Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer #30

       Summer is officially here. The weather warmer, the town crowded with visitors, the water warming, etc. It is odd that school is coming to a close but I do not mind at all. This summer is going to be one to remember. Rather than sitting at home each day, I plan to spent most time with friends. Whether it be lounging on the beach to a trip to a water park, I just desire to make the most of my time. It is the summer before my senior year, and the last before I am a graduate. The thought is frightening but it has only encouraged me to partake in more activities. I have already established a few activities for the summer, such as camping. The week after school ends, my family is going to visit Myles Standish. In the beginning of July, I am traveling to New Hampshire with my family to celebrate the fourth of July. This doesn't include all of the little things that I am going to do. I just cannot wait for school to end so I have the ability to do such things. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Rotation 30

I'm kind of running out of things to blog about as they end of the year is approaching, so I decided to tell you all about my dog, Chicken. We got him a month after my brother was born, they're both eleven now. He was abused as a puppy and the owner was going to drown the litter if they didn't have a home so we decided to take him home one day because I wouldn't let my family leave him behind. He is a Chihuahua-Beagle mix which is called a Cheagle. He looks like a hot dog type of dog, only fatter. He's very lazy and only plays with me about once a week, otherwise he just eats and sleeps all day. He's not the nicest dog and the hair on his spine stands up when growls at strangers because he thinks he's a huge guard dog, but he's scared of frogs and birds. He doesn't know how to sit like a normal dog so he sits like a human when he begs, my Grandma calls it "sitting pretty". He has three dog beds in the house but only sleeps on the couch because he thinks he's better than other dogs and he can't sleep unless he is wrapped in a blanket. He's a pretty weird dog, but everybody loves him and we can't imagine our house without him.
 Here's a picture of Chicken attempting to cocoon himself into his blankets.

Here's a picture of Chicken sitting... I said he was weird.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

III. Life: The Biggest Troll

It's been a pretty chaotic year for me. I have pushed myself in many ways that I never had before, and most of it has payed off pretty well. I pushed myself academically and finally made it into Top 10, a goal I've had since Freshman year. I dropped 20 pounds and dropped my mile time down to 6:53. I am stronger and healthier than ever, and have never been so confident and happy with myself and where I am going. That is not to say it has been perfect. The year started off very rough.I knew I needed to make a change in my life, and I decided it was time to make it. I'm happy with the choices I have made and the things that have happened to me. I have always been a bit of a paradox of sorts. I'm a centrist in just about everything, and just when I think I support something the other argument pulls me back in. (Usually) I am both excited and intensely worried for the future. I'm not exactly sure how I want to pursue my life, whether it be family, career or money. I want all three for sure, I'm not ashamed of it. I hope that in the pursuit of progress I do not lose sight of what is truly important and life, and forget how to enjoy myself. Values and noble intentions are easily corrupted in the modern world. I am ecstatic to join it and fear its existence at the same time. Oh well. Time passes whether or not I'm for it. The train will always roll by on its timetable, the plane will still take off tomorrow whether or not I'm not ready to fly it. As Donald Glover said in his song of of because the internet.: "Life the biggest troll but the joke is on us."

Friday, June 9, 2017

I really liked this year in general.  Most of my classes were interesting, and I learned a lot about what I want to do when I grow up and where my interests lie.  I'm still a little conflicted of what I want to do a bit, but at least I've narrowed it down to chemistry, physics, or engineering.  I'm happy that this year's English focused a lot on essays, and analyzing them because I think it's a useful skill for life in general.  Math was the best it's ever been this year because things started having a lot more intuitive meaning than formula memorization.  Let's see.  I took Physics and Chemistry this year, and I thought I wouldn't like chemistry but it turned out to be really cool, well cool enough to think of as a career anyway.  I like history, but I really disliked history because of how it was taught this year (only taught to the test, never any room for interesting deviation).  Spanish was the hardest class I've ever had this year, but I don't think it's worth giving up because I've already dedicated four years to it.  Am I missing any class?  Not any that are vastly important anyway.  This was a good year, and I hope it translates to a good year next year.

Prodigy (Act 1 Scene 1)

Act 1 Scene 1:
Story on stage from left to right stage. She has a bit of a an emotionless face. She passes everyone going the opposite way of the traffic of people in the hallway that pays her no mind. They all pass by some nudging her. She arrives at the auditorium door where she slowly opens the door and walks in.  
Finally. I been waiting all day for this.
She walks slowly to the piano and sits down. The auditorium is dark with only a spotlight on her as she plays flawlessly a song on the piano, spotlight slowly fades out. Story is at home now her dad is passed out on the front step. He is wearing a white shirt, brown jacket, and tattered pants. He has his house keys in his hands, Story uses them to open the door and drag her dad inside to the living room. Story takes a small black leather bound book out of her back pack and begins to write.

I found my dad passed out on the stoop again. He never knows when enough is enough. It has been this way my whole life every since that day. The day (beat) you know that we lost her. The doctors say it was complication during childbirth, but after that day daddy has never looked at me with any type of kindness. He blames me for her death, it haunts me every day knowing I killed her(tears up). I never really knew her and dad never talks about her and I don’t like to bring it up because of his anger. I feel like nothing will ever change around her unless I’m gone.
(Fade out)
Story is in the living room enter stage right the living room also dulls as the kitchen. She takes the eggs out of the small fridge cooks them up and leaves them next to her passed out father on the floor. (Fade out)
Story is in class asleep as the teacher is talking.
So doctors have proven that music can heal, (Bell rings) I want you all to write me some song lyrics over the weekend I want it to be about something important to you.
Story was jolted awake by the bell and is leaving the class with the crowd of kids, when Mrs.Green stops to talk to her.
Story can you stay a few minutes after the bell I need to talk to you.
Story walks down the row of desks and stops when she reaches Mrs. Green’s desk.
Mrs. Green
Story this is the second time this week you fell asleep in my class and you haven’t participated once all year.
I know, I promise it won’t happen again.
You said that the last time, is there something going on at home that you need to talk abo--
Flustered at Mrs. green comment Story quickly ends the conversation and leaves.
I’m sorry again Mrs. Green for falling asleep in class it won’t happen again and I will try to participate more in class.
Story quickly leaves the room and heads for her locker, she opens it and grabs some books she shoves in her bag. As Story does this she looks over at the other end of the hallway where a group of boys from the football team are standing talking about last night’s game. Story is looking at only one of the kids Zadyn he is the tallest in the group of boys and he’s wearing his letterman with his name and number on the front.
I can’t believe you made that catch last night Zadyn, you won the game for us.
Thanks I was just leaving it all out there for the team.  
Well Jessica’s party last night was turnt I saw you talking to her last night does that mean you’re getting back together.
He smirks,nudges Zadyn implying that they should get back together.
She’s bad I might just have to take her then.
Be my guest.
As Zadyn says this he looks over at the end of the hallway where he sees Story looking. Their eyes meet.  Story stunned like a deer in headlights turns and runs off stage right. (Fade out)


