Friday, March 29, 2019

Questions I ask myself frequently

I do not understand how people think in this world today. I ask myself a lot of questions when I hear people talk. I also just ask myself a bunch of questions because the way the world works is stupid. Why are people racist? Why don't dogs live for longer? Why is cancer a thing? Why does laundry take so long to wash? Why won't America do anything regarding gun control? Why are there still school shootings? Why is everything so expensive? Why are school uniforms sometimes required? Why are standardized tests a thing? Is college worth the amount of money you pay? Why isn't college less expensive? Why are people homeless? Why is Donald Trump our president? Why is gym a required class? Why do we learn things we will never use once we leave school? Why is insurance so expensive? Why don't people vaccinate their kids? Should we really drink milk from cows? Does being vegan make you better than anyone else? (the answer is no) Why on earth do companies test on animals? Why is the electoral college still around? Why are people still bothered by same sex marriage? Why are dogs so expensive? Why are animals homeless? Anyway, those are some questions I ask myself a lot.

March Madness

As you all know, March Madness is a big entertainment event for the month of March. Everyone has brackets either through, work, friends, or family and even if you aren't a basketball fan usually people still take part in this event. At my my family is involved in about five different brackets ranging from prize money up to $3000, to $200 for first place. Currently, we are in first on the bracket for $200 dollars. But in some other brackets we have Duke and Kentucky going in to the championship while in others we had UCF and Kentucky. But sadly, UCF lost to Duke by one point even though they should've won. I think it would have made the NCAA tournament a lot more interesting if Duke lost since they win or go to the championship, sweet 16, final four every year. Hopefully people's brackets are doing good and this year March Madness was fun for people.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

My Sister's Fourth Birthday

Yesterday, March 26th was my sister's fourth birthday. Before her birthday, I would always ask her "Hey, Amelia, how many days until your birthday?" And she would always respond. She would sometimes get it wrong the first time, and I would correct her. And then I would ask her again, and she responded with the right number. However, there was another question that I asked her that she would answer correctly was "How old are you turning?" She would yell out "Four!" When I came home yesterday, nobody was home. I got a call shortly after from my mom. I picked up my phone and answered. It was my mom calling from the car. I asked her where she went, and she said they went to Children's Museum in Boston. It took them about 45 minutes to come home. When they came home, my sister ran to me and said "It's my birthday!" with a small box in her hand. My grandma came over to the house about 20 minutes after they came home. For dinner, my dad ordered pizza, chicken fingers, and mozzarella sticks. The cake that she had was chocolate and had white frosting with pink, yellow, and purple decorations, it was adorable. It's hard to believe that my sister is now four years old. It felt just like yesterday when I met her for the first time in the hospital.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

JK Rowling's Brilliance in Naming

One time (I don't remember quite how) I came across the word mundungus, and immediately thought of the character Mundungus from Harry Potter, only to learn that it mean "a foul smelling tobacco" which just so happened to fit his character perfectly. While reading Harry Potter, I noticed similar allusions in the characters names, some rather obvious and some rather obscure, so I decided to list as many as I can remember here:

Beatrix Potter (the author of Peter Rabbit) shares the names of Beatrix Lestrange and Harry Potter. Also, the character Peter Pettigrew is also a rodent (although not a rabbit, but a rat).

Remus Lupin's last name could be derived from Lupine (of or relating to wolves) or Wolves' scientific name,  Canis Lupus, as he is a werewolf.  

Sirius Black's first name is probably inspired by Sirius the dog star, and his animagus form, which is described as a "big black dog" which ties his first and last name into the allusion.

The Weasleys' name is similar to weasels, which are known for their reddish brown hair, as are the Weasleys 

This one isn't an allusion, just attention to detail. Lily Potter's tombstone said she died on October 31, 1981 (Harry was 1 when this happened), and in Book 2, Nearly Headless Nick died on October 31, 1492. Since we are told that it is his 500th death-day in book 2, we can conclude that it takes place in the year 1992, which makes Harry 11 during the second book which fits perfects as it is his second year in Hogwarts (assuming Hogwarts runs by the standard middle school grades 5-8 corresponding with years 1-4). Also this this just brought light on J.K. Rowling's infatuation with the 31st of months, as Harry's birthday is July 31st. 

