Thursday, May 30, 2019

Junior year closing

It's crazy to think that there is only about 8 days left of school, and barely even eight days because finals start next Friday. I remember writing a blog not to long go saying that there was only two months left of school, and now I am writing a blog about 8 days left. Junior year flew by, and the seniors are already out of the school which means us juniors are the seniors of the school. It's kind of sad that we only have one year left of high school, and then it's off to college. Before we even think about that we have to worry about finals in a couple of days, and finals are hard well at least I think they are a little tough for some classes.  I have to say that I am excited for summer because who doesn't enjoy being in the sun and hanging out with there friends while not worrying about school. One thing that I am excited for over the summer that has to do with school is getting my schedule at the end of August to see what my senior year is going to look like for classes and electives. Also, the excitement of volleyball being so close to starting, but also sad that it is my last year of playing. Junior year was a hard year but one I will never forget.

Memorial Day Weekend

So this weekend was a long weekend as you all know. For me this weekend was very busy but also very fun. On Friday night, my brother Ben was getting confirmed and after we had a very big party because we were also celebrating his birthday. Every 10 to 15 minutes a new person showed up, it was like once one left another one showed up. Then on Saturday I went on the boat for the first time this year. I was really excited because in my family boating has always been apart of our lives and it's a place where we just forget about everything else and just enjoy the time we are spending at the moment. We went fishing and my family actually caught five descent sized Striped Bass. Sunday was probably my favorite day during the weekend. I went to my friend Cece's beach house with our friend Ava and the weather was also very nice. We went to the beach and walked around a lot and then got Dairy Queen. I wish there was a Dairy Queen in Wareham because Dairy Queen in my opinion is my favorite ice cream type place just because they have blizzards. The weekend eventually came to an end on Monday and my family had a cookout and we just got ready to get back into the routine for school. This weekend I noticed that this school year is almost over we have less than two weeks for finals and summer is actually right around the corner.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Hat in Time: Queen Vanessa's Manor

Perhaps one of the most notorious levels in A Hat in Time; Queen Vanessa's manor. Most of the game is pretty careless- you play as a optimistic-nihilist child collecting pons(the currency of the game) and time pieces to power your spaceship to get back home.
Image result for a hat in timeImage result for hat kid smug dance gif
Most of the levels are pretty cartoonish: a bird film studio filled to the brim with avian puns, a mafia city with over-caricatured goons, a cat themed Japanese metro station, and a spooky forest full of exploding apples and haunted outhouses. And deep in the forest is where you run into Queen Vanessa's manor. 

As soon as you enter the manor the game goes from happy-go-lucky to some brainchild of Lovecraft and Steven King. The s indistinguishable black being with glowing red eyes chases you around the house until it catches you, killing you instantly. If she cant see you, she taunts you her chilling voice with lines like "I can smell you", "You're close by, aren't you?", and as soon as she sees you raid sirens start going off and the screen starts shaking and the color scheme changes to a dark red/purple. 

Just the soundtracks alone are about enough to summarize the difference between the rest of the levels(specifically this, this, this, and this) and this one.
Image result for queen vanessa  Image result for queen vanessa's manor song

Ending the school year

We're only a little more then 2 weeks away from ending the school year. It's one of those moment when your feeling relieve that you don't have to do anymore of the school work but now have to step a foot forward into the real word. I'm excited of only having one more year in the school and becoming seniors, but then we're off to college. I feel as though it's a moment that we all wish for as we go through the four year in high school, but when it comes a part of you doesn't want to go on into the world. While being in high school you have the choice of doing as you please. Then as you continue on in life the sense of freedom slowly disappears then the increase of responsibilities os greater.

The New Addition (sorta)

My sister recently got a dog. She got to bring him home in March. His name is Charlie, he is four months old, and a golden doodle. He is super sweet and has grown so much in the past few months we have been with him. Even though my sister has her own house, he is an addition to the family since we constantly see them. Charlie has cute little white spots on his back paws, does not understand the concept of a Frisbee, and likes to steal your shoes if you leave them on the ground. Although he can be a pain at times, he is super sweet. He is learning that cuddling is nice. At first he hated it, and now he loves it. I almost don't even remember him as a small puppy anymore! Big dogs grow up way too fast. Below is a picture of him when my sister first got him, and the top picture is a recent picture :)

