Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Untitled 02/28/17 11:20 AM

Untitled 02/28/17 11:20 AM

Sweet sweet unbeloved overwhelmingness brought upon tight deadlines and poor planning.  Which can be blamed on noone except ourselves.

Now, I am a huge dreamer, I could say all of these ideas and thoughts, but might not pull all the way through.  (Ugh I know one of those people.  I agree it's annoying).

But, I need your help…

I’m shooting a video for a competition and need people among the background.  (Ugh so vague it’s probably bothering you, and confusing you.  Oh well, too bad).

You need to be mocking, and making fun of two innocent souls, as if you think you are better than them.  

“The cool people”  all dressed, as if you are at a school dance.

---Oooh we are getting somewhere less vague, but it almost seems like reality???---

The two people are different, frowned upon, maybe not ‘cool’ enough, so others take this chance to make fun of them…

Except the two people are minding their own business and having a good time in midst of all the mocks and laughs.

They’re alone.  As this group of people mocking at them want to bring them down.

It’s all of us.  It’s life.  We are all different, and we tend to deny it.  Everyone tries to be cool, and it's sad.  Just be yourself.  I bet reading this you can think of a time you made fun of someone, ahh, no one is an angel.  

We can all relate to feeling different and not fitting in.  Everyone's gone to school.

Just live life.


If you would be interested, I would looooooove it!  I will update for further information, please email anicoletti2019 blah blah blah!!! Thank you so much!

About Scout

Saturday night, while I was babysitting, I watched the movie About Scout. When I was choosing what movie to watch, this one stuck out to me, it just seemed like a movie I knew I was going to like. It's about these kids, ones from a mental institution, his name is Sam and one lives with her great grandmother while raising her sister loulou, her name is Scout. The plot was very similar to chase aspect of Thelma and Louise, but also had that weird love story element that I'm usually not a fan off but in this case, I enjoyed it. I admire Scout in this movie, her characters life has been nothing but easy but throughout the entire movie, she has the best sense of humor and stays pretty positive. The uniqueness of the film, I think is what I really love about it. The characters have such a weird relationships and  individually each character is so true to themselves and what they believe in. This film is one to watch