Tom (Voldemort) and Myrtle (Moaning Myrtle) have similarity with Tom and Myrtle of Great Gatsby: both Myrtles died, both by Tom's vehicle (under different definitions of vehicle though). 

Also, a lot of the spells have Latin roots (I assume, I'm not that fluent in Latin)

Lumos (light spell) has the same root as illuminate
Nox (darkening spell) translates to 'night'
Wingardium Leviosa (levitation spell) has both 'wing' and the root of levitation in it.
Expelliarmus (disarming spell) sounds like 'expel arms' (remove weapon)
Expecto Patronum literally translates to "I hope for a patron"
Crucio (pain spell) seems like 'excruciating' 
Homenum Revelio- reveal human
Petrificus Totalus (full body bind)- petrify totally
Aguamente (summons water)- has root 'aqua'
Muffilato- muffles voices
Levicorpus- levitates someones body (corpus) in the air
Priori Incantato- reveals the previous incantation of the subject's wand

And that's some of the less obvious ones (as opposed to say decendo which, you guessed it, makes your opponent descend, or Impervius, which makes an impervious force-field around the caster)

Monday, March 25, 2019

New England Sports

The past couple of days have been happy and sad days for many New England sports fans for many different reasons. The other day many Boston Bruins fans got a huge surprise that a very big part of the team literally was signed another contract to be around for another year and many years after that if he decides to stay. This shocked everyone because he was suppose to end his career this season that is going on right now. Everyone believes that he should end his career with a good season since he is getting "old" but he doesn't think he is that old just yet, but speaking of ending careers one of the most popular athletes career has come to and end. Gronk one of the most famous Patriots players has retired after 9 years, and 3 rings. This was a giant shock to the pats nation. He left us all hanging with his final message at the Super Bowl. We all wondered what he would decide to do, and this was the last thing we expected. So there was some sad and some happy in New England sports these last few days, and one we will never forget.

The Grind

Many of you probably would of thought by the title alone this would be about me working. Such as simply hitting a PR ( Person Record) or as even such as me doing a different workout. Instead it is about "The Grind" of getting all my hw's for school including projects that I haven't even started that are due this week. I'm sure we are all on this type of grind towards the end of each term. For this weekend alone it had been pretty hectic for several reasons, one obviously is attempting to finish all the missing work I have for this class before we can not turn it in anymore. Another is about how I need to start actually studying for all the test and quizzes that are coming up this week. I can really only think of about three classes being Algebra, History, and Chemistry. All of which subjects I have not even the slightest clue about what we are going to be tested on but so far winging it has worked well enough this year.

Flu Season

I don't understand the term "flu season" because I don't know why it can't be any time of the year. I have always gotten the flu at whatever time the flu wants me to have it. Any sickness could get anybody at any time. I suppose that in a sense, looking at things in a larger scale, you could think of the flu as an epidemic with a cure. I suppose flu season can start when one person gets it, and then another, and then another, until everybody just doesn't have it. I think about a movie like "Contagion", that told the story of a fatal and airborne disease, and that is how I think the flu works, except not fatal (not always anyways). The only reason a disease like that wiped out half of the population is because there was no vaccine or medicine for it. If at this point we hadn't learned how to cook up tamiflu, half of our population would be toast. I would be toast.😧

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Driving! + My dad's birthday

