Friday, January 18, 2019

Why I Think That Minimum Word Count Requirements and Minimum Page Counts Should Not Be Necessary in Essays and Assignments.

All they do most of the time is force the student to add pointless fluff to their essay. If you can convey your meaning in 200 words, but the requirement for the essay is 300 words, then most of the time they  will just reword things to make them longer- change 'didn't' to 'did not', change 'like I said' to 'as noted in my previous paragraph', and slowly dilute the point they are trying to make with more and more words, until the point is only 1/4 of the essay, and the other 3/4 is filler to make up for the teacher's requirements. Yeah, maybe sometimes you'll get a student to elaborate, or add another viewpoint, but if the student thinks that the essay is done, then they wont add anything important, and you are just forcing them to sabotage their essay. If you can clearly make your point in 200 words, there is no reason to say it in 300. Say you were tasked to describe a ball. You'd probably say something along the lines of "A ball is a circular toy.". But if you have to describe it in a minimum of 100 words, then it would start looking like "A ball is a common three dimensional spherical toy. They can be almost any size. Balls can be bouncy or hard. It has gained popularity as a toy because of its many different ways of playing with it. Most sports use balls. They can be as small as a marble, or as large as a yoga ball. Blah blah blah etc etc" And soon you start going off on tangents and lose the point of the essay.
You might have noticed that the title sounds a bit weird- thats because I was proving my point. I was going to title it "Why Minimum Words Count Shouldn't be a Thing" but by making it longer to "Why I Think That Minimum Word Count Requirements and Minimum Page Counts Should Not Be Necessary in Essays and Assignments,". I haven't added anything important to it, only made it more laborious to read. I said the same thing in 8 words as I did in 18 words, and nothing was gained from it besides sounding more forcefully scientific.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

DECA 2019

Last week I went away Thursday and Friday for my DECA Districts competition. DECA is a club that is based off of the world of business. When you go to districts you go and compete with over 1,000 kids for awards to technically see how strong you are with your category. My parent once for my second year of DECA was Emma and last year we placed 8th in our category and this year we placed 10th which is far from bad seeing the amount of teams in Sports and Entertainment. This years competition was held at the Hyannis Resort and Conference Center. It was so much fun it was something I won't forget. I got to see old friends and also meet many new friends along with doing something I love. Your day is very busy and packed but when the end of the day comes you can relax and have an amazing time and which I did. Then when Friday comes you can get up and get ready for awards. If you ever want to consider about doing DECA you should. It is an amazing experience and something everyone should try out.


The memories of Deca districts this year will always stick with me for multiple reason. It has gone from those who had doubted me to then achieving a goal they believed I had the potential to achieve, yet I never truly put in the work for. As well to now passing what they have expected and passing many others that were in my category. At the beginning of the year I had always been late for due dates as well as even not even meeting all the requirements to go for districts. Lastly changing their category last minute, so usually when you see someone doing all of these actions you typically wouldn't think they could ever compete with other who have studied. Yet in the end some how Rakeem and I did the unthinkable. So let's go to the beginning preparing for the first role-play. Surprisingly the subject came easily to us it was just marketing a amusement park that has had three injures one was a lady breaking her leg as the other two were boys slipping and hitting their heads. So we need a way to market the park not only showing the new rides that are available but as well as the safety that is offered now. So after a half an hour of preparing we were sent to the waiting area. Surprisingly we had seen Momo there, half way through trying to say her speech she had spotted both of us and ran over to give hugs. We had done so well with our role-play and decided to take a extra step to making a wavier for the park customers so they couldn't sue the park if any injures. Continuing to the next role-play it was about a library deeply needing the community to donate their books, our job was being able to spread the word that the library had this need as well as how to attract others. So in the half an hour of preparing we had decided to also take a extra step to design a flier to "post" around the community and the schools. With Rakeem he loves reading books so he had a lot to say on how to promote the library, so as we were in the role-play I had to kick his leg queue him to be quiet so I can lead more into his topic. Since this was a team category, so as the role-play came to the close the lady had told us she was very impressed with our performance. With this in our minds we had high hopes to be in tomorrow top six to go to states. At the beginning of the awards they had done top three for each role-play as well as top three for test. We had some how placed second in a role-play, luckily we were right in front of mrs. Cunha. She ended up being so proud and happy for us she started crying, after as we had gotten off stage she said "I was going on so well but when you two went you I was like I was doing so well". So as the awards continued had finished for top three they let us have breakfast before going back to see who were the top six that were going to states in each category. Again we waited for what seemed like a decade, with minor heart attacks when the speaker would call up different marketing categories it finally came to ours. When the speaker started to list off all the schools we could see the teacher chaperons crossing their fingers for us. Then as it was coming to the top nine who have been called up their was only one more spot for the stage, and finally as soon as we heard the words ware Rakeem and I shot up from out our seats. Then when it came time to go to the stage again Rakeem hands were shacking as my legs were feeling like jello. Thankfully we had ended up just barely being able to make it to states being in top sixth in the category. And this is why this Deca districts will always stick in my memories. Funny side not we had score a 91 and a 83 on our role-plays yet for the test score we had a COMBINED SCORE of 55