In 2006, my dog Ole, passed away. My mom said she couldn't get another dog. But about two weeks later she was walking on the canal and these people passed her walking Irish Setters. She stopped to pet them and instantly fell in love. About a month later we drove to New Hampshire to pick up our New Irish Setter. My dad always wanted to name someone Otis. My mom refused to let him name me or my brother, Otis, so she decided it would be okay. The only reason he wanted to name the dog Otis, was so when he walked in to the house and Otis ran up to him, he could say "Otis my man!" We've had Otis for about 11 years now and he's the best. He the calmest dog ever, all her does is sleep and play. So happy my mom decided to get another dog, it wouldn't be the same without a dog. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Chasing Lightning Moments

This year I’ve been working really hard on a special video, that can be seen as emotional, exciting, and fun.  I put myself out there, and it was really cool.  First I had no idea what direction I wanted to take the video until one day my dad played me a song that he and his band had been working on.  I legitimately cried hearing it.  It was about two outcasts enjoying a night out, going to their prom, except they were walking through people's laughs and mocks.  They didn’t care, they continued to listen to their music and dance.  This song could be about you, me, someone in your family, anyone.  We are all different and we should accept it rather than changing to become like everyone else.  Peter who is the singer of the band is someone who is crazy and clearly does not care about anyones opinion.  He is such a creative and unique person.  He can create dark, yet uplifting music that can be incredibly catchy.  From lyrics of “Heard some people talking, I know who's my friends, They say I’m a dreamer, But they’re off by far, Suspended my license to dream, For driving without a car.”  The song I was moved by was called “Living Life.”  This was the initial beginning to the video I wanted to change people with it, change their points of view, maybe even hit their heartstrings.  So I decided to make a documentary about my dad’s band except create an edge.  I tied myself into it…  

I would absolutely love for you guys to watch it!  I worked incredibly hard to make it, and am excited about how it turned out. :) <3

Share it, show it to your pals, fam, person on the street, spread the woooord.



Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Failure: the Most Important Lesson to Learn

When I was younger I was very shy.  So shy that in third grade my teacher sat my best friend next to me so that when the teacher called on me in class, my friend could clarify what I had said.  I wasn't shy at home, of course.  I was loud as can be at home, so whenever my teachers told my mom they were concerned about how quiet I was, she was surprised.  It wasn't just at school that I was shy, I was shy whenever I went anywhere except home.  At parties, I was the type of child that would hide behind my moms shoulder until I warmed up to the crowd.  I tried to be more confident, but I couldn't help it.  I was excruciatingly shy.  At the beginning of sixth grade my shyness proved to have consequences.  We were just about a month into school when my English teacher assigned us a paper to write.  After having written this paper, we were to read it aloud to the class.  My nightmare.  When the time came to present, my stomach was in knots.  I spoke incoherently behind the shield of my paper.  I knew I had done terribly, but I hoped my teacher would cut me some slack.  I was wrong.  When our grades were handed back to us I was met with my worst nightmare, even worse than having to speak up in front of the class:  the letter "C" scrawled on the paper.  I was appalled.  I had never dreamed of getting a "C", it was as good as failing in my eyes.  I cried.  Since then there has been the occasional time that I have gotten a similar grade on an assignment and, although I am never happy with it, I am not devastated in the same way as I was the first time.  I thank that teacher for teaching me that I will not always be perfect.  That is still a lesson I am learning and coming to terms with throughout my education, but with every sub par grade I get, the easier it becomes.  Now, this lesson does not condone being okay with not doing good, what it does is teaches me how to accept when I don't do perfectly as long as I put in my best effort.

Junior year #29

          There are only seven days left of school and I'm speechless. It is difficult to imagine that my junior year is coming to an end. The year I expected to be an ordeal was rather eventful. Although there was an abundance of homework, I thoroughly enjoyed the year. I feel as though I have matured greatly, regarding some aspects at least. Junior year has taught me how to prioritize the differing features in my life. What I'm worried about is becoming a senior. When I first arrived at the high school, at the age of fourteen, senior year seemed so far away. There are only a matter of days before I technically become a senior. I do not know how to react. It is astonishing how fast time passed by. Before I know it, summer will flash by and senior year will be starting. Not long after that, I will have to apply to the colleges I hope to attend. Soon after that, I will be graduating. It is a frightening thought, but it is my reality. 

