Friday, March 31, 2017

THE END IS NEAR- Rotation #23

I'm so ready for junior year to be over. I'm ready to just work all summer and not have to go to school. By no means am I ready for senior year though. I think i'm just over school, but then i remember that I have another 4+ years of college ahead of me :))))) and then my whole entire life that will bring on so much more stress than what i'm experiencing now :)))))))) I love human-ing!!!!
Side note: Something that I get to look forward to before summer comes is that during april vacation i'm going to new jersey to see my family and I am very very excited because I haven't seen them in awhile, and every time I really get to spend time with that side of the family I am much more happy than I am here.
Side note of my side note: The only way that I can go to new jersey is if work approves me having that time off, if they don't approve me having that time off i will be very angry and upset. But I think they'll at least let me get a few days off #TheOnlyTimeI'llEverBePositive

Thursday, March 30, 2017

achieving but not exactly overachieving- Rotation 22

My parents always think I'm too busy and that I get myself involved in too much, but the truth is I get myself involved so I can look better for college. I achieve in order to get into college, but I son't overachieve and overwork myself. I want to take Pre-calc this summer so I can take Calculus next year and my dad yelled at me. Every year he yells at me when I pick my classes and every year I'm fine. I handle everything like a champ, haha. Anyways yeah that's me, HAPPY END OF TERM 3

The end of the term - 22

The term is finally coming to a close, much to my relief. The third term, similar to the others, was terrible. With the large amount of classwork and homework that is required, I am surprised that I have not had a mental breakdown. I cannot wait until term four begins as it signifies the end of the school year. As much as I enjoy seeing my peers at school, I'd much rather be out and about. With summer soon approaching, it has been all I can think about. The distraction does not aid in completely school work. At all. While attempting to translate languages, solve math equations, and more, summer is constantly on my mind. To make matters worse, the current weather is terrible. With the cold temperature, it only adds to my desire for summer. I am just hoping that the fourth term goes by quickly. Term four is when all of the testing occurs so I am a bit worried. With the AP tests that I have to take and finals, it is quite nerve wracking. Where is summer?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Recently I had a very wonderful one month celebration with a very special girl to me. However, on the same day, another relationship I knew very well fell apart. Thousands died on that day too, somewhere in the world. Thousands more were born. Somewhere out in the world, a mother lost a son, a father lost a daughter, or someone lost their parents. Maybe someone struck it big in the lottery, or were accepted to their dream college. Others received horrible news, news that would change their life forever. Others still received amazing news, news that would change their life forever. There is a funny duality to life, one that is shared in the way we construct our language. Something is dreadful, it is awful. If something is amazing, it is awesome. The same root word here, awe, is used to describe a common duality. Similarly, if something is dreadful, it is terrible. If something amazing, it is terrific. Or, in this case, if someone is scared, they are terrified. Three separate words, meaning such different and diverse emotions. But, they are intrinsically linked as well. I suppose that it is because, as Michael Stevens said on his video on Why Are Things Creepy?, we never really knew what to call grand experiences. They are both full of awe, awful. And full of awe, awesome. This duality permeates through all aspects of human life. There will never be a universally good day. As I sat for dinner that night, a warmth in my chest from the events of the day, two others were torn apart by the collapse of a dead love, filling with teenage angst and equally detrimental teenage despair. I had my fair share of angst before, which in retrospect is quite funny to me, and they were happy. It seems that not even within the limited group size of my friend group can everyone be totally fulfilled and where they would like to be at once. This duality brings a moment of existential crisis, in a way, that brought me out of my happy pondering and into a state of neutral retrospect. This comes off very rambly to me now after writing for a bit, and I suppose that's okay sometimes. There is really no true point to this, no moral lesson. I just thought some of these topics were of interest. But it may mean something to someone else. And that, in essence, is the funny nature of life and dualities.


As term 3 comes to a close, I notice people freaking out about their grades for not only the term, but the year. they are all so nervous and trying to get their grades up, and i understand why people are like that; no one wants to fail, and people want to do as best they can. But sometimes the best someone can do will still only get them a D. People try their best to scramble at the end of the term so their grades reflect how they want to look, but thats not how it always is. People worry about their grades so much, and I get it because I also used to have late nights filled with worry- I still do sometimes. But it is so straining on us. We need to just try our best in what we do and our grades should reflect our effort. Sometimes this doesnt always work because someone could put in hours of studying and still fail a test.
Grades and school are a very difficult thing to deal with in life, because people feel like their grades define them, they are what make us 'smart.' i hate the idea that our grades make us smart, because it is not true at all. the smartest person in the school could stand next to someone with bad grades and be outsmarted in certain ways. Grades are overrated and shouldnt be taken so seriously, but its not our fault we care so much, its how we have been made to feel.

