Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A Day Home

I almost never stay home from school. Ever. When I am sick I usually suck it up and go, seeing my mom would make me go anyway. Today for whatever reason, my mom said I could stay home. This is my fourth cold in about 2 months and I'm THRIVING. Hope my sarcasm is apparent. I work at a daycare and wipe snotty noses all day, which may be a reason on why I am so sick right now. I am currently typing this blog with NyQuil in my system so I am very tired. Today was a very unproductive day. I slept until about 11, and only got out of bed when it was absolutely necessary, aka breakfast and dinner (and of course the bathroom or to throw away my building mountain of tissues). I am relieved that we have a 2 hour delay tomorrow seeing that I was so out of it today I forgot to shower. Disgusting I know. But at least I can shower in the morning without losing any extra sleep. Anyway, time for me to crash before the NyQuil does it for me.

noise Noise NOISE!!!!!!!!

I've recently been thinking about noise, and it is absolutely bonkers. Noise is sort of a tool that we've learned to harness, sort of like electricity, or fire. You see a spark when you hit rocks together, so you build up on that and soon or later you've got a bonfire. It's like that with sound too. Music in general is one main way we use noise as a tool, by morphing it to ways that we want. We found out that long strings when strummed make beautiful vibrations, so we put that to the sound of sticks hitting on the ground, or better yet, drumsticks hitting a snare. It's so incredible that we have the ability to just get the sounds we want by any means we need. Music isn't the only way we use sound to our advantage. For example, there is a good chance that you wake up every morning to the sound of an alarm, or maybe you know when your toast is ready by the ding of the timer. It's just one way we've learned to harness the powers that our senses give us. It all starts from something small, like the sound of a keyboard typing, or the sound of your hand rubbing against a table. Every tiny little thing you do makes noise, and we've gotten so used to it, I feel like we've forgotten about it.
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Monday, February 25, 2019

Vacation (week 18)

This February vacation went by super quick. I felt as if i just started vacation on Saturday and it was only two days long. Usually most vacations drag and drag which I am not complaining about what so ever. Over vacation I didn't really do much other than hang out with all my friends, go to hockey games, and sleep a lot. It was hard waking up this morning at 6:30 when I was waking up past 10 every morning for a whole week. It was finally nice to catch up on some sleep. It is funny that February is already coming to an end and then comes the month of March which is a huge month for my family because my birthday is in March along with 10 other people in my family. It is a crazy time of year. Soon after that is over April vacation will be here as soon as we know it and then finally it is summer and school is over. I wouldn't say i want to rush the time, but I am looking forward to another break.

February Break

During this year's February break many people went away either to Florida, skiing, a cruise, or just out of state, but in my case none of that happened. Since my Dad coaches basketball in the winter my family can't go away and my family does winter sports. During my break I went to the girls basketball games and I hung out with friends. One day I went rollerskating and it turns out I'm really bad at it. I fell a lot and I actually have a hole in my adidas pants now in my knee from falling so much. I also went to Patriot Place with my family and we went to Bass Pro shops. But the most exciting thing I did was going to Boston with Ava and CeCe and we went to a chocolate shop, then to the Boston Common, and Faneuil Hall. My vacation may not have been the most exciting but it was nice having a small break from the daily routine of going to school, then sports, and home over and over again.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

You've heard of Twitter for Android, now get ready for...

Netflix for the Nintendo 3DS.

Seriously, whose idea was this? Who at Netflix Headquarters thought: "You know what? We aren't appealing to the large demographic of people who don't own a phone, computer, or smart TV, but do own a Nintendo 3DS." No matter how you phrase it, it is just a stupid idea. It's not even practical! There's only 400x240 pixel display. To put that in perspective, the very first iPhone ever made has 153,600 pixels, compared to the 3DS's mind-boggling 96,000. Its more practical to watch Netflix on the first iPhone ever made in 2008 than a 3DS. Hell, even the Apple LISA had a better display, and it was made in 1983!

So of course, I downloaded it.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Junior Year

It is weird to think that school has gone by this fast already. Junior year I have to say has not been the best or the most fun. That we are already in the month of February, and this month is already coming to an end. Vacation is next week, and when we come back this month is pretty much over it's crazy. Since February is almost over that only means summer is about four months away which seems like it will be coming very fast. Junior year has so far been the shortest year yet. One second I look and it's term one and now it is already term three. I have no idea where the time has gone. To think that volleyball season ended already 4 months ago is hard to even think about, and now winter sports are coming to a close. Everyone waits for the day when it is the last day of school and you finally can say summer is here, but I don't know how I feel about that because that only means junior year has come to a close and I am already a senior. It is scary to think about that because college is just around the corner and part of me feels that i still belong in middle school.  Since junior year is almost over we have to enjoy every last second of our high school years.