Things that annoy me- rotation #30

This is another blog post that i think I have already done before but i am doing it again because it is on my mind. Here is a list of pet peeves or things that annoy me.
1. When people make a post on social media and their punctuation is typed a space away from the ending work like: "Fight me !" I have no clue why this annoys me so much but it actually drives me insane.
2. My sister just got her license (she's 19, and she doesn't have a car) And now she keeps acting like she has some type of RIGHT to drive my car (that I spent around 8 months saving money for to buy on my own) and when I tell her no she gets so upset. Now that she has her license she's making a million more plans because she figures that she can drive herself places... but i'm not letting her drive my car by herself. She's a crazy driver and I have trust issues when it comes to my car.
3. I work at Rue21, and NOTHING drives me more insane than when people try on clothes, and they put the clothes back on the hanger INSIDE OUT! What is wrong with you???? It is literally not even worth the effort of putting it back on the hanger because I will just have to take it off and flip it the right way and put it back. Please, don't even bother.
4. When people touch my head/my hair. Just don't do it.
5. Getting wet. I hate being wet, it is the most uncomfortable feeling for me. Obviously showering isn't the issue that i'm taking about. I'm taking about washing my hands and then there aren't paper towels, or spilling a quarter sized amount of water on myself, or going to a beach or pool and being forced to swim and then sitting in my soaking wet bathing suit afterwards. It makes me beyond uncomfortable.
6. When my sister screams at me for leaving a single fork in the sink and not cleaning it when she leaves a pot, strainer, wooden spoon, bowl, spoon, and Tupperware container.
7. When there are dishes in the sink and my sister only washes the EXACT ones she used. That is literally the pettiest and most immature things... whenever there is a full sink of dishes I just clean them all. It makes everyone's lives easier and its easier than sorting through all the dirty dishes just to find my own.
8. When people post a selfie or whatever that is captioned "prob gonna delete later." If you're going to delete it why post it in the first place?
9. When people stare at my septum ring and say "oh why did you do that" or, when older people look at it and say "why would you do that to yourself??? Why are your ear holes so big?" It doesn't bother me because they are noticing it or staring at them, but it bothers me because sometimes people can be rude when they ask and because I honestly have NO CLUE how to respond to that.
10. When people make plans to hang out in the bathroom (peep my tweet @lillypierro)
11. When I am clearly not in the mood to talk and people keep talking to me and then go "are you okay?" and I say "i'm just annoyed" and then they disregard it and keep talking about their life.
12. When I accidentally use a colored pen knowing for a fact that a teacher uses the same color pen to grade. I don't know why I do this but i do it a lot and i know it drives me insane so it probably drives them insane too.
13. When people make illegal passes while driving. God forbid I actually do the speed limit. Go past me illegal and go 50 in a 35, have fun.
14. When in parking lots (happens a lot in the wareham crossing) people are walking to their cars and they don't make sure to hold their 2-6 year old's hand while they are walking and running all around. You have a child, you're in a parking lot, vehicles are constantly going in and out, watch your child. It gives me so much anxiety, whether or not I am the driver.
15. When people do things to you that you know for a fact if you did it to them it would be the actual end of the world.
16. When moms use the lines "I am the only one that ever does anything around this house," "If i were dead you sure as hell would miss me" "other kids don't have parents" etc etc.
17. When my mom (who moved out to live with her bf) comes over and yells at me for having a messy room... like home girl you left you have no right to complain about any mess in this house.
18. when my mom makes super petty and dramatic posts on facebook (this could actually be the majority of moms on facebook)
19. When I'm with my family and for once I get a single text and they all yell about children always being on their phones now-a-days
20.How dunkin donuts makes bottled coffee with creamer and flavors in it but they don't make any with almond milk or coconut milk etc etc
21. When people make snide comments on what or how i eat... just... don't
22. When my mom sends me a text and i don't answer within 5 minutes and she'll send another one that ALWAYS says "helllloooo???????????"
23. When people come into work at 8:53 knowing damn well we close at 9.
24. When my manager stalks my time card every time i go on break and says "you took an extra 3 minutes on your break." Bro i didn't have to pee until the end of my break #chill.
25. When my manager makes me take my break an hour into my 6 hour shift because it's more convenient for them and so they won't have to worry about me taking my break.
26. When my manager makes me stay at work until 9:55 to close when the store was in PERFECT condition at 8:03. #IHateYou
27. When I'm eating my food and my dog doesn't just stare at me and begs, but whines and cries.
28. when my dog barks at me to put him outside and then I let him out and he stares at the door to let him back in.
29. When my dogs have a bowl full of dog food but they scratch the cat food bin like crazy and cry because they (DOGS) want cat food instead of dog food.
30. When people ask me for help on something that they didn't even 1. look at doing or 2. make any sort of attempt to do.
31. When I'm in the kitchen and my sister comes up the stairs, doesn't even take the time to call out my parents name, and just looks at me and goes "where's dad?" Do I look like dad's tracking device to you????
32. When I just walk in the door from school and Kayla asks me where dad is? This one actually makes no sense #31 was just me being over annoyed with kayla.
33. When my dad buys generic brand toothpaste. I am FINE with him buying ANYTHING else store brand... but toothpaste is totally different.
34. When I ask my dad to buy diet soda and he buys regular... boi i won't drink that.
35. When teachers all plan to do a million tests the week before finals (s/o to the teachers that decide the final unit taught doesn't need a test and it can just be on the final... you da greatest of them all)
36. People who assume my life is perfect because i have good grades, a job, and car.
37. When I want to be out of my room and in the living room (doesn't happen often) and my sister makes a joke that I didn't laugh at and she makes a huge attitude and sayd that I'm in the bad mood (when shes the one getting super angry over me not laughing at her joke) and then she yells at me to go back to my room.
38. When my sister acts like she has some type of authority over me (ex in #37) when the majority of the time I'm the one that's more mature.
39. When people do something bad or mean to someone and then they get sad that they made them mad and they act like the victim
40. Planned obsolescence- literally every iPhone ever
41. When people take my phone. I have nothing to hide on my phone, but there are to many gross germs on peoples hands as it is... I want to limit the amount of nasty germs on my phone as much as possible.
42. When my sister asks for a sip of my water. Anyone else can ask me and it won't bother me, but for some reason it really bothers me when she asks. Probably because of the majority of the time she asks me when there's a sink about 5 feet away.
43. Procrastinating- I do this so much and it always annoys me to no extent
44. When people try to make plans and I tell them I'm working and they tell me to take the day off or call in... not that easy.
45. When I actually do call into work for being sick and they yell at me saying that I HAVE to find coverage when 1. if i am sick it is the managers job to find coverage, 2. they never yell or make a big deal for any other associates. and 3. we have worked the store with less than 3 people being there, me not being there does not make a bog difference.
46. When people yell at me for not replying to a text or snap chat... I'm annoyed bc they're yelling at me but i am also annoyed because I am really bad at responding back to people #I'mNotThatSorryThough
47. When people type "tho" instead of "though"
48. When people scream in the hallway/classroom/bathroom... pls... just don't
49. When I say "I don't want to blah blah blah" and someone replies with "do you think anyone wants to?" Like I wasn't talking about everyone else's feelings I was saying what I felt in that moment bye
And '
50. Taking up and ENTIRE class period to make this list because I am procrastinating because there is one week of school left

Rotation 30

I was just elected as the Vice President of Career Development for the DECA club here at WHS. By being elected to this position I would like to help people succeed and be the best that they can be in the competitive aspect of this club. I want to begin to make a resource center so that people are able to study on their own as well as begin to go to the workshops after school. I also hope to make the club become more student run and have everyone become more involved, not just the executive board. All in all I would just like people to achieve what they are capable and have a good time.