     So, I did not do my permit test on Friday. I did not feel ready and I wasn't really studying because school was getting too hectic and, well, you know...priorities. However I did go for a drive with my dad on Friday and Saturday instead. Now I have a grand total of 4.5 driving hours and I think I have improved drastically. My dad said if I had my permit, he would've let me drive home! How exciting is that?! I am doing Drivers Ed. during the summer and I am planning to get my permit Post DECON (Key Club leadership conference from 4/5-4/7). Until then I am going to continue to drive with my dad. I just drive around the whole school area. I practice around the town hall/multi-service center parking lot, all around the Middle School, the track parking lot, high school parking lots, etc. I think it's a great place to practice driving because it's a school zone and the speed limit is only 20 mph. Also, going on the weekend is ideal because it's empty for the most part. The road is a bit winding and the turns are sharp in the parking lot area so it is definitely a great place to practice turning and using your turn signals. Driving is really fun and I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually is. Turns out, all you have to get used to turning, speed, and the gas pedal (and this is only the basics).

     On Saturday night, my family and I went out to dinner at Bertucci's. It was really awesome because turns out our waitress was from Wareham and she graduated in 2006. What are the odds? We were in Plymouth (not that that's far away, but still). She named some teachers who are actually still here after all this time. Small world! Anyway, the food there tasted great and I'd say it is pretty similar to Olive Garden. Also, happy birthday dad! <3

Saturday, March 23, 2019

First Week of the Spring Season

This week went by a lot faster compared to the last week and I think its because of spring sports. I also think that when the weather is nicer everyone is nicer and more bright. It makes people happier and so when we are all happy we are having more fun which makes times seem like its passing by quicker. Spring Track had started along with the other spring sports and lets just say it was a quick but painful week. I should have ran more during of the off season because being sore is the opposite of fun. The first week of track is typically the hardest because we all need to get back into shape. Hopefully all this soreness will go away soon and this spring will maybe go as fast as this past week.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


I have been very busy lately with sports even though it isn't even my sports season because volleyball doesn't start till August. Right now I am trying to start captains practices for volleyball to try and prepare my team for next year. This isn't the only piece of volleyball in my life because I am starting lots of off season volleyball in a couple weeks. Volleyball also isn't the only thing I am dealing with right now because I have dance to focus on also. My dance show is only two months away and lots of work has to get done and have to make sure the dances are done. Even when i'm not at dance I have to focus on karate which I am going to end up going back to soon. All of these things can be hard to handle sometimes with school, but I try my best to get them all done while having fun at the same time. I do wish there was lacrosse as a choice here at the high school, but I guess the spring is a break from sports for me.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

1st day of Spring Track

     Yesterday was the 1st day of spring track and I was surprised to see how many new people had come out to join. I recognized quite a few people who had done it one year and then quit, and now are back again. For boys and girls total, we have about maybe just over 40 people. That is pretty impressive considering our small senior class and our small school in general. For girls, our team is mainly made up by underclassmen, just as it was during the indoor season. For boys, I think you could say the same, however there are much more upperclassmen who joined the spring so maybe it is half and half now. So far, the New England weather has not bitten us yet but it has actually blessed us. The temperature has been in the 40's so far this week, nice enough for a tee-shirt at least because the sun has been out and about (and shorts if you're a psychopath like me). Our first meet is in one of the first few days of April and I believe it is a home meet. We have about 4 home meets this season, and I feel like that is more than usual. But hey, I'm not complaining! I love home meets. They feel so comfortable and relaxing and I think most people would agree that you are less prone to getting that nervous feeling before a race simply because you're in a familiar environment. Also, in the early days and throughout the season, I tend to run my best 2-mile times at our home track. The fastest I ran in the spring was my freshman year, and it was a 13:36. I will definitely beat that time because of all the muscle I've gained from Cross Country. I am also excited because being with a team is something that is really fun and you can't really explain why or how. A lot of people say track is an individual sport, but I say the pain and the hard work everyone puts in unite us more than any other sport. 

