Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Snow Days

     I absolutely love the snow. What I love more, however, is snow days. On January 31, 2017, today, it snowed quite a bit. Although it has been falling since around one o'clock, there is definitely going to be school tomorrow. I am infuriated by this fact because I would much rather sleep in. Not only do I have a history test in period 8, I have to stay after for chemistry. It would be amazing, though very unlikely, if school were to be canceled. The fact that we haven't had a single snow day this year (I think) is depressing. The pleasure of not attending school is by far the best feeling in the world, besides doing things I enjoy. On school days, I avoid any schoolwork or homework, rather, I sleep in and watch television. Although insufficient, I spend some quality time with myself. Honestly, if there was a massive snowstorm that didn't allow anyone to leave their houses for a week I wouldn't be mad. Spending the day at home is much more appealing than the amount of homework I receive.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Busy Schedules #16

Now all of you know the difficulty that comes with being a teenager; trying to balance school, relationships, a job, responsibilities. At the beginning of the year, I was having a difficult time trying to balance everything. I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of it. I go to school Monday through Friday and balance home work, clubs, and DECA responsibilities after school. Saturday and Sunday I work and do the rest of my homework. I usually work 4-6 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday. I like my job; I get to work for the sweetest, most stubborn, and kind old people ever. They're honestly adorable. I get to work with one of my best friends too which makes everything more fun. I learned that keeping schedules and making organized lists definitely helps too! I got a calendar for Christmas and now I use it for everything. All of my meetings, appointments, games, homework, and important dates are all in one place and organized by day and type. I love it!! I love being organized and in control.

Why Books Are Always Better

"Ew, why would you read the book if you could just watch the movie?"
This was an actual quote I heard over the weekend, but we will get back to that.
In the modern world that we are living in today, people are frankly becoming quite lazy. We are often relying on technology and other advances in the world to operate simple tasks. If people from the 1800's were to  look at our society today, they would be absolutely amazed at the different inventions and machines. And we still aren't stopping! However, now with more time to do other things, people are easily getting more distracted with simple tasks and such. The younger generation of people nowadays would rather watch a movie of a story based on a book. This brings me back to the quote. Saturday night while I was at the movie theater, I overheard a group of kids, probably around twelve or thirteen, discussing how they had to read parts of an assigned book over the weekend. I barely recall having to do assigned reading in Middle School, let alone an oppressing amount to the point where I had to complain about it all the time. I get it, homework is rough, especially in Junior year where four hours of sleep is a good night. However, I still don't understand why reading sounded like the worst thing in the world to these kids. It bothers me nowadays that people have the mentality that just watching the movie is the same as reading the books. You miss so much, and just by reading one book, you can learn so many details from one character, that you couldn't possibly fit in a film. When a book is first being made into a movie, its obvious that everything can't fit-but what makes the cut? There isn't enough time to put everything in, unless your target market is only to people who have read the book and willingly want to sit in a seven hour movie to make sure everything was directed correctly-and even then, I guarantee there's a population of people who will still be unhappy with the final product. If kids could just learn to make time for reading and understand it's benefits, I think that it would better their future learning experiences and work.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Plans for February Vacation

It’s hard to believe that February vacation is right around the corner. I think that we all deserve a break. We survived midterms, while some of us are wrapping up winter sports, marking the end of grueling practices and long meets/games. This vacation I am heading to Florida! If you have asked me two months ago if I was going to Florida, I probably would’ve laughed. In fact, it was during Christmas vacation when I planned a rather spontaneous trip. On Christmas day, my mom’s close friend, along with her husband and daughter came over. My mom has known her before she met my dad. In fact, we are so close with them that my siblings and I call them “aunt” and “uncle.” Anyways, my friend was talking about how her family was going down to Florida in February. Being the stressed individual that I am, I jokingly replied, “I’ll buy a ticket and come with you guys because I need a break from all of this!” I was kidding. I didn’t actually think that I would go. Instead, my friend gave me an evil smirk and the next thing you know we were checking out flight prices. Even though our parents were on board with the idea, I still wasn’t convinced that I was going.  A couple of days later we booked our flights for a nine day trip in Southern Florida. This will be my first trip to Florida. But again, I am still not convinced that I will be going to Florida until I see palm trees.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Course Selection Rotation #16

Today my advisory and a few others went down to the cafeteria and we got out course selections sheets for next year. I wasn't stressed at all about course selection until I got the sheet with all the classes and I counted how many I wanted to take and then realied that I can only take 8 full-year courses.
I do not have enough room in my schedule for all of these courses. I am only required to take a math and an english class next year, but there are so many other AP courses and science courses that I really wanted to take. Here is the thought process I have going on:

AP Statistics- I know for a fact that this class is very boring, but I also know for a fact that this class is very easy- My sister. To be honest this is just one of those courses where I only want to take it for the "AP" title in front of it, good for college. 

AP Bio/AP Bio Lab- If I take AP Bio I have to take a lab course along with it, which takes up two whole periods for the whole year. I don't have too much of an issue with that. I liked Bio last year, but that was just Bio Honors, and I know that AP is completely different, and I don't know if I would want to go back to Bio after a whole year of not taking it.

AP Chem/Chem Lab- Same first issue as taking AP Bio, I have to take a lab course along with it, which takes up two whole periods for the whole year. I have a really hard time with chemistry this year, and that is just honors. So obviously that makes me not want to take it. The only thing keeping it as a possibility is that I am really interested in Chemistry, I just have a very hard time understanding it.

AP Environmental Science- I definitely think I want to take this. Good subject, Good teacher. There really isn't anything that I have to say for this one. 90% yes.

AP Physics- The people who are in AP physics right now are telling me that it is an absolute no to take AP Physics. To be honest, I hated IPW freshman year, and that wasn't even real physics. But a lot of physics is algebra, and I had an awful understanding of algebra my freshman year. I have a pretty good understanding of algebra now, so maybe physics would be slightly easier for me. I don't know, I might just be making things up.