Rotation 29

The year is almost at its end, and I couldn't be happier about it. In two weeks I will no longer even have to look at my tower of textbooks, or the sprawling keys of my Chromebook. I will no longer have to think about ions or parabolas. All that will effect me is the calluses on my feet and the bug bites that will soon form on my arms. Summer time is my favorite season, there is no time to worry or stress, its just about enjoying yourself and living in the moment. Some of my favorite memories occurred in the summer, whether it was card games with my cousins, or days on the beach, even parties and man hunt with my friends. I am ready to begin summer and have a relaxing couple of months after an especially stressful school year.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Take a Peak at My Gatsby Ceiling Tile!!!!!!!!

Take a look at my ceiling tile!!!!!! Can you take a guess at what it is trying to portray? Yep, it was inspired by The Great Gatsby, which was my favorite book that we read this year. On the bottom of the painting you can see a silhouette of a city skyline. There is also a sunset in the background, with hues of soft orange and yellow, with red violet and purple. You can see a pale yellow moon that is partly covered by a magical gust of wind, filled with lights shades of pink, purples, and reds. Towards the left of the picture, I created  a side profile of Daisy Buchanan, who is overlooking the billboard of the Eyes of T.J. Eckleburg. Eckleburg, you remember is symbolic gesture of god looking down at the characters in the city. Daisy is unfazed by the fact that god is watching, which is why she continues to act recklessly in the story.

I gave the ceiling tile to Ms. Anastasia, who wants to cover her whole ceiling with them. If you have any artistic ambitions and want to depict your favorite novel, I suggest that you make a ceiling tile. Students will marvel your creativity long after you leave Wareham High!

Monday, June 5, 2017

About Me Project- Week #29

In my business principles class, the final that we are doing is actually a project, and it is an "About Me" project. Am I excited for this project? No. Do I want to do this project? No. Do I want people to know about me? No. Do they even want to know about me? No. This is probably the worst project that I am ever going to take part in. I am very mad that we have to do this project, and the teacher wants it to be a really deep project. I would much rather just brush up and over most of my life and only say the good things. I am overall just really annoyed with this project and I thought that I would complain on here like I normally do.

Last Full Week- Rotation #28

It is the last full week of school with full school days for our junior year. I don't think I've ever been so ready fro the school year to end and for the summer. This year classes have just been really hard, and I'm excited for the classes and the courses that I plan on taking next year. But, even before that, over the summer I plan on working a lot and to save more money, this time for college (rather than a car or a new phone, those are already checked off my list). I still work at rue21, but I plan on finding a second summer job to take on over the summer. I also need to volunteer a lot more over the summer again, so I don't have to worry about finding the time over the school year to do it between work and school.

Friday, June 2, 2017


We are here, in the last few weeks of our junior year. These past few years have gone by so quickly, and every year seems to be going quicker than the last. I am very happy that this year is almost over because it has definitely been my most stressful year. I have had a lot of things in the past years of my life, but this one has just been real stressful and I have felt overworked the entire time. There has been a lot thrown at all of us this year. We do a lot and I know that the teachers and family know, but I sometimes feel like they just see the final product; at least my teachers and family. They know that it is a lot but no one really knows how much we all go through. My parents know that I work hard but they dont really get how much there is for us and the things we have to deal with. We all have school and some have jobs and clubs and family and just trying to have a life on top of that is hard. I know I have no time for myself. Once you do well in school, you are continuously expected to continue to do well, and even improve. How is it that I do my best and I am still expected to do better? How is it that I am expected to do better than ever during the years that get harder and more intense? I understand all of the things I am saying, and why people think that but I wish it wasnt what people thought and expected of us. Because I know that when I dont meet these expectations I am the one that feels bad about myself. And dont get me wrong, there are a lot of people and things in place that show us that we are good and that we do well, but I just feel like things are really hard and that families and some other adults dont show us the appreciate for all that we do.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


I feel like all my blogs are rants. Good rants, but this one in particular is one I am going to question.
So it just so happens that in psychology today we were watching a movie, and I recognized one of the scenes. It was a scene where Russell Crowe is out on the steps of a building with a young woman, having a conversation about the stars. He asks her to pick a shape, then continues to point into the stars, drawing a shape. She chooses an umbrella. I knew I had just watched this somewhere, but it took me a few minutes to pinpoint exactly where I had seen it- the weekly poem video! The movie was of course "A Beautiful Mind." The movie, as I am watching- is brilliant. I have not seen it before and I am thoroughly enjoying it.
Or should I say was enjoying it.
That was until I realized John Nash's entire life was basically one big hallucination. A good portion of the movie thus far has been a lie! How?? Schizophrenia. I mean, this is a psychology class and I probably should have eluded to some sort of psychological connection, but this one caught me off guard. I just assumed he was paranoid because of his work!
However, I am still finding the movie extremely entertaining, and despite the twist, I am still very much enjoying the movie (plus, no psych movie will ever throw me for more of a loop than Edward Norton's "Primal Fear" did). I do like the movie and I am excited to watch the ending!

Rotation 29

When us sophomores took MCAS a few weeks ago I started reading a book by Jodi Picoult called Picture Perfect. It's a mystery/romance, my favorite genre of books about a girl who lost her memory and is slowly gaining it back. She is married to the most famous actor in America, but doesn't remember and ends up falling in love with the cop in Beverly Hills that saved her from wandering to the middle of nowhere and helped her find her way back to her previous life. As she gains her memory she gets flashbacks of her childhood. This is as far as I have gotten so far in the book. I haven't really had time to read for pleasure now that the term is coming to an end.

It Takes Two- Rotation 29

I've seen a decent amount of movies over my lifetime and most movies are extremely predictable. The guy gets the girl, the person recovers from being sick, the little kid gets the toy, and the dog finds his way home. Ever since I was little, I loved the movie "It Takes Two" starring the Olsen twins. I just loved the idea of two kids working together (in secret) as matchmakers. However, this is also one of the first movies that I realized the predictability behind movies. I still love movies and always will. I love the concepts behind them and I love seeing the small details that other people see. They just watch what happens in the movie, I feel that I experience it as a whole and notice the little tiny details that are unseen to the normal eye.


