Thursday, December 29, 2016


Well this is late, very late, but it is still a blog so let's talk about something that happened over the course of a couple weeks right before this Christmas Break. In Gym, there are a few units(topics) that catch the eye of the majority of the class. These units include handball, ultimate frisbee, and badminton. Now I am not sure that these units catch the eye of students in other classes, but it did in my class. You see, my gym class was a majority of students that are all things athletics. These three units I listed above were fun, but also very competitive in my class. The majority of every team had their "players". What I mean is that you had those on your team that did the most, well, cared the most about winning it all. This was evident in all three topics I listed, but the main one is badminton. Everyone understands the concepts of badminton, so when you choose your partner for the unit, your ultimate objective is to win and win and win, until you get tot the winner's court. The difference here is that you gain double the points for winning there than you do anywhere else. My partner was Jackson, and together we would wipe the competition. At least the first day was like that. The next class we reached the winner's court and all hell broke loose. We were on the worst side, as the sun played a part in our match, and we were faced with fierce competition. We ended up losing, not by that much, but it was a loss, and it started a course of events that would occur for the next few classes. We would win our way to the winner's court, and then lose again. This would happen one more time before the unit was officially over. It was as if we were cursed, and the only way to break that curse was if we won there. However, by the last class(last school day of 2016), Jackson and I were just faced with the truth that everything badminton was useless if we would always lose at the winner's court. We spent our last matches losing, but having a great time playing with our friend's Jake and Justin, as we had our own little tournament. Altogether, Jackson and I finished about 14-3 before the final day where we finished about 1-6. By that final day, we both realized that it didn't matter about winning at the winner's court. It just mattered whether or not we enjoyed it. I can say that we enjoyed it. I'm not going to enjoy this next unit as its basketball but not because I don't enjoy it, just the fact that other things got in the way so that I can't do basketball. But that is for another blog...

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What do I want to do with the rest of my life? I don't know what I want for breakfast tomorrow.

As junior year is progressing, the questions about the future are arising. "Have you started looking at colleges?" "Where do you want to go?" "What do you want to do?" are daily questions asked. Of course I am not going blindly into this, for I am looking at colleges, visiting, inquiring about majors, etc, but I guess nothing really prepares you for what college is actually like. I am trying to keep my head above the water and stay ahead with this, however its hard to focus on the future when in reality, I don't know what shoes I want to wear, or what I want to eat for lunch, or what way to style my hair. The idea of growing up has always sort of been this impending black hole of "what next?" This always scared me. I was scared of growing up, of being told to fly when I'm pretty sure I just hatched yesterday. But, what I am coming to realize, it is not the idea of growing up that scares me, it is not knowing who I will be when I do. Here, I am comfortable. In my little high school bubble that allows me to be me, I know who I am. I know I am the VP of Student Council, and Key Club. I know I'm social chair of my class. I know I am a part of National Honor Society, Foreign Language Club, and DECA, and participate in sports like Cheerleading and Track. But what happens when I graduate? When I no longer have clubs to maintain, practices to run, or meetings to attend? I love all of these things very much, and they make me who I am academically. So I guess it's not the idea that scares me about growing up, its the uncertainty when I'm there. For now, I think I'll just enjoy my academics and extracurriculars.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lil stuff about my brother

To some, he doesn't exist. To others that do know him, they are shocked I exist. He is four years older than me, so the last time I was actually in school with him at the same time was first grade. So there's that disconnect, and people don't usually map it out that we are related (plus there's been other people with my last name). 
Nate's very calm, and I guess cool, and for the most part collected. He played a lot of sports in high school, and got good grades, and was pretty well-behaved. I guess he had to set the tone for my sister and I, and if my parents saw any sort of difference or threat they'd let us know immediately. Nate had inadvertently become my role model, which I'm totally fine with, again he's a cool dude. Despite this, I still miss when we were younger and he would spend more time with us. 
We did everything together, made all these sorts of games, had adventures, shared a lot of the same friends from kids who lived near us, etc. It was all awesome, and I remember when things started to change. My brother began distancing himself, and I was at a loss. Like why don't you want to play in puddles on a rainy day? Or become conductors for a train and pick up passengers (i.e. our dogs)? And the answers weren't given to me, and understood until years later. Those are the things I do miss about my childhood with my brother, now onto the things I don't miss.
I don't miss him making fun of me. All the nicknames, my god I couldn't name them all if I tried. I had a few special ones that he used constantly, but I'll share those another time. Everyday, Nate would find a way to set me off. And admittedly, I did have a lighting-quick temper back then (still kinda do now), but Nate did the most to provoke me into a fit. My parents were kind of concerned, and they considered putting us through a sibling-counseling-thing? Luckily though, over time my brother and I matured to the point where we could at least be civil. 
Although Nate never vocalizes it (mostly because he barely talks to me), he does care. I don't need him to say anything out loud, I just need him to bring me places when I need a ride. 
I'm not sure what the message was from this entry, it was all very jumbled. But if I could rewrite this entry in any way, I'd want the message to be; no matter what your relationship with your sibling is like now, in the future you'll probably be awesome friends.


Sometimes I like to keep track of the things I do on auto pilot. Where it doesn't require a lot of concentration and I'm not stressed about the task at hand. An example of me being on autopilot is wrapping up cords. I'm always, always, wrapping up cords here and there. And I've gotten so used to it because I'm always wrapping them up for my parent's lamps (for their shop). I have a set way in which I wrap, I'd rather not go into detail of how that is done, because then I wouldn't be surprised if people left this story after that... 

Anyway, something that I am not on auto pilot for is going through a haunted house, playing dodge ball, doing the pacer test, (playing any sort of team-sport), etc. Basically I'm always hyper aware, like all the time. In those moments of increased mental concentration, I'm doing everything I can to not freak out and stress (which in turn stresses me out more). I'm not the greatest example of healthy non-auto pilot moments, they should be moments where you need to be super focused, but its to achieve a greater goal rather than less stress. Do you think Usain Bolt just goes on auto-pilot when he's running the 200? Nah, he's really focused, he wants to beat his competitors, and if he's lucky; PR. 