Monday, January 14, 2019

Join Key Club!!!

     I encourage anyone who is one the fence about joining any club to join Key Club! I think it is the BEST club in the school. This club doesn't require any sort of grades or GPA, all you need to do is bring yourself! In Key Club, we are all about giving back to our community. We do many projects each year that do just that. On a Saturday in early December, we do the KPTI project. We go to the Tuft's Pediatric Trauma Institute in Boston and we get a tour of the hospital and learn about the things sick children have to go through. Then we donate toys our Key Club collectively put together for children since Christmas would be around the corner. In April, we go to DECON. DECON stands for the District Educational Conference Of New England. It is an educational and leadership conference that is held in Springfield, MA in a fancy hotel. You stay at that hotel for the entire weekend and you dress in all business attire. It is similar to DECA Districts but without the competing. If you are not a crucial officer or running for a crucial position, DECON is a very fun and stress free experience. We go on many other trips and do so many other projects that one blog isn't enough to talk about it. Stop reading this blog and join Key Club!


     This coming February I am going to Trinidad with my family to visit my mom's side of the family. Trinidad is a Caribbean dual-island right off the coast of Venezuela. I am very excited to go because it is very beautiful there and has a "paradise" feel to it. Since we are going in the dead of winter, the warm weather will be a nice change for 10 days. We are leaving on the 13th and coming back the 23rd. We will be missing a few days of school but it will definitely be worth it. I can't wait to see my grandparents because they live there and we see barely see them. It will be a lot of fun to spend time with my cousins and meet more family members on my mom's side that I might not know about. My siblings and I can't wait for the white sand and the clear blue beaches. The food there is very different and takes on a Caribbean and Indian mixed culture. I can't wait to try the food that is exclusive to Trinidad and all the seafood I will be eating. Trinidad is very unique because they have pitch lakes. Pitch lakes are all-natural fields of tar and are not man-made. They can be very dangerous but I think it is a once in a lifetime experience to have. I also can't wait to be in the presence of so many palm trees! It will be nice to remember the small details about Trinidad, given that I am older now and I will remember the experiences. I am most excited for this trip because I promised myself it would be a break and that I wouldn't bring any vacation work with me. I am going to enjoy myself to the fullest and spend time with my family.

Hardships of a Puppy

My new dog Hooper has been with us for about a month now and he is still not yet house trained. Having a puppy is a lot of fun and it brings you happiness but don't get me wrong it can also be quite stressful. Whenever my family is gone I'm the one who has to watch Hooper and its really scary. Hooper is not yet potty trained although he is really close to being completely potty trained but its stressful because you don't know when h has to use the bathroom. He doesn't give any signs so you have to watch every move. The other day I let him outside and since we have a pond in our backyard Hooper decided to go and lay down on it. That was very stressful because he is a big dog and he could have broken through the ice. When he is bigger he will be over 200 pounds so I don't want him getting in the habit of laying down on delicate things like ice. Hooper is also teething and he chewed up a part of a chair and a corner of a coffee table. So now I have to make sure he doesn't chew on anything valuable. But when I don't have to watch him and I can just play with him its so much better and I can have more fun with him.


     There is a quote on Mr. Wilson's board that reads "it is easier to keep up than to catch up", and oh how that quote is right. I know I've brought this stress upon myself, but I can't help but complain. With mid-terms coming up and trying to catch up on work I've should've kept up on, as well as key club meetings, student council meetings, and trying to run fast enough to meet my own expectations (and my coach's as well), life has never been more stressful. I agree, yes, we're all in the same boat. We all do sports and clubs and take other challenging classes, but talking about the stress helps me deal. I think that junior year, and if you're a sophomore then sophomore year of dual enrollment, are some of the hardest years of high school. Most will agree that freshman year is the easiest, considering that the classes are lower level and most freshman don't take AP or IB level courses. It might sound weird but sometimes I think back on last year and how easy it was, wishing I could go back. But then come to think of it, I'm better off as a sophomore than a freshman because I am one year closer to graduating!