I wonder about things in my life 
I have made some good and bad decisions
everything comes down to a moment
one second, 
one minute 
one hour
one day
one month
 one year
one decade
 one century
 one millennial
 at a time.
Every one ticking away.
We have clocks above our heads,
counting down. 
Tick Tock, Tick Tock  
Every moment we spend avoiding risk is the moment you stop truly living
Every person has only one 
Live, laugh, love and learn thats all you ask for
For if material things is all you seek then your wish is granted everlasting life without happiness.
It's true selfish people live longer, but never are truly happy.
Those who love and take risk live the richest life the fullest life 
Maybe poor, with very little to their names, but they can find true happiness. 
People never change, but they can when they realize their life is meaningless,
it is up to them to make that change for the better from
Money can buy you happiness, to love is the only true happiness.
 Only then can you find the light. 
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 This "poem" I wrote really a short story rather is just something I wanted to create to get my idea of life and happiness on a page. I may seem weird and hard to read, but the main idea is that love is the only real way for a person to find happiness and life is short so if you aren't looking for it you may miss your chance at happiness. I believe that people should pay attention to the little things in the things we do everyday because even though you don't notice it they are the things that bring you the most joy. I know that some people are with me on this and other people will believe their is more than one way to be happy. This is true but I find the happiness true happiness that stays with you even in death can only come from love, while the others are just temporary.


This past Tuesday I held the first ever National Organization for Women Club meeting at our school.  It was amazing.  There was a really good turnout at the meeting and a lot of other people had told me prior to the meeting that they want to be in the club but they had to stay after for teachers.  It was amazing to get to see so many like minded people get together to discuss important issues in women's rights.  We discussed what we want to do next school year and the goals we had.  We also discussed what feminism is and what it means to us.  I've never been so proud of a group of people as I was in that moment as I looked out at all the eager faces that came to the meeting.  A lot of people (even some that I didn't expect) took applications for office positions.  I can't wait to work with this group of people next year and work to spread feminist ideals and incite change.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

27 Club

Man oh man… The 27 Club.  A club in which no one should want to enter except it continues to expand.  The 27 Club is a list of popular musicians, artists, or actors that have died at the age of twenty seven.  Most often the deaths are due to drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, or even violence such as homicide or suicide.  It’s truly remarkable to how many musicians and artists have died at this age.  It’s unfortunate to see talented and artistic souls take their lives, or let drugs get to them.  It’s sad to think that tomorrow may never come, or that the day is forever the same because they are too busy trying to chase the dragon.  They want to experience that initial high that ‘felt so good’ they indulge in more and more drugs to try and reach the dragon, which always consequently ends in overdosing.  It’s haunting to think that Jimi Hendrix once said, “It’s funny how people love the dead.  Once you’re dead, you’re made for life.”  It’s weird.  Once a popular musician dies, it seems as if they become more popular.  

“I’m so happy, ‘cause today I found my friends.  They’re in my head.” --Kurt Cobain

While today we are living, keep your family close and healthy.  Tomorrow is yet to come… Let us celebrate the dead.  

Life is certainly way too short and unpredictable.  Everything that has been has passed. Let’s keep growing.

Jimi Hendrix, Asphyxiation, 09-18-1970
Image result for jimi hendrix

Janis Joplin, Drug Overdose, 10-04-1970
Image result for janis joplin

Jim Morrison, Heart Failure, 07-03-1971
Image result for jim morrison

Kurt Cobain, Suicide, 04-05-1994
Image result for kurt cobain

Amy Winehouse, Alcohol Poisoning, 07-23-2011
Image result for amy winehouse

27 Club is where we live fast, and die young.  Except even though they are no longer with us, keep listening to their music. :)

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A bunch of beautiful people in one picture…

“Just for one moment thought I’d found my way.  Destiny unfolded,  I watched it slip away.” -Ian Curtis

Blog 28

It seems crazy that we’ve successfully entered our 29th rotation.  I mean seriously despite how many times I’ve said in my blogs-- this year is FLYING by!!!!!!!!!!!!  Only a couple more weeks until summer.  I literally am lost for words, I don’t know what to write about sooooooooooooooooooo…… how’s your day going?  Oh wait.. I know what I can write about… A few weekends ago my family and I were all hanging out with close friends of ours—extremely typical.  We were listening to our record player where out of the blue ‘Tears for Fears’ began playing.  So my dad and his friend were looking at the cover joking around and began posing like the album cover….. SUPER CRINGY… Anyway, this ended up turning into a video where everyone started reenacting old album covers.  It turned out really funny, started off as a joke dancing in front of a green screen to pose like old album covers, to a video everyone can get second hand cringe from.  Feel free to check it out: https://youtu.be/ByZj1a-869g

Junior Year Ending Rotation 28

I'm super excited to be a senior. Most of my friends are really nervous about being seniors and graduating next year but I'm surprisingly very comfortable with the idea of graduating and being on my own. I feel very independent and happy when I'm on my own and I think being in college will be really fun for me. I'm good at making friends with students and teachers and I work really well under pressure. My only downfall is that I'm not that good at keeping up with reading books but I think I can adjust when entering college. Oh well. I'm really excited to be a senior and enjoy all the perks that seniors entail.

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Crow is Gone and I Procrastinated on Week 26

So yeah, my crow friend took off. It's okay anyway because I had to shut the window a lot, it feels like February not two days from June! I think that is going to change this week though, although it seems like the weather is doing the opposite of what it should be doing lately. It's supposed to get warmer not colder, or at least it was last time I checked. It took me a bit over an hour to do week 25, but almost 2 to do 26. I really dragged my feet for some reason. I much preferred The Haunted Mind over We Have No Right To Happiness. I'm onto twenty seven now though, I'm making really good progress. Granted I had breaks for dinner and chores, so I think I'm still making good time, it'll all be done tonight. Tomorrow is my history project and Honor Society volunteering hours, Wednesday is binging House of Cards season five, and Thursday is more volunteering and awards night. I'm heading into week 27 with the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 Soundtrack, and Looking Glass is some pretty good company for some good writing.

