Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rotation 25

I asked my best friend, Jill what I should write my blog on this week because I often don't know what to write about. Her response was, "me" so this is what my blog will be on this week. Jillian and I became friends in the eighth grade. We were kind of forced together since we were both in the Dual Enrollment Program and we had only a few people that we knew in our classes every day. We were the little kids and didn't know most of the kids we were having classes with since they were all older than us. We quickly bonded and got to know each other, but it wasn't until last year that we really got close. Now it seems like we have been best friends forever and I can't imagine what my life would be like without her. Jillian is very charismatic and outgoing, which makes me laugh most of the time because I'm usually quite opposite. I can't remember a time that we've been together where we didn't laugh and make great memories.

Rotation 24

Isaac had a baseball game today. He is the pitcher of the Tremont team in the Wareham Little League. They tied nine to nine. Isaac's friend Nate, who catches for Isaac, scored his first home run on this day as well, and we were all very proud of him. He pitched a very good game, however he has the team with the smallest kids in the league and they are not all very good at baseball yet, but they are only eleven years old and still have time to get better. Isaac practices baseball all of the time because he knows that he can get better and I always tell him, "there is always room for improvement." He has always wanted to be a professional baseball player and I believe that if he continues to work hard at baseball everyday than he can one day be good enough to play in Major League Baseball.

Rotation 23

New England weather is crazy! My pool opened on April first this year because the snow is usually gone by this time of year and it was a really warm day that day. I went away the following weekend and came back to snow on the ground out of nowhere. The next day it was sixty-five degrees all day and everything melted. Now, on April twenty ninth it was almost eighty degrees and yesterday it was only about fifty five degrees. Mother Nature just needs to make up her mind and decide if it's shorts weather or jeans and a sweatshirt weather, it would be greatly appreciated if she could do so.

April Favorites

Can you believe that tomorrow is May 1st?  It seems ridiculous!!!!!!!! It still feels like we should be in winter.  I’m sure everyone says this practically every year but, THIS YEAR IS FLYING BY!  Anywho, why not end April with a bang-- and do an April Favorites blog. :)

Central Intelligence - Suuuuper funny movie with Kevin Hart & ‘The Rock’ Related imageNever forget this meme.  I still think it’s funny.

10 Things I hate About You-  I love this movie!!! All the actors, the way it was edited, the styles-- 10/10.  And c’mon:
Image result for 10 things i hate about you Heath Ledger ;)))))))))))))))))))

FunKy & NeAt Pur$es- My favorite accessory is a really cool purse.  My purse was probably $15 dollars and it's the best investment I’ve ever made because it truly expresses me, and I love how quirky it is.
Tinted Glasses- I personally don’t have any but I’ve seen people wearing them and they look super hip.  Rock the world in em!
Jean Skirts- What a cute look for the summer. :)  Like can we take a minute and appreciate this picture:  
I think that's such a cute outfit!

Hip Jewelry-  I think wearing tons of rings and stacking them upon another is a really cool look as well as funky earrings.  

Well, here were a few of my favorites for the month of April.  Reflect on some of your favorites for this month.  This month I relaxed with my family and friends, and made every second count. :)  Just be you!!!  Break the style stigmas and wear what you want.  

A playlist for you

blog #24 .jpg

Music is really cool.  It can bring different kinds of emotions out.  Based on the song or lyrics it can be happy or sad.  Which I think is pretty neat.  Music always has a story.  Music is an ambient sound at my house no matter the time or events.  I’ll get up in the morning and come downstairs after my shower and it will be 6:30 and there’s music playing.  My family is so used to playing music, my mom will forget to shut it off when we go to bed and you’ll still hear music playing downstairs.  Everyone has a different opinion on music, and mine is that music is a piece of art that can express emotions that can also share an untold story.  