Orange- Rotation 21 Blog

The color orange is such a strange color. It's a mixture of red and yellow and has no words to rhyme with it. Orange is plain and dingy but can also be considered bright and happy. I don't really understand how this color can present so many emotions depending on the person in question. You can be happy, warm, angry, dull, bored, and even hungry. I say hungry because Orange makes me think of oranges and it makes me hungry. I like the color orange though, I think it's very creative and adds some kind of depth to many kinds of artwork. In essence, I like the color orange.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

New York City

New York City, 4-5 hours from Plymouth, Ma. On Saturday, March 18th my best friend Alli, her mom, her aunt, her uncle, and I left at 7 a.m for New York City. It had been the surprise birthday present Alli and I had been waiting for, for months. The day before Kelly finally told us what we were going to do. We would go to New York for one night. When we first got there we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and went straight for times square, it was huge, everywhere you turn there's more tv's and more posters. Then along that strip we went to M&M world were we made bags of every flavor M&M's. After we ate lunch at planet Hollywood, a cool movie themed restaurant. We went back to are hotel rooms after to rest up a bit we were going to be getting little sleep that night. Around 5 we all got dressed and meet down the street at an Irish Pub, considering the day before was St. Patrick's day, ever pub had Irish themed drinks and food. When it was finally 7 we walked up to Broadway street, were we got in line to watch Wicked. It was amazing, I would watch it 100 more times if I could. Seeing it live is crazy, to be that close to the actors and actresses. The show ended around 11 and I was exhausted but we couldn't go back to the room until we say times square at night. Which was even more amazing than during the day, the rows and rows of posters and commercials and screen were lite up, it was more lite up than during the day. The next morning we woke up and went to the sugar factory. Everyone told us it was awesome but you don't realize how awesome till your there, everything is made of candy, it' s insane. But after we ate it was time to go home. We piled in the car and drove the 5 hours back to Mass, but don't worry we made it just in time to sit in rush hour traffic for 2 hours. When I finally got home I crawled into bed and slept right past alarm the next morning.

The potential black hole that is incredibly terrifying yet beautiful

It crashes, forms, and holds millions of species. It is cold or warm, and without it there would be an enormous, empty space that could not possibly be filled with anything else. It is vital to some forms of life, and can change everything. There are lots of societal issues that are occurring, pollution and people using it as their personal dumpster. However, what lies there is mostly unknown. One of the earth's greatest and oldest treasures, yet today in modern society was have still yet to even figure it out. We do not know what lies beneath, in the darkness. The darkness holds more secrets that we can even imagine. Things that have not even been thought of. Species, still unknown. It is beautiful and full of so many possibilities. Nobody knows...
The ocean that flows.

Friday, March 24, 2017


Image result for apocalypse

Now some people believe that the world's end will come about as ans apocalypse. Now there are different types of apocalypse whether you believe that its a zombie apocalypse or not id up to you. I personally don't believe that it may be a zombie apocalypse, I do believe that our end will come from the hands of the government I believe that they will unleash a disease on the world to try and control population but it will spread faster that they had intended and whip out most of civilization. I don;t believe that this will happen anytime soon, but I do believe that it will happen some day may be not in my life time or the next but eventually. The apocalypse to some people will be the day we get to close to the some an we are swallowed up and destroyed. Some people believe that the apocalypse will be a serious of unfortunate events mad from a higher being like god that will smite us all for our wrong doings. Now matter how we think it is going to happen we have all thought about it in some way whether it be a a weird conversation you had with someone we have all given it some thought. I ask you here and now how do you think our times as humans will ends? Will it be in a fiery ball of flame? A freak accident? Or the impeding doom of global warming? Whatever you believe its your and if its one of your fears you better hope it doesn't come true.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

BLOG 22- Lack of Sleep

Randy Gardner holds the record for the longest time going without sleep. He stayed awake without stimulants or drugs of any kind for two hundred sixty-four hours (11 days), breaking the previous record by four hours. Gardner was also a high school student, but he stayed awake for this long for a science experiment for his school science fair in 1964. Lack of sleep can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or stroke. While no human has never reportedly died of sleep deprivation, staying awake for too long can kill you. Studies show that if you need to pull an all-nighter you should take a few thirty-to-forty-five minute naps before and after this all-nighter to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. So, just remember, if you feel like you can’t possibly go any longer without sleep just remember, if Randy can do it so can you.