Vacation 2k17

This will be the first year in about 5 that I go on another vacation. I will be going on my first cruise in my life at 17 years old. The cruise will leave from Boston and travel to Florida, then take us to Bermuda. I had to get a passport since this will be my first time going out of the country since the only real vacations I have been on are to Florida. We will be leaving June 30th and coming back July 7th. It is a Friday to Friday vacation. I am very excited to go even though I have a fear of big boats even since I watched the movie Titanic. My mother talked to me about being on the boat and exclaimed that I cannot use my phone to connect with people back and America and that really scared me. I wouldn't be able to talk to anyone if anything were to happen. I am actually very happy to be going on this cruise because of how beautiful Bermuda is and I love seeing new places. I cannot wait to go and explore more of the world. I am very fortunate for the opportunity and happy that I get to do it with my family. The resort that we booked has many fun opportunities for people to take and create memories with. One of the opportunities/activities that the resort lets you do is swim with dolphins but charges you over two hundred dollars a person. It is crazy the amount but some people will pay it because they think it is such a rare opportunity. My family of five is going, me, my mom, my dad, and two sisters. They are bringing their significant others, so basically I am going to be alone. That is alright with me, I plan on getting super tan and enjoying myself. I hope that the time is take for the cruise to get here is fast bu the time the cruise comes, goes by very slow so I can savor every minute of the vacation.

Dissapointing Softball Season

This year the softball team for the high school went back to not making it to the state tournament after qualifying the season before for the first time in 8 years. Last year we had a record of 9-9 and qualified after the last game of the regular over a win against Bourne. This year we finished 8-12 which is one win away from qualifying. We started off very good, with a 6-2 record, but ended the season onward 2-10. We got into a slump, especially with hitting and could not find our way out. Every game that was close, we would always fall apart and could not find ourselves to finish on top. This year going in, we had high expectations for the outcome of the year, but unfortunately could not exceed or complete those. Our main goal to go out and compete when we step foot on that field every game and there was minimal games where we did not compete. We accomplished our goals of being a team that competed but could not come up with the ultimate goal of qualifying for the state tournament. We had better intentions to actually compete for the conference title this year but came up short in the second half of the season. We should have stayed strong and played harder but we did not. I did have a great season with all my teammates and had some great memories, definitely wish we could've delayed the ending of our season a tad bit longer. Hopefully next year we can make the town proud of the team and the standards we have for ourselves.

Septem Viginti Sex

After having finished Week 25, I'm glad I've finally gained the motivation to do the work I've putting off since my trip to California. It's a rather beautiful rainy day outside, pretty chilly. I have the windows open to let the light in and a blanket on over me as I write this at my desktop. It's nice to get this done. Crossing off the list that I had steadily been adding to for weeks without removing feels beautiful. I have only done this once, when I got everything done that I needed to before February break. I was the only one, and boy did it feel fantastic. I have a similar feeling now. There's a crow outside too that's cawing away, it's pretty nice. There's nothing like a breezy, cloudy day to inspire some deep-seated motivation to finally do work. It's nice that the crow is keeping me company too. Man do I love birds. Even crows, despite being pretty nasty and eating long dead carcasses.

The Meme Dark Age

It seems currently that we find ourselves in a meme dark age. While 2016 was a rough year for celebrities, it certainly was a bountiful year for memes. There were many image memes, many video-based memes, and plenty of great occurrences that turned into memes. However, while celebrities have fared a bit better so far this year, memes have taken the hardest hit of all. With a few horrible Spongebob memes grasping for significance, many of the current memes are counter-memes or ironic versions of old memes, such as Darn Danny or My Name Yeff. I fear this is the end of the meme. Well actually I don't fear it, I welcome it. Memes have become an animal that no longer belongs on this Earth, and if this is their demise, I can't say I'll truly be upset.

Summer 2k17

As the school year heads to an ending, I cannot be anymore excited to start the summer before senior year. This will be the first year I have a car to go anywhere during the summer, and I can already tell it will be a good one. I have already made many plans to go places and see things. I am excited that there is only three weeks left of school, including finals week where you will see me at the beach everyday if the weather permits. I cannot wait to start off my summer with a cruise, which will be my first vacation in a very long time. My sports schedule never allowed me to go on vacation without missing games or practices so I always put it off until the next time I was available which was never. I never could go during school vacations because those were during sports seasons. I hope to have one of the best summers, as there are more opportunities for me to go places and spend time with friends. I hope that my friends are up for fun days and long nights as much as I am. Of course I do still have summer basketball which I am so excited to start back up again, good thing its only 2-3 nights a week. I have a new job this summer which I am so grateful for because I hated my old one. Instead of working at Kool Kone, I now will work at the Black Dog warehouse in Wareham. I am really excited to be working there with great hours that go from 8 a.m to 4:30 p.m. I love that they have long hours so I can make more money to go places. I will be working with one of my friends which will make getting used to the routine a more smoother transition. I cannot wait for this summer to start and experience better days.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


The past few days have been crazy! I just got back from my vacation to Texas and it was so much fun. It was mostly just to visit my family there, and to see my cousins graduation. It was so hot there while it was rainy and kind of crappy over here. We did so much in the few days we had together, and Im so happy I got to go. I went when I was 10, but I havent seen them in that long. It was also a great and very much needed break from school. I know that when I go back I will have a ton to make up but it will definitely be worth it.
We went to so many great food places like In-n-Out, Red Lobster, Sonic, and a few BBQ places. We stayed at home a lot and went outside with everybody on walks too. They live on a military base, and you can find everything you need on base. the only time we left was to go to the bigger restaurants, but even then they were only about 10 minutes away. There is also a creek that my cousin showed us and it was beautiful! It has a waterfall and you fun off of that and jump off into the creek at the bottom. The water was so clean and clear and it was such a blast. It was a really great vacation and it kind of set the mood for how I feel this summer will be; a lot of relaxing, having fun, and just being with people you love and really want to be around.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rotation 28

Friday night into Saturday morning the National Honor Society had a tent at Relay for Life where we sold a balloon for a dollar. You popped the balloon and there was a note inside that told you what prize you can pick from the prize table. We also sold raffle tickets and raffled off a Red Sox blanket. This year was very quiet though because there was only about five or six other teams on the track when there was about thirty teams last year. It was an inconvenient weekend to hold the event because so many families have plans and/or go away for Memorial Day Weekend. Also, it rained most of the time so many people didn't want to stay out in the rain, so there were very few walkers. While it was an altogether unsuccessful weekend for Relay for Life, I did have fun hanging out with my friends and helping the community in the fight against cancer. Hopefully next year it is a better outcome and the rest of the community can participate.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Memorial Weekend!