Some people I know tell me that when they're driving they go on auto pilot too... that scares me and it makes me not want to ride with them. Like, you are operating this huge piece of machinery, and one wrong move could seriously hurt another person, and potentially yourself if you're not aware of your surroundings. I bet over time when I drive I'll get better at not being stressed, but I hope I'll never go on auto pilot.

Things I need to work on:

  • Don't go on auto pilot during math or chem class even for a few seconds, everything will eventually be on a test and you must pass high school.
  • The pacer test does not define you, and every single person is scared of the voice.
  • Know when to relax (i.e. whenever you aren't in school) and when you can't relax (i.e. during school)
  • You don't know yourself as well as your mom knows you, so always go to her for questions.

Monday, December 26, 2016

My Sister- Rotation #13

Now many people have this one person that they come to for everything. They have been there for them since they were little kids playing together on the playground. They could've been your next door neighbor, a team mate, a sibling, or even someone random that met sharing crayons in pre-school. I met my best friend when I was in 7th grade. We both were heavily involved in our churches at the time and I met her at a competition for our churches. I didn't know her and she didn't know me but neither of us had a roommate so I asked her. She accepted and we spent 3 days in a college dorm room together. We went into it as strangers and came out of it best friends.
Although she was 3 years older than me, that didn't prevent or stop our friendship. She also happens to live in Quincy, MA which is about an hour away from Wareham. We would spend weeks at a time at each other's houses. We could a month without talking to each other but once we were hanging out it was like nothing was different and we just resumed where we left off. She also happens to the same age as my older brother, go to the same college as him, and have all the same friends. Can you foresee what might've ended up based on that and the title?
Their freshmen year of college, they started dating. It's currently their sophomore year and they're still together. She's still my best friend, my brother's girlfriend, and hopefully one day my sister.

Christmas- Rotation #12

Candy Canes
Hot Chocolate
Tree Decorating
Annual Traditions
Stuffing Stockings

These are my favorite things about Christmas. The only thing not here is doing all of it, celebrating all of it, and spending all the time with my family. They are my rock and I love them. I complained all day yesterday about having such a busy day and having to wake up early and do all this work but I loved the entire day, spending every second with my family. My almost two year old cousin cries almost every time we see him but he was the happiest little boy ever yesterday and it was great. This video is my cousin TJ experiencing joy from my dog's happiness.

Favorite Quote- Rotation #11

One of my favorite quotes is,
                  "Memory is fiction, a narrative we write and rewrite to explain an ever-changing present, a story                    in which we are the hero, the victim, the wronged or the incomparable over. And if memory is                       fiction, what then is history?" 
                                - Halden Essays 
I've always loved this quote. I love how this one quote completely tears apart the very thinking that society today is built on. It shows that no matter what has been written in our history books, you don't know how factual it actually is. Someone could've just that Benedict Arnold was a traitor to cover up his actions. For all we know he could've been a double agent for the Colonists that got discovered by the enemy. When he was found out he could've declared himself a traitor in order to save his own life. No one right now knows what happened or how it exactly happened. We all only know someone's version of the story. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016 is one big dank meme

Can we just take a minute to recollect ourselves and go into 2017 strong and maybe drop some of the overused puns or memes…  If you could look back at 2016 I’m pretty sure you would hear everyone at school saying:

“OMG I’m shooooooook that test was just one big L.”

Image result for everytime it says bee it gets faster

When someone in class says “play me back…” Please stop interrupting my learning sess. It is just too much, delete game pigeon.

Image result for harambe meme
Two overused memes in one…  

Image result for kermit meme
Should I react to this meme with the classic “I’m weak” comment?

The oh so classic caveman Spongebob that seems to fit any meme situation.

When you’re in any #bruh situation the “this doesn’t add up” meme always “comes in clutch.”

Back at it again with the cringy memes that are definite trash.  I recommend you don't “cop” the white vans without the meme being referenced.

Here was just a flashback in 2016 meme history… If I forgot any please Like, Comment, and Subscribe.  Don’t Forget to follow me on;

Image result for lol meme

I’m joking…

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Road Rage Kills Innocent Toddler (Rotation 13)

A three-year-old boy by the name of Acen King of Little Rock, Arkansas was shot and killed by an unknown man while he was in the car with his grandmother, Kim King-Macon and one-year-old brother on December 19, 2016. His grandmother was said to stop at an intersection, the man behind her in another vehicle honked at her and she honked back. The man then got out of the car and fired a gun. King-Macon then drove away, not realizing her grandson was injured. When out of sight from the shooter she pulled over and realized her grandson was injured. He was taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital where he later passed away. Police officials are calling this a road rage incident and labeling King-Macon as innocent, but they are still looking for the shooter and are offering $40,000 to anyone who can give any information on this person or any information they have about the incident. Acen King should be a lesson to all; do not engage in any type of road rage, it is dangerous and unnecessary.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Yesterday I went to go get my nails done because they needed a fill. I went with my mom and daniella. We went to regal and and we had to go pick out our colors. I wanted a berry red so I picked out that color, danni picked out a red and my mom picked out a white/ pink color. I got mine done first and then daniella got hers done by this girl. When I was finished my mom got hers done and the whole time my mom was upset because it was the wrong color. My mom originally picked out a pearl white that has slight pink in it,  but as the guy was doing her nails the color was like a bubblegum pink. She was so mad because she likes her nails a very faint color, and the color she had on her nails was really bright. It was funny because she was making a face the entire time and telling the guy that was not the right color but he didn't agree until he actually looked afterwards.