My Trip to Trinidad

     Even though I came back from Trinidad a couple of weeks ago, I guess I'll talk about it now. So, we arrived on the 13th of February and returned home by the 20th. We stayed for a full week and even contemplated staying a bit longer because we still had four left of February Vacation. But when you really think about it, a week in another place besides home is probably enough time. Anywho, Trinidad. The whole vibe there is so different compared to life here in the US. Even though it is not summer there and everyone is working/has a job, the people there are the definition of "work and play". The vibe there is so happy compared to the stressful we-have-to-rush-around-because-there-aren't-enough-hours-in-the-day kind of feel we have in the United States. It is so laid back and relaxed to a point where it feels as if life there is timeless. The sun is very hot, so powerful that most people don't go in the sun unless they need to (and then there are people who are just immune to the heat from living there). Trinidad is very beautiful and the scenery there takes your breath away because the landscape is better than any picture you could find on the internet.


Permit Test on FRIDAY

     I am taking my permit test this Friday and I am kinda scared for some reason. My friend Cece failed it a few times and she studied, so now I'm kinda scared. I mean, it's a simple written test, right? You only have to get 18 out of the 25 correct. I just have this bad feeling though, that I am going to fail. But I just have to study and believe in myself. I know it's not a big deal and it's just a driver's permit test, yes, that's what I thought before my friend failed it twice in a row. Now I'm afraid I'm gonna do that. I am going this Friday because it works so well. My dad is off and can drive me to Plymouth, there is no weight room this Friday, and I can easily talk to my coach and tell him that I'm going to practice earlier. The only downside is that I am going to miss an Honor Society meeting, but I have not missed one yet this year so I guess it's okay if I miss this one. Anywho, I'm scared. I'm scared because I don't wanna make my parents drive me all the way over to Plymouth again if I fail. Also, it would be VERY, VERY disappointing to walk back to the car and tell everyone I FAILED. Ugh. I've been using an app that is similar to the exam and I've been getting 8-10/25 correct. But I guess that's alright because I haven't even read the book yet. Cece is lending me her 2019 drivers ed book since my sister's 2016 is too outdated, apparently some laws changed in 2017. I don't even care if I get the bare minimum correct, I just want to pass!

Famous Quote or Text-post?

A Tumblr user named danishprince invented a game called "Hamlet, Kanye, or Dril" (Dril is a twitter shitposter [I'm not insulting his posts, its an actual word now] ) where you have to guess who's quote is who's. Think it is easy? The example given is "I will face God and walk backwards into hell", "Nothing in life is promised except death", and "Words! Words! WORDS." These are by Dril, Kanye, and Hamlet respectively.

And the longer I've been on Tumblr, I've noticed you could probably modify this game to guess if its a Tumblr post or a quote from literature, so I've listed a few below with their answers, so scroll down slowly if you want to play along:


"You kneel before my throne, unaware that it was built on lies"


"Go chase a donut"

"One day, you will be face to face to face with whatever saw fit to let you exist in the universe, and you will have to justify the space you've filled"

"You cannot kill me in a way that matters"

"The fear of death follows from the fear of life. "

"You've been here a while, better wake up before you forget how to"

Answer:  Tumblr

Spring is finally here

This week will make the spring season official to all. This week spring track starts and March 20 will be the first day of spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring track I personally like better than indoor. The environment is very different and it feels more like a team sport than individual. This season I'm going to work on improving my times in all of my races but especially the 800 or half mile. Since I did indoor I got a lot stronger and I hope to continue to get stronger throughout the season. The first week of track though is always the hardest since we are getting back into shape from the off season. So if you were to see me walking really slow in the halls or anywhere its because of all the weight training and workouts we are doing to get back into shape.

More Sick Days?!?

After DECA States, I started to feel sick. Just after I recovered from a cold, of course I would get sick again. But this time it was worse. I went to the doctors and they stuck a cotton swab down my throat I wanted to cry. They tested it and turns out I had strep throat. They also tested for the flu but it came back negative. I spent my next couple of days in bed and was not allowed to go to school. Lets just say it wasn't pretty. After a couple days of antibiotics I felt better, and was able to make it to the home show for DECA. I worked both days so I got a lot of hours for honor society :) My weekend was pretty boring seeing that it consisted of being sick and working at the home show, but we can only hope next weekend will be better. I cannot wait for the weather to start getting warm. I have a conspiracy that my body is not made for the cold. I never get sick and I am way more happier when the weather is warm. Anyway, it has been too cold for too long, and I hope we get more warm days for the rest of March.