PeT PeEve$

As an individual everyone has the opportunity to speak freely and has freedom of expression and religion.  Which is great, like neat, you do you.  Except a few things I find annoying, maybe even triggering is when people like to criticize something they don’t even know or understand themselves.  Or when people don’t say ‘I don't know’ when they don't know something!!!  Or when they look down upon people or judge them.  Ugh I bet I have many more, but I just need to let go of things people do, because who cares.  Just go around with a smile on your face and be happy.  Never stoop down to their level and let it bother you.  Be you!  Except I’m being a bit of a hypocrite because I just let it bother me, because now I’m venting about.  Yikes, gotta blast.  
Image result for don't let them bother you

Hahah, that’s right guys, remember who YOU are.  You are amazing, don’t forget that, but if you do it was only for a minute. ;)


Image result for stress

LOLOLLLLLLOLLLLOOL,  Actually though.  Can all of my classes just take a minute and let me catch up.  Because that would be great.  Tip: don’t get sick.  High School can stink sometimes, I feel like I have endless homework, and my grades are gradually (more like abruptly) going down the drain.  Cool, I love school.  I honestly count down the hours, minutes, and seconds to come back to school.  Because I love it that much….
Image result for side eye emoji
Ughhhhughghghghhghg, my sarcastic comments are just getting me past the fact that the term ends next Friday, like that's AWESOME, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe I’m not the only one stressing about school, so let’s enjoy some typical ‘bad grade memes’
Image result for bad grades meme
This is so accurate.
Image result for me trying to save my gradesImage result for bad grades meme

Cool, well I hope everyone finishes the term off strong.  Wishing you all the best!!!!!!!!!!

But hey here's a fun fact:

Image result for stress
Where they @@@ though?  The desserts should be raining up in here.
Image result for stress


Can you believe that the school year is already coming to a close.  In a couple weeks we will soon be entering our fourth term!! It seems ridiculous.  I feel as if it was yesterday, a hot sunny August day I was bummed yet incredibly excited to enter my sophomore year.  Everything seems like it's going so fast, I am eligible to get my license in May, where it feels like I was just four years old trolling around in my barbie jeep in the driveway (those were the days).  My best friend will be heading off to college soon… WHAT!!! Can we go back to kindergarten, practicing the alphabet and trying to count to one-hundred.  I miss the elementary school days where after school you could look forward to going to the playground with your friends rather than dreading to hear the bell because you know you are just going home to do homework.  Don’t get me wrong it’s exciting but it seems like when you were young there was less to worry about, the only thing you were stressing about as a kid is if you had a cookie in your lunch, or fruit.  I remember when I was in 4th grade and some of the juniors now were going into 5th grade at Decas and thinking “wow they’re so old.”  Now they’ll be seniors considering where they are going for college considering their future careers and what they want to with their lives.  Life is crazy.  Here is a sense of nostalgia. :D #Sk00LRuLe$

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

7 to 17 in a Blink of an Eye

Tomorrow is my birthday and I don't know how on earth I am going to be 17.  17 just seems so grown up to me, even though I know it's not and I'm just a kid and I will still be just a kid in the eyes of every adult for at least the next ten years.  However, to 7 year old me, 17 years old seemed like a lifetime away, but now it's here.  I used to dream about the day when I would turn 14 and get to start high school.  Now 14 seems so young, such a thing of the past.  Now I don't yearn for high school, I yearn for college.  College!  College has always been a topic of interest of mine since I was in third grade and decided I wanted to go to Harvard, but it also always seemed so far away.  I remember looking up to my older cousins when they were my age and listening to them talk about the whole college admissions process, not realizing how stressful that process would be and not worrying about it because 10 years seemed like a lifetime away that I might as well not even worry about it.  Now it's here.  17 years old is probably going to be one of the most stressful ages I will ever be.  The pressure of getting into a college that will dictate my future lies in this year of my life.  Hey adults out there that put so much pressure on teenagers about their future, if you can trust us to make decisions dictating our futures at this age, than why not consider us adults, eh?  The hypocrisy...