My Weekend

-------------------- This may be a boring title, but it is my first blog and it is something to get the cobwebs away. This past weekend was a spectacular one, and I don't mean it as if it were the best weekend ever. Mainly because it wasn't, but it had some huge events that marked another memorable moment to share with my family. On December 16, Star Wars: Rogue One came out to public theaters. Because of this, my dad decided to buy tickets for such an event. It was such an event to buy tickets for the movie considering this was the second Star Wars movie that has come out in over 30 years. That's Huge! Better yet, the movie itself was off the charts, but nothing can beat the older movies in my opinion. I got to see the movie at Regal Cinemas in the Taunton Mall. The seats there were pretty fancy. They were cushioned so that you weren't uncomfortable, and they had food stands (I don't know the exact word) to place your food on top of. It was another AMC Theater. The only difference is that AMC beats Regal Cinemas by a slim margin. Once the movie was over, I got to eat Dominos Pizza, probably the best pizza that I have eaten actually since I moved here. The cheesy bread was to die for, and I had my own pizza. It was the best 8 slices to have all to myself for a change. Sadly enough, my weekend had its moments, and it was the only memorable moment to talk about. --------------------

Astronomy Class

Today in astronomy, Terrell Matthews tried out the knee reflex thing on my knees. My knees did not move as they were suppose to. It’s like the thing in the doctors office when they have a hammer and they test out your reflexes. I think I have no reflexes. Paige had reflexes, her knees went very far out. I do not know why, I hope there isn’t something wrong with me. Navarro keeps saying very rude comments to me, I don’t appreciate it. I also don’t do much work in his class either so I kind of deserve it. He’s a funny guy though but I am not a big fan of his class.

New York

This weekend I went to new York. I got to miss school on Friday so I was happy because school is stressful. I woke up at 2 in the morning and packed for New York because I fell asleep without doing it. So I packed and then went back to sleep, we were suppose to leave at 9 in the morning but I woke up at 9 so we left at 10. I drove to fairhaven and it was my first time driving there so I was kind of scared going there. We drove to New York and I fell asleep most of the way so it went by fast. My nephew got mad at me because I threw so on him and he started screaming but I just laughed. We also went to a show and it was call Dear Evan Hanson, and it was okay but kind of sad.


This thanksgiving I went to the football thanksgiving game at the High School. The game was against bourne and the vikings won, It was so cold out. After the game we went to my aunts house in Swansea. We go there every year and she always has a bunch a food and desserts and snacks. My uncle has this candy bar thing and there is always so much candy. I don't really like turkey or thanksgiving food so I usually just eat the snacks and desserts. My nephew and I played the jelly bean game, and I always got the grossest ones. Later on that night I went black Friday shopping with my sister jenny, we went to the tauton mall and then later we went out to breakfast at the blueberry muffin. The breakfast there was really good.

My Perfect Day Rotation 13

To begin my perfect day I will wake up on my own, without an alarm clock. There’s just something about not having to get up for anything that’s really nice. It leaves me feeling more refreshed than if I’m woken up. I go downstairs to see my parents sitting on the porch drinking coffee. On the counter there will be two bismarck's from White’s Bakery, my favorite breakfast. It’s practically dessert but the fact that it counts as breakfast is why I love it so much. I’ll eat them with a glass of coffee milk, the rich syrup mixing pleasantly with the creamy milk. When I used to live in North Carolina they didn’t have coffee milk so now I get as much as I can. I’ll then go outside and sit with my parents while they finish their coffee. It will be sort of cool but comfortably and the leaves will be just beginning to fall off of the leaves. Once my parents are done with their coffee they’ll go to the Y where my sister works and work out.
I go to work, and don’t forget anything, unlike usual. I am a referee for the local soccer program, and most of my games are at Minot, the local elementary school. I am the center ref for Cory’s game. He used to be on my soccer team before we got split up by gender. His sister does awesome in goal and after the game we talk for a little bit. Rick, my boss, is my assistant ref who stands on the sidelines and he jokes around with me the entire game.
When I get home my sister and parents are back from the Y. My sister lets me borrow anything I want from her closet, which never happens.  I think I’ll choose the peach sundress. It is so light and summery and I always thought it looked better on me anyways. I have plans with my friends to go bowling so I grab my sweatshirt and phone. My friend Hayden pulls up, he’s giving me a ride to Ryan’s Family Amusement, and we listen to the radio on the way there. All my friends are in the arcade messing around while we wait for a lane to become available. We pool our tickets to get as much candy as possible, and by the end of the day our tongues are kaleidoscopes of different colors.
The last lane opens up as we are getting our candy so we grab our shoes as well. They actually have my size, unlike all the other times I go there. It doesn’t matter who won or lost the game, all we did was goof off and have a good time, not worrying about it, but for the record I won. When I get home my parents are eating lunch.
My plate is at the table, and I sit down to eat my cheeseburger, cooked a perfect medium rare. The mayo and lettuce are in perfect proportion to the bacon and sesame seed bun. The macaroni salad my mom made is perfectly salty and the corn is crisp and fresh. By the time I’m done I feel satisfyingly full. I am fueled up for my soccer game. Everyone shows up and we have enough subs for a full bench, unlike usual. We usually have to play down because Wareham isn’t exactly known for their soccer programs. Not many people sign up so it’s nice to have a full bench this year, even if it was because we had to combine two age groups. I play right forward and get a couple of perfect assists. I have been working hard on my crosses, trying to perfect my passing. My parents are on the sideline, and instead of telling me what I should do better my dad just cheers me on. My friends Pete and Sean are watching their girlfriends play and I get to say hi to them after the game. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, but winning would be nice, considering the fact that we haven’t won in four years.
I get home and take a shower then finish up some homework so that I don’t have to do it tomorrow. I eat popcorn while I do my homework. I put on jeans and my letterman and braid my hair before heading to the high school's football game with my friend Lizzie who just got off her Junior Operator's License, which means that she can drive me around now.
We watch the Vikings play Middleboro and after the game I run into a friend from summer camp that I hadn’t seen in awhile. Than all my friends and I head to a bonfire on the beach where we hang out and eat Chinese takeout. All of my favorite foods are there, lo mein, crab rangoon, and egg rolls. The lucky number in my fortune cookie says 16, which is my lucky number. My friends and I just talk and laugh and have a good time until around 11:00 when I have to go home. When I get home I stay up with my parents and my sister in the livingroom of our house and we joke about random mundane things. By the time I’m ready to go to bed I can only read a couple of chapters of my worn out copy of The 5th Wave, the best part where Cassie and Evan are in the woods, before I drift to sleep.