Just a number

The image I have of my own body has been distorted ever since my body started to change. My body started to change and get bigger during the transition from elementary school to middle school. I told myself that I could eat more like my brother because "I was growing" and "big girls need to eat more because of their metabolism." Unfortunately my metabolism wasn't changing with me, if anything it was getting lower as I was getting bigger.
The first time I realized that my own image of my body was a problem was one summer when I was playing softball. Leading up to that I was terrified to get bigger and change, so terrified that I never told anyone that my clothes were getting too small. I wouldn't tell my mom that my underwear and pants were leaving imprints on my skin and I didn't tell her that with every step the inside seem of my pants receded deeper into my crevasse. On a Saturday morning in July, I stuffed myself into my sliding shorts and slid on my shorts over that. I could already feel the lines of the shorts imprinting into my skin but I had no other options. We drove for a while, stopping at Dunkin Donuts on the way, when finally we got to the softball fields. I remember that I was able to play one game as my shorts hugged me tighter and tighter after each sip of my strawberry coolatta. But I couldn't take it anymore, as lunch came around I experienced the worst stomach pains I've ever had in my life. I felt like I was a shampoo bottle, not opened, but being squeezed by a naive kid that doesn't understand that if the bottle isn't going to open then nothing is going to come out. But they keep squeezing tighter and tighter, the only thing coming out of me was my tears. I've held in the pain long enough and I couldn't take it a second longer, my mom ordered me to take off my sliding shorts immediately so I went to the bathroom and relieved myself from the pain for just a little while. But I had to put my regular shorts back on. As I squeezed them over my aching stomach I felt my insides retract into the painful state they were just in, although it was less painful because my shorts had a drawstring waistband. I didn't want to grow, to change, to have to go up in sizes but I couldn't bear the pain anymore. Ever since that day I noticed my mother paying more attention to if I'm lying when I say my pants fit and how clothes fit me. But I remembered getting bigger was part of growing, and getting bigger didn't necessarily mean getting fat. 
After that day my thoughts got smaller and the image of my body wasn't too much of concern until the school started to weigh us in gym class. I would stand their and listen to the slim-fit beauties state their weight, which classifies them as average or underweight, but then exclaim how fat they are. With that in my mind how was I supposed to feel about myself when I was pounds heavier, much wider and classified as overweight? I remember the day that I got the letter in the mail from the school that states your weight and how you classify. I reluctantly opened it up and read the words "Overweight." With tears rushing to my eyes I ripped the letter up over and over and over again until there was nothing else left to rip. I wanted to scream and rip all of the fat off of my body. I wanted to hide in a dark cave and never come out. I want to cry all of the pounds away. But I couldn't. There were people in the house, they couldn't hear how I was vulnerable and how I was weak, I needed the image that I was okay because then maybe I'd become okay. Ever since that day I have constantly imagined taking a knife and shaving the fat off of me, like you'd peel a potato, until I was happy with what I saw. 
Soon after that I had a doctors appointment, looking down at the number on the scale made me feel ashamed of the body that I had and what I had done to it. I kept thinking that I wasn't supposed to look like this, I was a small child and I should've been thin. When my doctor mentioned my weight when discussing my health I tried to think of what I did wrong. I played sports, I tried to eat healthy, and when I ate everyone always commented on how little I ate. I didn't understand. While walking out of the office to the car, I kept my head down and tried to fight the tears but my mom put her arm around me and said "It's just a number, it doesn't mean anything." I fought as hard as I could until we got to the car and single tears started to roll down my cheeks. When I got home I let it all go into my pillow.
Then next day I got on the bus with a grim look on my face and sat next to Carolyn. She knew I wasn't okay. I couldn't keep my negativity in, I yelled "I'm fat!" through my tears. She tried to disagree with me but I knew the truth, I read the papers, I looked at the scale and I heard it from my doctor, she didn't. The way she sees me isn't the way I see myself, and I can never see myself that way. People can say all they want that "Oh, you're not fat!", "Don't say that, you're beautiful!", "Weight is just a number." and many other things, but I can't believe them because in my mind I think the exact opposite of all of those things. But with people's constant opinions contradicting my own thoughts, I started to really think that maybe it was all just in my head. That was until I fell for a jerk. 
I had a huge crush on this boy named Danny. I thought he might understand me and accept me since he wasn't on the slim side either. On the last day of school I passed him a letter confessing my feelings and giving him my number. I was ecstatic when he called because he agreed to go out with me, in my mind that meant we were dating but apparently in his mind that meant only go to a movie. A few days later he kept calling me and calling me, each time I picked up there was moaning on the other end. It became obvious that all of these calls were prank calls due to the snickering on the other line. I muted my phone and left him a message the next day saying that we were over and that was done. The summer passed and the school year started, I got a message on Facebook from him. He freaked out on me because he claimed that I was spreading rumors that we dated and he abused me, this was not true at all because from the time school ended we had never seen each other and that what I said when I told the story to my trusted friends. Nevertheless that accusation was followed by a tsunami of insults, one in particular stood out to me when I asked how he knew it was me: "I know it's you because you're fat and you have glasses." Among the large amount of insults he just threw at me that was the only one pierced my skin. This proved that other people saw what I saw too. The image I had of my body wasn't distorted, the image of the people that told me I wasn't fat was. 
Since that day I hid myself. I wore over sized sweatshirts no matter how hot it was outside, I slouched so none of the material could show any outline of fat that I had and I ate as little as I could without going into eating disorder territory. Eating disorders were something I spent too much time thinking about. I stared into the toilet and tried to bring myself to stick my fingers down my throat and I looked at my food and contemplated eating it or not. I always convinced myself to go the healthier route, I don't know how or why I did. Maybe I didn't have the willpower to do what I wanted, since with every fat thought I also thought of how I could lose weight and be healthier but those thoughts never became reality and if they did then they didn't last longer than 2 months. 
If you knew me in eighth grade, you probably wouldn't be able to tell that it was one of the worst years. I made sure no one could see that anything was wrong. I didn't let my body image ruin my personality, I was still me just fatter. I say that it was the worst because it brought me to the darkest places that I'd rather not mention. Although eighth grade was the worst year it was the start to getting where I am today. I joined spring track, and started to feel good about myself and what my body was changing into. Spring track was what saved me. That summer I took off the sweatshirts and I wore clothes were you could see my curves. Throughout high school it's been a fight between the distorted image of my body and the real one. I know I'm not a slim fit beauty and I know that I could definitely be healthier, but its a work in progress. I've done a lot of things that have brought me to where I am today, some I'm not proud of but I'm not ashamed to have gone there. What I've done has made me someone that isn't afraid to wear a bikini, that can look into the mirror and say "I look good right now", that can wear a skin tight cheer leading uniform on stage in front of crowds of people and what I've done has made me someone who isn't scared to show their curves to the world. I don't regret anything I've done to make me the stronger person I am today. I'm still not 100 percent loving my body, there are some dark times, but I'm on my way and I have so many wonderful people that are there to support me in this journey. I haven't shared this part of my life with many people, but I want everyone reading this to know that it really is just a number, how you look and feel about yourself is determined by you, no matter how cliche it sounds.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Camp Sunshine

Over February break I was lucky enough to go to Camp Sunshine with three other students from Key Club along with Mr. Stanton.  Camp Sunshine is a retreat in Casco, Maine for families with children suffering from life threatening illnesses.  I had heard great things about the camp from friends that had volunteered before me, but I never would have imagined how much of a life-changing experience it would be for me.  Although the families in attendance at the camp were all going through much more than I could even imagine, they never showed it.  Everyone was always smiling and the kids were all treated the same - whether they were sick or not.  It was an oasis for the families.  I was a camp counselor for the 6-8 year olds, which I was thrilled about because I adore children.  On the first day of camp, a little girl names Maddie came in with her mom.  I immediately said hello and that we share the same name - making us name twins of course.  From there on out I had acquired a mini me.  On the last day of camp, Maddie came up to me before she left and asked if I could write my number on a piece of paper so her mom could keep in touch with me even after they fly back home to Florida.  I, of course, said yes.  Later that evening when I was back home in Massachusetts I received a text from Maddie.  For some reason when I gave that little girl my number I didn't really think that she would follow through with staying in touch with me, but sure enough she did!  That text made my night, even if our conversation only lasted a few minutes before Maddie had to go to bed.  I don't care how corny it is, Camp Sunshine really is a place where friendships are made and lives are changed.  Who would have thought that I would have an eight year old little friend in Florida texting me about her flight home?  I wouldn't have been, I'm sure glad I do.