Our 1st Track Win

     We had our first track win on January 10th, 2019. Our team is very small and we have a reasonable amount of athletes (considering the recent drastic decline in interest). The athletes on our team are also very young, majority of the kids in track are in 8th and 9th grade. We only have one senior and two juniors. We all worked very hard in our events and won against Bourne  at 33-31. It was a close call, but it was huge for us considering how difficult it is to measure up to the larger regional school teams. I won my event in the 600. Grace won the 1000 and sealed the victory with a second place finish in the mile. Abbi Wright won high jump and the 55 hurdles, and Lexi Lynch won the 300, along with many other second and third place finishes in the remaining events. On the bus back home we celebrated and our coach was very proud of us. Despite us losing to every other track team, our bite size team has so much individual talent that is yet to be recognized.

My Christmas

          For me, this Christmas was the best Christmas I've ever had. Some people think that getting the latest phone or apple watch makes a good Christmas, but I've learned that giving makes the best Christmas. I know it sounds really corny, and yes I used think it was stupid, but giving really makes you feel good. This was the first year I had enough money to buy gifts for everyone in my family and I really couldn't wait for Christmas just so they could open the gifts I got them. I got my brother "The Brother's Grimm" book, which contains grim fairy-tales and the true twisted stories of classic kid-friendly stories. For my other brother, my sister and I split the cost of buying him a Patriot's play jersey and a Patriot's helmet he can wear with the jersey. For my dad I got him a new sweater and some jeans. I got my sister mittens, a book written by Ally Raisman, and an MSTCA (Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association) jacket. Lastly, for my mom, I got her a some candles and a sweater. For presents, I got everything I asked for. I got shoes, clothes, candy etc, and everyone loved their gifts.

Bourne vs. Wareham Track Meet

Last week we faced Bourne in an important track meet. Bourne is the only team in the SCC that is smaller than us. When we go to track meets all the other schools have double the kids or even more. When we show up for track meets we don't look to necessarily win but we look to PR (personal record). The meet vs Bourne was a big meet for us because we could beat them. It would be hard though because two of our best runners would be competing at DECA. So our coach had us run multiple events that we don't normally do. Lucky for us my teammates had a great meet and there were many PR's and we actually won the meet. My friends Abbi, Lexy, Adre, and I we all won our events and I also came in second in the mile. Winning a meet when two of your best runner are out and just winning a meet in general is such a good feeling. It makes you feel more confident and you bond more as a team.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The New Year and People's Resolutions

Everybody has New Year's resolutions. It's always that common saying "New year, new me" that gets people motivated for a little change. There are a lot of common resolutions like losing weight, getting a better diet, and saving money and not spending it on things they don't need. However, you hear a lot of people say that they haven't accomplished their resolution. There's another common saying that I tend to hear besides "new year, new me." And that is, "Huh... maybe next year." So why do people want to make a small change in their life to make things a little better and easier to live? I think it's because things are always easier said than done. People say that they want to exercise, but they never truly act on it. It's so much easier to wish and imagine things but it's much harder to actually do them and fully accomplish them. And people say "there's always next year" because next year seems like such a long time away. When people make resolutions, it's always a great deal of trusting themselves. Do they trust themselves to listen and make a commitment to this change? If they personally don't feel like they can, then they shouldn't make it a resolution. It's like nobody remembers how hard it can be to make a resolution until the new year comes around.

Missing Volleyball (Week 12)

It's hard to think that volleyball ended more than two months ago it felt like yesterday my whole team was in tears over missing playoffs by one single game. Which we lost by exactly two points. I will never forget our last game together where we did the unbelievable and played that game like it really was our last. We worked hard as a team and me personally playing the game of my life and topping my own serving record and saves. I never imagined that I would miss volleyball as much as I do now. Yes I have off season in less than 3 months, but nothing feels better than playing with all your friends in front of all your school mates and playing for a spot in play offs. If only we played the way we played that night in our other game we would be making school history, but you can't go back to the best you just have to keep living the present. Volleyball isn't as easy as people think it takes a lot of strength and mind power and thinking to destroy who ever your against. It isn't something that you can learn in just one day. If I could go back to October I would just to play one more time again with my team and just to live in the moment that this was the best high school volleyball season Wareham has had in years.