Anatomy & Physiology Honors- I would be really interested in taking this course, but this is a course that I would take out of enjoyment, and I do not know if I would have the room for this. It is not a top priority. But, I would really want to take it.

and then AP Zoology- I am overall just really interested in this course

Looking back at this post, this was really just something that I wanted to do to work out my thought process. My thoughts are stupid, but I have it down now.



The man who went the longest without sleep on record went without sleep for a little longer than eleven days.  I'm not particularly sure what his name was but I know he wasn't much older than me (18 around probably) and he experiment was coordinated by the U.S. government for use in war among soldiers.  It's too bad that a lot of scientific achievement comes solely from use in war, like the nuclear bomb.  I'm sure that someone in history has gone longer without sleep but this was recorded and I think that you could watch the video online if you looked hard enough.  There's some really interesting things about the experiment that stick out to me among other things, though.  By far the most interesting thing was that on the eleventh day he was asked to count down from 100 in increments of 7, and he got to 65 (I'm surprised he got that far!) but when he got there, he told the research team that he did not remember what he was doing at all.  So one could assume short term memory is fried at that point.  I've also heard that pepsin, which is the chemical that regulates hunger, effectively shuts off and you typically can't tell when you're full or not full.  I speculated that it would mess with all different kinds of hormones, but sleep deprivation messing with hunger seemed a bit too unrelated.  Goes to show just how important sleep is to the body, mentally and physically.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Road Trip to Washington

About two weeks ago, my aunt (not my real aunt) texted me about going to the Women's March on Washington.  She thought that if her and I worked together we would be able to convince my mom to go.  At the time I had no idea what it even was so I quickly looked it up.  I discovered that the march was an anti-trump rally, but that it was a lot more than that.  It was to take place the day after his inauguration to stand up for the rights of all minorities, not just women.  As soon as I knew what it was, I was set on going.  It was right up my alley!  I pestered my mom for days trying to convince her to go.  She was concerned about the whole thing, but eventually gave in.  We booked a night in a run down motel, but as we would only be sleeping there for three hours before we marched, it wasn't a big deal.  The day before the march my aunt, her cousin. my mom, and I made the road trip to D.C.  We arrived at our motel at three in the morning and slept for about three hours before we had to wake up.  We were meeting my Aunt's parents to catch the metro to the city.  The only problem was her parents had gotten metro tickets the day before in anticipation of the line that would be there today, but they had only gotten four because they hadn't known we were coming.  The line waiting to get tickets was just about the longest line I had ever seen, it would have taken us hours to wait if it weren't for Jen, my aunt's cousin, buying one ticket off of a scalper and my aunt befriending another person and asking them to let us slip in line in front of them.  The ride on the metro took forever because at every station marchers tried to board despite the obvious lack of room.  It took about two hours to get into the city.  If it had been for any other reason I would have been annoyed about the line for metro tickets and the long ride on the metro, but I couldn't help but feel ecstatic over the turn out of women.  The march itself was the best day of my whole life.  I had never seen so many people in one place at one time.  My aunt's mom said it was like Woodstock, which she had been to, in the way that you never expected so many people to show up, but they did.  I have never felt so happy and in my element.  Everyone was personable and you didn't have to worry about what you said to them because you knew they were all like-minded.  The best part of the whole trip would have to be our stop at a rest area in Maryland on the way home.  I had been to this rest area many times before on trips to North Carolina, but I had never seen so many people.  There had to be hundreds of marchers all on their way home.  Since the line for the women's bathroom was so long, all the women collectively decided to take over the men's room, confusing the men quite a bit.  Overall, the Women's March on Washington was the best day of my life and I am honored to have been able to spend it with the most important women in my life.

We're Almost Done-Rotation 16

I was sitting at home thinking, and when I think too much I loath all that I have coming up and how time consuming everything is, but this time I decided to think about everything that I have coming up that I will enjoy doing and it got me excited. Here's a list of what I have coming up;
1. February Break- If you think about it, we really only have three more weeks until February break and then we get a whole week off! February is one of the coldest months of the year, so I always sit in front of the television and watch Netflix basically all week, some people go on vacation, others work. There isn't much to do in the winter here, which is why February break is the perfect week to just relax and get ready for spring! This February break I will be going to Camp Sunshine with some of my friends from Key Club. Here we will bond with children with life threatening illnesses and their families to make them a little bit happier during their tough, stressful lives. 
2. DECON- From March 31-April 2, 2017 I will be attending DECON with some of my classmates and friends. This is a leadership conference for Key Club International and Kiwanis Clubs. This DECON is extra special to me because this is the conference where I will get sworn in as Lt. Governor of Key Club Division 20 which I could not be more thrilled about. 
3. April Break- After February break we have two short months until we get another break! April break is one of my favorite breaks because there is so much more to do this week than the week in February that we get off. It's warmer out and there is much more to do for fun. Personally, April break is my favorite because this is usually right around the time that spring soccer starts up, which I love because I don't like going the whole winter without playing. This is also a good time to go on a vacation. Last April break I went to Norway, Sweden and Finland with some friends and classmates.
4. Summer- Last, but not least, summer break! Now that midterms are over, we're on the second stretch before summer vacation is actually here. There are less than five more months of school, we've already gotten through five months and, in my opinion, it flew by. We'll be done before you know it. Summer is great because the stress of Junior/Sophomore year will be over and for most of you (not me), you will be getting ready for what is supposed to be the best year of your lives! For me, summer is all about traveling and exploring new places. Last summer I went on numerous hikes, a few to very beautiful waterfalls. I ventured into parts of Georgia and New Hampshire, each with very unique climates and landscapes. 