Annual Boston College Game

Every February my friends and I take a trip to Boston College to watch the girls basketball team compete. This will be our fourth year attending. My former J.B.A., Jay Roberts, gives me five tickets every year so my friends and I can go. We have a sleepover every year the night before and wake up to eat breakfast and head out to Boston. As we head up to Boston, we jam out in the car to my whole playlist until someone else takes the aux cord. It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes for us to get up there. We usually leave about 2 hours ahead of tip off so we can get something quick to eat. Getting into the gym with a couple minutes to spare, we find our seats and watch the teams starting players getting announced. This year seemed to be more packed than others, as they were playing against Virginia Tech. The girls had been trailing the whole game, sometimes going down to as much as ten then coming back and making it as close as two at times. It had been about three and half minutes left of the game and Boston was down to around 15 points. We thought the game was over already over but we stayed because we always do. They did not settle for just loosing by double digits, their pride was on the line. They decided to press this team hard, and so they did. They caused turnovers and hit big shots. Soon enough, they were down by six points and it was a more exciting game. They kept on pressing and getting the ball, but there just wasn't enough time. With less than 30 seconds to go, they made it to a one-point game. They had to foul as the opposing team was just running out the clock, the final score closed to 79-82. They lost to Virginia Tech is a very good game. It was a very fun Boston day with all my friends and my mother who drive us.

Vacation is over- Rotation #19

Wow. Wish I actually did some of my school work over vacation.
I didn't realize how much i actually disliked school until I didn't have to go this vacation. Over vacation I had work almost everyday, and I spent some time with my parents, which never really happens because we're all always too busy to see each other. I also cleaned my room, which really needed to be done. I feel like I work better with a clean space. I also watched a lot of TV show episodes and random videos on YouTube. I could have and should have spent a lot more time on homework... but here i am, doing it all now.
Just look
Life is crazy, busy, hectic, and distracting but do you ever take a second to just look.  A second to just sit down and take in what is around you, a second to sit across from your little red chair with the embroidered pillow.  A second to notice the two tiny paintings aligned above the chair.  I bet you never peer out the window to see the trees and the way the sun bounces of the green during the spring, or count the 8 frames on each bay window with a solid view in the center.  Did you ever notice the eggshell walls and how they speak to you when you sit alone, or even the ironic amount of pillows for nobody to lay on.  The small details seem to have a way of hiding until you truly look for them.  So next time you sit across from your little red chair look closer.  

-Kylie Enos
Power of Music
There is no force stronger than that of music, there is no power stronger than that of music, and without music there would be no other sources of power at all.  Music has the power to inspire and change people, music has the power to save lives and create miracles. While a man turned his life around and changed his habits all because of a verse, a young girl just learned to play the guitar and wrote her first song.  At the same time some lyrics stopped a struggling woman from making the wrong decision, an old man recalled his beautiful wife and the song they danced to at their wedding.  Not to mention the young blind child that learned to sing from the music’s power and vibrations.  The sounds emitted from a speaker have the strength to pry open the gates of creativity and perception. With music I can see hope and with music I can see myself.   
-Kylie Enos
The Truth Behind the Love for Summer
Chances are when you looked at the picture above you had a rush of happy memories flood back to you.  You probably thought...ahhh summer, I wish it was here because then everything would be better and happier.  The question is why do we think that?  Well because for many people summer is a little escape from the stress, a little break from the anxiety, a long vacation, and a time of simplicity.  The best part of summer is when you start to forget what day it is and you're just so wrapped up in the fun that life just seems to sit at a standstill.  There is always a part of you that wishes life would be like that all the time.  Which says a lot about how heavy the weight of life is during the rest of the year.  Me personally as a student, I look forward to summer all year because it is the only time i can just relax and do things that actually interest me.  During the school year I lose my passion for what I love and the hobbies I take part in because i'm too busy with school. Summer to me is just genuinely being able to let go of everything and truly live how you want.  If only there was a way for everyone to live as if it was summer everyday.  

-Kylie Enos      
The Lazy Generation
“This generation is doomed”, “All they do is look at their phones”, “ They can not even find a book in a library”, “ Where is the creativity anymore?”.  If you happen to fall after the 90’s babies then all of these are probably familiar phrases that can be heard from those older than us.  For some reason people feel that  the millennials are the end to all that is good.  I disagree, in my opinion every generation has its downfalls, unfortunate events, and  societal attitudes.  Despite the many downfalls everyone points out about our generation we possess many positive attributes and contributions to society.  In the amount of time that we have had to make an impact on the earth we have succeeded.  Our generation is one that notices the damage society has left on the earth and actually tries to help.  Whether it be recycling, or creating new innovative inventions to preserve resources.  Our generation is also one that recognizes the significance and importance of equality of all things living on earth.  No other generation has put such emphasis on  protecting animal rights, human rights, and all rights in general.  Some of the most historical events have occurred during our generation's time line.  It would have not been possible to legalize same sex marriage with any other generations, we truly are one of the most accepting and open minded group of people.  Our generation is always continuing to improve and advance society into a further direction no other could.  So next time someone tells you that our generation is anything less than wonderful, do not let it phase you, we are way to busy changing the world for the better.