Blogposts- Rotation #22

I always have a had time trying to figure out what I should write for blogposts, because every topic I think of is pretty boring, because my life isn't very eventful. I just wrote around 5 sentences of two different blogposts and I deleted both of them because I get bored writing them.
You know that something is bad when the person writing it gets too bored of it.
On another note, I just finally got my college board account all fixed up. I was having issues with it and my PSAT scores wouldn't link up and so I couldn't sign up for the SATs but its all fixed now so I guess that's a pretty good thing :)

My New Job

I used to work at Kool Kone which is down the street from my house in Wareham. I worked there for three seasons and hated every one of them. The people I worked with were lazy, mostly the girls my age. They were for the most part from ORR which made it even worse. A lot of them would mess up 24/7 and didn't know how to clean. They would stay on their phones a whole bunch and ignore people at the window until someone else got them. So I decided to quit that place and find something new. My soccer coach offered anyone who would like to referee at the youth league to, because if more refs could not do it, they would not have a league anymore. I took it upon myself to become a certified grade 8 referee and apply. My friends who already were refereeing told me how it is really good money just for watching little kids run around all day. I am now certified to referee a soccer game and will be this coming spring. The only thing about being a referee is being yelled at for making a questionable call. I know how it is on one side, but it was never the side getting yelled at so this should be very interesting. I don't think there will be those times a lot, since the kids will be young and not at that competitive level yet, so I will enjoy it while it lasts. I actually don't like kids that much but not having to talk and interact as much should be okay. Anyways, little kids look really cute playing sports. The best thing about this is that I am doing something I will enjoy and not just working and being miserable. I hope I end up liking this job as much as I anticipate. Then again, I think I will like any job better than my last one.
I think that in a lot of ways the field of Psychology should really be considered an art more so than a science. I guess this first sentence makes it seem like I look down on things being an art, which isn't true.  However, to me, the field of psychology and psychiatry don't have the principles required enough for the rigorous scrutiny that other fields, like physics or biology have.  Let me propose an example.  In the early 1900's, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud were both forefronts of their respective fields, which were astrophysics and psychology.  Because they were both regarded as scientists, they both developed theories about things, which were supposed to be able to be tested and verified.  Einstein didn't particularly have a problem with this, but Freud found that if his observations about people were wrong, he could simply interpret things in a different way.  This was exactly opposite to Einstein, whereas his observations that correlated with relativity had to be consistent, and one wrong observation would make the inception of a new theory (e.g. special relativity) necessary.  If Freud found that one child had no Oedipus or Electra complex as he guaranteed was present in all children at one time, he would simply interpret the results of his findings in a different way, and they would be "scientifically accurate" among his contemporaries.  The human brain has an astronomical amount of variables to account for its behavior, and because of this margin for subjectivity, psychology can and will consistently find itself rationalizing things that cannot be rationally explained with our current knowledge.  Like Feynman with superposition and Schrodinger's cat, there are things that pass the realm of explanation of science.

Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day of Softball Tryouts

The first day of tryouts were today, inside the gymnasium. There were 23 girls who showed up to tryout but more had signed up. We spent a lot of time just going through the stretches and learning the routine of how to get ready everyday. After that, groups were split up by 4's. I did not go into a groups station because I caught for the pitchers the whole time. I first caught for Neely then after a little while, I caught for Kendall. Things went by really fast as that is all I did. The stations were split up into hitting, throwing, and fielding. We had tryouts from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. which is not that long at all. Last year we lost a couple seniors so this year it it kinda different without them. I like being an upperclassmen on the team and cannot wait to start the season already. I think this is the year Wareham will have a special season. We hope to put a banner on the gym wall after the season but know that it will take a lot to make that happen. I hope everyone is ready to show Wareham what we are all about and surprise people even more than we did last year when we made it to the tournament. That was a great feeling as we hadn't been for the past 8 years, it was special. So the first day of tryouts made me feel real happy as I am excited to see what is in store for this year. I hope all the freshman can keep up the varsity pace and really bring some talent to the plate.


Image result for television
Television nowadays is a big part of people's, it spans from the people who watch to the people who perform it etc. I believe that the way we idealize the people on television and believe them to be gods just because thy appear on television and make a ton of money. I believe we view them as false ideals we hype them up ti be almighty beings who can do not wrong, but they are just human no different than you or me. I know that` we have all done it before and we can't deny it, but I do think we should question were our ideals have fallen. Don't get me wrong every profession is a noble profession in its own way I just think that the children nowadays should be looking up to doctors and scientist people who are a force in advocating for change to better the people around the, rather that movie stars who they see on television. Ido believes that some celebrities try to affect change as much as they can, but some are just in it for their image so that they look good to everyone else. I don;t believe nowadays with the internet that people should care about others opinions of them, I believe the most important opinion that counts is yours who you choose to be on the inside. I know that this could be hard in a time where all it takes for someone to insult you is to log online and go to anyone of your social media page and post a rude or insulting comment. I believe that more celebrities should use here influence to advocate people to love themselves and not look for validation from other. I believe that anyone can change te world It just takes on the person who is determined enough to do it. Television has us conflicted and I believe it wouldn't be the worst thing if we all took some time away from our screen and just figure out who we are. 