Memes: An Introduction to The Weekly Meme Review

The word meme was first coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book, "The Selfish Gene." A meme is defined as "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture." Since 1976, the definition of meme has mutated severely. It used to be idea of an intellectual gene, something passed on from generation to generation through ideas and culture. Since then, it has become a way of life for many teenagers in the 2010's. Memes started as a small, depraved part of the internet on forums such as 4chan, and slowly grew into popularity into the mainstream light. Memes reached the height of their worldwide fame, when Democratic candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary R. Clinton, determined that a popular, innocent meme, Pepe, was a symbol of hate. Truly, the war on memes had begun by the mainstream media. So what do memes look like today? Are all memes equal? These questions and more we will answer each week, as we take a look on the most popular memes, and do a meme review on their quality and history.


This year I'm going to two class trips.  One during February vacation to Cape Verde, and one during April vacation to Scotland and Ireland.  I can't wait to go to Cape Verde, because that's where most of my family is from, and I will be with one of my close friends.  And it's going to be nice and warm in Cape Verde, while it will be freezing in Wareham, so that's a plus.  The only down side by going on this this trip in February is that I will be missing a week of basketball which happens to be the last three games of the season.  For the trip in April, I'm going with one of my best friends, so that should be fun.  This isn't the ideal place I would choose to go on vacation at, but it will be cool to see other countries , and it's a once in a life time experience so I can't wait to see what's out there.  And to be there my friends when going on these trips makes it even better.

Christmas Time

Christmas is my favorite holiday by far.  I love going out to pick out a Christmas tree, and then decorate it.  My favorite part is the 25 days of Christmas special on ABC family.  This year I haven't been able to keep up with it because I'm never home due to basketball practices.  Another thing I love about Christmas is the music and the house decorating.  Christmas music always gets me in a good mood.  Also having Christmas parties with friends is always fun.  We dress in ugly sweaters, listen to music, maybe decorate some gingerbread houses, and give our secret Santa's their presents.  This year we just picked who we would give our presents to, instead of picking names from a hat.  This year I had to get multiple people gifts, which meant I was going to spend a lot of money, and I currently don't have a lot of money to be be spending on people.  Somehow I got everything I needed for the people I was getting gifts for.  Can't wait to go on break and enjoy Christmas with my family and friends.

Lexi's Day

Alexia Barber today came to school wanting to kill someone. Today was not her day. She had some conflicting emotions about her mother. Her mother’s loan for her new car was not getting approved. She really wanted her car and license. Alexia is waiting for her paperwork to be submitted. She forgot quarters for snacks and she is hungry even though she has many, many snacks in her bag. She thinks her hair makes her look like a pumpkin. There is also a stain on her jeans. She should just go home but I want her to stay for at least lunch. Now there is something in her eye that is bothering her. She is having a very rough day already and it is only first period. Maybe her day will get better from here because it is at rock bottom.

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Places I Must See and the Things I Must Do

There are a few places or experiences in my life that I have decided I would like to complete. I honestly want to fulfill every one, but even if I only follow through with one, I will be very happy. Here's my list (so far)of my top 10 of what I want to do and why(no order).

1)Exuma, Bahamas- I solely want to swim with the pigs here. I really think it would be the coolest thing ever and I just think it would make me very happy.
2) The Great Barrier Reef, Australia- I want to scuba dive and see the reef for all that it is.
3) Auschwitz, Poland/see the Anne Frank building- I know it sounds sadistic, but I've had a love for history and a passion for WWII for a while and this incredible, sad experience would be moving.
4)Norway-I don't have a specific spot, but I really just want to see the Northern Lights, and I hear Norway is prime.
5)Addo Elephant Park, South Africa- I've also always had a love for elephants, and being up close and personal with the elephants in an environment that is natural to them would be amazing.
6) The Great Wall of China- I have this fascination with wanting to see it, walk it, I don't know I just know I want to get there.
7)Iceland- The black sand beaches! I want to see them in person so bad. Their beauty is incredible now, but I would love to be able to experience it first hand.
8) Dartmoor Zoo, England- This may sound silly, but there is a book (and movie) called "We Bought a Zoo" by Benjamin Mee. It is a family story about how this man and two kids up and bought a zoo one day after Mrs. Mee tragically passed away. The family bonds together in order to fix up this zoo and save all the animals. Its a great story and has been a favorite book and movie of mine. This is based on a true story, and I want to go see the real zoo, Dartmoor Zoo!
9) Vatican City, Italy- I would love to attend Christmas or Easter Sunday Mass at St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.
10) Washington, D.C.- I want to go see NASA's HQ.
I believe that classical music is the most underappreciated music in millennials. There are amazing artists, but I feel that technology often ruins the minds of young kids. I do think that technology is incredibly fascinating-especially with all the medical advances that are bettering the lives of others. However, often these devices and gadgets are consuming the minds of people-not even just kids. Lately there is n extreme lack of appreciation for a simple violin, or cello. Classical music is something that I feel is helpful to shaping and focusing the minds of kids. There are multiple studies that prove that classical music enhances your learning ability and sharpens your mind. The power of this music is endless, and some of the uses have yet to be discovered. Sometimes the overwhelming sensation of every instrument blending together in a perfect harmony is exactly what is needed to calm someone down, or maybe it's just the simple melody of Yo Yo Ma. 