-Kylie Enos      

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Space Travel

I sometimes think that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to be born at a later generation, but there really is a lot to be thankful for in this generation as well.  I’m mostly talking about how those 7 exoplanets were found that are like Earth and could be habitable, but are just simply too far away to visit now, or maybe ever.  I kind of find it hard to believe that people aren’t interested in space travel, or anything involving exploration.  Imagine colonizing a planet! It would be like Columbus seeing the Americas for the first time, or Marco Polo visiting China, but tenfold the excitement.  Our species would eventually diverge into another most likely, simply because there would be another assortment of genes in the pool, and I think this would be interesting to look at as well.  Unfortunately, these planets seem to be around 40 light years away, which as of right now is too far to reach, or maybe ever.  Even if we could travel at the speed of light (impossible), it would take around 40 years to get there, and 40 years to get back.  Although because of time dilation it would only seem like weeks to the crew on the ship, there would be entire different generations by the time the people of board contacted us when they got there.  I mean, yeah, I could have been born at a worse time in history, like during the Black Plague, or the Crusades, but I could have been born at a better time as well.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Senior Night

Senior year is something that derives one of two emotions in each kid: they are either extremely happy to almost graduate, and move on from high school, or it is an emotional end. Either way, senior year is typically a memorable year. For sports, it is the closing, the last game, match, or tournament. It may be your last team for the season, year, or forever. To make your closing remark most memorable, senior night is something most athletes look forward to. You get to take the field, court, or ice one more time. My brother is on the hockey team, and with my parents being super involved with the teams events (such as fundraising, event planning, etc), senior night for hockey is a big to-do. It was this past Wednesday, and the amount of preparation that went in to the entire event was insane. For about 10 days prior to the actual game, my family, as well as other families on the team, made posters, signs, banners, gathered balloons, noise makers, streamers, pom poms, etc. Although most of the families involved didn't even have a senior on the team, the group effort was still much appreciated by everybody. We got to the game two and a half hours early just to decorate! All in all it ended up being a fantastic night, with the decorations being appreciated by everyone!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Product Pricing- Rotation #17

Sometimes I just think back and I try to think about the value some items actually have (talking about money here). For instance, there is this ongoing struggle with Apple Chargers... they're awful. You might have one for a solid 6 months, and then boop. It's fried, it'd dead, it's done and it is no longer working.
Then you get annoyed because now you have to go out to the store and spend $24.99 on a new iPhone charger that you are well aware will have the same fate as the one you just threw away.
You spend $24.99 on this charger, and it probably only costed the company less than a dollar to make it (if they are making them in bulk... and they are).
So just imagine if everything you bought, you actually made yourself! You would be saving so much money, but there is obviously an issue, time. 
People go out to these stores to buy things that they are either 1. too lazy to make (for instance, buying a pizza instead of making one at home) or 2. limited on time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wanderlust; a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

Wanderlust; a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

Traveling has always been one of my favorite experiences from packing a suitcase to boarding a plane.  I have always admired travel and wish to travel more places everyday.  My family is very adventurous.  My grandparents have been to every country and state except China and Alaska.  That's what I'm talking about.  My dad travels a lot for work.  So I'm exposed to cool encounters but sadly I'm stuck at home wishing I could pack my bag and go on one big adventure.  I love discovering other cultures and seeing what it's like to live in a different part of the world.  I like to imagine what it would be like to live there, or hope to even live there.  I love to make movies and edit, so filming a travel experience makes it even better.  A few places that I think would be really cool to travel just to relax but get a vibe for how people live there are:

St. Bart's looks like such a chic, laid-back, quiet French island that has beautiful luscious white beaches fringed by the pool-blue waters of the Caribbean.  

-Cape Town, South Africa
I have interest in going to Cape Town, because it looks so serene and just such a cool ‘beachy’ community that I would love to experience.  Not only that but, in 2014 it was nominated to be the World's Design Capital which I think is really cool, since being creative and art in general is a huge interest of mine.

-Volunteer abroad to do community service and help others!  
I woullllddddd LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVEE to be able to do this.  No other explanation needed.  

-Marseille, France
I would love to be able to see the beach towns of France.  My family and I went to Paris, it was stunning--I would go back in a heartbeat.  So seeing a different perspective of this beautiful country would be enlightening.  Plus this town kinda sounds like my moms name, shoutout to my Mommaa lolz (Mireille lol I bet your like what the heck, its pronounced Mir-Aye)  

-The Outskirts of Britain
Again, my family and I went to London, and it was incredibly interesting yet some areas reminded us of places around here like, the ‘time square’ of London reminded us of ‘time square’ of New York City.  My family and I are always watching different music documentaries of our favorite old musicians.  And many live in beautiful serene and exceptionally desolate cottages in the outskirts of Britain surrounded by unlimited farm land, with cute animals too.  So to have the opportunity to travel and see what those towns look like I think it would be extraordinary.  One home to give an example of what I am trying to explain is David Gilmour guitarist and co-vocalist from Pink Floyd, or Gary Numan who can easily be identified by his famous song Cars who has a beautiful house in the country, with many acres.  