January Favorites

Because January is beginning to come to an end, why not be nostalgic and reminisce about some of my favorite things that occurred and the things I did.

To Watch
I’ve been watching a ton of miscellaneous Youtube channels which can lead to hours of procrastination and questioning where the time has gone.  One of my favorites has been the inspiring videographer Casey Neistat.

People of Earth- This television series that I just started watching (So if you’ve watched it please do not spoil it for me!!!!) is supppeerrrr CoOL!!  To give you a jist of the story without spoiling it here's the description: “Journalist Ozzie Graham is skeptical when he investigates a support group for oddballs who think they have been abducted by aliens -- yet the more he learns, the more confused, intrigued, and seduced he becomes.”  Like, c’mon how awesome does this show sound… The main character's name is Ozzie how sick is that.

Image result for people of earth
To Read
Unfortunately due to the amount of studying and schoolwork, I have lost the opportunity to read books that I would personally enjoy to read.  Although I do read some blogs here and there to spur interest and loss of being bored.  One that I read is called “The Messy Heads” which was the essential inspiration to write this blog. :) It consists of a girl named Emma and her crazy artistic life in New York City, riding her skateboard to cute coffee shops and having the opportunity to travel the world with her closest pals.  True inspo, like how rad.
To Wear
I have discovered an eclectic style in which I like the 70’s and 90’s.  One thing on my bucket list is to go thrift shopping.  If you are into that and need a pal, I will totally go. LOL.  Above are a couple cool outfits I saw on the web and thought it was totally cool, from graphic tees and doc martins, to an oversized sweater and boyfriends jeans, to jean jackets and body modification jewelry is totally awesome, and such a unique way to express yourself.  Because YOLO!  You only live once!  Express yourself with your style and don't be afraid!  
To Eat
Spaghetti Squash- Once of my favorite things to eat recently is spaghetti squash, it's soo good.  My family and I eat italian most Sunday’s and I think spaghetti squash is such a great alternative to pasta.  It has such a great flavor as well as not being as heavy as the carb of pasta.

Lucky Charms- Best thing to be the newest addition of being Gluten Free, heck yes.

Stuffed Peppers- Yum!  Stuffed Peppers are such a calm and relaxing food with the rice and veggies.  Love it.

Sweet Potato and Cinnamon- Ooooh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, it's like having dessert for dinner. ;)
To Listen
If you need a new playlist of music, here are a few new songs I discovered that were pretty neat:
Walrus - D.D Dumbo
Norway - The Paper Tigers
03/12/2015 00:16 AM - The Bulletproof Bomb
Haunt me - Teen Suicide
Notion - The Rare Occasions
Overbored - Babygirl
Egg - The Garden
Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear
The Art School Kids - Slow Hollows
Weird Honey - Elvis Depressedly
What Once Was - Her’s
Lion - Deco Pilot
Drivers - Nick Leng

Overall I think that this January was a pretty good month, and start to the new year.  Let’s continue living, and not regretting anything. :)  Enjoy a look into some of my faves :P

Monday, January 23, 2017

Blog 16

My favorite poem is Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost. What this poem is about is a loss of innocence. The innocence is represented by the gold in the poem and Frost is saying that it will eventually leave. We lose innocence every day in simple events, such as your first kiss or the first time you walk. Loss of innocence is also a major theme in the book “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. In this book Holden Caulfield, the main character, imagines himself as a man in a field of rye keeping the kids that are playing in the rye from falling off of a cliff that is at the edge of a rye field. The cliff represents adulthood and Holden is trying to protect the children's innocence by not letting them fall off of the cliff. In my opinion loss of innocence is a part of life and there is no way of preventing it from happening.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The City

      I've pictured myself living in the city plenty of times, mostly because I want to live in a place exciting and not feel out of the loop. But I've been to New York and Boston... and I don't think I can do it guys.
      I'm very scared of germs, always have travel germ-x with me, I'll do everything I can to not touch doorknobs, if I drop a pencil that thing is being doused in germ-x, and if I shake hands with someone I'll immediately after germ-x my hands, not because they are a dirty person or anything, the problem lies with me. And I've accepted it, I'm at peace being neurotic about well, being clean. And that just won't cut it in the city. The first time I sat in a taxi all I could think about was how many people have sat in the seats, touched the Plexiglas, it was all overwhelming. Not to mention the taxi driver drove like a maniac and never stopped yelling at cars. I continually gave my dad pointed looks to let him know non verbally how much I hated it. And once I got out of the taxi I started patting myself off, and my dad looked at me and said, "you wouldn't last a day in the city if you're scared of taxis" and you know what? He's completely right. I could always wear gloves wherever I go, but I don't think I could handle the weird looks I'd get, and when the gloves get dirty I'd have to clean them every night... that's a lot of work.
        Also I'm like, not okay with people staring at me or yelling things at me while I'm walking down the street. I think I have a pretty menacing-walking face, ask anyone who's seen me walking in the hallways at school. But that doesn't stop anyone from cat-calling, and I'd feel very uncomfortable and if that was a daily occurrence...
         Maybe I'd become immune to taxis, less neurotic about keeping clean, and tune people out on the street... but for now I don't see that happening. For now I see myself living in Connecticut, I hear it's a pretty cool place.

You don't have to be good at everything.