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wrapping Things Up

As you know this year is coming to an end. Honestly, it is kind of sad so many different things have happened this year and it all felt like it went by in a course of 10 minutes.  I was thinking about it the other day but it felt like I was an 8th grader just yesterday but now I'm a sophomore almost a junior and soon going to be graduating high school. Time sure does fly when you are having fun. But the time from when I was an 8th grader to now is the time or even a little bit less to when I'm a senior and graduating high school. It's weird to think about teachers talking about finals and almost being on the last rotation in Wilson's class when I still feel like we are on the very first rotation and reading The Last of the Mohicans. Testing is finally done between english and math MCAS and all the AP exams everyone has took.  This year truly flew by and it's time to see where the next season takes us which is summer.

Almost a senior

After this week, we have 2 weeks of classes left before finals. 9 days of actual classes before finals start as of right now. This school year has gone by really fast, almost faster than any other year. I can't believe in a few more weeks, I will officially be a senior in high school. I feel like I was just a freshman yesterday. Along with the excitement of senior year, comes a lot of stress as well. Going to another prom, the question of going on a school trip, deciding what colleges I apply to, deciding what college I actually go to, and more. It is scary that in just a few more months when fall rolls around I will be applying to colleges and starting the whole process. I want to enjoy my senior year, but I also can't wait to leave and start a new chapter in my life, live in a different area, and meet new people. It's scary to think I am growing up, but I also can't wait either. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Good Horror vs Bad Horror

I almost never go to see horror movies. Its not that I don't like them, or don't like a good scare, but because they aren't that scary. They rely on momentary fear, like jump-scares and intense fights.
Its also part of the reason a lot of horror games like FNAF get a bad rep and others like Petscop, Doki Doki Literature Club, and Life is Strange got such good reps. Its because FNAF relies on "bad horror". Horror that just startles you for a second and then its gone. The other games rely on "good horror". Stuff that creeps you out and stays in your head. Doki Doki disguises itself as a innocent visual novel, so when you play it and the creepy stuff starts unraveling, its even creepier. And even though Life is Strange isn't exactly a horror game, it still haunts you after you play. This is also the reason The Twilight Zone as remained popular despite its age. And its especially noteworthy that some of its most popular episodes like "Eye of the Beholder", "Monsters are Due on Maple Street", "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", and "Time Enough at Last" only have one jump-scare between them (a very well placed one in "Nightmare at 20,000 feet"). A perfect example of all of this summed up is this comic by Shen (Bluechair). 

Wareham and its Love of Festivals

As I was going to school one morning, I realized something as I was going into Wareham Center. I saw a little sign planted in the middle of one of the sidewalks. It was a little graphic of an oyster shell with big eyes and lips drawn on it. On the top of the sign read the words "Oyster Festival." When I was near the school, the sign that's right next to the town hall also had a graphic for the Oyster Festival. This time, I actually saw the day when it was taking place: Saturday, May 26. As I saw both signs, it gave me the vivid memories I had when I used to go to the Oyster Festival every year. I can't remember the last time I've been to the Oyster Festival, but if I could bring back that tradition where I go every year, I definitely would.

The love of festivals that this town has is great. It shows that this town has a love of celebrating and having traditions. The Oyster Festival is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to festivals here. There's the Cranberry Festival, the Illumination Night that happens in Onset, and the Cape Verde Festival that also takes place in Onset. Not only are festivals a great way to bring the family together, but it's a nice way to take a few moments and just forget about life's problems as you listen to live music, enjoy some freshly cooked food, and look through different shopping items. They also take place when the weather is sunny, warm, and really nice. Festivals really are great.

Friday, May 17, 2019

My sister is going to Harvard...

      Last week my sister got a strange missed call with a Cambridge area code number. She decided to call it back, wondering if it may be Harvard. The Senior of Admissions answered the phone and invited her to a second interview to get to know her better! She was thrilled. The Harvard lady told her that her Alumni Interview went exceptionally well (she originally got wait-listed and received that interview). She had the second interview on Saturday, the day before mother's day.

     On Tuesday afternoon at 4:00, just three days after the interview, the mysterious Cambridge area code number called her again. She answered it and she was accepted!!! My family was ecstatic! My brother and I were at a track meet when it happened and we got the news from Jill, her friend. Everyone was so happy for her. I see how hard she works every single day and to see it pay off is truly amazing to witness and nonetheless inspiring to me. Words cannot describe how proud I am.