Image result for gary numan house

I definitely wouldn't mind living here for awhile.  (Pictured is Gary Numan’s house in East Sussex)

Here was just a list of places that I would want to go today, right now, this hour, this minute, this second.  But let’s be real, the list will probably change in the next 5 minutes because of overthinking it.  So travel now, because if not now, when?  There is still so much to see and experience, don’t make it a matter of money, make it a matter of courage.  So go explore!  Because, I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list! (<--- Haha always gotta end off with a corny cliche quote. (:)


Movies are some of the most celebrated entertainment in the U.S. Everyone has their own type of films or genre that they like, whether it is action, animation, comedy, drama, etc. Now ever genre has it "shock" factor or something to pull you in. In action films, it may be an enormous fight scene, as for in a drama which is a forbidden love. These key points in the movies are the very thing that separates the different genres. I personally and a big movie buff, my favorite genre is action, adventure. I like this genre the most because it feels like it can tie in a little from every genre with a little action sprinkled on top. It can be a funny movie almost like a comedy but also contain a strong love connection like a drama. I personally love that so much feeling and emotion can come from something so small. I think that when people watch movies it is a way for someone to escape their normal life and live something they never could in their normal lives. I love the raw feeling that these actors can convey to make you feel as if you are there with them. This is what make movies so appealing.

Monday, February 13, 2017

You Can’t Top This Kind of Crazy.

It was a young Saturday morning when the boys and girls track teams gathered in the high school gym to wait for our bus to take us to Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech High School for the annual South Coast Conference Winter Track and Field Championships. For most of us, this is the biggest meet of the season. A select few will go on to compete in states, or all states, if they can get that far. Anyways, we were all waiting for the bus to show up for nine o’clock. Fifteen minutes passed. That’s weird-- when is the bus going to come? Well, eventually it became apparent that the bus would NEVER come and that we were in danger of missing the meet. It was about 9:45 and the meet started at 10:30. It is necessary for teams to arrive at least 45 minutes before the meet starts so they can warm up, prepare and check in with their race. And it takes about 25 minutes to get there. So you know what we did? Our senior teammates drove us all there. Yep-- on the highway, just after we had two days off due to snow. Luckily, we got there safely, just five minutes before the meet actually STARTED. As a result, we had little to no time to warm up. But it gets even BETTER!!!!

My sister and I were running the mile. Adre was put into the first heat of girls, and she ran her race. I ran in the second heat. I was aiming for the top six, because the top six are awarded a medal. Once the gun went off I was battling with a girl from Old Rochester for third, which was expected. Keep in mind there were two girls ahead of me. Towards the end of the race, the official showed me the sign that I had two laps to go. But then, Gardner yelled out and said it was my last lap, which was pretty confusing. I couldn’t waste any time contemplating who was correct, so I decided to sprint the rest of my race. Here’s the funny part. I didn’t see the two girls at the finish line. Confused, I asked if I had to keep going. Next thing I knew, I saw the girls who were ahead of me, panting to the finish line. Later on, more girls were finishing. Some went over to the trash can and began throwing up. Yeah. So it turns out that every girl ran an EXTRA LAP. The mile is a 10 lap race indoors. They all ran ELEVEN LAPS. Except for me. The track officials MISCOUNTED the number of LAPS. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN? HOW DO YOU MESS UP COUNTING TO TEN?? Well, everyone’s times were messed up. So they ended up posting the times, giving us “fixed times”. I don’t know what they did, but I ended up with third place, exactly how it was supposed to be. In the end, I got a pretty medal (my first medal) and I am so grateful that we were able to get to the meet.

The Best Kind of Books

The best kind of books are the ones that you don't need to fully read every page to know what its saying. You've turned the pages so many times that you know the story by heart. That when reading the first line, you can recite the last. These kinds of books bond with you, they tell stories that will inspire you, motivate you, make you laugh, or cry. These books, are the best books.

You get to choose the books you read (outside of school), and you have the ability to read whatever you want. You can choose sci-fi, or horror, love stories, or suspense. There are a thousand different genres and authors to choose from.

My favorite books in particular are quite noticeable upon appearance. Typically, they pages are bent and folded, there are sticky notes stuck on the pages, there is pencil writings in between the lines, and there are probably tea or coffee stains somewhere on the pages. There is something comforting about feeling your favorite book in your hands. You can tangibly feel the pages and you know the characters, the little bits and pieces, the tiny idiosyncrasies that make you feel almost as if you know some characters personally. Series are even better. Where you can watch and study the evolution of the characters, tracking each bump in the road. It is through reading that we learn.

In my opinion, you can never read a book too many times. Some people can only read a book once, and after they know the plot, they don't need to go back. I can revisit a story a trillion and one times, for every time you read it, I notice I usually pick up something I missed the first time around.