I can't count the amount of times I've beaten myself up over something I'm not good at. I rationalize it in my head as, "well that person is better at it, what's my excuse?". But that's not healthy, and it's not something I should let bother me to the point where I'm obsessive.
This happens a lot with school for example, I compare myself with everyone, and I attribute my worth as a person to my grades. With some of my classes, I can study for hours, stay after school every day, and still not do well. If I'm putting the effort in, why are the results not showing? The short answer I'd give myself; because you're not smart, and you're a bad test taker, so fix it. Imagine hearing those same words from someone else, it'd crush you and make you feel horrible... so why say it to yourself? If I know I'm trying my best why am I still so brutal to myself? 
It's not a bad thing to put effort into something, not at all. And I put a lot of effort into my grades so I learn, and so that I can get into a good college. But if along the way I'm giving myself the worst time over things I can't control, then none of it will be worth it. All I can do is accept what I'm capable of, and deal with the things I'm not the best at. Luckily what I wish to pursue when I'm older is something I'm good at, and the things I will do when I'm older will not be affected by a few test grades. 
So guys, if you care about your grades, that's great. If you put a lot of effort into getting good grades, fabulous. If you start berating yourself over not getting the grades you want, and are letting it affect your physical and mental health, please please don't. Don't let it get to that point.


 In astronomy, Terrell Matthews tried out the knee reflex thing on my knees. My knees did not move as they were suppose to. It’s like the thing in the doctors office when they have a hammer and they test out your reflexes. I think I have no reflexes. Paige had reflexes, her knees went very far out. I do not know why, I hope there isn’t something wrong with me. Navarro keeps saying very rude comments to me, I don’t appreciate it. I also don’t do much work in his class either so I kind of deserve it. He’s a funny guy though but I am not a big fan of his class.

Junior Year

So far this has been the most stressful school in my whole life, only being half over. I am still getting the grades I want but they are coming with a much higher price, staying up for hours after midnight doing work just to get somewhat caught up, and then trying to be an active leaner the next day. I guess that is the price when you're a student athlete of three varsity sports. My mom doesn't understand the stress I am under or even notice how late I stay p every night to get the grades she so badly needs me to get. As long I get those A's, who cares right? I never thought high school could be this stressful, especially when they say college is even more stressful. This makes me feel less encouraged to go, having to put in eight more years after  I graduate just to accomplish the career I want to be in. I guess the good part is, junior year is half over and I am doing pretty good so far. Lets just hope the rest of the year is somewhat less stressful and not full of procrastination.

Friday, January 20, 2017

A Girl And Her Dog
I still remember the day I had found out we were getting a puppy, I was filled with excitement and fear at the same time.  It just so happens that before this puppy I had been scared of dogs my whole life.  This puppy was Bailey.  Bailey was a rambunctious, cuddly, and mischievous puppy.  His favorite victims were carpet strings, dryer sheets, toilet paper, socks, and basically anything within his small 1 foot reach.  There had never been any dog filled with so much happiness and life.  No other dog would let you dress them up in pants and a shirt and place them on a skateboard, or have picnics outside, or paw you just to have your hand.  Everyday after school I would see his little head pop up in the window waiting for me as I got off the bus.  Years and memories flashed by with Bailey, I had experienced more slobbery kisses, loud barks, begging, and cuddles than any other human.  Until one day the devastating news came that Bailey had become sick, but oh boy did the doctors underestimate his strength because Bailey lived almost a whole year longer than they had said.  Anyone that owns a dog knows much a part of the family they truly are, and if you do not understand that then I feel bad because you have not experienced the true joy that is a dog.  Although that little head is no longer there to greet me i know I made a friend for life and learned a love I did not know possible.   
Just Travel
Living for only sixteen years I still have so much to experience and learn.  There is one thing thing I know for sure, life is way too short not to see everything this world has to offer.  In the short time I have been on this earth have had made more unforgettable memories than some people make in a lifetime.  There truly is no other feeling that compares to arriving  in a completely new place, with new people, new culture, and new life. I have experienced China, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, and I know that list will only get longer.  So yes go out and ride a gondola in Venice or bargain in a Chinese market for cheap chopsticks.  Try the scary food, and make friends from across the world.  Learn about life in different parts of the world and walk the grounds of the same places you read about in your history class.  Twirl around in a big crazy dress and learn new words you do not understand.  For true fear has not been experienced until you have driven with a European.  Although my camera holds thousands of pictures my mind holds more, and that is something I will cherish forever. So just travel…
                                                                                                                    -Kylie Enos      

Monday, January 16, 2017

Harry Potter

Harry Potter. Both the book and movies are at the top of my favorites list. I spend hours every weekend watching and then re-watching all of the movies. Only recently have I become as obsessed with them as I used too. When I was in 4th or 5th grade I first found the books, I fell in love with them, I them watched all the movies and fell in love with those. The next year I received the box set of the books and movies for Christmas. All I did for the next couple months was read the book watch the movie, read the book watch the movie, all the time. As of recently, I have become obsessed again, every weekend I spend my time watching the movies. Starting yesterday, I found my set of book and decided I was going to reread them. I'm about halfway through the first book and there even better then I remember. If you haven't read the books or seen the movies, I know you would love them, they're amazing.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Catchin' some L's- Rotation #14

Midterms. Midterms. Midterms. My favorite.
Please note the sarcasm.
Period 1- Calculus. I don't really think that I have to go into detail about how poorly I'm going to do on this midterm, like maybe a 60%... Maybe. L
Period 2- Gym. Probably the only win I'm gonna take next week. W
Period 3- Chemistry. Why chemistry, why? I can barely remember all of the information for each quiz based off of 3 classes worth of lessons, how am I supposed to remember everything from the past 4 and a half months??? It's not gonna happen. LLL
Period 4- Spanish. Every single day I ask myself why I decided that it would be a marvelous idea to take Spanish 4. I don't know why I do these things to myself. L (if there was a special spanish letter that looked like an L I would use it right now but there isn't. It's the thought that counts).
Period 5- History- Someone was talking to me today about a test they missed in history from two classes ago and they asked me what was on the test and I honestly couldn't remember anything besides the fact that there's a guy named "Father Charles Coughlin" and he was a radio priest. L
Period 6- Business Principles. I hate DECA, I hate business. Thankfully in this class we're doing a project and it's not actually a test, but I have to have 10 modules and role plays done by Friday and I just started my 5th :))))))))))))). L
Period 7- SAT Prep. I failed almost every quiz I did on engenuity the first time, so i'm def gonna fail this midterm. #L
Period 8- English. If I can actually finally get all my emperor notes done, then maybe. #SomewhatLSomewhatW