One Week 'Til Christmas

The older you get, the more work you have.  And with more work comes less time for things you enjoy.  That seems to be the case of Christmas this year.  You see, when I was younger the entire month of December seemed to revolve around all things Christmas.  I watched just about a Christmas movie a day and drank a cup of hot chocolate every night.  As I get older, though, I seem to have less and less time for doing even the simple things such as decorate my house with my family and listen to Christmas carols.  This Christmas season seemed like it began just yesterday, but Christmas is in just under a week.  Yet with the amount of homework and responsibilities I have, I may not even have time to enjoy the little time that is left.  I used to go Christmas caroling, go on the Polar Express train that ran through my town, take part in the Christmas parade, and much more, but this year those traditions didn't fit into my jam packed schedule.  The most wonderful time of the year seems to go by in the blink of an eye when you can't stop to enjoy it for more than a few minutes.  With the little time I have left of this season I plan to listen to as many Christmas Carols I can muster and drink as much hot chocolate as my heart desires. 

Transitioning from Middle School to High School

Going from 8th grade to the high school was a huge transition to me. Even though none of my grades changed, I still had the same straight A's, the people and atmosphere changed. I realized how much more freedom I had in the high school from the middle school. For instance, you had to walk in straight lines in middle school from class to class or to lunch, and in high school you don't have to walk in lines. How loud you could be was different. The high school was so much less tense, as kids were much more loud the atmosphere wasn't as tense. Students went with there friends and went to class, that was it. There was not drama everywhere, obviously in such instances, but for the most part not that much. It was easier to pay attention in class since you were put with people at the same level as you academic wise. I was not with people who did not care about their grades or if they get in trouble. The transitioning from middle school to high school was pretty big, I came out of my shell a little more publicly, not just at home and that was the biggest impact on me.

Why I Run

Many people think I’m a bit crazy because I run long distance. There are days when I have to do tough workouts and I question why I do it. Every time I run a good race in the mile, I remember exactly why-- I love the challenge. I also run because it is a great way to destress and forget all of the work and problems we encounter everyday.
In order to be successful in the mile or the 1,000m run you have to put in the effort during the workouts and during the offseason. Track, more specifically long distance is a four season sport. When I wrap up the spring season in late May, you can find me running on the track alone from June up until indoor track starts up again after Thanksgiving. If you don’t continue running during the offseason, you will lose everything you’ve worked for during the season.

A lot of people are intimidated by long distance and the work it requires. I try to tell everyone that anyone is capable of doing it and becoming successful. The longer and harder you work at it, you will always see great improvement over a period of time. You don’t have to start long distance being a star runner. We all have to work for that. There are always times to improve or records to break no matter what skill level you are at. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

My Pets

I am a huge animal lover and have been my whole life. Currently, I have six pets that live in my house. The kinds of animals that are part of my family are two dogs, one cat, and three fish. I have had the two dogs the longest. One of them is named Coco, which I have had since kindergarten, who is part Yorkie and Shih-Tzu. She is now about 12 years old and still going. I also have another dog named Neeko. I was going into 7th grade when my parents brought him home. He is a tea-cup Yorkie and 4 years old. Next is my favorite, my cat. When I first asked my mom years ago to get me a car, she lied and told me no because she was allergic. My grandmother ratted her out and told me she was not, only my aunt was. My mom made me do a lot before getting a kitten, and I finally went to get a kitten from a shelter in the summer going into 8th grade. I kept his shelter name which was Micah. He is all black with a white chest. I picked him out, out of all the kittens because he was the smallest. My other pets, which are my fish are pretty cool. I have a shark named Bruce, a sucker fish naked Tucker, and a Panda Platy named Po. My pets are all very important to me.

Should school at a different?

Kids every where are having a hard time staying up in their classes. As kids are waking up around 6:00-6:30 a.m. every morning to get ready for the day, they tend to not be able to concentrate because no one can focus that early. Kids fall asleep and loose focus. Teachers are suppose to discipline you if you fall asleep or are not physically aware of what is going on during the class period, but how is it fair to have kids wake up before sun rise and be ready and attentive while in class. I think its inappropriate  how schools expect so much out of kids when they are not giving them the best chance and opportunity for students to put themselves to the full ability of their learning expectations. Schools should give kids arrive at the latest at 9:00 a.m. to start class. Studies have shown that more students pay attention and have an easier time being fully into the lesson when schools started later in the morning.

My Brother is Home!

I don't hate the holidays, but I don't really look forward to them either. They just come and go. One thing that I do really like about the holidays though is that my brother, Johnny, comes home. He is in the army and he is usually in upstate New York because of it. But at Thanksgiving he came down for four days, and he just got home again on Saturday and he is going to be here until the first week of January. It's funny that I actually really like him being home because before he left we practically hated each other and fought all the time over nothing. He stayed in his room and I stayed in mine, but now that he's home I actually hang out with him and my sister, Kayla. #GoodTimes

My Favorite Sport

Being a three sport varsity athlete, you would think it is hard to choose which might be your favorite. The sports I choose to play and succeed at is soccer, basketball, and softball. I started basketball and softball in 3rd grade and started soccer in 8th grade playing for the high schools junior varsity team. I had a natural talent for softball but basketball was a mess. I had no skill when I first started. I did not know that of course but I still spent my days after school playing basketball outside  my house on my hoop. Continuing in both basketball and softball, I was talked about being very good in middle school. People told me I was one of the best hitters my age in the town and people told me I was the on of the best basketball players in J.B.A., the Wareham youth organization for basketball. I excelled well in both but basketball was one of those sports that you could easily just practice yourself and get better. For softball, you always needed someone to help you. Soccer was just a sport to get in condition for basketball. I enjoy it but it is hard to keep up with the skill level as everyone else when you started years behind them. Thankfully I am very athletic. Basketball became my best friend that was apart of my routine everyday, I became so infatuated with the sport, it was all I did. I started playing for different teams around the year in different places. My favorite sport is definitely my favorite sport out of the rest.
“Is there a Santa”
I can still remember the saddest time  in my childhood being the time I began to question whether there was a Santa Claus. Up until the age of 11 I had been been waiting for a man in a red suit to visit my house on the night of December 24th.  In every child's heart lies the true spirit of Christmas, Santa was just the form in which we chose to see it.  So the real question is, is there really a Santa Claus?  Well kind of...what I mean by this,  is that I believe that there is the spirit of Christmas.  While I don't necessarily leave cookies and milk for a man with beard anymore, but I still believe that christmas is a time for miracles and giving. Perhaps we used Santa as a source of hope,  but all we really needed was to stay true to our belief in Christmas Spirit.  So yes I believe in Santa Claus, he lies in each and every one of us.     