Friday, March 15, 2019


Last week I had just went to states with Deca. It was a good time I was able to have new experience and be able to see how it would be it i'm able to go there again next year. Rakeem and I were not able to place in the top 10 but I would say 25th was close enough. For our first role-play we had a score of 87 which is pretty good considering it was at 9am and we had just woken up around 8. Obviously I wasn't in the right mind set or awake enough in the role-play so we real just spent the first 15 min of preparing for the role-play arguing. Fun part it was that in the half and hour they give you to prepare for the role-play you want to keep a little quiet so no one knows what subjects your going to bring. But instead Rakeem and I spent most of it arguing to where people across the room could hear us and this room was able to keep about 100 kids in it. Thankfully enough our second role-play was at 2 so I was able to wake up at bit and get some food, on that role-play we were able to score a 93. So after that all the role-plays had finished we were able to meet the guest speaker that had told us about his life and going forward constantly.

A Long Week

This week has felt like the longest week in a while. Everyday felt like a week by itself and then that week would never end. It is finally Friday but all week has just felt like a huge blur. My dad was home sick with pneumonia and then I started to feel under the weather as well. He has been sick ever since hockey season ended almost two weeks ago. I was really hoping I wasn't going to be sick for my birthday which is tomorrow, and right now it is looking good. I'm excited to finally be seventeen, but also just because it is my birthday. It is going to be a long weekend just like this week was. I have two parties on Saturday along with working the DECA Home Show as well. Then on Sunday I am going out again for my birthday with my friends which should be fun. It felt like it was a month ago I was saying wow my birthday is so far away, and now it is actually here and hard to believe I am another year older than I am today.

Track Banquet

Yesterday was the indoor track and field banquet. The banquet was a pot-luck dinner so each grade was assigned something different to bring. We all ate a lot of food and it was fun. After we ate Coach Gardner handed out awards which were participation, varsity,All-Star, Honorable Mention, Most demanding, Sportsmanship, and the Coaches Award. Whenever I'm at a sports banquet whoever I sit with we all guess which person is getting the award and that makes the banquet more fun. I ended up getting my letter in my first season of indoor track along with the coaches award. Overall, the banquet was fun and its a great way to officially end the season and move on to the next. I'm excited for the spring season for track and now more excited for the next indoor season.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


I have been playing games my whole life, as most have. Whether they are board games, video games, games on long car rides, or just communication games, I've done them all. Video games have always been huge for me. I have grown up with them, and I feel like they have grown up with me in a way. Take for example my very favorite game of all time "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". This is a game from 1998 by Nintendo on the Nintendo 64. It's a story about a young boy named Link, who goes on a quest to save a princess, and to save the world, by going on an adventure through time. The game does a lot right, such as revolutionizing video game controls, along with creating a vast and endearing world to explore. It's all just pure fun. After you beat the first few levels of the game though, Link must go through a transformation. He must be old enough to wield a specific sword to be able to defeat the evil that captured the princess, but he is only a young boy. You start the game as an 11 year old boy, who goes on an adventure in a dense, and innocent world, and it fits who you are. But when he needs to grow up, he makes the time jump to 17 years of age, and the world is a wasteland. The world grew up with the character of Link, his innocence lost in the battle. I have been playing this game since I was just about 5 years old, and I always connected with Link. I also always made sure to take my time with it (It was also a very difficult game). I played the game for so long that by the time he made that transformation, I was 12 years old. That was around the time where school started getting harder, and pressure started to creep up on me. It was a scary time, and I was playing through it as I was living it. That is one of the reasons this game is so near and dear to my heart. The amazing story, is also one that is relateable and beautiful, and isn't that all you really need in a game?
Image result for ocarina of timeImage result for ocarina of time