But all jokes aside, I think that all of the hard work from taking harder classes will pay off in the long run. Even if I'm not going to use calculus when I'm older and even if I were to be put in a situation where the only language people around me could speak Spanish I would only be able to say food and house vocabulary, I think that taking these courses now is for the better. It gives me a sense of achievement. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

End of Term Worries- Rotation 14

Now I have always been a straight A student... at least that was until this year. I chose to take some of the most difficult classes in the school and I'm not sure if I'm regretting it or not. Although I like that I'm challenging myself, I worry that including these classes, I've taken on too much responsibility this year. When I began to feel overwhelmed in the beginning of the year, I decided that I wasn't going to be someone that got too stressed and pulled all-nighters just to try to keep up. I didn't want to possibly damage my mental health. I chose to just try the best that I could and accept the outcomes. So far I'm pretty proud of how I'm doing and will just keep on trying my best.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2.38- Rotation 14

Jarred really doesn’t like Spanish class. Rather than paying attention to the lesson Ms. Ohman was teaching, he decided to do the water bottle challenge. Mckenna bet him that he couldn’t do it, but Jarred doesn’t take no for an answer. Jarred’s friend Jason recorded it for the rest of us to watch. It took him 2.38 seconds to completely drink an entire bottle of water. We saw a video on the internet once of a boy chugging an entire bottle of water in one second. Jarred is trying to beat his time. In order to get the best time, you’re supposed to push the bottom of the water bottle into your face so that it folds. This causes the water to not have anywhere to go but into your mouth and down your throat, causing you to be able to drink the water in as little time as possible.

Pineapples- Rotation #14

I asked Cienne to say the first word that comes to her head, and it was pineapples.
I like pineapples, they taste pretty good. But they're definitely that food that I can only eat so much of before I feel sick or gross. Like they make the roof of my mouth hurt after two pineapple chunks. I wish that the acid didn't hurt my mouth, because then I would eat a lot more pineapple. I also feel the same way for kiwi. Kiwi is very good but its so messy and then it burns a little and its no longer a fun time even though the flavor is good. But, I love honey dew and cantaloupe, I could eat those for the rest of my life and have no problems or complaints whatsoever.
I don't have much time but I really enjoy reading, here is a list of books that I want to read once I find the time:
1.My Sisters keeper 
2.Where She Went
3.Of Mice and Men
4.Me Before You
5.Eleanor and Park
6.The Perks of Being a Wallflower
7.Before I Fall
8.Code Name Verity
9.Crash and Burn
10.If You Come Softly
11.The Hate List
13.Everybody Sees the Ants
14.Gone, Gone, Gone
16.A Walk to Remember 
17.Message in a Bottle
18.The Host
19.A Great and Terrible Beauty
20.The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
21.Tiger Lily
22.One Day
23.The Program

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I think that my favorite movie ever made is probably fight club, and it wouldn't surprise me if I read the book and it turned out that I also enjoyed it.  However, I think that it would be really hard for the book to beat the movie, and it might be one of those rare instances where the book is actually worse than the movie (doesn't happen very often).  Anyway, the general plot is that there is an insomniac who is also depressed who finds a friend, and the movie explores their general exploits together, which, as you guessed, starts with them starting a fight club.  To be honest, by the title, I didn't think I would be interested.  Like, guys beating each other up can only be interesting for so long, but the whole notion of a fight club becomes really minuscule in comparison to everything else.  It's also one of the best if not the best examples of the unreliable narrator trope, and the end of the movie really makes you wonder, like inception for anyone who has seen that.  Anyway, if you're into psychological movies that make you really think about the reality of things, I think you'd enjoy fight club.  Actually, even if you couldn't care less about the reality of things, you would probably like it too.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The weekend

This weekend there was a big snow storm,  I was upset because the storm started Friday night. I wish it started Friday day so school got canceled. When it actually started snowing a lot I was shocked because I thought it was only going to be five inches, but it ended up being eighteen. I was upset again because I wanted it to snow all day Sunday too so we had no school on Monday(Today) but of course that didn't happen. I ended up doing a lot of homework over the weekend, surprisingly. I only did it because I was so bored though, if I was busy I wouldn't have done it. I just wish it was summer again so I could be at the beach with my friends and just doing fun things. Instead we are stuck inside.

Why are you scared?

Just another typical day at school… trying to make my way to success and not trying to worry.  Stop crying your heart out to classes which endure struggles yet provide you knowledge that we might take for granted… Life is certainly way too short and unpredictable.  Proof to a lively neighbor who fell asleep to her unknowingly death beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined.  Say it loud and sing it out; just let it be.  Everything that has been has passed.  Despite irritating moments or difficult tasks there are no immediate resolutions to your hope of success, you must take that extra leap, or treacherous journey but you must know that hard work pays off.  Above all believe in yourself, because all we know for sure is we do not know what is going to come next.  Never let your mind belittle your expectations, let it keep growing.
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Today's blog post is going to be a little different today I guess I am just gonna write about my thoughts about Marvel and some story's I have. I guess it's sort of a rant, but I need to get this off my chest.The other day I was reading an article and when someone was rating the Top Ten Marvel Movies of 2016. Now find it I love Marvel I think they always have a blockbuster whenever they release a novel, and I just can't get enough of them. Now I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I think some people just should think a little more before they voice their opinion. This article is just the case. The people who created this list put Guardians of the Galaxy as the #1 Marvel movie in 2016. Now that I'm gonna have to disagree with considering that the latest Captain America movie came out, Civil War. That movie, in my opinion, was much better that Guardians of the Galaxy movie do not that either of these movies were bad I just think that overall with every factor considered it was a much better movie. Further on that subject that really grinds my gears is that this movie didn't even crack the Top 3 it was #4 on the list.  This really aggravates me because I have heard and many people's opinion that this movie was more talked about than Guardians of the Galaxy. I Just think they should have had a more integrated more people's opinion before they made the list. 