Everybody has someone to run to, someone who always makes you happy, and someone who is always a part of your best memories.  That someone is the most beautiful person in your eyes, nothing could make you happier than them. Never will you forget the way your heart races when you look at them smiling.  Never will you forget the feeling you get in your stomach from laughing so hard that you can't breathe.  No single person will ever make you feel so special and so important.  Little does that someone know that they are more than everything to you as well.  Never have you wanted to know so much about someone that they have become a wonder to you.  I could be sitting in a empty  room as long as “someone” is there then I am home.   
Free Download
There seems to be a common belief that a dad teaches you things nobody else can, like how to ride a bike, how to be respected, or how be tough as nails. Well for me, my dad was never around to do that, but you bet I know how to ride a bike, how I should be respected, and how to get up when I fall down.  My mom did everything that any dad could have done, she is always there for me, and loves me unconditionally.  There is no person stronger than her, having to provide for a child on your own takes strength and courage.  I know she has had to give up a lot for me, and I know she has worked for everything we call our own.  I couldn't have learned from a better example if I tried, she is the only one I truly look up to.  One day I can only hope to be half the woman she is.  So if you ever think that you need a dad to teach you about life, then you haven't met my mom! Strength can not be taught but learned from others like her, so thank god for sending me to my mother.    

Christmas Break

Christmas break is in 3 days. I’m so excited for Christmas. On Christmas eve my uncle is coming down with his wife and my baby cousin Bobby. On Christmas I get to see my dad’s side of the family for dinner and my mom’s for breakfast. The next day, my mom’s entire side of the family meets at my aunts for the Heise Christmas party. Then the rest of the week, my mom, brother and me are working on my room. My dad finally finished out addition enough to move their furniture into their room. I’m getting there old room, so we're going to spend the rest of vacation, stripping wallpaper, painting and setting up my room.


Today, I am halfway done with my J.O.L I got my license on September 19. I went to the New Bedford RMV. I was really nervous and was pretty certain that I was going to fail. The weekend before I drove up to New Bedford to practice driving in the busy city environment. I practiced backing up, hill parking, three point turns, and parallel parking. I did not do well on parallel parking while practicing. I kept going too far from the curb. It was really frustrating. I was really good at parallel parking during my driving hours so I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting it then. I was certain I was not going to pass because of parallel parking. I was very nervous the day of the test and I could not sleep. I really wanted my license. My test administrator ended up being really nice which was reassuring. The test overall was very quick, only lasted about 10 minutes. I ended up doing really well on parallel parking! I passed with little to no mistakes and I was so excited. I went in thinking I was going to fail and I ended up passing! I love my car and driving.

What ever I want?

So this is supposedly an outlet for me to write whatever I want. My writings don't have to follow any guidelines, they don't have to meet a certain word requirement and they don't require any sources! The only problem  with this loose format and me is that I have nothing to write about. Well, I have plenty to write about but it's nothing I feel comfortable having people read. Once I figure out how to post anonymously, if that's even possible, you're going to reading some pretty weird stuff. It'll all be in inner thoughts and feelings, the things that I can never directly say aloud. There's one line from Rent that's swirling around in my head that I think might apply "Here on in, I shoot without a script. See if anything comes of it, instead of my old sh*t." I agree with this quote because- wait, there I go again, following someone else's format, their script. This is an outlet for everything I've ever had the idea to write but couldn't because I was too busy writing a paper about the French Revolution or if asexuals should be accepted into the LGBTQ community (like that's even a question (if it's unclear, the answer I'd say is absolutely they should, if you disagree I can direct you to my 13 page research paper about why they should)). This is my voice, which previously has been silenced by the state standards that we are taught instead of writing creatively and using our brains as something other than archives to store memories about who fought in the civil war and what not. But just watch, when the next week rolls around I'm going to have no ideas about what to write about and end up commenting on current events or reusing an overused writing prompt that I found on the internet. 

Star Wars: Rogue One

On Thursday, I saw the new Star Wars with my friends, and I really liked it, which kind of surprised me.  Of course, there were some aspects that weren’t done correctly in the movie, but it proved valuable to the Star Wars story, which is something that the movies don’t seem to be able to pull off very frequently.  It was at 7:00, and for whatever reason, Flagship put that movie (which arguably could have been the highest grossing of the year) in the smallest theater that they had.  One row had four seats to a row, and the other row has 6 seats to a row.  Fortunately for us, I brought along three friends and we all managed to get a four seat row.  It took place before A New Hope, and after Revenge of the Sith, but it was a lot closer to A New Hope than revenge of the Sith.  Without spoiling anything, it is about a group of rebels who are trying to find a weakness about a so called planet killer, which is later found out to be the Death Star that is destroyed in A New Hope.  It follows Felicity Jones, who was in A Theory of Everything, about Stephen Hawking’s life.  I had my doubts about how she would portray an action role, but I think she did an amazing job as the haphazard and reckless young rebel.  Another interesting thing about the movie was the fact that Tarkin (officer who got choked by Darth Vader in original movies) is actually animated in because the original actor is dead.  Although it is evident that it is not a real person after a while, I think it is the best attempt at CGI of a real person that has ever been attempted.  At first, I couldn’t tell, but the motions were just too fluid to be real.  All in all though, I considered it to be an enjoyable installment in the franchise, and even though they’re absolutely milking the trademark of Star Wars at this point, it was a movie that I might see again.