Spanish- Rotation #21

I am currently in Spanish four honors, and I regret the very moment I wrote down on my schedule sophomore year that I want to take Spanish 4. I didn't have to, I only needed two consecutive years in high school of Spanish, I really don't understand why I did this to myself. We just took a quiz (or maybe it was a test and I'm trying to make myself believe it was a quiz and that it isn't that big of a deal) on pronouns.
It wasn't awful but it was pretty pretty bad. I don't think there is one good thing I can say about this section in Spanish, I wish we could just write things the way we normally do. When writing with Pronouns in Spanish there are so many rules with direct and indirect objects.

To be honest the only thing I actually like about Spanish is learning new vocabulary words or phrases. As soon as I have to actually write a sentence that is grammatically correct, it all goes downhill. Sometimes I'll be writing sentences in Spanish and I just start to thing of how to say it in Spanish. I use the phrase "on the other hand" a lot, and there have been instances where I write "por un mano" (and I apologize for that).

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Procrastination...I am the master rotation #20

procrastination is usually considered a bad quality but i think that i handle it pretty well. i usually try my best to get things done in a reasonable amount of time but sometimes i just find myself putting things off til the last possible second. i don't how i do it but i manage to somehow pull things out of thin air and get things to work out in my favor. im actually pretty lucky too which i think is the reason that im that good at solving things with procrastination. anyways i really don't get how i manage my life but it's basically all procrastination. and i understand that there are a ton of grammatical errors but i didn't feel like using the shift key in this blog i didn't.

A Tale as Old as Time

I am a super geeky Disney freak, so when the announcement of a live action version of "Beauty and the Beast" came about, I wasn't too sure how to react. I should be happy, right? But what if they butcher it? What if the animation of Beast is unrealistic? And what about the music? Changing the iconic soundtrack?!
It was a bit much, but after a few months of casting and filming, the first few trailers were released, and some of my nerves were settled. I loved every member of the cast, and the animations looked real. It actually looked really good. So naturally, excitement built up over the upcoming months, until the day was finally here-March 17th! Opening night and I was there. I didn't care that the theater was filled and I had to sit next to a little girl who talked through the entire thing, because I barely noticed her three minutes into the movie-but it was worth every second!
It absolutely surpassed every single expectation I had, with flying colors. I was incredibly blown away by the creation of one of my favorite animated movies as a child. It was beautiful! It actually made me love the story even more. I was pleasantly surprised, and not only found it extremely entertaining, but wonderfully done. I was humming and singing along to the tunes I listened to a thousand times when I was younger. I was extremely happy with the happy, I dragged my parents to go see it again the following day!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Blog Posts rotation #19

I really like blog posts. I also kinda like steps essays too. I find blog posts to be the comedic relief in the dramatic movie I'm watching. I'm not currently watching a dramatic movie while I'm writing this i meant to write that to make a metaphor. I think that I'm doing horrible in my classes rn but OH WHALE I would honestly like to try my absolute hardest at everything but I'm stretched so thin that I can't successfully do that while getting at least 4 hours of sleep a night. Sorry if this is kinda all over the place but I'm just writing as I'm thinking. kk goodnight

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rotation 19

There are so many things that i want to read after being in Mr. Wilsons class. I have had him twice now, and both times i have sat moderately close to the small bookshelf. I see classics like Oliver Twist and Macbeth, but i also see some very interesting things like The Riverside Chaucer,  and other books with names in fonts that i cant even read.
I have had an interest in Chaucer since freshman year when i did an essay about him. He was an interesting man and while quickly looking at his work, it was really well written. I have always wanted to get into him and his work more, along with some other well-known authors.
I also have been thinking lately about poetry and old poets. Poetry can be long and crazy, like epic poetry, but even that is so cool to me. I have an appreciation for poetry, but i feel like i dont know enough of it, especially older poetry, to say that i love it.