      I think that penguins are some of the coolest animals around, and I have a hard time believing that people don't like them.  Like, what other animals can just slide down mountains on their stomach? The answer is pretty much none (if not none, but there's a lot of animals so I don't feel qualified to say that they're the only ones).  Needless to say, I think they're my favorite animal, mostly because they slide everywhere, but also because their bodies are made so uniquely in comparison to other animals.  Think about this. If you saw a penguin in regular climate and knew nothing about penguins, it probably wouldn't be that weird.  The point I'm trying to make is that penguins just don't particularly look like they can survive the sub zero temperatures that they do live in.  In Planet Earth 2, there was an island that had thousands of penguins who swam in the ocean to catch fish for days.  Is there anything these animals can't do?  Well, I suppose that they can't fly.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Childhood TV Show Throwback: A Trip Down Memory Lane

I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the abundance of children shows that have n entertained us growing up. I admit that I would watch any of these right now with no regrets. As a little one, I enjoyed the Backyardigans, Dora the Explorer, LazyTown (yes, with Sportacus and Robbie Rotten), Max and Ruby, Oswald, Little Bear, and Franklin. My top cartoons were no doubt Spongebob Squarepants, Rugrats, Danny Phantom, Fairly Oddparents, and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron. I liked Kim Possible and the Proud Family from Disney. I have faint memories of watching Cat-Dog, the Wild Thornberry’s, and Hey Arnold!

As I got older, I became addicted to Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Big Time Rush, House of Anubis, H2o Just Add Water, and Victorious. As you can tell, I was a hardcore Nickelodeon girl.  I am sure that many of you reading this have enjoyed many of these shows as well. What has happened to the quality of children shows recently? I see my younger brothers watching newly created shows like The Loud House or the Breadwinners and I cannot help but think to myself, “I pity younger kids who have to grow up watching stupid shows like these!” We were so fortunate growing up with shows like iCarly and Spongebob. Many of these shows were shows that even our parents could watch with genuine interest and laugh out loud. What were some of your favorite shows growing up?

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why Severus Snape is the most underrated Harry Potter character

 Snape's appreciation in the books does not go unnoticed, however I feel that he is still looked over. In many instances I feel that people always feel the hero of the entire story of Harry Potter, is Harry. The other popular opinions for favorite characters (in my personal experience) are characters like Sirius, Lupin, Neville, Ron, Hermoine, Dumbledore, etc (and the occasional person with a love for the villain; whom it is most often Lucius Malfoy, or Bellatrix). In my opinion, these characters, indeed are great, but I feel that Snape is overlooked. I understand that he is not a perfect wizard with a squeaky clean past, but he understands that, and as his character develops and we, as readers learn more about his past, the more you understand him as a character. Helplessly falling in love with someone who loves someone else must have been hard enough, let alone having the person they fall in love with being one of your arch nemesis, and person that makes your life miserable by incessant bullying and humiliation. I love the Marauders, but I feel for Snape in this situation. Not to even get into his works with Voldemort, he has had it pretty rough. And to top if off his love dies at the hand of his-then-master? No wonder he appears miserable, and no wonder he resents Harry in his own way. Despite everything, Snape still has Harry's best interest at heart. As a reader, I gained respect for Snape throughout each story, every little bump in the road, as the story continued to unfold, book after book. It wasn't until the Half Blood Prince that I had made my final decision that he was my favorite character in the series. He is complex and has a dark past, but despite that, he still was, in my opinion, one of the bravest characters in the books. I absolutely loved that Harry named one of his kids after him. It was a great and honorable tribute.

The Ladies Home Journal

A few weeks ago I came across a picture at a flea market of one of the first covers of the Ladies Home Journal.  After sitting in my room for weeks, waiting for me to hang it up, I finally picked the perfect spot on my wall for the picture.  I decided that since this picture was now hanging on my wall and I would be seeing it everyday, I should probably learn a little something about the magazine.  So, I promptly did some research.  Apparently the magazine has been around since 1883 and was one of the Seven Sister's, which was a group of female oriented magazines.  Cyrus Curtis owned the magazine, but his wife, Louisa, actually wrote for it and became the editor.  In 1903, it became the first American magazine to reach one million subscribers.  This magazine was written by women and served as a voice for women.  The magazine was affiliated with various feminist activities and became one of the leading female magazines of the 20th century.  The magazine, although not as prominent as it once was, is still around today.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Captain Fantastic

An amazing movie, I encourage everyone to see. I first found out about this movie when my friend from Florida sent me the link to the trailer. I instantly needed to see it. We went to see this movie at the Cable Car Cinema in Providence. I was instantly obsessed and I knew I needed it on DVD as soon as it came out. Viggo Mortensen plays a dad with seven children, who live in the woods. Their mother dies and they struggle to have her cremated of  under he will, but her religious family believes different. Her family struggles to accept their way of living, believing it's not best for their kids. I believe this movie isn't about the death of the mother it's about accepting that the way Mortensen's family lives is just the same/better than the normal stereotypical way of growing up. In the end both families learn the way they live isn't the only way. This a truly a "Fantastic" movie and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Three Goals I Have for Myself

        As I've grown older, I have noticed that my goals in life have changed drastically. It is quite odd to think that the goals I had freshman years differ completely from the goals I have now. When I first entered high school, I was hellbent on receiving the best grades possible. I spent most of my time stressing over the assignments I had for each class. Last year was similar but I was not as disappointed when I did not do well. Over the course of this year, I realized something. My happiness is much more important than the grade I received on that one chemistry test. I would rather focus on my mental health than stress over school. Don't get me wrong, I will still strive to do my best but in no way will I drown in work. It is much more important to spend time with loved ones and actually experience life. Rather than solely focusing on my education, I have realized there is so much more to life.

