Thursday, June 6, 2019

Last blog of the year

This is my last blog for the year! It is crazy to think finals start tomorrow and that the year is already over. I have one year left until I graduate and leave to go to college. It feels like it is all flying by. I have been really stressed lately, mainly over my term paper and finals of course. I hope I did good on my term paper and hope I finish out strong for this class. This class has taught me more than any other English class, and I am glad I took it, even with all the work that comes with it. My worst finals I get over with the first two days, thankfully. I am just stressed about Algebra, Chemistry, and Spanish. I have like an 89 for the year in those classes, besides Spanish which is an 85. I am hoping those will be the only B's I get for the whole year. I hope next year is less stressful than this year. They say Junior year is the worst year, and so far, everyone is right about it. I'm sure next years classes will not be as stressful, seeing I do not have to take history, Spanish, or a lab science, but the whole college situation will really stress me out. Applying and getting accepted or denied and picking the one place to go. It's all so scary. Anyway, this year has been good, and I hope everyone has a great year next year. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Finals Week

Today is June 5th which means there are only 7 days left of school , but really only 1 more day of actual classes. Its weird to think that a year from today I will be graduating from high school and leaving this place for good. Before we even worry about that I have to focus on the next 4 days of finals. One of the only things I am looking forward to in the next couple of days is getting out early and being able to relax the rest of the days. June 12th flew here and now it is actually hitting me that junior year wasn't as bad as I created it to be and it made me open my eyes that this is the real world of school even though senior year I have two real classes. I am excited to finally say that I am a senior but also sad at the same time. Forever will I always remember junior year and especially this class and all the work I tried to do last minute sometimes. Junior year is close to over and close to being gone for good. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The month of June is nuts

Man, I thought that May was crazy with AP exams and Math MCAS? I was wrong. June is so busy. I have been job training every Saturday since the end of May. Towards the end of May, I was dreading June just as I was dreading May at the end of April. May is definitely the month for dinners and awards nights, but June is just chaos. This Saturday, the annual Harvest Triathlon will be held at Tihonet and I am volunteering there. On June 15th, it is my brother Owen's 9th birthday! Then Father's day is the following day. My class' biggest fundraiser is the annual car wash we hold in June and this year it is on the 15th. I then leave a bit early to go to work and then I have a birthday party to attend. Also, almost forgot, my sister's graduation is this Friday! Yikes. The senior scholarship night is also this week. Anyways, June 16th I'm volunteering at a DECA event which I am getting Honor Society hours for. The event is the Scotty Monteiro Golf Tournament. I have never volunteered for this before, but I am sure it will be a lot of fun. I feel like I always say this, but jeez, just gotta make it through this month. Heck, through the rest of this school year. It's so close!


I can't wait to get my licence in October. Along with the excitement comes a lot of responsibility. I have never really thought about it before, but I have recently realized that having a car and licence is literally the definition of freedom. You can do so much, it's just a crazy thought to me. Even though my birthday was in March, I decided to take my drivers ed book course over the summer in July because I felt that the school year was too busy and a hassle for my mom. It's is only for a bout three weeks and it is three days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am-12pm. I work at Nana's, a candy shop by Onset Beach and drivers ed is very convenient for me since the shop opens at 12 in the summer. I would only be losing an hour of work versus 3 or 4 hours if I were working somewhere else. To complete drivers ed, there is a minimum of 12 driving hours with an instructor. I am planning to do 8 of the hours over the summer on my off days and do two hours in September and 2 hours in October when my drivers test is approaching. I thought it would be a good idea to have a few instructions before taking my road test just in case I make any mistakes that would be held against me on my road test. If I do everything right, I should get my licence on October 26th. I will be really excited when I get my license, but for now I have my permit. Stay off the roads!

The Dark

I am still really scared of the dark for some reason. Like, when I shut off the lights (I'm sure a lot of people do this), I bolt up the stairs even if it's 1:00 in the morning and people are sound asleep. I always try to be a man about it but I am just a scaredy cat. I thoroughly enjoy horror movies and I don't get really scared from them, in fact, I am intrigued by them. It's always been a childhood thing, though. I am not really scared of many scary, entity-like things but I think I am just scared of what could be lurking in the dark. I also think it's just that I am scared because I can't see anything and therefore do not have control over the situation. My younger brothers are not even scared of the dark that much and I feel like that is saying a lot about me. But it's weird though because sometimes it'll be like 12:30 am and I'll be walking up to bed. I would just be so done and I'd walk everywhere without turning on the lights or my phone flashlight. "Whatever's out there, please just take me." Like, that is literally what I would think. Other times I would be really absorbed by my work or something else that I'd say to myself that if something is there, I'd let it get me because I don't really care anymore. Anyone else feel like that?

Camp Sunshine

Another thing I am looking forward to this summer is my trip to Camp Sunshine. I learned about Camp Sunshine through my sister through Key Club and other upperclassmen who have attended. I am going to the Labor Day session so I think I will miss the first day of school this coming year. So, Camp Sunshine is a camp in Casco Maine that is basically a retreat for families with kids who have terminal and life-threatening illnesses. There are camp counselors, kayaking, arts and crafts, campfire singing, outdoor games, swimming, and much more. I've heard from many people that volunteering at Camp Sunshine is the best thing they have ever done. You meet families with amazing children and you make unforgettable memories. I am so excited to volunteer this Labor Day weekend because it is truly something like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Although there are February sessions and other sessions year round, you do not get many opportunities like this. You can volunteer as an adult and I plan to do that in my future when I am in college. Also, you make lasting friends at Camp Sunshine. The volunteers and people who work there to make the kids' experience 100% are truly amazing people. They reach out to you even when it is not Camp Sunshine season. I can't wait to see what it is like there and make many new friends with the kids there.