     Speaking of inspiring, many teachers and faculty members has expressed that since her acceptance, it has been so exciting that it feels as though we all got into Harvard. Renneanna is living proof that you do not need to attend private or charter schools in order to receive a "better education" or get into an Ivy League or big name school. Hard work, dedication, sports, volunteer work, and other activities are what really wow college admissions officers, not the type of school you attended. She's hoping to inspire the other kids at Wareham to see that they can be successful here and take advantage of the amazing things our school has to offer, despite the looming negativity that constantly plagues Wareham.
     After watching Harvard's virtual 360 degree tour multiple times on their website, we are hoping to drive over there this Sunday to see the campus. She is going to major in Biology with a minor in Neuroscience.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Move over Avengers: Endgame because there is a new sheriff in town... or should I say, detective? On Friday, May 10th, the movie Pokemon: Detective Pikachu came out. This movie is based on the extremely loved video games made by Nintendo which originally came out in 1996 for the original Gameboy console. Throughout the years, there have been, among other things, different Pokemon animes, trading cards, and toys.

On February 3rd, 2016, Nintendo released a new Pokemon spin-off game entitled Detective Pikachu for the Nintendo 3DS. This game took a very different turn on the games that we all know and love. What you normally do in a Pokemon game is go around different worlds and catch different types of Pokemon which you can use to battle other trainers. The main goal of the game is to defeat the Elite Four, which is a group of highly skilled Pokemon trainers.

However, Detective Pikachu is more of a plot-based game. The game's protagonist is a Pikachu, who is an electric mouse Pokemon, that is also a super intelligent detective. Also, he can speak in perfectly good English, which is not common for other Pokemon who normally just say their names as a form of communication. The other protagonist is the person you actually play as, whose name is Tim Goodman. He finds the Pikachu and they slowly grow a friendship as fellow detectives.

Now, the fact that they released a full-length movie based on this game 3 years later is still astonishing to me. But the fact that the movie is really good is even more astonishing. That's right, I got a chance to see it on Friday and I genuinely enjoyed it. The CGI on the Pokemon was phenomenal, the chemistry that Tim and Pikachu had was lovable and probably the best part of the movie, the action involved in the movie was entertaining and the overall storytelling was great. It was a great movie and I would totally see it again if I had the opportunity.

One Test Down One To Go

Last Friday I had my first AP exam along with many others. I was really scared for it because it was for History and it ranges from exploration and settlement all the way to modern history. The week before the test and the week of I was studying like crazy doing a study guide every night to try and make sure I know the information or at least enough to pass the test. When we got into the testing room it felt very weird and to be honest it felt unprofessional like I thought it would. There were people walking into our testing room even though there was a sign out of no where and the surrounding classes were making noise and we were listening to a Spanish class singing the alphabet and then the morning show. Surprisingly, MCAS seemed more professional and more intimating than that AP test experience even though the AP test is a lot bigger. Hopefully on Wednesday when we all take this AP exam we all do our best and put our best effort into it because in the end that is all what matters.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Pushing Boundaries

I hate to sound like a pessimistic Holden Caulfield type, but my current generation is a bunch of phonies, however I don't think it is by choice. Something about the culture in which my generation is a part of seemed to have been given by the previous ones, for us to be petty, self obsessed, self conscious, unambitious, and cruel. Nobody interacts anymore, and I would have loved to be in the time where teenagers were always about going places, and having good wholesome fun, because that is where the heart lies. People I feel have lost touch with their own empathy, and have become bitter, tasteless, and overall just kind of terrible. People just don't care anymore. I sort of made it a goal to push the boundaries of being in the grade I am in, being in the time I am, because it is all I have, and where would any of us be without pushing boundaries? Without pushing boundaries there would be only one genre of music, there would only be one form of language or writing. Humans need to push the boundaries on everything, and we will do that eventually, but right now there is simply no ambition. I won't blame it on the current state of music, but I think that the answer lies somewhere around there. There is so much music being put out every day, and it all sounds the same. There is a time and a place for today's hip hop and rap sound, as there is a time and place for every sound, but one can only pray it will not be for much longer. Considering the huge amount of bland music coming out every day, people just don't really care that much about making anything good. Kids my age just soak it all in, it's like watching a baby with a rattle. I feel as though it is important to do things that others won't, I mean I just wrote a whole movie, and I had fun doing it. In today's world kids are only interested in staying in alone and intoxicating themselves with whatever drink or drug they can get their hands on. They don't even know what they are getting themselves into with those things. They don't see it now, but they will. That mentality is not only killing the people it involves, it is also killing the culture. That mentality is lowering the standards, making everything just good enough. This is making it almost to the point that having the ambition to push boundaries almost has no place in the culture today. Most people think that this generation is the future, but the way it is going there isn't going to be much change. It is a sad truth. But I have learned to cope with that, and be ambitious, stay away from the sea of peer pressure, and drinking and smoking, because it's just crazy talk. It is up to those with a clear mind, up to those with perfect perception of the world around them to change the future. I am happy to be able to do my part, I am proud to call myself ambitious.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Track Season