Monday, January 7, 2019

To Travel (No Intent To Trouble You for a Patient Ear)

I wish I could just travel. Every day I spend looking through a window, or talking to the same old people. I love Wareham and I love the town but I've had enough of this bland immersion. It's causing me to get all claustrophobic with whenever I end up worrying about the next thing. I don't know, maybe I'm just being a teenager or something. I've been thinking about my age as of late. I don't feel like I'm taken as seriously as a person, and it's just something to think about. It's not necessarily holding me down in any way, but I feel as though I'm a fly on the wall and somebody closed the window on me. What I need is really to travel, I just need to get out of town. I need somebody to open up that window. I spend lot of time in my own thoughts, and I think it's not my own head, but it's the bubble this town is creating. I haven't traveled too far ever, I've been to the state of Ohio a good amount but that's the limit. Ohio is sort of the most mediocre state in the country, and I would prefer to go somewhere exciting, hell even somewhere in the U.S. I just need a break. It's not me trying to flee my issues, or me trying to be antisocial, but I know that it'll help. I've never left the country in my life, which I am well aware isn't too bad because there is plenty of time to do so. Maybe I should just rest for a bit, I'll wait to really blow that trip out of the water. I know I'm still human even though I'm a teenager, but there are things that would go wrong. I know it. Plus, I have too many people that I'd be leaving in the rubble. I'm not about to do that. I love everything about this place except the fact that I've always been here. I wish I woke up one more and everything was the same, but it was just a different town. I wouldn't mind if I woke up and I was in Marion or somewhere close, just a change. I don't know. Just something to ponder over I suppose.

Puerto Rico

This summer I was able to go on a trip to Puerto Rico,  it was an amazing trip I was able to go on a nature trail that had a naturally made water slide as well as being able to go scuba diving for the first time. The reason for going on such a trip was because my cousin was going to get married. We were able to get a nice hotel that was right on the beach where you could look out to the ocean which seemed to be endless, as for the afternoons before it would get dark you could see the sun bouncing of the water as it slowly just disappears away. As for the early morning there would rarely be any clouds in the sky which had made hiking up the mountain just that much more breath taking as being able to look down to see all the land and see surrounding as well as being able to see the peak. When we had reached the nature pools as well as the cliff jumping area, all of the water was clear as well as the trees being blown. As we got closer there were families, with some pets around. Such as a family that had lived fairly close to the area let their own dog had follow us up the trail to the pools. We had stayed their for a while for before going back to our hotel passing by many markets as well as some older parts of Puerto Rico. Luckily the next day the excitement continued. We had went with my other cousin to a beach area which had people who had gear for you to go scuba diving. As we were beginning to go under my cousin, her boyfriend, and I were able to go calmly around in the sectored off area. As for my parents and sister they had more difficulty yet in the end they still had fun. I hope the next trip I go one will be as memorable as this one had

My Christmas Vacation/ New Year

This Christmas vacation felt longer than most others which is weird because to me it always feels like those ten days go by in about 4 days. Obviously everyone wants vacation to be way longer like maybe four weeks or the whole entire month of December sounds good to me. This year was different I had so much going on in such little time it felt like the days were dragging on. Until New Years hit and I then realized wow I actually have to adult again and go back to school. The one thing I was waiting to hear about on that Wednesday was what everyone did over break and what they did to celebrate the new year. For me I was excited for 2018 to be over i swear that year was never going to end and it felt like for most people and not just me it was a terrible year a year nobody wants to remember because honestly I will remember 2018 as the worst year  I have ever gone through. It's over now so it's the past and hopefully 2019 for not just me but everyone is a better year and hopefully the stress levels drop instead of rise, but other than that Happy New Year.