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Upcoming Spring Track Season

     I am excited for spring track to start because I have many big goals for this year. After coming off my indoor track season with a 3:33 in the 1,000 meters and a 1:55 in the 600 meters, I knew I could do bigger things outdoors. At my last meet of the season I won my heat in the mile with a 5:49, only four seconds off the indoor mile record, then I knew I could do even greater things.
     I can't wait for spring track because more people join the team and that goes for both boys and girls. When there's more people on a team, many would agree that it's 10x more fun. Outdoors, our team also wins more meets as opposed to the winter season with fewer girls. Spring meets are really awesome because the weather gets really nice in the middle and the end of the season and that is where many people run at their best. There are also really cool meets, such as the Sunset (night) meet at the Greater New Bedford Voc Tech track. In the beginning of May, MSTCA (Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association) holds an all girls meet as well as an all boys meet on a separate day. By the end of the season.
     Another thing I'm excited for is that my younger brother, Aidan, will run the mile this season. Indoors, Aidan ran the 55 meter dash and the 300 meter dash because he is only in 7th grade and he did not feel ready to start running against guys who are much older and experienced than him. I completely understand that because being 12 and potentially going against guys who are 18-years-old would be terrifying to me. I am very psyched to see what he can do because he has been training hard in distance running and I can't wait to see it pay off for him.

There's me, shocked after winning my heat in the mile with a 5:49.  (Blue uniform) 

The 11th Hour Play of a Lifetime.

So you've probably heard of Super Smash Bros by now, unless you've been living under a rock since 1999. To understand the brilliance of this play I'll give you a little background on the game. You and some other avatars on on a platform, and the object is to knock the other players off screen. The more you hit them, the farther they fly. The amount of damage they receive is measured in percent, and usually you'll get knocked off at around 100%, although there have been matches that end with the  victim at as low as 30% or as high as 300%. Each character has about 14 different attacks they can use, along with a block and a grab. One of the most infamous attacks is Ganondorf's F-Smash, which automatically KOs at around 60% (although there have been rumors of 30% KOs). The other move you need to understand this is one of Peach's. Her Down-Special pulls an item from the ground to throw at opponents. there is a 1 in 128 chance of pulling a bomb, but most of the time you just pull turnips.
So to the story: I was playing a match against one of my friends, and it was coming down to the end of the match. We were both at above 100%. I'm playing as Ganondorf and my friend is playing as Peach. I go for a F-Smash, and he would definitely be killed by it. He didn't have time to shield, and if he hit me I would still land the F-Smash and kill him.
The F-Smash connects, am I assume I won the game, but instead of knocking him off-screen, there's an explosion, and I get knocked off screen, and he wins. What we figured what happened was that he used Down-Special, and pulled a bomb, a 1/128 chance. Not only did he pull it in time, but I was at just a little higher percent than him, so I got launched faster by the bomb's explosion when the F-Smash hit and ignited the bomb.

This was as insane as it is alone, but not a few matches later we're in the same position. This time I'm playing as Ike, who has an almost identical F-Smash to Ganondorf. And wouldn't you know it, but the exact same thing happens, and I lose again. Just the chance of the two bombs being pulled is a 0.3% chance, not to count all the events leading up to that exact same match up and exact same decision.

Friday, March 8, 2019

This Past Week

This past week has been very hectic for my family and I. On Tuesday my Dad got a knee replacement and we have been helping out a lot of running back and fourth between different places to help him recover. My siblings and I have "shifts" for watching our Dad. He needs to be on 24 hour supervision so we all have different time frames. Last night I had the night shift and didn't end up going to bed till 2. The night before it was my brother and my sister has tonight since its the weekend and she can stay up late then. My mom took off work to watch him all during the day to watch him while we are all at school and sports and tonight should be the last night for 24 hour supervision. My Dad will have a long recovery ahead of him but it is tough seeing your parent or guardian in pain since they are always holding a strong face.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Future