The season feels as if it had only been a couple weeks, with plenty of new memories. Such as me finally getting over 30 feet in shot, Coach K really just tried to get me really mad so I wouldn't over think about the throw. Surprisingly this had also helps me get my other PR in discus getting over 100 feet. The thing was, at the first couple of the meets I would get 99.2 then next meet 99.4 and 99.6. Then at our home meet against bourne I threw easily 108 feet then the kid who was in the field marking wasn't paying attention which led him to only mark it as 100.5. While not only I was able to make some new PRs I had also made some new friends at different schools which mostly was us yelling at the people who would mark wrong

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Power of the Endgame

On Friday, the 26th, I saw one of the biggest movies to ever be released. I saw Avengers: Endgame. I'm not going to be writing about the actual plot to the movie due to spoilers, instead, I am going to be talking about the impact of this movie and why it means so much to so many. It is the 22nd movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU for short). The first movie to ever come out in the MCU was Iron Man back in 2008. Although it wasn't strange to see comic books be adapted into film (like The Dark Knight movie which was based on the Batman comics coming out in the same year), Iron Man was very special because of the fact that it introduced the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The next movie to come out was The Incredible Hulk a few months later, which introduced a brand new main character to the universe. Then there was Iron Man 2 which came out in 2010. This introduced another character that would be essential to the MCU, Black Widow. Then, there was Thor that came out in 2011 which also introduced Hawkeye. And last, but certainly not least, Captain America, who was introduced in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. In 2012, the movie The Avengers came out, which brought all of the characters together to fight one big evil. It was something like nobody had seen before, different directors making individual movies for major characters and then bringing them together in the end.

Jump ahead a few years later, when the Guardians of the Galaxy movies came out and introduced a villain named Thanos. Although Thanos wasn't in the first Guardians movie for a very long time, he was shown, again, in a scene at the end of the credits of the second Avengers movie entitled Avengers: Age of Ultron. The scene showed him grabbing a giant golden glove called the Infinity Gauntlet. The actual conflict that fully involved Thanos was in the highly anticipated sequel to The Avengers entitled, Avengers: Infinity War, which came out in April of 2018.

Infinity War was what made people realize just how much of an impact these characters had. And we found out in one of the hardest ways possible: by watching them turn into dust. At the end of the movie, to everyone's surprise, Thanos actually won. It's so uncommon to see the antagonist win at the end of the movie, especially a comic book movie. And half of the array of characters turned into dust and basically died. One of the characters being Spiderman, one of the most iconic fictional characters of ALL TIME. This is what set up the next big movie, Avengers: Endgame.

To conclude all this, Endgame was such a huge movie event because it was the end to a major story created in the MCU. We as the viewers wanted to see how the Avengers manage to reverse Thanos' victory and get everyone that died back. But we also knew that that would come with the cost of some of the characters. This was the final movie in the Avengers franchise, which took over ten years to create, we were saying goodbye to these six great characters. The actual anticipation of the movie was something I was never going to forget. And although the MCU hasn't come to a stop yet (there is going to be a new Spiderman movie coming out in July), it's going to be different without Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Getting my Permit

Last week I got my permit since I was finally old enough to. I was very excited but also very scared to get my permit because of the permit test. I was studying for that permit test for three days straight using an app DMV genie to make sure I understood all the rules of the road. My mom dismissed me from school and we went to Plymouth where I would get my permit. When I got there I had to wait around 15 minutes before I could actually go and take the test. But before I took it, at the desk they took my picture and they actually made the permit before so when I took the test I had a number to put down. Thankfully, I passed the first time and I was super excited because now I can drive, so if I were you I would be extra careful while driving.