Where Things Lead

Sometimes it's nice to sit and think about nothing, because even nothing can have something. Most things, no matter how small, have a tendency to snowball into something bigger. That's why I cherish the people that I have in my life. I always feel the need to sit and think about how thankful I am to have them because small negative feelings can snowball into an absolute mess, like any feeling can. It's how people find themselves in romantic hardships, and how people find themselves in new relationships with new friends. It's also the best way to be able to go places. Letting things play out by themselves is sometimes something amazing. For example, I enjoy making music in my spare time, and a popular music reviewing website came to me and asked if they could review my work, and I had done almost nothing to get there. It's sort of like a science experiment, you lay the groundwork, execute the plan, and hope it works out your way. If it doesn't you change the variables so that it does. Sometimes an experiment won't work no matter how hard you try, and that's okay. The main thing to be able to take away however in the knowledge that we gain. That is the one thing that is always going to keep snowballing, which is why it's so important. That's what it all comes down to, the more you learn in life, the better things will be. And it will lead to you thinking about as much nothing as you want for the rest of your life.

The perfect world

The perfect world will never happen but sometimes it is nice to think about it. In my perfect world, everyone would be nice. Boring one, but the world would be a much better place if people cared about each other and the environment. Every single day would be 70 degrees and sunny. It would rain once every two weeks, just so we do not go into a drought and everything shrivels up and dies, including the 7 billion people in the human population. School is important, so there would still be school, but I would tweak some things. We still go to school September to June, but we go for 2 days a week and have 5 off. No homework will ever be assigned, since it is against the law. Students will have one hour to eat lunch. People still will have to go to work, since that is how the world works and how we keep money in circulation. Nobody would live in poverty in my perfect world. The ocean would be just the right temperature so that is refreshing on a nice warm day, but not too warm and not freezing. The world would be covered in palm trees and plane tickets to different places would be much cheaper. Taking care of pets would also be cheaper in my perfect world. Every animal needs a home. There would not be one stray animal in my perfect world. You could be able to eat any food and not feel guilty or get fat because of it. You can run for miles and not get winded. And lastly, in a world that can only be achieved in my dreams, Obama would (still) be president.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Indoor Track SCC Championships

Last Saturday I competed in the indoor track and field South Coast Conference Championships. This meet is one of the biggest meets in the season unless if you qualified for states or even nationals. This meet was a qualifying meet where you go head to head against every school in the conference. This meet was very fun and I ran the 1000. I ended up getting a second off from my PR (personal record) but I came in third in my heat and tenth overall. This meet is different from the other normal meets its still at the same place and there is still a lot of people but we are more competitive yet we still show more sportsmanship to the other teams. I remember when this kid from Bourne was doing the high jump and he jumped over 6'2. That moment the whole entire conference was cheering him on to get over 6'4. The SCC Championship overall is my favorite meet of the season.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Why Friends are Important -- (Blog #17)

     Making new friends is truly amazing when you find out the kind of impact you have had on that person. It is so surprising to learn that just by becoming friends with someone, it could positively change their life. You never really understand how much in common you have with a person until you talk to them and develop a friendship. It's normal to make judgments all day, thinking someone is one way when they could actually be another. I used to think in a way like that, but when you meet new people you sometimes realize how close-minded you were before. New friends can open new doors of your personality you didn't know were locked. Heck, you probably didn't even know they were there. New friends bring new experiences and shape who you are as a person. New friends bring new feelings and bonding. New friends make you feel good, and they remind you that they're always there for you, in both the good times as well as the bad times. In your life, you should question who will be there waiting for you when something goes wrong.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Epileptic Seizures

   I've learned a lot of things from my older sister having epilepsy. I've learned that if someone is having a seizure, it's extremely important to stay calm because the worst thing you can do is panic. This can be very hard because you're frightened and scared for the person who is going through it. Strangely enough, you can't really do anything. It's also important to let it run its course and avoid trying to restrain the person who is seizing. The most important thing to do when this is happening is to time the duration of the seizure. This might sound weird but the duration is very important and can help doctors and neurologists figure out the severity of the person's epilepsy. Putting the person into recovery position can be helpful because some people who have seizures froth at the mouth and they could possibly choke. If the person who had a seizure hasn't been diagnosed with epilepsy, it is crucial to call an ambulance or take that person to the hospital. It could be a sign or result of a brain tumor or something worse. If the person who had the seizure HAS been diagnosed with epilepsy, you don't have to take that person to the hospital unless they sustained any kind of injury from it (especially head injuries, watch for signs of a concussion). Give that person food/water/ let them take their medication if they hadn't taken it already and rest. The most common triggers for epileptic seizures are missed medications, dehydration, skipping meals (not really eating enough or a good meal), and stress.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Another Year, Another Super Bowl