Five Countries I Hope to Visit

There are many countries that I desire to visit, although I definitely have a top five. The first country I hope to vacation to is Portugal. This is because my mother was born there and I would love to visit where she was born. My mother's parents lived in the Azores, which is a string of islands off of Portugal, and it'd be amazing to travel to each of them. I would also love to go to Greece if the opportunity arose. As a child, I absolutely loved Greek mythology and everything about their culture. I would definitely visit Athens and Delphi. Along with Portugal and Greece, I'd also like to travel to France. This would mainly be to visit Paris, cliche I know, but I've heard it is beautiful. The Eiffel Tower would definitely be a priority but I'd love to visit the small towns and such. The fourth country I'd like to visit would be Ireland. I've heard many things about Ireland and it'd be amazing to go there. I'd like to travel to both rural and urban parts of the country to observe as much as possible. The last country I'd absolutely move to vacation at is Italy. My cousin is visiting Italy this summer and I'm absolutely jealous. It is beautiful there and I would love to see Rome and Florence. Hopefully I'll be able to visit all of these countries eventually.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Winter Vacation

        Attending school after a vacation is always dreadful. The time during vacation is specifically for lounging around, at least for me, and returning to school ruins it. It is not only uncomfortable to wake up at ungodly hours of the morning but inconvenient. I lose precious hours of sleep to attend school and it's heartbreaking. Although I am glad to see my friends, as I was a total hermit during vacation, I'd still rather not be in school. Since this vacation has passed, I am now looking towards the next one. There are almost two months before February vacation but I'll definitely be counting down the days. I understand that education is significant to my future but what can I say I'm a complainer. Not to mention, junior year is extremely stressful and I spend more time doing homework than sleeping. But hey, it will pay off once I graduate high school and leave for college (hopefully).      

Are You Happy?

Bo Burnam's comedy special "Make Happy" asks the overarching question "Are You Happy?" Ever since watching that special I ask myself that question a lot. Am I really happy? Am I doing what makes me happy? The answer to those questions can be found in my piles of homework, tears of stress, empty Advil bottles in my trashcan that are the result from my headaches, stack of college interest letters and pamphlets on my desk, my messy room, and the bags under my eyes.
Any vacation I get is a blessing, even if it's a 'mental health day' that I take off from school. Over this past vacation I was in Driver's Ed every morning of the weekday from 8am-2:30pm, then I got home at 3, ate some food and got dressed for work at 3:45pm-9/9:30pm. Except on Monday when I was terribly sick and Tuesday when I took time to actually enjoy myself. Then on the weekend I worked again 1:45pm-9/9:30pm, I even worked 1:45pm-9:30pm on CHRISTMAS EVE. While my family was enjoying each other's company: doing a Yankee swap and eating cacoila, I was cleaning a filthy arcade from top to bottom. On New Year's Day I had to scan tickets, which I've never done before and not supposed to do, and some woman had a Groupon, which I cannot scan, so I told her politely that she needs to go to guest services and when she told me that she was just there and they sent her to me, I apologized and said that I was told to send anyone with a Groupon to guest services. She had some choice words to say to me, and me being a person that does not take anger, insults, or stress very well, I started to struggle fighting back my tears but I had to keep the line moving. With each ticket I scanned I had to wipe another tear away and hold the rest back so I didn't have a complete break down in front of a crowd of people. I couldn't remember to just breath, I kept trying but it was like each time I inhaled a breath I took all of the tickets I was scanning with it and kept chocking more and more with each little breath.  Once I thought I had held it all back people started to go past me straight into the park, I kept trying to breathe slowly and push it all back down where it came from and keep scanning tickets. The line crowd diminished, and I wiped away the tear remaining under my eye, then my manager came over and looked at my red eyes and asked "Are you ok? Do you need a break?" Through my cracking voice and hot tears rolling down my face I muttered the words "Yes, I'm sorry." and went as fast as I could without drawing attention to find some place where I could be alone. I went to the gazebo on the top of the hill and took many deep breathes and whispered to myself "Just breathe. You're okay, everything is okay. You cannot do this. You can't just cry. Get yourself together. You're okay." until I believed it. I took another deep breathe and started back down the hill. But with all of that, combined with hitting my head every time I had to climb up the jungle gym to save a kid, sometimes being surrounded by the stench of cigarettes and weed, being so cold I couldn't feel my toes, fingers, or nose, and having my break forgotten and being left with cold scraps, never made me question whether or not I was happy, I just knew that I was no matter what the world had to throw in my face. But on my first day back in school, I've been questioning it since second period.
"Remember to just breathe. You're okay, everything is okay. You cannot just sit here and cry, you have to keep pushing through your headache, your confusion, your crippling stress and just do the work. You can't just cry. Get yourself together. You're okay." As I play this on a constant loop in my head, I hope with everything I have that I can believe it. "Don't show them you're broken. You can handle this, take some Advil and take a breath. Calm down."

