Thursday, April 25, 2019

The End is Near

As the end of the year comes, life gets more and more stressful. Next year is senior year. I have to start thinking about things such as college and what I want to do. I know I want to be a school teacher. Pre-k through 2nd grade, specifically. I either want to go to college in Boston or somewhere in Western Massachusetts. My dream school being Boston University- they bought Wheelock college so their education program is really nice. I just need a change of scenery. I can't wait to start something new but I also don't want to rush my last year. Another thing stressing me out is tests. I am nervous for the SAT and both of my AP tests. I think the SAT is stupid, since it is one test that determines if a college accepts you or not. I hope I end this term with good grades since that is what colleges look at. A year from now though, all of this will be over and I will know what I am doing for the next 4 years of my life.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Thinking About College

Junior year is a tough year all around from not just the classes and the stress of SAT and AP testings, but also the thought of having to think about after high school in which is known as college. It is really stressful because most people don't know what they want to major in at college which is a huge part when deciding on where you want to go. I am having trouble with deciding what I want to major in an spend years learning about. I have three studies in mind which are criminal investigation or athletic training or physical therapy. They are all something I would enjoy learning about, but I don't know just yet which one I would have the best time doing. It's also hard trying to look at over a hundred different schools because there are so many to choose from and to look into that you get frustrated along with all the scholarships. I have been looking and right now I like SNHU, UNH, and URI. They are all really good out of state schools and have most of what I need. Also, two of them have strong dance teams which is also a large plus. Looking down the road t college is very scary, but also very exciting at the same time.

April Vacation

This past Sunday was the end of our spring vacation or as we call it April vacation. I think that this vacation felt like the longest one out of Christmas vacation and February vacation. The weather wasn't that nice, but some of the days where there was no rain the weather was beyond gorgeous with nice warm weather and bright sun. I didn't do many exciting things this vacation, but a lot of many different things like going to the movies or lacrosse games or going out with many friends. Even though it wasn't anything big like going away some where I still had a fun time, and didn't have to worry about getting up early or stressing over school or school work. I could just relax and enjoy the freedom. Until now we are back in school, and next up we have to wait for summer.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Outer Banks

During this April Vacation I have spend this past week in the Outer Banks, Nags Head North Carolina. My family had rented a huge house with three other family's which were my cousins. The weather was really nice it was in the high seventies and low eighties all week which I think is perfect weather. This week was very fun because not only did I spend time with ,my family but I saw a lot of things that I wouldn't see back home. For example, palm trees, pelicans, dolphins, tropical pigeons, and whales on an everyday basis. The environment here in the Outer Banks is very relaxing and calming, you never feel overwhelmed and there is always something to do; whether if its staying at the beach, going out for ice cream, going shopping, or even a run or bike ride. This was one of my favorite April Vacation's yet and hopefully it was the same for the rest of you.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Why Smash Bros Never Gets Old.

Most games, when they're released have a period where they're extremely popular, and then just sort of die. Super Smash Bros on the other hand almost always has a huge fan base. And its not only because there are multiple releases for it. Even with the five year hiatus between SSB4 and SSBU, it remained as popular as ever between those times. I think the reason it never gets old is because it has almost unlimited options, and you never truly master it. Take Fortnite for example: your options are usually shoot. move, pick up/change weapons, and heal. Smash bros has way more options, which chain into other options.
When grounded, your attack options are neutral special, forward special, down special, up special, jab, forward tilt, down tilt, up tilt, forwards smash, down smash, and up smash. You can also grab the opponent, which can be followed with pummels, and either a down throw, up throw, forward throw, or back throw, which are almost all unique to each character. And that is only the ground options: once you are in the air you can forward air, neutral air, back air, up air, and down air (often shortened to Fair, Nair, Bair, up air, and Dair), and if you have a character with a tether grab, you can also Zair, to space out your opponent, and some character's specials (usually down specials) change if they are in the air as opposed to on the ground. For defense, characters can roll in either direction, spot dodge, shield, perfect shield (if their timing is right), and if they are in the air they can air dodge. All of these can be chained and connected into each other, and they all 70-something characters have their own attacks, all slightly different. On top of this, most characters have some gimmicks, such as Roy's one-hit-kill that is almost impossible to hit, or Lucario's aura which makes him hit harder the more damage he's taken, or Peach and Daisy's ability to float, or Link's shield that absorbs any projectiles if he is standing still, to name a few.
Also, it is completely unique in its genre. It is the only large fighting game with a percentage based damage system, as opposed to health bars, which allows players with a huge disadvantage to come back.