Some current jams

Burial … Miike Snow
Marceline … Vista Kicks
I’m Not Crying.  You’re Not Crying, Are You? … Dear and the Headlights
The Suburbs … Arcade Fire
Gone … The Lukewarm
Floors … Abhi The Nomad, King Sadboy
Forever Dumb … Surf Curse
Do You Love Someone … Grouplove
Glimmer … Peach Fur
Coco … Beach for Tiger
Pick Me Apart … Active Bird Community
On Melancholy Hill … Gorrillaz
Sweat … Technicolors
Cry for Me … HUNNY
All I Know … Noah Kittinger
Hey Good Lookin’ … Blonde Tongues
Krawn the Destroyer … Sexy Girls
Mom Jeans … Heyrocco
This Night Has Opened My Eyes … The Smiths
Until Then … Feed Me Jack
Stars … Future Generations
You Belong to Me … Nico Yaryan
Australia … The Shins
What Is Love?  Tell Me, Is It Easy? … Hala
Always Forever … Cults
The Coast … Surf Dads
Kalifornia … Modern Pleasure
Animal … Miike Snow

All of these songs, would be super cool to vibe to on a warm summer night.  Tune in next time for another cool playlist!

Friday, April 28, 2017

New Hampshire #25

Over April Vacation and Easter I went to Harrisville, New Hampshire. My cousins just moved from Hollis to Harrisville and they invited us to stay in there new house. They live in a beautiful house on hill, on a lake. When you first get there, there only about 7 houses on the street. As you pull up to my cousins house there a really long driveway that winds up a hill to there house. We left our house around 7 and got there around 11. We brought our stuff into the house, and got ready to go out. They took us to this small general store, that made sandwiches and pizza all from the local food markets. After we ate we drove for a while until we got to miller state park were we were going to hike, Mount Pack Monadnock. It was about a 3 mile hike up and 6 in total. We finally got to the top and there three different views. Two was just other view of the mountain, but from one you can see Boston. It wasn't the clearest day to it was hard to see, but you can see the outline of the city. When we made it down the mountain we got into the car and drove to an ice cream place my cousins had always wanted to go to. Instead of just regular ice cream, they made it in front of you using liquid nitrogen. The next day we just hung out on the pouch in the sun and at around 2 we had Easter dinner. After dessert we had to go home, we piled back into the truck and drove home.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Scotland and Ireland

Last week I visited Scotland and Ireland. Overall I had a good experience disregarding some things. I did not enjoy the food very much, in fact I barely ate that entire week. I never ate the breakfast because nothing really appealed to my taste buds. For lunch everyday I had mac and cheese and french fries, however I hated the taste of the mac and cheese in both Scotland and Ireland so I never really ate that. The french fries were good though. There was only one restaurant I liked the mac and cheese, but the other times it was just gross. I'm not a picky eater, just everything they had I didn't like. Everything was so bland, like they did not put salt on anything. I don't know it just wasn't very good. Other then that the trip was overall good, I was very grateful to have the opportunity to visit Scotland and Ireland.

Villian For Hire: Iron Man

 Image result for comic book villains in marvel

Hello my name is Iron Man, I am here looking for a new villain to battle to you know keep in shape. My past evil other halves have reached some misfortunes and I have been due for  change. Let's just say they where blown away in out last meeting. I need a villain who can withstand the long term like maybe one with a mutation or a super genius. In my search I haven't found a villain that is on the same level as me I need they to be a devious, crazy and unpredictable so that I can have more of a challenge. I have been doing some trial ones with a few I thought were worthy but turns out they just came up short. A good villain in my case is hard to find I do have all the money I could need to hire one but you loose something in doing it that way. I have tried everything in an attempt to find the one. I know its hard some villains just fall into you lap sometimes lap like Captain America and Hydra, this is a complex underground network of Natzi soldiers it seems that when he brings one down and two more pop up in its place. Oh what I would kill for a villain with plans of grandeur and world domination. I have been loosing something without one. I know I  have a few villains that come with being a Avengers, but I miss my own one on one combat that I get with my own villain who tailors his plans and schemes to purposefully ruin my life.  This is hard to say, but I don't think that anyone of these applicants or any villains would be up for the level of thought it takes to try and take me down. I guess for now I'll keep looking and actually do some work for my company in the meantime. Someone contact me if they feel they can fulfill this role I doubt it but you can try. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Garden Time

A while back I asked my mother if I could grow a garden in the back yard and she told me yes. Mind you, when the spring came, it is a different story now because, "it takes too much work." Instead of building a whole new garden, we are redoing the front of my house where there are bushes and plants. I started digging up some awful looking plants, one that I call a "stick bush" that my mom claims to be her hydrangeas. It had no leaves or life to it. She was a little mad that I dug that up and threw it out. I cleaned out all of the nasty old mulch and got out any grass that in the area. I have blisters now from doing this over a three day span during vacation. We eventually went to Olsen's which is on Cranberry Highway and went to look for new plants and bushes. My mother let me pick them out with her. We picked out two bushes and three flower plants. I put them in right when I got home. We also had to go get fertilizer and soil to plant them with. My father went later and got mulch so we could then lay out that to make it look even nicer. It was an awesome project that my mom and I did over vacation and now my house looks nice in the front.