Image result for future spongebob episode    Sorry, I felt like I had to put this picture here. ANYWAY, what's the future going to be like? Who knows. Technology is advancing so fast that it's hard to tell what the future will be like. I'm not talking about 1,000 years into the future, that'd make my brain hurt. I'm talking like when we're all 40 or something. My dad's 48 and he always talks about how it's crazy how we have computers on our wrists now (lol he's talking about an Apple Watch, but yeah, that's essentially what it is). He also talks about how crazy the iPhones are now and self-driving cars and whatnot. When everyone's a kid, most of us think there will be floating cars or toilet seats or something (don't ask how that'd even work, I don't know myself). But what's crazy is that when my dad was a kid, he thought there would be floating cars in the future and I thought the same thing when I was younger! What I'm trying to get at is most of us make guesses about the future, but what the future brings turns out whatever it is is better than floating cars. So the real question is, will there be floating cars in the future? Just kidding. The actual question is whether or not there will be cooler things than floating cars. I think there will be. I think many of our everyday things will be given major advancements. A ton of things will be wireless or cordless, probably simple home items like lamps and appliances will become self-sufficient. I also think that robots will become more human like. Okay, yes, that sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie or something, but really. There are these crazy technology companies that make artificially intelligent robots that are already creepy and human like.... Who else is scared for the future...?


Am I the only one who thinks that this school year is going faster than any other year? For me, school years every year had gone by slow up until 7th grade year. That year went by fast and I think it's simply because time flies when you're having fun. Eighth grade went by fast as well, and probably for the same reason. Freshman year went by fast too but I think time flew because I was too busy to look at the clock. The same can definitely be said for this year. What scares me most is that the time between my eighth grade year until this moment is just about the same amount of time it'll take for me to graduate. When I was younger, a few years literally felt like 15 years. Maybe I felt like that because I had less years under my belt and a couple years just felt like more. Older people wonder how the time went by so fast, 20 years to an 80-year-old would be like 2 years to an 8-year-old. Except 2 years to an 8-year-old would feel like 20 years to that youngster. Twenty years to an 80-year-old would feel like 2 years. It's important that you live in the moment when you're young, it sounds corny, but really!  You're only one age once and it's important to make the most of your younger years. It's only a matter of time before you're that 80-year-old who thought 2 years passed when really 20 did. Yeesh.

Friday, March 1, 2019

School Year

In the beginning of High School you always hear the seniors something similar to how the four years in high school just fly by. Now being a Junior in the third quarter of the school year I can really agree with them. Just having the thought that next year is going to by my last year in high school, then needing to continue on and go to college does freak me out a bit. Without a doubt though the time I have spent in high school have left many great memories. Some being from sport such as football while other had included Deca and National Honor Society. For football it as simple as not only being part of a team that had won two Championships consecutively, but as well as being able to be able to have a completely different type of coaching that was serious on the field while off act just like kids. Now connecting more to the school for clubs in Deca I was able to do well enough in my category to go to States next Thursday, this is just letting me to be able to have new experiences and some of the memories i'm going to have after high school

Upcoming School Year

This school year is going by so fast its already March. With course selection ending you know that the school year is coming to an end as well. Next year its already going to be my Junior year. I soon have to think about college and my future. I was planning on taking the IB Diploma program for my last two years of high school. This will for sure be a challenge and keep me busy but in the long run it will hopefully be worth it. Earlier there was an IB assembly and since IB is newer than AP you stand out a little bit when it comes to college and maybe jobs. I think that its weird to think about that I will be graduating high school in two years. That is the same amount of time that it has been since when I was in eighth grade and that seems like yesterday to me starting my first day in Dual Enrollment. Everyone is going in different paths next school year too. My friends are maybe going to do the AP/IB route or all one or the other, some may be doing Dual Enrollment at the college level too. Next school year is going to be so different compared to this year because everyone is going to be divided. But no matter what I'm going to make the most of it and try my hardest no matter how challenging it will be.