Everything Wrong With Sensitive People (Christmas Edition)

       I'm not the type of person to complain about other people I don't know and have no relation with, but sensitive people on the internet is an exception. This subject really gets me going. I think I could make a list as long as Rapunzel's hair on why I cannot stand sensitive people. I'm not talking about the people that you tell to "shut up" and they cry. I'm talking about a different type of sensitive, one that has surfaced in the recent years due to controversial topics. Let's start with Santa Clause. We all know the chubby kind old soul as a MAN that brings presents to the good girls and boys. Sensitive people are trying to ruin the idea of Christmas. They are now asking why Santa cannot be a girl. First of all, Santa cannot be a girl because he is a boy. And always has been. I don't see it changing anytime in the future. Now, people are very sensitive over the subject of equality. I believe men and women should have equal pay and equal rights. But, people go way overboard. In a popular video, a young girl is given a game-boy. She asks why it can't be called a "game-boy-girl". Things like this weren't made to be sexist, people are just way too sensitive now and will try to find anything to complain about. Now that we discussed that, let's move onto the CLASSIC Christmas movie, "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". You may have noticed, it was not on much this Christmas season. I did not see it on TV once. There is a reason behind this. People think the movie's theme of bullying is too harsh. It blows my mind people think that Rudolph is a harsh interpretation of bullying. Step inside a high school. Should we just close all high schools down because they contain bullying? It's crazy that people do little to stop real life bullying but when a reindeer is bullied in a movie the whole world has a melt down. Anyway, that is all I have to say on sensitive people and why I can't stand them. ツ

My New Dog

This Christmas my family got a new dog. He is a neapolitan mastiff, he's four months old, and his name is Hooper. My dad was always talking about getting a new dog but we didn't think he was being serious. My cousin Nick was driving up to Indiana to get something from his aunt's and Hooper was in Ohio so Nick offered to pick him up on Christmas Eve and he would be here for Christmas. My dad told my siblings and I that Hooper was bought already by another family so he would be a surprise on Christmas. It was Christmas Day and everyone knew that we were getting a dog besides My siblings and me. I walked downstairs around seven in the morning because I like to snoop around before everyone else goes downstairs. My parents were awake and my dad was outside. My mom yelled at me to go upstairs and I was really confused because my mom never yells and I knew most of the things I was getting anyway. So I went back downstairs later and my parents told us to go in the living room and start with our stockings and my mom wanted to take a family picture. My mom always takes pictures so we were used to it but she was actually recording us. Next thing you know a puppy walks by and I screamed. I was so happy I started laughing then I cried a little bit because it was really surprising that we got a new dog. I really thought that we weren't getting a dog because my mom was against it, and my dad said he got bought and we were going to try for another litter that will be in January. My whole family didn't even bother to open the presents we got because we were all playing with our new dog Hooper. But my older dog Otis wasn't too excited. Not only did we get a new addition to our family we also got a protector that might grow to be 260 pounds. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

My Christmas

I had an awesome break and an awesome Christmas. I didn't really do anything on Christmas Eve, all I did was watch Christmas movies until my family came back from work. The final hours of the night, my mom spend baking treats for our family get together on Christmas. She made cookies, small cheesecake bites, and peanut butter chocolate treats.

I fell asleep around midnight on the couch. For some reason, I never sleep on my own bed when Christmas comes around. When I woke up, it was only 8 AM. My brother, who was also sleeping on the couch was already awake. My 3 year old sister was sleeping in my mom and dad's bed with them. We were so anxious to wake them up. So we did.

My mom and dad were easy to wake up, it was just our sister that was stubborn. It was around 9 AM this time, and we were nudging her. We kept saying to her, "Amelia, it's Christmas!"

She responds, "No! I'm sleeping!" and turns around in the bed. It took her a few more pushes until she finally gets out of the bed. We head downstairs and open up our presents.

Of course I'm not going to be talking about all the presents I got, but the best presents we got were a Nintendo Switch with Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And I got a new laptop (unfortunately, it didn't come in on time so I got it on the following Thursday, the 27th).

Then it was time to leave for my grandmother's house. Every year, my mom gives me an ugly sweater to wear during the get together. It has always been my own little tradition. The one I was wearing this year had a sparkly Christmas tree with pompoms all over it as ornaments. My brother had on an ugly sweater that he made himself the day before. He had a maroon sweater and glued red and green pompoms to make a his own Christmas tree. He used a yellow pipe cleaner for the star on top.

We got to my grandma's house at around 2 PM. I was saying hi to my grandmother, aunts, uncle, and cousins. We put our presents under the tree in the living room. As always, I come inside to the smell of different foods being cooked. There was turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, lasagna, and so so much more.

Just spending time with my family makes me so happy. I love their company so much and I could never wish for a better one. Celebrating the holidays with them has always been something to look forward to every year. I am excited to spend some more time with them in the next time.