Finding Time to Read

I used to be an avid reader.  I would stay up late just reading and reading for hours straight.  Lately, however, finding time to read a novel is like finding time to write one.  On Sunday I went with my sister to Barnes and Noble for the first time in what felt like forever.  There were so many books I wanted to read, but I knew if I bought them they would sit on my shelf for months because I don't have time to read them.  I decided to get one book that was under 200 pages so that I may be able to make time to finish it.  I miss reading.  Reading has always been a huge part of my life and although I read and enjoy the books that I am assigned for school, it isn't the same as reading on my own.  I have decided that from here on out I must make time to read, even if it means giving up some of my other responsibilities, or sleep.  Reading is a part of my life that I am not willing to give up and from here on out I won't.

The Office- Week #25

I have a problem. I literally cannot stop watching the show The Office. I spent the majority of my vacation watching the show, and I've gone through 6 seasons. I probably started two weeks ago. I am not proud of this. I tried to watch the show a year ago, and I couldn't even get past the first few minutes of the first episode. But now that I've come back to it i cannot stop watching it. Any free time I have right now I spend watching the office. I don;t think I've ever been this obsessed with a show. I wholeheartedly think that every single person on this earth should watch the office because there are so many different types of characters and I feel like everyone could appreciate and relate to one character or another in some type of way. All while seriously enjoying the show.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Vacation is almost over and it feels like I just started to relax. School is very stressful and I hate it, and I (like most people probably) am not ready to go back. Vacation has been fun and I have been trying to relax but with things like homework, projects, tests, and AP Exams its not like i can fully be stress-free. Vacations are great and all but they also kind of stink because we have a minute to try and calm down but we still have work and homework and other things to worry about. I feel like as high school students who try a decent amount, we are always thinking, always stressing, always planning ahead. And obviously adults are stressed and overworked too, but as a teenager it is especially hard because we are starting to feel this way so much earlier than how it used to be. Teenagers used to be able to have fun and maybe work as they got a little older, but now kids are getting jobs as quick as they can so they have money, and trying hard in school, and doing extracurricular activities. We have no time to sit and do nothing! And dont get me wrong, there are a lot of teens who dont try and dont care and have a lot of down time But for the ones who have full plates, its hard to get time to ourselves.
School is almost here, which means exams are about a week or two away. Its hard to relax with that kind of thing on your mind. But think on the bright side! After this stressful month we only have a few weeks of school, and yes that means we also have finals but I promise during summer vacation you will be able to relax. Itll make all of this worth it.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I don't want Summer

Call me crazy but I'm not the biggest fan of Summer. At least not when it's humid out, my hair triples in size and I just feel icky the entire day. And because I try not to sub tweet (is that the right terminology? I made a twitter but I never use it) I'm talking about the month of May.
May is when every bug comes out of the eighth circle of hell and says hello. Well if I could I'd say goodbye and live in Canada for the next couple months. I go outside and I'm immediately assaulted by mosquitoes, mayflies, moths, etc. I'm sorry if anyone's birthday is in May, it's nothing personal I just really can't stand your birth month. But hey, I was born in January and I know sooo many people who hate the month of January. (But we can all admit that May's birthstone is the best, it's Emerald!).
I don't mind dry summer, that's when it's a bit more bearable to go outside. However, I could spend every second of the day in the sun, and I will not change color. Now, anyone who has ever seen me knows I'm pretty pale. Right? Yes. You may think, aw poor thing probably burns five minutes after being in the sun... surprisingly no I never burn. I'm telling the honest truth I've gotten a sun burn one time in my life and it was when I was really little. I've gone out plenty of times and forgotten sunblock, but I never burn! how does this happen you may ask? It could be because of my mom, she's Cape Verdean and is already pretty tan. Her and my sister both tan very easily under the sun, and of course they never get sun burns. Now, why don't I tan? It's because of my dad, he's Irish so that's probably where I get my pale skin from.
After that long tangent about my skin... that is another reason I'm not crazy about Summer. It's that I'm jealous of anyone who is able to tan!
Anyway, I will admit, going to the beach, pool parties, and wearing cute summer clothes definitely makes up for everything. And of course, let's not forget that summer means NO SCHOOL!


