decided to do the musical instead. I did some tech work like helping set up the stage (I still cannot believe they expect teenagers to set up an entire stage in five minutes or less, how we manage to do it is beyond me) and I just mostly went to have a good time. I am scared because this is going to be the first tech week for me all year, when normally I have three. But I didn't do the fall play this year. I appreciate all of our tech people but I really am not one of them and I feel like it is too late in the game for me to learn how to do real tech. And besides I was worried enough about keeping up in my classes I didn't need a tech week on top of all that. I'm scared that it is going to be a lot, I mean I know it is going to be, but I'm terrified that I am going to be a mess. But because the show is in vignettes, I'm only in one of the scenes so you can catch me backstage (even now I'm backstage in the middle of rehearsal doing this when I should be going over my lines) doing my homework. This won't be as bad as the musical is going to be anyways. I'm the lead in the spring musical so I am going to have no spare time (maybe just during dinner) to do my homework or wait until I get home to do it. I can't get all of this work done in one hour. But I don't want to think about that yet. Just festival. I'm excited and because our school is going first, we get to see every single play. We normally don't when we don't go first because we go into a classroom while one school is performing in order to do hair, makeup, and run our lines in order one time. And I am so excited for the pizza party and dance afterwards. Even if you aren't acting, festival is a great experience and something I'd feel upset about missing. Maybe I'll write a review after all of the shows so I'm not walking in circles. But if any of you guys would love to see our home shows, they are March 12 (My birthday!!) &13 at 7:00!! More information will come out as the shows get closer!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Where I Want To Go

I love traveling, discovering new places, seeing new landmarks, and meeting new people. Unfortunately the farthest I've ever traveled in my life is Maine which I have no recollection of because it was during my toddler years. I've never left New England. This April vacation I will be traveling with the school to Europe on the Benelux and Paris trip. It will be my first time on a plane. I'm extremely happy to be going and seeing all the beautiful places, but as the trip draws closer I grow more unsure about going, although it is in no way possible to back out now. Only one of my close friends is going with me, but at least I will have someone to share the memories with.

Besides the countries I will be visiting there, I would absolutely love to travel to Alaska and Hawaii, Australia, Sweden, Japan, and Switzerland. Before I get too old, I would like to see the Grand Canyon in the evening glow of an autumn afternoon, Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms on a cool spring day, the adorable native puffins on the Faroe Islands, and gorgeous hidden gems of towns stuck deep into emerald green valleys, like Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. Lauterbrunnen looks like a place taken straight out of a fairy-tale, and if I was foolish enough to have a destination wedding it would certainly be here.

Image result for lauterbrunnen switzerland"

Right now I'm in a tough situation travel-wise. I don't work and have no accessibility to a vehicle that I can drive myself, so I can't travel any farther than east Wareham. I strongly dislike driving and want to avoid it for as long as possible, but I'll have to teach myself not to be so nervous so I can take myself to all of these places.

Every Charlie Day Movie Ranked

Charlie Day is a national treasure, no doubt about it. He is more than just an actor, he is a funny, wholesome, lighthearted character who you can always enjoy watching, no matter how bad the movie is. And there are plenty of bad ones. Here are the best movies with Charlie Day, ranked from best to worst.

1. Horrible Bosses: A very good amount of Charlie, very good plot and enjoyable, laughable dialogue. Would recommend, 10/10.
2. Fist Fight: Also a good amount of Charlie, even a bit of Ice Cube, with a good plot and fun premise. I enjoyed the healthy mixture of stupid and actually clever jokes. Would recommend, 9.6/10.
3. Horrible Bosses 2: Charlie is one of the main characters, which is a very strong part of the movie. A lot of action, fair amount of car-driving, lots of family-friendly funny moments. Would recommend, 8/10.
4. Vacation: There was very little Charlie in it, and I'm pretty sure he died. Very sad moment, but very good acting by Charlie as an instructor at the rapids. Family friendly laughs. Would recommend, 7.3/10.
5. Campfire Stories: Honestly not enough Charlie. A little bit in the beginning and the end, but not enough for my liking. Charlie did not have enough lines, and this was disappointing to me. Either way, it was a fairly enjoyable movie, so I would kinda recommend, 5.2/10.
6. Pacific Rim: A very sad amount of Charlie. Boring movie. Not fun to watch, too many speaking lines from people who are not Charlie. Would not recommend, 2.6/10.
7. Every Other Charlie Day Movie: Too irrelevant to even mention, not enough Charlie to acknowledge. Would not recommend, 1/15. 
Honorable Mention: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Not a movie, but if you love Charlie Day, it's a good show.
That's it.