A Dog's Purpose

Sunday, January 28th, I went to see "A Dog's Purpose." I know about the controversy and I've seen the video but my friend Kayla really wanted to see it. I couldn't help but want to see it as well, I had read the book a couple years back when it first came out and I loved it, I couldn't wait for it to become a movie. The controversy aside, the movie was amazing, I hadn't read the book for a long time so i couldn't remember exactly how the movie strayed away from the actually plot, but I love it. Throughout the movie follows the Buddhist belief of reincarnation through a dog. The dog starts with a boy named, Ethan, in his first life and everything is new, he doesn't understand what's his purpose. As his lives continue his ideas on his purpose change and by the end he decides his purpose is to enjoy life, love his owner and learn from every life. I've read a few of the review from the movie after learning the movie only scored a 3.6/10. I was interested in the reviews that gave the movie anything under 5. Some were solely based on the controversy around the dogs in the movie but other found the movie unrealistic and thought the plot made no sense. I think the story is worth a read. One question I got from this movie is: Do we take care of dogs or do the take care of us?

Road Trip

I have a tendency to become very overwhelmed when the thought of my future is brought up.  I am in my junior year of high school so the topic of college is very prevalent.  There are so many colleges in the United States so trying to choose the right one is a headache.  I have a list of about 30 colleges that I am interested in.  30 colleges!  Now I don't have the time to visit that many schools so I have to choose a select few to visit.  I am planning to start this college-visiting-extravaganza over February break.  My dad and I have planned a mini road trip during the middle of the week.  We are visiting six schools.  The first day we will drive to Connecticut to visit Wesleyan University and then Yale University.  That night we will head to Poughkeepsie, New York.  We will wake up the next day and head to Bard and Vassar college.  The next day we will visit the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University.  We will come back after this three day jam packed road trip on Friday night, just in time to relax for the weekend before I have to go back to school.

Snow Storms are so much fun (btw this is sarcastic) Rotation 17

Usually I don't mind snow storms as long as they're over the weekend. Even if we miss like a Friday or Monday, I don't consider them annoying. I hate missing school because I hate making up the days at the end of the year. The more time I have in the summer, the more I can work, the more money I can make. I'm not one of those people that likes to have money and flaunt about having money. And I also don't consider myself greedy; I just really like living. I like doing things and having fun in a way that makes life worth it. For example, I'm looking into a summer pre-university program in London. So the more days of summer I have, the more days I can work, the more money I can save for London.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Superbowl 51

Anticipated all football season, Superbowl 51 has finally come and the New England Patriots are taking apart of it. As almost every person in the country is anxious to see who wins, the fans of both the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons show a little more emotion and nervousness than others. For me, Sunday night was huge, everything was at stake. I watch every game of the Patriots the entire season, if I am there or not there. All day I am just waiting for kick off time. I am waiting for my mom to say it is time to go to my sister's house for the party. The night finally comes and the mood is filled with optimism. Kick off comes and everyone to pumped. As the first quarter comes, we see that both teams are shaky, not playing up to scale as they should be. After the first quarter, the score is still at a 0-0 score. Mood is still light, it is still early. The second quarter was a time no one was ready for. The Atlanta Falcons have scored 21 straight points to the Patriots 0 two minutes before half time. Everyone had the sour look on, disappointed in how we are playing. Hey, at least we scored those 3 points in the last two minutes to end with a 21-3 deficit at the half right? Absolutely right. Those points would come in very handy later on in the game. Third quarter begins and people assume the Patriots have already mailed it in. Those people were wrong. Nothing really happens in the fourth, Atlanta scores a touchdown and New England also does, but we miss the extra point, of course... At this time, the score at the end of three quarters is 28-9. It would be impossible to come back and win, that is what everyone thought. They thought the Patriots were a joke and Brady was a choker. Well, not in this case. We score a field goal, still down 12-28. Here we go, Atlanta turns the ball over and we get great field position, which means touchdown Patriots. Now, the score is 20-28, after the score and two-point conversion. People are thinking crazy, could they really come back? Do they have it in them? Well they do. The Patriots get a huge stop and march down the field and score, of course not with out the best catch of the game by Julian Edelman.  New England scores those 6 points and go for the two-point conversion to tie, we succeed. Tie game at 28 with only a little over a minute left. This could have been a different ending, but the Falcons had no timeouts to stop the clock after plays have ended. They run out of time and we go to overtime. Mind you, every New England fan's house is screaming and freaking out with emotions of excitement and happiness, while every Falcon's fan is filled with disappointment as their team just gave up a 25 point lead. Anyways, back to the game, the coin is tossed at the Patriot's captains chose heads. It lands with heads up and everyone jumps with excitement, we take the ball first. We go down the field with confidence and look to throw to Bennett, the new guy, for the winning touchdown. Silly Falcons, they get penalized for the pass interference. We are now less than 5 yards from the end zone. Next play is an incomplete pass to Bennett again who falls down. Now, the next is the hand off to James White for the go ahead touchdown to win the Superbowl. The New England Patriots had come back from a 25-point deficit and won in overtime. As you can tell, every single fan had been jumping up and down screaming. It was the perfect ending to the night. This game will go down as the bet Superbowl to ever happen.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hard Work Pays Off