I just got my car recently, she needed some work so we brought her in to our friend Mike the mechanic and she's up and running. I don't know why I named her Denise, the name just popped into my head and it stuck, I may change it later who knows. But either way, she's blue, she's here, and I like her a lot.
See, Denise is a box. And I don't mean something slightly rectangular I mean she is legitimately a box. I'll insert a picture here:

What do you think? I'm digging it honestly, and because the windows are huge I've got a great view of the road. (Which is a good thing because my depth-perception is trash.) I've driven her around my neighborhood a bit just to test it out and she rides quite smoothly.
But... Denise and I had a falling out recently. I was making a really tight turn and I thought I could make it, but then I realized I couldn't and I tried stopping. Unfortunately I didn't stop soon enough and I scuffed a wooden fence on the way by. I immediately stopped and ran out to look at the front of the car. Denise now has scratch marks on her front-end left side, they're not crazy or anything but it's not a cute look. I apologized and brought her back home, and now's she's just sitting in the driveway.
I'm sorry if this article was really boring, I just wanted to talk about my new car Denise. (again may change the name but I'm open to suggestions!)

In between is the best

Whether it be the first day of a new class, a seminar, a leadership program, or something along that lines, a lot of the times ice breakers are how people, well, break the ice. It can be silly word games, or "getting to know you!" questionnaires, but they all generally ask similar questions like "what's your favorite ice cream flavor?" or "what is your favorite color?" These can all be given basic, generic answers, but there is always one question I can't answer correctly- what is your favorite season?
Now I know, this may seem incredibly silly, but this is a tough question. Do I like every season for different reasons? Yes. But, I've come to the conclusion that my favorite season is in between. From there, interpretation can be left up to the reader. Summer and Winter are nice seasons, but they, to me, are not as enjoyable as Spring and Fall. Summer is too hot and Winter is too cold. September-November and April-May are the most perfect months to me(although April is a little too rainy for my liking). I like the coolness of the Fall and the warm of the spring. The shorts and a sweatshirt or jeans and a short sleeve kind of weather. That is my favorite!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

It's Just Entertainment

Major sports are looked at as the the people who have the most talent in that sport they choose. They are looked at as Gods and praised by many. They preform every year, for the most part, and get people to pay to see them live. I am going to use the NBA as my example to accusation that major leagues of basketball is not how the sport should be played. The organization is purely entertainment now. You see these players going back and forth down the court very fast just throwing the ball up or smashing the ball through the rim. These players really do not play basketball though. About 95% of them never box out, which is usually essential to winning games. Shooting in basketball is coming more apart of the game as the years go by. Mind you, I am not saying every player or team follows this, but many do. This is just making the sport entertainment. Especially when organizations are becoming more business based, the focus becomes more clear that entertaining the crowd is more important than competing. This, in my opinion, ruins the game and personally makes my hate watching professional basketball.


 Image result for coral reef

Sometimes in life, you realize that all your hard work and dedication paid off, while other times you do it all for not. I don't really know where I'm trying to go with this I guess I'm trying to say that some things may not always go your way, but that shouldn't stop you from doing it. I mean that maybe you have a fear of roller coasters and you decide one day you're gonna try it for the first time. You step onto the ride and sit in the chunky metal seats, the attendant them hits a button to drop the bar which slowly creeks down till it clicks into place. You're now sitting there thinking about all that could go wrong and all the fear starts to build up, but there is no turning back now, then the ride start to move slowly before ti suddenly drops and the ride begins. After you have been on the ride for a while you realize it isn't as bad you thought it would be and you start to enjoy it even. This is the point I'm trying to make that you shouldn't stop yourself from doing something because you think you will either be bad at it or your just scared. you have to overcome these negative thoughts and just do it. Some good advice I live by that pertains to this is if you scared or worried about trying something clear you mind and think about something you love or gives you peace, or even have someone distract you before you decide to do it, then once you have reached the point of no return meaniing you can't turn back, let that fear or worry come back for just a second you'll relze you can do a lot more than you thought. I think that trying new and exciting things is a way of living enjoy every part of you life and live it the way you always dreamed and don't let things life fear hold you back. Be a free spirit if you want do what you love, becasue if you don't believe you are really living.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Over the past couple days, I've been obsessed with watching Sherlock. I think anyone who has watched Sherlock Holmes, knows hes a genius. Besides the fact that he is the main character, he is truly one of my favorite character. I'll never understand how someone can take one piece of evidence and solve a murder. His brain thinks so fast and he remembers everything. It's truly fascinating. I would have to say the show wouldn't be the same without the other characters. I think having the other characters next to Sherlock, help enhance his characteristics. I haven't read the books, but if the tv show was that good, I should probably read them.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April Vacation: A Break or Just More Things to Do?