The Connor Project

  1. ToDaY, i WaNt To TaLk AbOuT sOmEtHiNg ThAt PrObAbLy MeAnT a LoT tO mE aT oNe PoInT, bUt I bArElY rEmEmBeR.
  1. hErE’S a LiTtLe BiT oF eXpOsItIoN.
  1. iN tHe HiT mUsIcAl DeAr EvAn HaNsEn, A hIgH sChOoL sEnIoR nAmEd CoNnOr MuRpHy KiLlS hImSeLf.
  1. He DoEsN’T eVeN aNnOuNcE iT tO aNyOnE, jUsT dOeSn’t ShOw Up FoR a FeW dAyS.
  1. iT’S nOt LiKe It WoUlD eVeN mAtTeR: hE’S bEeN lIsTeD aS a FrEaK fOr HiS eNtIrE lIfE.
  1. nO oNe EvEn KnEw He WaS gOnE.
  1. eVaN hAnSeN, aNoThEr StUdEnT tHaT fInDs OuT hE hAs KiLlEd HiMsElF, dEcIdEs To StArT a NeW fOlLoWiNg Of PeOpLe WhO gRiEvE hIs AbRuPt PaSsInG (aLl In OrDeR tO gEt WiTh ZoE mUrPhY).
  1. wHiLe It StArTs OuT jUsT aS a PlAcE fOr PeOpLe WhO fEeL gUiLtY fOr NoT eVeR nOtIcInG pEoPlE lIkE cOnNoR, iT sOoN bEcOmEs MeMoRaBlE, lIfTiNg StRaNgEr’s SpIrItS wHo DiDn’t EvEn KnOw CoNnOr.
  1. JuSt ImAgInE iF wE lIvEd OuR lIvEs LiKe ThAt.
  1. JuSt ImAgInE fOr A sEcOnD tHaT sOmEoNe YoU kNeW, bUt HaDn’t TaLkEd To In FoReVeR, kIlLeD tHeMsElVeS.
  1. cHaNcEs ArE, tHiS mIgHt NoT eVeN bE aLl ThAt StRaNgE.
  1. mAyBe PeOpLe DoN’T gO tO tHe ExTrEmE lIkE iN tHe MuSiCaL.
  1. bUt ThRoUgHoUt OuR dAy, So MaNy PeOpLe ArE sHuNnEd FrOm ThE sMaLl BuBbLeS oF sOcIeTy We MaKe.
  1. LoTs Of TiMeS, tHeY cAn’t EvEn FiT iN wItH tHe OuTcAsT gRoUpS.
  1. tHe WoRsT pArT iS, i’m WrItInG tHiS wItHoUt A sOlUtIoN iN a MiNd.
  1. I dOn’t EvEn ReAlLy CaRe AbOuT tHe PrOjEcT.
  1. i JuSt DeCiDeD tO nOtE iT dOwN sO i WoUlDn’t HaVe To Do ThIs PrOjEcT lAtEr.
  1. SoRrY fOr MaKiNg EvErYoNe FeEl BaD.

Monday, February 3, 2020

This Week I Watched... Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut

On Friday January 31, 2020, I watched Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut. Over the summer I remember watching the standard studio cut of the historical epic and thinking it was severely lacking in accuracy and plot/character development. The film is a semi-accurate look at events prior to and during the Fall of Jerusalem before the Second Crusade in the early 12th Century. Personally, I found it hard to follow why Balian, a lowly blacksmith from France, chooses to follow his father, Godfrey of Ibelin, to the Holy Land after reuniting with him moments prior to his decision to leave and claim the title of Baron of Ibelin. I also thought it was strange how Balian A) knew King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem and appeared to be a trusted advisor and B) was an apparent genius in engineering when giving his father's lands a make-over and had a secret skill in military tactics when coordinating the defense of Jerusalem as the Muslim King Saladin besieged it.
Thankfully, this version, which included some 50 minutes of scenes cut from the released version, is a much, much better film both in terms of accuracy and development. To start, it is explained that Balian fought in previous local wars between French lords sometime prior to the beginning of the movie, hence why he is skilled in engineering and tactics. It is also explained that his wife's suicide after the death of their infant child is a driving force as to why he leaves so suddenly after Godfrey finds him; the village is superstitious of him and believes he has been condemned by God, thus his only option is to start a new life in the Kingdom of Heaven. On the journey to the Kingdom, Godfrey is wounded in a small skirmish and dies upon arrival, making Balian the new Baron of Ibelin, when he is given the opportunity to meet with King Baldwin IV, who is dying of leprosy. The King makes it clear that he disapproves of the actions of Guy de Lusigan, the leader of the Order of the Knights Templar, as he tries to push the Kingdom closer and closer to war with King Saladin, who himself is being pressured by his own army to take back the city for Allah. War finally does break out after Guy becomes king; he is promptly captured by the superior Muslim army when attempting to meet them on the field, and, upon the retreat of other nobles back to France or England, Balian is left to defend the Kingdom of Heaven with whoever chose to stay. Despite a valiant effort, the city walls are breached and Balian is forced to surrender the city; yet unlike the Christians during the First Crusade, the Saracens spare all inside Jerusalem and give them free passage to the sea if they wish to leave.
Overall, this version of the movie was an excellent experience and, despite deviating majorly at times from actual history, tends to be a somewhat accurate representation of the politics and wars of the Holy Land. There are, unfortunately, too many inaccuracies to fully explain, but these do not whatsoever take away from the general experience of the film. It is, on its own, one of, if not the best Medieval movies ever made for the sheer look of it alone; the armor and clothing is correct, the various locations look stunning, and most importantly, it is presented in a way that is not boring whatsoever and draws the audience in. I would highly recommend it to anybody who enjoys the period or is simply looking for something interesting to watch on a Friday or Saturday night.