These blogs make me a little bit uncomfortable. I like doing them, they are definitely one of the more fun and easy assignments we have to do. I like the idea of being able to just write whatever is on my mind; but that is not what happens. Everyone can see our blogs and i do not want all of these people seeing my private information (no offense or anything). A lot of people put very personal things and write about interesting topics, but i could never just put myself out there like this. This is why i write about pointless things usually.
I have no real problem with this, i am just saying that i feel a tad bit weird sometimes trying to write to you, Mr. Wilson, and thinking that everyone else can see it too. Thats not very important though, its not a big deal.

On another note, we are so far along in this school year and i am so excited! Summer is going to be ridiculously fun and it will make up for all of the stress and crap that I, and everyone else, has put up with this year. People often say how hard junior year is, but who really believes that? I never did because i thought it was just the seniors trying to scare us, but now that im here i totally believe it. Although, they say how easy Senior year is, but thats because they make it that way. I am planning on taking about 4 or 5 AP classes next year, the only electives i am taking are academic based, and are honors; well, besides hopefully culinary 2.
Anyway, my point is that this year is very difficult, next year will also be a large work load, but this summer will make everything worth it!

The worst and best year of my life... Rotation 18

Now, Junior year is definitely the hardest year of schooling for almost everyone. You have AP classes, AP exams, preparations for college, SATs, getting a license, getting a car, balancing a job in your busy schedule, playing sports year round, participating in clubs and extracurriculars, and trying to stay sane whilst doing all of this. The stress that Junior Year brings makes everyone want to rip their hair from their head. I don't think I have ever heard as many fake plans for mass suicides in my life. Now while all of this stress is consuming my life, I also have had and will have many adventures. I visited Germany, China, and Switzerland this past October. I also went to the District and State Competitions for DECA this past January and March. In April, I will be attending the International Career Development Conference in Anaheim California. And in August, I will be attending a Summer Pre-University Program in London.

I'm extremely thankful for these amazing opportunities that have been given to me and also those that I have worked my butt off to earn. I can't wait to continue my adventures of Junior Year.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Spring official begins in 5 days, but it can't come soon enough. Its so cold and i'm so tired of snow. This isn't one of the heaviest or coldest winters we've had in the past couple years, but it really feels like its dragging on. I think March should be warm, winter is a nice change of season for a little while but after two months it's long enough. It seems in New England we can only have extreme weather. It's either boiling hot or freezing and were having a blizzard. It would be nice if we could just have like 1/2- 3/4 of the year when its warm or cool. Just 5 more days till spring.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Trippin' Out- Rotation #20 Blog

Okay so, the other day I had oral surgery. I've had oral surgeries plenty of times, because I have a shark mouth. The first time I ever had oral surgery, they just gave me laughing gas and numbing, and towards the end of the procedure I started to feel everything and since then I wouldn't have oral surgery unless the knocked me out. I had 3 oral surgeries since then being "knocked out" Well, three days ago I had another oral surgery but this time they didn't knock me out and they just gave me the laughing gas and numbing.
It was literally the worst experience of my whole entire life. I was tripping out so hard. I remember just hearing my surgeons voice echoing, "Just let me know if the laughing gas is making you too floaty" as I sat there seeing neon colors, moving hexagons, and giant ants.
It was awful, crazy, and I puked twice (yes, during the procedure, while they were inside of my mouth)
I'm now writing this in my bedroom while eating yogurt and getting sick of soft foods. Goodbye.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Mumps Spread Across the United States

Hundreds of cases of Mumps have spread all across the United States recently. As of March 4, a reported 1242 cases of Mumps have been reported in the U.S. this year. Mumps, also known as Parotitis is a contagious viral infection that can result in swollen salivary glands and flu-like symptoms. Luckily, this infection is easily prevented by a vaccine, but needs to be treated by a medical professional. It generally only lasts a few days and is easily spread by coughing, sneezing, kissing, sharing drinks, or touching surfaces that an infected person has previously touched. This is a rare disease averaging at fewer than 20,000 U.S. victims per year.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I personally don't identify with just one religion I personally believe in little things from every religion. I believe that if one person believes in the religion whether it be Christianity, Catholicism, or the Muslim religion it truly does exist proven or not. You could say that I am a bit of a Apatheists because I don't really believe in one religion, but I respect peoples ideas on having them. I personally in my own way have my own religion i believe that there are many gods like in greek mythology and that when you die the one you identify with the most will be there to greet you in death. I also believe that everyone has a spirit or a soul and that then we die it is released from our body and will either go to heaven because we have finished all we had to do when you were alive or because of you unfinished business you remain in purgatory which is the place between heaven and earth. I believe that when you have unfinished business left on earth when you were alive you become a ghost who has to figure out what they have to finish before you can be accepted into heaven. I do believe that those who believe that some refuse to deal with the issues they had when they were alive and they stay in purgatory becoming a vengeful spirit so far that they must stay in purgatory for all eternity. Now, this is what I believe and it in its own way takes pieces from different religions.  Now because I believe in this do I think other religions are wrong again I respect there religious ideas and that they are entitiled to their own opnion. I believe thats some people turn to religion because they find comfort in their idea and others have been trained their whole life to believe in something based on what their parents believe.