For this blog post, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to talk about my thanksgiving, even if it seemed like it was eons ago now.  Well, my thanksgiving for 2016 was generally alright, but I don’t think it could have been as good as my previous thanksgivings.  When I was younger, I tended to wake up really early and be excited for thanksgiving like it was a big deal or something.  Thinking back on it now, the only thing I got when I woke up were crackers and cheese (of which nothing has changed this year).  So I got up on Thursday and automatically asked for crackers and cheese (I suppose it’s instinctive at this point).  Unsurprisingly, the crackers and cheese were already organized into the appetizer dish, and I ate them for about an hour or so.  If I liked turkey, I wouldn’t get stuffed off of crackers and cheese, but I’m not a fan of the esteemed bird.  I can say that I like stuffing and most other things, but I especially like candy yams.  They’re basically sweet potatoes with mushrooms and they’re baked to make them taste good.  At about 1:00 when all of the food was done, I ate everything besides turkey, and I of course had to get a refill of crackers and cheese.  I suppose crackers and cheese are the main entree of my thanksgivings, which I don’t object to at all.  My family likes to watch the Macy’s parade, but I don’t really like watching it anymore, so I usually eat and go back to whatever I was doing beforehand (usually sleeping, or absolutely nothing).  Regardless, the thanksgiving of 2016 was very good, and if nothing else, it managed to give me some delicious candy yams and crackers and cheese.

I, Robot

I figure for the first blog post that we do I might as well talk about my favorite book, because I can’t think about anything else to write about really.  My favorite book is a book by Isaac Asimov, named “I, Robot”.  If you’ve heard the name, you’ve probably seen the movie on HBO, or when you’re flipping through channels (it tends to be on a lot for whatever reason).  Despite its popularity on cable, it unfortunately isn’t that good of a movie, and not because it can’t compare to the book like most movies.  The CGI is pretty bad, and the writing is pretty horribly done, in my opinion.  It’s also extremely loosely based off of the book, and I don’t think they can be put in the same tier when it comes to anything.  Regardless, I, Robot, follows several engineers (roboticists) after they have created the first positronic brain, which allows sentient robots to come into being with three basic rules.  They can never harm a human being, they must follow orders, and they cannot willingly let a human be hurt by inaction.  These seem pretty basic, and don’t seem to be able to be misinterpreted in anyway, but loopholes occur within the stories that make the idea of Artificial Intelligence seem that much more of a hopeless dream rather than an eventual reality.  It also isn’t based on one group of people throughout the story, but rather several groups of people who try to tackle the problems caused by these robots.  Most of the time, the problems aren’t with the robots at all, but with the interpretation humans have given to these three laws they have implanted within the positronic brain.  If you are at all interested in science fiction, or how Artificial Intelligence may be developed within the future, I highly recommend the book, as Asimov is one of the undisputed kings of Science Fiction with his imaginative books.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Movie Review

Weeks ago my family and I went to go see "Almost Christmas" at the Dartmouth AMC.  I was so excited to see this movie because when I watching the commercials and trailers, it looked like it was going to be a good movie.  I also couldn't wait to see this movie because we were watching it in the movie theater that had the good seats, so that was exciting.  This movie is definitely one of my favorites because it starts off with their family celebrating Christmas back then, and then the mother dies and they show how Christmas is now.  Some of the family members don't get along very well, but through the movie they learn to forgive each other and overcome their differences to make this Christmas one of the bests. This movie was filled with laughs.  The aunt was by far the funniest one, always making jokes about the family.  I recommend people to go watch this movie because of the meaning behind it and it is very funny.

Balance Comes in Many Shades, Even Black

Silvery Flakes drifted down, glittering in the bright light of the harvest moon. The blackbird sits watching overhead on a branch. The blackbird sits waiting for something unknown to everyone. Every night he sits there waiting for someone or something. Some people say he waits for the devil to raise so that he may guide him across the earth killing everything in their path. Others say he is an angel of death waiting to take people’s souls to hell.
The blackbird itself is beautiful, it has a sleek, black look from its beak to its talons. When I go  look upon its beauty, I can’t help but stare. I sometimes bring my sketchbook so that I may try to capture its beauty, but all attempts have failed. Everytime I climb the hill, sit on the swing just below where the blackbird rests on its branch, I become mesmerized by it. I can’t pull my eyes away long enough to make a sketch, nor do I want to because when I’m there I have feel as if I’m frozen in time. I will sit for hours looking at the blackbird, but also at the town below. The the view from the hill is amazing. Being up there by myself is so tranquil, that I become one with nature, time and life. Somehow I can’t help but think that it’s because of the blackbird.
I’ve never felt this way before the blackbird arrived on the branch years ago. This place used to be just a spot that I would come to escape everything going on in my life that’s out of my control. But now I feel so much more. I don’t believe the blackbird is here to guide the devil in destruction of the earth or an angel of death here to bring you to hell, I believe it is here to bring peace and balance to our world. I have noticed that people have been treating each other much better and have put their petty differences aside. The only real question I have now is, who sent the blackbird here?