Last Saturday, I was sitting in History watching some movie, when my mom texted me. She told me that my uncle was coming next weekend for my birthday. I'm not really doing anything for my birthday so i'm so excited. They have a two year old son and a new born. They're are cute and I miss them. 
                                         This is there two year old son Bobby he's the cutest.
They arrive tomorrow, so when i get home from school they'll be there!! On Saturday, I have work so ill miss them most of the day but Sunday were going to Edaville, to ride Thomas the Train!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sometimes I wonder what dogs would say if they could talk.  Would they talk about the same things amongst themselves as humans do?  Or would they simply be competing to be the best boy to their owners?  Who knows, but I really like dogs.  They can just be so funny but always remain loyal.  I have two dogs, a golden retriever named Lincoln and and a black lab named Buddy.  In my opinion these names are super unoriginal but that doesn't mean I don't think they're good names still.  Lincoln is especially funny.  Lincoln holds entire soccer balls in his mouth by biting onto one end, and it just looks pretty funny.  You'd have to see it.  Dogs are cool.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What is a Soul?

Related image

What would you do to get the one thing you wanted in your life? Would you sell your soul to the devil or live out your life doing whatever it takes to get it with hard work and ambition. Will I tell you what I did I sold my soul to the devil some years ago for the one thing I thought I needed in life fame, fortune and money. I sold my soul for this I was at a real low 10 years ago I had found all my solutions at the bottom of a bottle. One day I got really hammered and had the great idea to end my sorrows but taking my own life. I planned to do it by swallowing some pills and drifting into and eternal sleep. So I finished the bottle of whatever I was drinking locked my door, put my favorite dress on made my bed and laid the pill out across the comforter. I sat on my bed crying because I knew right them it would be over, but before as I grabbed the pill and moved them toward my lips a hand stopped me from taking it they said their name was Azazel a prince of hell. He was a demon who's eye weren't the traditional black like you see in movies but bright yellow. he told me that it didn't have to end this way he said for a small price he could make all of my dreams come true. He said I would no longer have to suffer the life I have led but I could live an entirely new chapter if I just sign the contract he had in blood. So I smashed the bottle I had just finished a minute ago and cut my hand but before I the put my blood on the paper I asked: "what am I giving to you in return?". He replied, "Well in 30 years time I will come to collect at this time you have lived a full and rich life at this time I will collect your soul." In looked at him then at the contract and questioned just for a moment if I should sign the contract, then I looked back at the mirror and saw exactly where I had ended up and signed the contract. From the day I signed that contract I got everything I could have wanted, but now ten years later they don't see to make me happy because I now at the end of this road is death. I enjoyed my fabulous life for as long as I could but knowing that I traded my life for it makes me regret it because as I learned and grew I realized it wasn't what I wanted, not I look to the future hopeless because I gambled away something I didn't know was valuable. MY LIFE.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Manchester By the Sea

Written and produced by Matt Damon, Casey Affleck plays a janitor in Boston. When his bother dies from a heart attack, he leaves his son to be cared for by Lee (Casey Affleck.) Shocked his brother would do this he struggles to tackle being a father to Patrick(Nephew.) It is beautifully filmed and shows great views of Boston but in total is an extremely sad movie. It truly doesn't have a happy ending. I don't wanna spoil anything so all I can say is the ending it not what I expected. It was overall an amazing movie, that i'm sure to rewatch over and over again.

Summer: the Biggest Break of the Year or the Smallest?

Summer is coming up, thank God.  This has been the hardest year of my high school career and I NEED a break.  However, I'm not so sure this summer will be very relaxing.  Don't get me wrong it will be a great change from school, but I will be extremely busy.  Not only will I be visiting colleges and starting my applications, but I will be studying for SATs, I will be doing my summer work for my classes next year, I will be taking a pre-calculus class, and for two weeks I will be studying at Harvard University.  My summer will most definitely NOT be a break.  Then the question comes along of whether or not to apply for a summer job.  Most of my friends work, but my parents have always encouraged me to put school ahead of work and to put off getting a job.  Sometimes they complain when I ask for money, but then when I suggest getting a job they say I am already too stressed out as is.  So, to get a job or not to get a job?  That is the question.  I believe that a job would not only teach me necessary life skills, but it would also be really nice to have some money of my own.  However, on the other hand my parents are right, I am already really stressed and having a job would eliminate any free time I may have this summer.  Well, we'll see what happens.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The little things I love

Last time I wrote about the little things I hate. I figured it was only necessary to follow with the little things I love.
1) When I wake up, and I can hear the birds. I absolutely love when I wake up and the sun is shining brightly, and the sky is blue, and I can hear the birds chirping away. It starts my day off perfectly.
2) When I make my tea just right. I tend to put the same things in it every day, milk(or cream), and sugar, and if I am sick or it is allergy season, honey. That is for regular, any kind of breakfast tea, etc. Chamomile or other teas are different. However, there are just certain days when  the tea is just particularly right. It is the right amount of completely perfect.
3) When I witness a random act of kindness. From paying for someone's order behind you to helping up somebody who fell, seeing people who generally still care about others is reassuring.
4) When animals (especially young ones, like puppies or kittens) do that little hop-skip sort of jump? It is sort of like a mini-pounce they do when they think they are like 600 pounds when they are actually only 6 and they are playing.
5) When you are in a bookstore and you can bond with someone who is reading, has read, or is going to read the same book as you. Usually can bond over your mutual hatred for the villain, your love for the main character-er, expected plot twists, etc.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Prepare for the unexpected… blog 27 i guess

It makes me sick to think that sometimes people manipulate others for their own benefit—Would hurt others—Ugh it makes me nauseous.  I can’t even process and explain my emotions amongst such issue.  It sounds so vague and confusing but ughhghgjdjkgdogjkydkjfjkdhkjhfiuerg.  Imagine befriending someone who seems cool and chill right, like neat you rock.  But then out of the blue find out a deeeeeeeeeeeeep secret about them.  YIKES—OOF—GOTTA GOOOOOOOO.  And realizing the person you thought was cool was one big cover up.  A cover up to succeed or try to get what they wanted.  Wellllllll… gotta say people stink sometimes.  Just watch your backs bros & gals.