In a few days April vacation begins.  This is supposed to be a chance to relax, de-stress, get away from all things school related, but this is not the case.  This April vacation will be the opposite of relaxation.  Between college visits, homework( I know, how cruel, right?  Assigning homework over break!), studying for AP tests, studying for SATs, etc., there won't be much of a "break" in April "break".  Sure, it will give me a chance to get caught up on all the things I don't have time for during the school week, that being all except sleep.  Well, hopefully I will be able to fit in some me time over this April vacation, even if that means picking me over school for once.

Future- Rotation #24

I have a very hard time seeing into the future, or picturing what the future would be like. I don't know what I will be doing when I'm older, I don't know where im going to college, I don't know what state I plan to live in, I really don't have a clue about anything that I want to do. And this stresses me out a bit. I have absolutely zero clue where I'm going to go and I have zero clue as to where to start looking for these answers. Overall feeling of hopelessness has been luring over me the past few weeks thinking about the future.

The new best thing

I'm not usually one to spend tons of time on the couch in front of the t.v, however this past week, that has not been the case. I (along with many other people) have found the new best thing- a new show called "13 Reasons Why." This was a show that had been made based off of a book I had read a few years back, and it was fantastic. Although the book and the show had many differences, it was still a very enjoyable experience. As a reader, seeing all the pages come to life on a screen is exciting enough. The book/show, although very sad, is very real. It talks about issues that can still sort of be considered taboo. The show was completely addicting, and although only having thirteen episodes, had me practically begging for more as I sat in tears at the last episode. Needless to say, there's much speculation about a second season, an as much as I am hoping that to be true, I would be just as happy with a second book!

Monday, April 10, 2017


I am so excited now that it is spring, and actually starting to feel like it. I love spring because that means we are so close to having it be summer. Today is 62 and it is beautiful outside. Tomorrow is suppose to be 68 out! I'm so happy that it is starting to get warm out, summer is my favorite weather. Spring is term 4 and that means the end of the year is almost over, so we are almost seniors. This year is flying by and it is so exciting, yet scary also. Senior year is a big year and then we move off to college.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Term Four

Term four is an interesting time for Juniors. And by interesting I mean generally awful. The same dreadful week and a half in may houses three AP tests for me, and many others, as well as the SATs for us Juniors. Along with getting a job, what even is time anymore? Anyway, it's nice that the sun is coming out, and temperatures are rising. The spring is always a nice yet nostalgic time, the time that reminds me of increasingly hot days outside playing Pokemon as a kid. A time without all the worries of quasi-grown up reality. College will be better than high school, at least I am optimistic that this is so. Junior and Senior year are difficult, we are not fully adults, but definitely not kids anymore either. The balance is difficult. However, there is a last-minute sense of adventure and possibility, these last two years before the real world really kicks in and the time for fun goes down drastically. I try to remain in touch with this part of myself as much as I can, as it reminds me to remove myself from daily worries and perhaps look at things in a different way. Time is increasingly running out as I'm doing more and more stuff. But honestly, I wouldn't want it anyone. The feeling of a busy schedule is one of pride and success. I do not know where my road is leading, however I am willing to bet that that place will be a good one.