April Vacation

This April Vacation I am going to the Outer Banks, in Nags Head North Carolina with my family. The house we are staying at is super nice and I'm really excited to go. This April Vacation I hope will be a fun one because I will also be spending my 16th birthday during this vacation. I'm really excited about this vacation nit just because I'm going to a new and different environment and atmosphere but because this is a week that I can spend with my family without anything else going on.  The weather is supposed to be really nice as well and I get to see some of my aunts and uncles and cousins I haven't seen for quite a long time during this week too.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Starting Projects With Friends

I enjoy being productive. I am a musician, I enjoy writing and drawing, and I enjoy all of that stuff. My favorite pastime is writing with friends, skits, and even a movie. My movie is my baby, and I started it with like 5 of my closest friends. Now the only ones to continuously write were me and one of my other friends, but we still get things done. In writing this huge project though we decided to start exploring other medias, and other ideas, which is a great thing. However in light of these new projects, we leave the others behind. We are always doing something with expression, mostly in the realm of comedy, but it is expression nonetheless, so it hurts when some projects get abandoned. I think it might be an issue with the attention spans of today's kids. We really don't have large attention spans, they have been diminished over the years, most likely due to the fast pace lives the cellular era has given us, but this proves an issue when trying to get things done. The movie may just be the only project we haven't completely abandoned, but it just hurts that we have so many great ideas left in the dust. They say never go into business with your friends, but I don't know why that is exactly, because in light of what I've learned, making simple ground rules works fine. Being able to work with your friends is great, you just have to make sure everybody is on task, or nothing is going to get done. It's been almost a whole year since we began the writing of the film. It's unfortunate that it has been so long, but that is just the way things have unfolded. While it is one thing that we can't get ourselves focused enough to do anything, we keep the same ideals in mind, we can't rush anything. If the movie takes another year so be it, but we just need to not worry about it. With pressure, your work, especially comedy, comes out unnatural and poorly done. This is a work of art (just believe me), and art takes time.Image result for Looney tunes gif

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Old Games are Better

I recently downloaded the 2002 game Metroid: Fusion on my 3DS, and have been rather addicted to it. As I was playing it, I couldn't help but notice how well it was made. Despite the low graphics, everything is extremely artistic and deceptive. And despite being able to count the pixels (Samus is 40 tall), everything is very carefully made so it looks way more HD than it is. Also it gives a reason for everything. Instead of saying "you jump on a Goomba, you get a coin, because reasons" like most modern games, it tells you why it heals you and why it drops; "The thing there is a parasite that vacated the monster you just killed. But you have a special medicine made from the parasite's natural enemy that not only allows you to be immune to the parasite, but benefit from it." he game also teaches you the mechanics instead of telling you how to use them. When you get the bombs, the game tells you how to access them, but doesn't tell you how to use them.  Just after the room where you get the bombs, there so exit, except for an out of place box. If you drop a bomb near it, it will open up a little hole in the floor to drop through and escape. After that, you come across a narrow passage that you cant jump in, but have to jump to get through. If you place a bomb under you, it will launch you up a small bit so you can get though the passage. And on top of this, perhaps the most important part, is the story. Its extremely immersive, and really get you to feel like a bounty hunter exploring a dangerous foreign environment. And the cutscenes give us some backstory to the game, and get us to know Samus better. One of them describer her old commander, Captain Malkovich, who she said always referred to her as "Lady", in a respectful way, and compares him to her new boss, Adam. She hints at how she doesn't like Adam as much, since he's too demanding. Instead of the respectful "Any objections, Lady?" after each mission briefing she gets a cold, calculated "Is the objective understood?" And later, we get a cutscene that proves her right.
The map is also very well constructed. There is never a straight path to the objective, there is always some little obstruction that makes you take a detour all the way around the map. And no matter how bad I am, I never get lost. For one level, I just wandered the map, and somehow ended up at the boss fight I was suppose to be at. And multiple times I thought I got trapped in a dead end, but after a bit of running around in the enclosed area, I find a little passage that I can get through, or find a wall I can break and roll through.
Modern games may have more time put into it, and more people working on it, but graphics don't always make the game. Unless its an open sandbox game, like Minecraft, there should be a story behind it. Like Fortnite: you get dropped out of a flying bus into a Hunger Games-like environment. Why? Who cares?! I mean, even Team Fortress 2 has a plot: the family feud between Redmond and Blutarch, resulting in the Red vs Blue battles.
Yeah, anyway, I think the old games are better.

Image result for yakuza metroid fusion

Track Meet vs Old Rochester

Today we have our meet against ORR, which are very talented in all of their athletics. They have a very strong track program and since they are in the "big school" category we are treating this meet as a scrimmage but if you place, these points go towards you lettering. This meet will probably be one of the biggest normal meets of the year because ORR will give us experience vs the bigger schools and show us what's coming us with things like Conference meets. Also this meet is going to be like a family reunion for me. I have four cousins that run track for ORR and they are all very good at it too. So all together there will be six of us competing at the meet, my four cousins, my brother and me.  Hopefully we can pull of another win like we did vs Sturgis on Tuesday and everyone runs very well.