Weekly Meme Review: Google's "Scream" Adverts

This week I will be taking a look at the Google Screaming Ads meme. This meme traces its origins to November of 2016, when the technological giant, Google, rolled out a series of new ads before YouTube videos to promote both popular films and shows, as well as their own search engine. They made advertisements for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story, the Netflix original Stranger Things, and other such works. The ads were relatively short, usually no more than fifteen seconds, which featured a repeating short clip of the film/show with google's search for the cast or showtimes overlayed onto the clip. While the phrases themselves were often cringey enough to gain meme popularity, with gems such as: "When someone tries to test your fandom", and, "When you want to be best friends with the cast," that wasn't what made the ads so memeable. The true annoyance came from two main factors. The first is the absolutely obnoxious music that goes along with it, which is much less like music, and more like screaming. It is earpiercingly bad, and is the first ad that genuinely made me hate it after the first couple times. The second is that it was generally unskippable, requiring the full 15 seconds of ear-destroying screams to play before the video loaded.
After a month of these ads, people finally started to get fed up with them, and began to make extreme parodies. In the week following Christmas of 2016, they slowly started to pop up, gaining full popularity in the days right before and after the New Year. The memes follow one of two templates. Either the ad itself is parodied, with a clip of something else usually stupid or offensive in the exact same style as the main ad, or the screaming music is overlayed onto another scream from something else, such as the Drill Instructor in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. This meme is a good meme, it was not forced. That is, it was not created to be a meme. Unlike some older memes, such as Biggie Cheese, the meme developed from a common, repeating event that almost everyone in the community had experienced. These memes are the quality memes, as they resonate with many people, and turn an annoyance into something to laugh about. I'll never look at the Google ads and hate them with the same passion I did before.
 This meme is not perfect though. Already it is becoming mocked and ironic. Unfortunately, the format of the meme is pretty limiting, and there's not much that can be done with it before it gets repetitive. Because of this, my forecast is that the meme will not have a long lifespan. It will most likely die out in the next couple weeks. My rating for this week's meme is 7/10, it is no doubt a quality meme. But, like mentioned above, it is limiting and repetitive after a few viewings of these memes. It will not become a legendary meme, like some of the giants of 2016. In conclusion, if you have ever seen these Google ads and heard their destructive power, you will find these memes great for a couple days. It is a solid meme with not much life left in it.

Monday, January 2, 2017


This vacation I did a lot of nothing. I went to minis house to attempt to do some homework but we ended up just talking the entire time. I basically got nothing done this vacation, and mini didn't really either. I think I did a little bit more then her. New years was pretty fun, I think I broke my toe. I'm really clumsy so I fell a bunch of times. We had fun though. My mom lost my passport, and then yelled at me for losing it, when really I never even had it in the first place. She made me clean out my entire room to go look for it, and i told her it was gone and she got mad. That was basically how my vacation went. I dont want to go back to school, I just want a snow day for the rest of the year.


Ya know, I think meditating is such a cool thing to do to relax you and really focus you. I have done it a few times, as I have done with yoga, but I feel like I never really have enough time (or quiet) to fully get into it. I need to make time though, because my life is so crazy all the time, its good to relax every once in a while. I feel like everyone should have some time to themselves at least once a week, and if you dont usually get that (like me) you should really try to make some time. School is difficult, its a lot of work, plus a lot of people have things afterschool like clubs, sports, and work. Its draining. Us kids nowadays do a lot more than past generations, and i feel its important to relax.
Maybe there should be a meditation club or something, but who really has time for that anyway?


It is Monday afternoon, the last day of this wonderful vacation. although it has gone by really quickly, it was still a whole lot of fun. I got to see family and friends throughout this whole vacation, which is whats really important. I got some cool stuff, and ate a ton of awesome food. It was also a much-needed break from school. Everyone is feeling the stress of junior year, and its hard but we got this. It is also zooming by really quick, we are already almost halfway done. 
So it may be the last day of vacation, i may be scrambling to get all of my homework for my classes done, and i may have no time for relaxing at all tonight, but it was a good vacation and im so happy we had this break.

Will Killer Robots be a thing in 2017?

Suggestions like this have been going on for awhile, but this is one of the first times that the UN will be taking the conversation seriously. At the International Convention on Conventional Weapons in Geneva , 123 participating nations voted to have this discussion on "lethal autonomous weapons systems", and the potential dangers of ever utilizing A.I. weapons. These 'killer robots' would be controlled by artificial intelligence that can attack without any need of human intervention. So, any conversation that's been had before about the pros and cons of killer robots, this is the biggest conversation ever; and it's on the cons of killer robots.

This is the most recent affair in an ongoing petition for a ban against A.I. technology. Last year, a coalition of more than 1,000 scientists and industry leaders, including Elon Musk and representatives of Google and Microsoft signed an official letter with the ban against A.L., straight to the U.N. Although, this discussion may be coming a bit late. There's already been rumors of experimentation with A.L. technology in places like China, Russia, Israel, and yup you guessed it: the U.S. And based on army size, the U.S. is said to be exploring more options in A.L., having technology in the air, water, and ground. 

Now, when you picture what we would call a 'killer robot' you might see something from the Terminator. 
Image result for terminator killer robot
 I wish I had actual pictures of what the killer robots would look like, but no nations thus far have released any photos that can be proven as A.I. lethal weapons. But, in my honest opinion I don't think they will look like the robot from the Terminator. I assume that they will be made to look more discrete. After all, you wouldn't want to tip off your enemy with something flashy. (I would like to stress that this is hypothetical, I know nothing about 'legitimate' killer robots besides what I write in this article) Again, all it takes for something to be considered a  "lethal autonomous weapon" is that the decisions made to shoot, where to aim, are not made by a human. 

What really makes the idea of killer robots so terrifying is that they are incapable of empathy, being reasoned with, and showing mercy. They only know to lock on a target, and continue shooting until the target stops moving. Stephen Goose, arms director of "Human Right's Watch" summed it up perfectly; "The dangers of fully autonomous weapons are foreseeable, and we should take action now to prevent potentially catastrophic future harm to civilians, to soldiers, and to the planet". 

So in summary, the conversation of whether or not to allow killer robots is still in debate. I think other countries will conduct secret experiments with killer robots regardless, and who knows how many more will start to once they hear the U.N.'s statement.