Wisdom Teeth- Rotation 23

I recently got my wisdom teeth out, yup, all four. It was quite an interesting experience. I got the chance to experience being terrified, being silly, being half-asleep, being nauseous, and being hungry all at the same time. I absolutely hated it. I just started to eat food by biting it today at lunch. I had pizza but couldn't chew on my back teeth. I had to chew everything with my front teeth which is almost as annoying as the fact that I can't eat. OH WELL. I went to see the play Grease last night. IT WAS AMAZING!! Bourne High School's Drama Department put it on and they did so good. My friend Jay played Doody and I wicked impressed, I never thought he could dance or sing. I also went to El Mariachi for dinner last night and it was delicious.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring Time

Spring time becomes one of the most relaxing but also stressful times of the year for me. Why it is relaxing for me is because the school year is almost over and usually a new term is beginning. This relaxes me a lot to know that school is almost over and I have one more term to finish. Why the spring time is stressful for me is because of sports. Although school is not at such a high pace right now and terms are switching, softball is starting and also A.A.U. basketball, which is every competitive. Having softball 6 days a week and A.A.U. basketball 3 days a week, and tournaments beginning on the weekends soon, finishing the year strong will be very hard with my schedule. I hope that I can maintain the work I have been doing or even better. On top of all of this, spring is also my least favorite season, which brings my mood a little down. I like summer though so I can look forward to that at least and no school. I do not like to be stressed out but I just have to get through it and then everything will be alright, hopefully. I also have to fit having a job on Saturdays refereeing little kid soccer. It is the youth league of my town. I hope that I can finish the year strong and get everything I need to done with no real complications.

April 6, 2017

In the midst of writing this blog I am listening to music and admiring the relaxing rain outside.  Oooh so relaxing.  I wish I could light candles around me and take a bath and get cozy #aesthetic.. Except priorities get in the WAYYYYYYYY.  Wow cool.  One being the Class of 2019 Dinner night at El Mariachi ;)) Please come through if you’re free, there’s free queso. Mmmm! 10% of profits go towards our class! Coolio.  Anyway… this rain though.. Digging it, I love the rain when I don’t have to go out.. #hypocrite.  It's Thursday-- almost Friday TGIFFFFFF!  Thursday seems to naturally be Taco Night at my house.. Haters going to hate because it's not Tuesday, I know.  Reading my blog back it's going so many directions at once and has too many hashtags #scatterbrain #hashtag.  WOW wait-- I’m triggered.  This alternative radio that plays in my house just played this song-- Ran by Future Islands (pretty chill check it out) maybe two songs ago and is playing it again… Like um, what?!?  Whelp I’m going to go write a review on AltNation and tell them to check their playlists peace out.

Also shoutout to Sherry-Berry happy birthday girlllllllll

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Adrenaline Rush

 Image result for adrenaline rush

There are so many controversial topics that people love to discuss, from abortion to animal cruelty or alcohol to education. On anyone of these topics, people have an opinion whether they agree or disagree they have the rights to their own opinion.  I think that this is important when it comes to anything having someone disagree with you can help you grow as a person and learn from your mistakes. I think that it never hurts to have a second opinion even if you don't agree with it. I don't really know where I'm trying to go with this I guess I'm trying to say that people have a lot to say and the way they say it or the opinions they have are all valid in the sense that they open your eyes to the new experience. I love learning new things about people that I never knew I think it's exciting to learn it's kind of like a surprise party for one. I guess it the same feeling when you are waiting for a package to be delivered to you house and it shows up one day and you forgot you ordered it so you become so excited. This feeling is amazing I love the feeling in your stomach you get when you realize what it is or you finally figure it out. I could also describe it at a high almost. For me, it is a tingly feeling that starts from my stomach and spread to the rest of my body. I love it! I can't help but feel happy in this moment like nothing could ever keep me down, I wish that I could live in this moment. I good way for you to understand what I mean is go out and do something crazy you never thought you could do something on your bucket list maybe. Now I don't want you to over think it and back out don't worry about it till you there and you can't turn back then do it. You get this ultimate feeling of satisfaction and that's the feeling I'm talking about that that state I wish I could be in all the time the thought of it sometimes can help me when I'm feeling real down one day. I appreciate every moment in my life but the best ones the ones I really want to remember and have not regretted about are the ones when I feel more than and excitement high, but my own personally adrenaline rush.

The new term

 I am excited to start a new term, I am hoping this term I can get my grades up higher then they were, My grades weren't bad however I think I can do a lot better. I am going to start turning in assignments in time and staying on track of all the assignments that I am assigned. I'm also getting excited because 4th term basically is the end of the year, and it goes by really fast. I just want it to be summer and hot outside. I'm sick of it being cold.