There was a recent news report about the fact that Samsung Smart TV's had the ability to record audio from people in the rooms near them, given that you had one.  Generally speaking, Samsung intentionally bugged TV's to be able to record audio secretly, or at least that they know how to.  This is what a Wikileaks dump alleged, and I'm apt to believe them simply because they have been right about most things in the past.  If this is true, then I'm pretty disgusted by it.  There's been statistics that have showed the U.S. is split 50/50 about surveillance, given that the surveillance helps guarantee safety for Americans, and even this to me is terrible.  Liberty is much more important than safety, (didn't Ben Franklin say something about this?) and the exchange of one for the other guarantees that natural rights are infringed upon.  Some people, including my dad, make the case that if you aren't doing anything bad, then they aren't looking for you.  The same stands for the other side.  If "bad" things were not happening in the government, then there shouldn't be classified documents.  I don't really believe conspiracies most of the time or anything, I just have a pretty strong opinion about surveillance in the U.S. because privacy is a natural right.  I think liberty should trump safety.

Monday, March 6, 2017

To Relax or Not to Relax

I find myself constantly having an internal debate of whether or not to relax.  On the one hand, I am very stressed out and relaxation would greatly improve my mental state.  On the other hand, I have no time for relaxation.  I know that may seem like an exaggeration, how on earth could one have NO time for relaxation?  It's not though, because even when I make time to relax I end up stressing about all the things I SHOULD be doing that I'm not and, therefore, my relaxation time comes to an end.  I find that there is a recurring theme among high school students in today's society and that theme is stress.  I don't mean a normal, healthy amount of stress either, because, yes, some stress is good.  A little bit of stress keeps people working hard, without that stress people may become lazy.  There, however, is a point at which stress becomes detrimental to an individual and I believe that society has come to a point where a large majority of students are suffering from that level of stress.  Some students handle it better than others of course, but some do not.  For those that make up the part of students who do not handle it correctly the stress takes over, it becomes their life and students that normally have a passion to learn fall victim to putting learning on the back burner.  When stress becomes your life you have no time to enjoy what you are learning and are unable to take the time that is needed to fully immerse yourself in the information.  Rather, you rush through assignments to make the deadline and get the grade.  Stress ruins otherwise brilliant learners.  Learning should not be about cramming as much work as possible down a students throat in as little time as humanly, or maybe not so humanly, possible.  Learning should be about focus, diligence, and passion.  Forget deadlines, grades, competition, and stress.  School systems are neglecting learning for standards and the mental state of students are suffering as a result.  It's time that students stand up for their education and schools begin caring about their students on a personal level, not a state standard level.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Like all of you reading this, I have been struggling with the stress this school year has brought so far. When I start thinking about events, or tests that are scheduled for next week, I start feeling anxious. I start feeling sick to my stomach. I start thinking about all of the difficult A.P. exams and MCAS and finals I have to take before I can leave it all behind me in mid June. I start thinking about IB, and SATs and applying for college and…

Stop right there!!!!!!

Take a Deep Breath.

If it is becoming all too overwhelming for you, just remember to do this: Take it each week at a time. Or take it each day at a time. The most important priorities are right what is in front of you. Tackling them head on will lessen the load later on. The present is the most important time in high school. If you take of your responsibilities now, it makes your challenges less stressful. I think that things will always be hard, but if you put a lot of effort in everything, even the little things, there will always be some kind of benefit. School is like hurdles: you cannot pass the next level unless you pass the exam, or jump over the next hurdle. You cannot tackle everything all at once. You will not have all of your life questions answered right now. And you might not get the grades you want sometimes. But that’s okay. Nobody is perfect. And no one expects you to be. With each hard working day, you are one step closer to your dream college or job.