It was a cold Saturday morning when some of the my track teammates and I hopped on a bus to the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. The Reggie Lewis Center is a widely used indoor track and field facility used for statewide meets and championships. The track is very modern--perfect for running a personal best. It was the “Last Chance to Qualify” meet, for those who wanted to qualify for states. However, many of the athletes (like me) were hoping to run a new personal best. My best mile time was a 6:07, which I ran last spring. I was hoping to at least match or get near my personal best. On the bus ride there, we were all freezing because the heat wasn’t working. So we all arrived in Boston, unable to feel our fingers and toes. Luckily I packed a pair of gloves so it wasn’t as bad. It may have taken a little longer than usual to warm up before my race but it was necessary to warm up my muscles. The warmer your body is, the more relaxed your muscles are and the easier it is to move. It wasn’t long before my race was called and I got my number sticker to put on my uniform. Spikes (running shoes) in hand, I walked in line where the officials led us to the side of the track. Before we knew it we were lined up at the finish line and the gun went off. After the first lap of the 8 lap-mile race, I passed the leaders, knowing I had to go faster if I wanted to beat my personal best. Somewhere towards the end of the race, a girl sprinted ahead of me, only to step off the track once we approached the curve. I saw her cover her mouth in pain, as if she was going to be sick. I just kept swimming. Before I knew it, it was the last lap and the clock read 5:19. I knew I had to give everything I had. As I sprinted down that last straightaway I could see each second passing as I crept closer to the finish line. With one last burst of energy I made it over the finish line and caught my breath on the side of the track. I waited for my name and name to be displayed on the screen. Did I do it? Dillen: 5:58.58. A wave of emotion came over me as I came to the realization that I finally did it. I broke six minutes in the mile! After running hundreds of miles in the blazing sun and the bitter cold for my third year, it all of a sudden became entirely worth it. Although it may sound cliche, hard work pays off. It may not always feel like it, but work is necessary for success.

Finding my zen with the Buddha board

     So guys, I found something really cool over the weekend. I'd gone shopping with some friends and we stopped at a Barnes and Noble, I'd originally come to ask if a new series I'd been meaning to read was in stock yet. Unfortunately it wasn't, (but I'm going to order it so no worries!) and as we were walking down the isles, I saw this display with Buddha symbols. They were these individual boxes called "Buddha boards", and came in a large and a mini. While reading the description I instantly knew I wanted to buy it. The Buddha board consists of a special material 'paper' and that you can paint on, using only water and a brush that comes with the set!
     The cool part is, once you start drawing the water already begins to dry, and then you get to start over again and continue drawing, The box calls this disappearing a way to leave the board as a clean slate, and in turn provide you with a clear mind. It's a very calming experience, especially for people who desperately need to zen out once in awhile. I've been using it while I'm watching T.V., chatting with my sister, or just while I'm chilling with my cats on my bed. It's comforting to know that if I make a mistake, I can just watch it go away, and start fresh, ready to try again.
      One of the only cons I've noticed is if I make a super cute drawing that I'm proud of, that goes away too, then again I could always just take a picture of it and show it off to my parents or my neighbor.
       If anyone wants to try it out, the mini is modestly priced at around $13.00, and I'm pretty sure the large was $35. On the box it says with proper care, this board can last for years, so think of it as an investment for yourself.

Study Hall- Rotation #17

I seriously wish that the school had a period throughout the day called study hall, where kids just get some time to work on schoolwork that they didnt have time to finish during the schooldays. I get that we have advisory, but 20 minutes is not enough time for me to start an assignment, let alone finish one completely. Maybe if they extend advisory to be like 45 minutes long, that would be a fair replacement for the study hall we dont have. Thats kind of why im trying to have a senior privs period next year, that is going to basically be my study hall. I feel like if the school were to EVER extend advisory or make a study hall, it would definitely be after I graduate because that is really just my luck, the cool things always come when I no longer have a chance to experience them (my saltiness shining through that when I was in 8th grade they didn't have dual enrollment, I totally would have done it).

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Summer Bucket List

Since there is still snow on the ground, I've decided to take the opportunity to write a bucket list. There are a few months before summer and I am already excited. The first is to meet someone new. The second is to go to a fair. The third is to star gaze. The fourth is to visit the beach. The fifth is to read a good book (or more). The sixth is to go out to breakfast w/ friends. The seventh is to watch a sunrise and the eighth is to watch a sunset. The ninth is to travel to other states. The tenth is to spend a day without technology. The eleventh is to to a concert. The twelfth is to try yoga. The thirteenth is to have a bonfire. The fourteenth is to go to a drive-in movie. The fifteenth is to take a mini road trip. The sixteenth is to overcome a fear. The seventeenth is visit a water park. The eighteenth is play in the rain. The nineteenth is go camping. The twentieth is to have a barbecue. The twenty first is to play in a sprinkler. The twenty second is to go bowling with friends. The twenty thirds is to go thrift shopping. The twenty fourth is to hike with family. Lastly, the twenty fifth is to make memories.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

25 Facts about Me

25 Facts about Me
Ever curious about someone's character or random tidbits they encounter in life?  Here are twenty-five facts about me in which can give you insight about my life outside of school.