Human Extinction

I was reading a lot about psychopathy on the internet because I'm generally interested in it, and I came across this really interesting page called the VHEM.  I wouldn't expect anyone to know the acronym simply by seeing it because I didn't either, but it stands for the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.  Wow!  Humans voluntarily agreeing to become extinct for the better of the planet.  It got me thinking.  Are humans in any way morally good for our planet?  I'm pretty cynical, so I would say no entirely.  I'm sure some people could make some arguments against this, but I concede that I'm not educated enough on the subject to have a counter argument.  Observation just shows that there's a really good chance the planet might become uninhabitable given a few hundred years simply because of humans.  Any-who.  It also made me think about the morality of humans.  Again, I'm sure someone could have a better example of humans being good, but I really usually tend to think only humans that are acting in their interests are acting sincerely.  Sincere actions are probably the largest value that I impose on other people, which is why I bring it up.  I mean, I like living, but I think people who support this movement are acting pretty selflessly in comparison to the rest of the planet.

Monday, April 3, 2017

What to Write About

Every week I find myself in the same spot: wondering what on earth I should write about this time!  Now I have never been fond of people reading my work, even if it is something I have worked on for ages and am particularly proud of.  I just can't stand it.  It makes me feel vulnerable.  As if any minuscule mistake I have made in my writing will shatter my audience's image of me.  That is why I find myself in the same predicament every week when I go to write my weekly blog post.  Having a piece of my writing out in the open, for anyone who chooses to read is just about the most frightening thing in the world.  I must pick a topic that isn't too personal, but also isn't too boring, right?  I must make sure that I don't say anything that will embarrass me or make me sound stupid.  These are all the little thoughts that go into writing my blog post.  Silly right?  Now I realize that a majority of people won't even see my post, but what about the ones that do?!  Somehow, in my fragile little self-conscious mind, I believe that what I say in this short little passage could have the power to ruin me.  Well, that's the power of words I guess.  If you are reading this and you are like me and you overthink all your little actions because you are self-conscious or scared, stop.  Stop worrying about what people think or what will happen if you say the wrong thing.  I understand what it feels like to worry about your every move, your every word, your every appearance.  People think you have it all together, that you are perfect.  What they don't know is that it's all a facade.  You seem like you've got it altogether because every little detail is what haunts your every waking moment.  You aren't perfect.  What they don't know is that you cry every night, that you spend way too much time worrying about the way you look and then still end up hating it, that you sacrifice mental health for the perfect grades, and that you would do anything to not be "perfect" anymore because that perfection is what is slowly wearing you down.  Day in and day out.


Term three is over, everyone can relax for about a month, then most of us have things like AP Exams, and then there are finals. Being an AP student is not easy, and its not necessarily because the classes are "hard." Last year, I felt like my AP Biology class was much easier than the honors level biology. AP English isnt hard, its really the work-load that gets people I think; but if you manage your time well (in which I do not) I dont think it would be that bad at all; it interesting and I learn a good amount. AP Environmental is not a hard class, it sometimes has some not-so-easy- concepts, but is really isnt difficult. Calculus is another story, though. AP Calculus is not an easy class because the material is sometimes hard to understand. Thankfully we have a wonderful teacher who helps us as much as she can, and she makes it fun. Anyway, being an AP student is hard because we dont only do school. We usually are in more than one AP class, the rest honors, we are in clubs and/or sports, we have a job, a family, and we try to have a life. Im not sure if its just my poor time-management, but its really difficult for me this year to juggle all of these things. Its not easy to be good in school and make money and be with friends and family and still stay sane. But look at us, a class full of about 20- something kids, and this is only one AP class at this one block, doing it. We are making it and we got this, even when we are barely passing, and stressing all the time, we are still here and we are still doing our thing. So honestly, go us. We are a wonderful generation, no matter what anyone says.

Sunday, April 2, 2017


I always had a love for elephants. Ever since I can remember they have been my favorite animal. The more I learn about them, the more I love them. They are amazing creatures. There one of the most intelligent animals and dangerous. But what really interests me about elephants mind, is they have one of the most advance brain. They are able to feel emotions like grief and love.But in the past couples years these beautiful creatures have been being poachers for the small about of ivory. In the past couples years 1/3 of African Elephants have been killed by poacher. When poachers kill, elephants for there ivory, they kill the entire elephant for the 2 feet of ivory. Of the long ivory elephants, there are only about 20 left in existence. Elephant are amazing creatures and I hope these animals can be saved from poachers.