Yesterday, February 3rd, marked the 53rd annual Super Bowl. This game had the New England Patriots versus the Los Angeles Rams. And this game was probably one of the worst Super Bowls I've seen. There were so many things that made it so lackluster this time around. Most of the commercials weren't even that entertaining and funny. Many of them were just on the serious side. That's not what Super Bowl commercials are about. It takes some weight and pressure off of the game itself. They give you a small laugh as you are anxiously awaiting the game. The best commercials, in my opinion, were the teasers for the upcoming Marvel movies this year: Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel. Now, that could be because I am a huge fan of the franchise myself, but I still stand by my word. Other than those, the commercials were just... forgettable.

Now, let's talk about the halftime show. Maroon 5 was the headline act, which I didn't expect to be good in the first place. But, there was a small detail that would have made the show so much better. In late November, the creator of Spongebob Squarepants, Stephen Hillenburg, died due to ALS. Days after this heartbreaking event, someone decided to make a petition on to get Maroon 5 to play the song "Sweet Victory" during the show in honor of him. The song was used at the end of an episode called "Band Geeks," where Squidward Tentacles agreed to be a conductor of a band that he must put together. Although the band had a rocky start, they managed to pull through at the end of the episode. They performed the song at what seemed to be a Super Bowl game. The band performed beautifully.

So, did the NFL listen to the people and get Maroon 5 to perform the legendary song? Not really. During the halftime show, there were a brief 10 seconds of a Flash animation that included Squidward and Spongebob. Squidward, as the conductor, says "And now, a true musical genius who needs no introduction" Spongebob does a small dance that can be seen in the same episode I mentioned before, and the trumpets blare. It was the same trumpets to "Sweet Victory" I was on the edge of my seat. I couldn't believe they listened to the people. Until Travis Scott came on stage to perform his song "Sicko Mode." Everybody was crushed. Those few seconds just didn't feel like enough. We were promised "Sweet Victory" but... we never got it.

As for the actual game, I don't have much to say. It was just plain boring. Now, I admit, I am not a football fan at all. I don't understand anything that happens during it, but at least if I decide to watch it, I get some excitement out of it. The game that both the Patriots and Rams played just felt like your average college football game.

The Super Bowl is the biggest televised event in American history, but with the dull commercials, to the disappointing halftime show, to the bland game, it certainly didn't feel that special.

The Super Bowl

On February 3, the Patriots and the Rams would be going head to head in Superbowl 53. This year's Superbowl was sadly a very boring one. In fact it was the lowest scoring Superbowl in history. But there was more history being made like Tom Brady getting his sixth ring along with head coach Bill Belichick. We also could have witnessed Gronk's last game but we still don't know for sure. But in my family I still had a lot of fun since my aunts and uncles and my cousins all came to watch the game. Since my mom was a Patriot cheerleader back in the day my family takes Patriot games very seriously and my family is already one big sports family. My mom got her pom pom's and put them on the mantel and they stayed there for the past couple of months. We would hang up Patriot jerseys and we also have this huge Patriot blanket that we put over the windows. Overall, this game may not have been the most entertaining but it was a team win and the players were saying that this was the best team win they have ever been apart of and that's what it is all about.

Super Bowl 53

Every year for the Super Bowl that the Patriots are in, we have a party at my uncles house. We have a party every football Sunday but this ones more fun. We all eat until we we cannot eat anymore. We all sit in the same spots every Sunday because we are very superstitious. We all wear the same jerseys all season. This Super Bowl, my aunts and uncles were there, my four cousins, my sister, mom and dad and I all watched. It definitely was not as good as past super bowls. The half time show was pretty weak. Maroon 5 should not be in the half time show, they have the kind of music that you hear in the grocery store playing silently in the background. They also played the Spongebob Super Bowl for like a whole 10 seconds and everyone was disappointed. The game was touch downless for the longest time. The Patriots finally got a touch down after the game remained 3-3 for a long time, and a field goal after, to make it 10-3. Pretty much the defense won the game for us. After a lot of kickoffs, we got another field goal and made the score 13-3. We won another super bowl. The Patriots now had 6 rings. The confetti went all over the stadium and all the players hugged. We now are tied with the Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins in history. I hope we make it to a fourth Super Bowl next season.