Why do We do What we Do?

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Why do we care?  As humans, Why do we care so much when someone hates us?  Why do we care so much when we do not get the grade we want? Why do we bother to be the best and look the best?  Why do we stress? 
Day by day a our motivation is derived from the humanly trait of desiring the up most potential of our existence.  But what if we stop for a second and commit to who we are rather than who we want to be or what we feel we need to be.  Everyone seems to think that there is something better just a little farther up the path we walk.  But what if this path is a circle and you are at the perfect point? If you always continue walking and looking for the better would you even notice if it was right in front of you.  If you are happy with yourself than why do others words change your mindset?  There has to be a point when one realizes that some things should not get to you.  For I am not telling you to get to comfortable or be content but suggesting more appreciation and healthy curiosity.   
It truly is not worth it.  We spend more time fixing our hair in the mirror and changing ourselves than we do asking the important questions like Why do we do what we do?  

Unpredicatble Moment

 Image result for world map

I have never done anything unpredictable, but that changed today when I woke up, packed a bag, went to the airport and randomly bought a ticket to Chad, Africa. I have had this on my bucket list for years ever since I started the list. The idea on the list was I close my eyes take a dart and throw it at a world map and where ever it landed I would go. Well, mine landed on Chad, Africa. I had to act on my impulses face so as soon as I picked a bag, bought a ticket to Chad and drove to the airport. Once I had my nonrefundable ticket and was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight I decided to do just a little research on Chad before I landed. I have so far found some National Parks and lake HCad seem to be the biggest things to do here. It is a small poverty stricken country with no much to do. So I think that I will see some of the sights there then make my journey to  Egypt to see the Great pymaids since these country are so close to each other. There are a ton of things to do in Egypt that I can do to fill my trip because I said I owuld be their for at least a week. I plan on staying at on of the many resorts that have here in egypt. Once I get there I will trip advisor it to seee which one I can get their for the cheapest. There is so many things I can do in egypt and I have plans to complete as may as I can. I don't want to plan to much of the trip because I do want it to be my little adventure I have to navigate myself around which will be fun. This trip is so that I can get away froom the stress of my everyday life so that I can gain some control and perspective on my life so that I can back home I can feel grounded and centered. I plan that when I get back to have learned some things about my life an finaly figure out what I want. I know I am putting a lot of pressure on  myself for this trip but I am not going to focus on this while I am gone. 

Monday, May 15, 2017


Everybody has probably written about all the tests they have taken within the past two weeks, but youre about to read another one! I have taken three AP exams and I had the SAT test. as you know the AP tests are three hours long, and the SAT went from 7 am to 1:30 pm. that was horrible. I am really nervous about my scores but i am trying to not worry too much. I have had an extremely stressful couple of weeks and i do not want to do this again next year. The tests were more or less not as bad as i thought they would be though, which is good. but they just take forever and now i am so behind on my school work and am stressing about my scores. I hate testing, i understand it is kind of the only way to see like a huge mass of people and see who really "got" the concepts. But still, it is such a pain in the butt.
The environmental one was pretty good actually. The english wasnt too bad but i do thing i made some mistakes, and im not so sure about the multiple choice. Calculus was good until the last 4 open responses, then things started to get really difficult and confusing and i couldnt even do half of it! Calculus is such a hard subject, but i am very grateful that i can take it in high school because taking it in college would be even harder and also Mrs Cavicchi makes it a lot better. she is such a sweetheart. Well anyway, testing is hard and i guess thats why its such a high class to take, they have to make the tests that difficult.

Space Travel

Something that I find interesting about space travel and the future of it is how time would manifest in the actual transportation of people throughout the universe.  Assuming energy was no longer a concern, and people could travel at or near the speed of light, things would be a lot different than they are now.  For example, if one group of people were shipping something to another part of the galaxy, there would be a new president by the time they reached the other planet they intended to go on, and the person receiving the package could be dead simply because of how long things like this take.  However, the people onboard the ship going extremely fast would only experience a few days of time compared to what would be years to everyone moving at regular speed.  I always thought this was interesting.  The people on board the ship wouldn't been age, and they would actually be experiencing time differently than everyone else in the universe.  So will long term space travel ever be a reality? Likely.  Will it differ than travel in ways we never would have thought? Absolutely.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tests (pt. 2)- Week #27

I can't remember whether or not I have already made a blog titled tests but i'm pretty sure that I have. Anyways, welcome to another blog post, it might be part two but if I am wrong this could very well be part 1. Yesterday I finished my last big test of the year (other than finals) and I am more ready than ever to have summer. Now that i finished all of those hard tests I just feel like school should be over, but we have another month and a week (about) left. I think that the SATs were relatively easy. On the other hand, I am on the line with whether or not I passed my calculus exam, I really hope I did. And English I definitely think I got a 3 on. If I passed any of my AP exams I definitely did not get any more than a 3. I am not mentally prepared for my finals yet though, because those are a whole other battle that I do not feel like facing at all at the moment. I am really jealous that the seniors don't have to take a final if they passed their classes. I understand why it is only the seniors, because you can't make it like that for the whole entire school, but I really wish that it applied to everyone because I work hard for my grades. Shouldn't my grades be enough proof that I understand the content that is being taught to us?

Endless Projects

For some reason after AP tests are finished and as the end of the year approaches, all my teachers decide that it is a good idea to assign projects.  And for some reason, all the due dates fall around the same time.  In the past week I have been assigned three projects in three different classes, all due roughly around the same time.  Projects, projects, projects.  Can't we just do normal work?  Don't get me wrong, I like projects.  They allow you to show your creative side.  However, on the other hand projects stress me out.  I find that projects allow for teachers to grade with bias, even if they don't mean to.  Say your teacher doesn't like your level of creativity, then you will lose points.  I always get scared that I will execute a portion of the project wrong as well.  And above all, group projects stress me out, especially when the teacher delegates certain tasks to certain people.  I am controlling when it comes to projects, I'll admit it.  The idea of having my grade and level of work rely on someone else is terrifying, even if I know they are smart.  It's something I am working on, but for now can my teachers please stop assigning projects at the same time!  There's only so much a girl can handle.