It's the moment we've all been waiting for. It's almost summer. Once the stress, pressure, and tension of exams and year 1 grades are all set, we can all take a breath. For me, I know that that breath will last until July when I finally decide to pick up a pencil or read a book again. Sometimes over the summer I'll have this irrational thought that I'll forget how to write or something. Also, am I the only one who thinks that their handwriting in the first few weeks of school are a bit more messy than usual? Or is that just my mind? Maybe. Anyway, I am excited for summer even though my schedule is still busy. It's run, lift weights, work, eat, sleep, repeat. I can't wait to hang out with friends and beach trips and day trips with my family. I have always loved the simple feeling of the summertime - the feeling of not really having a worry in the universe. I love sitting outside when the sun is setting and the landscape turns orange. The sky would be pink and my aunt would always say that a beautiful sunset indicated that the following day would be a warm, nice day. I love playing outside in the grass with my brothers while my dad cooks hotdogs, burgers, and steak tips on the grill. I love coming inside and eating potato salad. Man, I'm getting hungry just writing this.

Cross Country again next fall with ORR

This past fall I ran Cross Country with Old Rochester's team as an "unattached athlete" running "unattached" at races. Basically what that means is that I am not actually on the team and I didn't pay any fee (because I don't go to that school and all that jazz). I cannot score any points for their team and I am not considered my own team either. And no, I do not have to wear the ORR uniform thankfully (that's what I thought when I originally started). But anyways, I will practice with the team pretty much everyday after school and I will attend all of the meets including the SCC Meet (South Coast Conference). However, I can't compete in the Divisional State Meet unfortunately. I am not really sure why, but I think it has something to do with fees and it gets complicated. If I attend an invitational meet, Coach Gardner, my track coach, will give me money from our track fundraising stash to pay for my attendance for the race. Last year, I was really nervous about joining a team of girls from another school. I did not know any of them and they did not know me. They just knew me as a girl from Wareham, however, I made my mark on their team. On the 1st day of XC practice, Cindy who is their head coach had everyone run in groups to help with placement. I ended up being faster than all of the girls on the team (about 50 girls) except for one. In the middle of the season, Cindy moved me and the girl who's name is Emma, to run with a group of boys who would better suit our speed. My first time running a cross country race which is a 5k, I ran a 22:30. Emma ran a 21:30. My second meet I dropped down to a 21:48. I got down to a 22:35 at a conference meet in Fairhaven. On October 19th, I did something amazing that is unheard of. On the cool night of October 19th Barnstable Fairgrounds course, I ran a 20:57. My track coach was truly ecstatic when I texted him how I did since he couldn't make it to watch me run that night. Little did I know at the time, it was rare for a runner to break 21 minutes their first cross country season. I was shocked and even right after I crossed the finish line I broke into tears of happiness because it was something I never imagined doing. I was faster than all the seniors on ORR's team and I was ranked the 3rd fastest girl in the whole Cross Country Division 4 (I think it's division 4) in the state of Massachusetts. I was ranked one of the fastest girls in the SCC as well. With the end of the season nearing, Coach Gardner pushed to have me run at the state meet but it was no use because Wareham did not have a team. This year, Gardner pushed to have a cross country team at our school but declined interest lead to another year of me training with Old Rochester. I loved training with their team, but I was hoping I could run at states and gain recognition in the Standard Times SCC and run at Nike Cross Regionals. All of those things require a team, but those limits don't stop my dreams. Next fall I plan to train hard again over the summer to break 20 minutes in the 5k, I want to run 19 minutes and I believe I will next fall.

End of the year already?!

Seriously, what even happened in November? And December and February. This year went by so fast that it feels like a blur. When I was in middle school, I always felt like high school was another lifetime that would be like an eternity. But, I was definitely wrong. I am already halfway done with high school and I am going into my junior year. I remember being in 8th grade and thinking about how the rest of high school would go, I thought it would be so different. I was also wrong back then, in high school you just have to do the work, put in the effort, seek help, and it's almost over before you know it. It's kind of sad in a weird way. With my sister and cousin being seniors, there's all kinds of talk in the family about college and careers. I sort of feel like a baby because I'm still a sophomore, but at the same time I'm glad I'm still young because the idea of college and rejection letters and stuff is just terrifying. I'm glad I have time but that time is going to run out faster than any of us could imagine. Scary right? Like my dad always says, time flies when you're having fun. In terms of high school, I would change it to "time flies when you're stressing out and crying about exams". I mean, it's true. I think all of us would speak from experience....

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Summertime and Why I Enjoy it

The beautiful season of summer is slowly approaching us yet again and I can't be more excited. There's nothing like spending a few hours on a beach laying in the sun with the sound of children screaming and playing around while you're getting a suntan. One thing my family likes to do during the summer is set up a fire in our outdoor fireplace and make roast marshmallows for smores. I looked inside our pantry in the kitchen and I saw one of those pans of popcorn that you put under a hot surface and wait until the popcorn pops inside. When I saw that along with a large unopened bag of marshmallows, I knew that the time was coming. There is something really nice about summer nights. It might be the sounds of crickets chirping or what the night sky looks like, with all the small, bright stars and the large moon shining down. It might also be the actual temperature too. That's also something that I really enjoy about the season of summer, the days are hot but the nights are cool, it's like you don't need a fan or an air conditioner. But then you remember that there are mosquitos that'll give you itchy bug bites.