Junior Year

If I am going to be totally honest, junior year is the worst year in existence... so far. Out of every year that I've attended school, this year is by far the most difficult. Not only is the amount of school work overwhelming, but there is a constant pressure in regards to college. Freshman and sophomore year were a breeze compared to what I've been enduring. My life revolves around school and the precious time that I have to sleep. No longer do I have a social life, rather, I seclude myself and procrastinate. It's expected that I'd be on top of my schoolwork, but in actuality, I am not. At all. It's quite depressing that I enjoy taking naps more than hanging out with friends, but junior year has drained me. With all of the AP and honors classes I'm taking, I'm just a mess. It's nothing I can't handle but boy do I miss doing two or three assignments a week. I cannot believe that I complained about middle and elementary school. The materials learned were just so much more comprehensible. Now I find myself attending school, taking a nap when I get home, and then staying up past midnight doing homework (although it's my fault for taking four hour naps). It is a constant cycle and is rather undesirable. I find myself constantly wishing for summer which is months away. When someone says that junior year is the worst year of high school, they are 100% right.

La La Land

I think I've written about 5 or so blog post about films I've watched, and I always write about how much I love each one. And I do, I do love each one of the films, but today I saw La La Land. I don't even have words to explain it. It was thee best film I've ever seen but I am so mad at it too. Normal, I can do without the cliché love story but this was different the end was so real. I don't wanna give any spoilers, but I found my self wishing for the love story to work. I am beyond mad at the ending because of the lack of love story but also I can't be because this film tells a real story about chasing your dreams and you can have everything the way you want. This film was the most beautiful, creative, marvelous, amazing, brilliant I have ever seen. I can't use words to explain it all, you just need to see it for yourself. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Rotation 19 Blog

Over this recent February vacation I went to the beach. Most people spend their vacations sitting in the sunshine trying to warm up but I spent it reading. This year I didn’t have as much time as I used to have in the past because of all of the classes that I am now taking. I read 5 books over the course of the four days that I was in Florida. When I was at the beach I would sit under an umbrella to read. My parents thought I was crazy for not wanting to get a tan but I would have rather read. Books are even better than television, in my opinion, because it allows you to have more freedom such as how the characters look and act. Books can show you what people are feeling and thinking as opposed to tv. TV just shows you what is happening but books show so much more.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


I've had this weird problem lately, maybe it can be considered a quirk (but definitely not a cute one)? Sometimes, I'll be looking at a person and suddenly see them through an X-ray machine. I'll see the bone structure, the organs, basically what a doctor might see if they were scanning a patient. I don't make it happen I swear, it occurs very sporadically and takes me off guard. I could be having a conversation with someone, completely engaged, and suddenly I'll take another glance at their face and see this skeleton looking back at me. The jaw moving up and down as they talk, unable to see their eyebrows, only watching as their eyes attached to god knows what, flits back and forth. I don't know what sort of face I make when this happens during a conversation, but thankfully I haven't been questioned yet.
I'm not explaining it properly, or giving you guys a great visual of what I see in my head, but I'm not really an expert. But I can tell you this, it freaks me out sometimes. People walking down the hallways, I can see through their shoes their skeletal feet moving from heel to toe, and attached to those feet are legs bending and adjusting as they walk. I'll look back at my own legs and think... why Carolyn?
I think I mentioned it in passing to my friend, I'd been intensely staring at my hand for a few minutes, flexing my fingers and looking bewildered, feeling the bones of my knuckles shift as I balled my hands into fists. I couldn't contain myself and murmured, "Do you realize we are all walking skeletons? Like my hand-" I showed her my hand spread flat on the table, "it's got these veins everywhere, they're all helping me out, circulating blood to my heart... Underneath all this skin I am a machine of bones, blood, organs, and oh my god, my brain. In my head there is an actual brain" Yes, I actually said all of that, in real life. She looked at me for a few seconds and asked "Carolyn are you high?" I burst out laughing and was like, "Nooo I just think about it sometimes..." 
I'm not scared that this happens, I find it fascinating. I mean, when it comes down to it, we're all just skeletons. I'm just one skeleton, talking to other skeletons every day, going on with my life as a skeleton underneath layers of protective fat and tissue. In fact, if we could all put aside our differences, and see each other as skeletons, we could be like "hey, you're the same as me buddy, lets talk about anatomy". I know for a fact it's hard to argue with someone if you temporarily can't see their eyebrows anymore.