One.  The expectation of the first fact being the first one you see and probably most ‘interesting’ is too much so I’m just going to skip it… but who cares, here's one I am left handed.
Dos.  I love to travel
Drei.  Sunday’s my family and I oddly enough always have italian for dinner (#weirdhabit)
.  I love to hang out with friends and family <3
Cinque.  I like to edit videos --- SELF PRoMo; subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Alana Nicoletti & Skwizard Films
Sé.  My mom’s like my bff
Seven.  I have Type 1 Diabetes, and yes I can have sugar thanks. :) (The amount of sass in this statement is unreal)
‘ewalu.  I have Celiac Disease, and no I won’t die if I have bread…  (Again, sass overload)
Neuf.  Music is always playing at my house-- from an Alternative radio station to my Dad’s Friday night band sessions… Haha pretty neat.  FoLloW them on Soundcloud ;)
عشرة.  My lucky number is 8 (does it bother you that I didn’t list it as #8 mwahaha to all those who are OCD)
Once.  My favorite two colors are yellow and orange because I imagine them to be happy colors like the sunnnnnn
Twaalf.  I h888888888 spanish class ughhghgkjfgjkreiulghkjldfs but those who can speak different languages is pretty sick
Treize.  I would loooovveee to live in Cali, NYC, Hawaii, or Paris :DDDDD but I mean here is pretty cool too I guess.
十四.  I could spend hoooouuuurrrs on Pinterest just putting together random boards from yummy foods to future wedding ideas, haha
Kenz.  I ProCrastiNate like HecK
Sixteen.  My family and I went to Paris and London two years ago and it was BEAUTIFUL, such an unforgettable experience.  Have never LIVED more.
Dix-sept.  I prefer practicality over aesthetics, use over decoration, save over spend, bargain over name brand, and overall not caring at all and just living life happy :)
ثمانية عشرة.  I enjoy documenting random aspects of life from that being taking pictures on my phone or camera that I invested in a 64 gigabyte phone which is already filled up with so many absolutely random, and pointless pictures.  But I am that type of person that cannot delete anything and would say ‘this could come in handy one day.’  It's terrible. Δεκαεννέα.  I definitely drink the Apple juice ;) NOOOOO SAMSUNG
Vinte.  I work at our local TV station
Veintiuno.  My best friend also has type 1 diabetes woooow
Twenty-two.  I think tiny houses look so cute and cozy and it would be so spontaneous to be able to wake up and travel and bring your home
dvacet tři.  I am pro #birks&socks LOLZ
스물 네.  I think it would be pretty cool to experience the 70’s and 90’s for the cool style
25.  My nickname is Laney <3 by the way-- my name is pronounced: Ah-Lane-Uh not Ah-Laawwwnnn-Uh!  It is constantly mispronounced but hey no biggie!
Inspo for all of you lovely peeps; just be yourself and be happy!  Who cares what others think!  You’re beautiful :D
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Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass. A sequel to one of my favorite movie as a kid. The remake of Alice in Wonderland in 2010, had always been a favorite of mine but after watching this one, I think it must go to the top of the list. For one thing it is a great adventure story but further than that it tells the great truth about time. As the story goes on Alice learns that time is a not a nuisance but rather a gift given to use that we must value. Along with this, I think it shows a great feministic view that women can do anything and to be unique. One thing I've always favored about Alice is her unique and artistic outgoing outfits and personality. She's a great role model of someone who doesn't care what others think and isn't afraid to be herself. A great story about family loyalty, time, and adventure, Alice Through the Looking Glass is one to be watched! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pro-Russian Relations

To me, perhaps the number one thing I would like to see from President Trump is a much more positive relationship with Russia. Although we do not entirely see eye-to-eye, reevaluating our own foreign policy would align our views much more closely. We should not be supporting the Syrian rebels, nor supporting Assad. Russia, of course, does support Assad. By taking a neutral stance on support, and refocusing our directive on the eradication of radical Islam, we can achieve much greater cooperation with Russia. Since the days of the Second World War, as American and Soviet soldiers met as friends on the battlefields of Germany, there was always much to be wondered on the subject of friendships with Russia. We were never, and are still not, so different. Two countries, unprepared to be superpowers, fighting the same battles, fighting the same conflicts, with the same issues with the world. The issue of Communism and Capitalism drove us apart. With that issue out of the way, I see no reason why we cannot have much closer relations with the Russian people. A military alliance with Russia would be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, and being friendly with the most nuclear armed nation in the world would limit the possibilities of another World or, God forbid, a Nuclear War. A world with a strong Russian-American friendship would be one of general stability and security. We must forget old grievances and sing the song of unity in the pursuit of progress and world peace. Both President Putin and President Trump have expressed interest in drastically strengthening ties between our two nations, and I could not be happier about the idea. Crimea belongs to Russia anyway, the citizens of Crimea want to be part of Russia. It is time to shed Cold War alliances, shed Cold War fears, and reevaluate our stances and friendships based on practicality and necessity.

The Girl on the Train

As of January 18, I was reluctant to have to time to watch the movie The Girl on The Train. I had read the book prior to the movie and it was brilliant, an absolutely great  mystery. As most movies go they are never as good as the book. For this movie however, I believe differently. The movie indescribable. The way they tell the three  main characters stories in pieces and blend them a the film goes on, was a genius idea  that creates the suspenseful and mysterious affect to the story line. Though, I read the book and knew the ending, it took nothing away from the movie. In this film the ending was brought to life and became so real. My favorite line from the film was at the very end. Rachel says "bound by the story we share"  This line was what brought the film to an end for me. It brings the concept of the different characters and there different stories, mixed with the murder to an end. It shows that after everything each of them has been through, they can be relieved it's over but know that they will forever share the memories and story of Megan Hipwell's murder.