Love can mean different things it can be an intangible thing a feeling you have for something or someone or it can be something you feel transformed into something tangible a painting or something you hold close to you. It could be a gold chain given to you by your mother before she passed and every time you wear it reminds of the love you had for each other. I love a lot in a way I wear my heart on my sleeve. Somethings that I have grown to love that I hold close to to my heart is my family, a necklace and my music.
I have endless love for my family, I think everybody does. It is something you have had through the thick and the thin, even the times when you thought you hated them. My family is crazy, funny, wild, and everything in between. They are like the ocean they can be calm, barely moving at times or moving nonstop with waves crashing making nothing save in its path. I know I have been around around it my whole life. Through all the screaming, arguing, fighting and sheer aggravation, I wouldn’t change them for the world. In a way they make my life exciting, like the suspense in a film. You’re always waiting to see what will happen next and when it ends it always leaves you wanting more. I love my family, they generate the kind of   love that can never be taken away no matter how hard you or anyone else tries to  get rid of it.
Another thing that I love more than anything I have in my closet is a necklace I got from my grandmother. It is a three chain necklace with a blue green gem on one chain, three shiny diamonds on another chain and an eye shaped blue gem on the third chain. Though the necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry and my grandmother gave it to me as a reminder of how I made honor society that isn’t the reason I love it so much. The reason I love it is because it is a reminder of all the love my grandmother has given to me my whole life. The love and respect I have for her is immeasurable. It is like space it goes on forever and is endless. Nevertheless I love more and just my family and a necklace and it is my music.
I have an undying love for music. I love the every genre (except country) from instrumentals to 90s throw backs. I love music because it has been the one thing that has seen me through the good and the bad in my life and has helped me through it all. I love music for the message every song has from the dedication to the King of Pop to the heartbreak an artist has experienced. I love it all in a way music is a way for me to find some who can relate to what I’m feeling, though I may never meet the artist who creates the song or the celebrity who sings them. When  I can’t deal with something I turn my music on and find a song that fits the emotion I’m feeling in that very moment. It’s like destiny when I find the song that fits my emotions perfectly and in its own way make me feel better by the end of the song. Music to me is more that just love it is a everlasting devotion I will cherish for the rest of my life.
I love all lot of things these are just a few I thought of when I saw the word love. Love to me is anything from complete devotion, to feeling I have for my family that can never be taken away. I love more things than just music, my family and a necklace, but there are some things, someone I  haven’t really found yet that I love as much. With the time I have left in my life I will never stop looking for something or someone that I love and that loves me from the darkest part of me to the light I let shine through.


2017 is a new start for everyone. Thinking of starting a new adventure every year is exciting. Doing something to change your life in a new way. Whether it being making new years resolution or giving something up that will help your life. I love this idea because it gives me some sort of motivation to want to help myself and others in a good way. The opportunities are endless because we can only control what we as individuals can do in the new year, whether we decide to complete our goals or push them off to the new year. The feeling I get before the new year is almost like electricity flowing through my body only stopping when, the last seconds of the past year. Anything can happen, its like filling a canvas with a masterpiece of color and feeling. Something like that can't be faked or changed it comes around only once a year.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

There is a flower in space. (Week 10?)

I debated on what I wanted my first blog to be about. Whether or not I wanted to get political, stay positive, or just ramble, I've come to a decision. I'll tell you guys about the fact that there is literally a flower in space. Like, right now, as I'm typing this there is a flower in space. NASA developed a team called "Veggie", who's goal was to successfully plant a flower aboard the International Space Station, and keep it alive. 
The plant they chose was the Zinnia plant, and they began the operation back in November 2015. The first few weeks showed little to no progress for the Zinnia plants, and Expedition 46 Commander Scott Kelly decided to switch gears. The Veggie Team created a guide, "The Zinnia Care Guide for the On-Orbit Gardener,” which gave basic guidelines for care while putting their trust into the hands of the astronaut who had the plants right in front of him Soon enough, on January 12 of 2016 the flower's buds and petals began peeking through. Overtime the Zinnia plant developed in the micro-gravity environment to this:
Closeup of zinnia flower with green leaves in VEGGIE growth chamber on space station
Pretty cool right? It's weird to try and wrap your head around, that we've gotten to the point where we can take what is literally the most uninhabitable environment, and plant flowers in it. 
As of November 2016 NASA was delivered another plant habitat unit, and this prototype is supposed to be bigger and better than the one the Veggie team had success in. NASA scientists, engineers, and technicians will have time to train and learn to assemble the unit before the actual "Advanced Plant Habitat" unit is sent to the Space Station in 2017. This new unit will utilize LED and infrared light, similar to the "Veggie Growth System", but with 180 sensors and four times the light output of Veggie. 
This is like, big news. I'm interested to see how the new unit fairs in the Space Station, and what kinds of other plants NASA will try. I'd just thought I'd share this with all of you, seeing as how much of an absolute nightmare 2016 has been, there's hope guys! With this development, it won't be long until we're able to live in space! And I must say, I'm ready to leave, I'll have my stuff packed and ready to go as soon as NASA gives us the okay. I've had it here on earth, too polluted with fossil fuels, and stupidity for my tastes. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

The DECA Store Rotation #10

This year, I was given the opportunity to be in charge of the DECA Store at school. My official title is the V.P. of Retail. Jobs under my title are restocking and ordering inventory, staffing the store each day after school, organizing all schedules and products, and fixing things involved with the store when they go wrong. Then I have to almost wash, rinse, and repeat and do this over and over again. Also I am in charge of/the manager of the Basketball Concession Stand and the Gatemen Concession Stand so all of the duties that fall under the DECA Store manager are the same for both of those concession stands as well. YAYYYYY!!!! I'm always really stressed but somehow I have managed to somewhat keep up with all the work that comes with this job.

Why use it?

As I walk through the halls of my school going back and forth to classes, I am constantly surrounded by people. All these people are very different, whether is be their height, hair, sex, personality, or skin color. There are some similarities between a specific group of people. This group of people are the ones who have no social respect for their peers. I am writing this to make some awareness that saying phrases such as, "retard", and other derogatory language. Let's focus on the 'r-word.' People seem to not know how insulting it can be to insult people using a term to describe someone's disability that can't be helped. Or maybe it is because those group of people don't care. Either way, what is their motive? If it is to insult someone, they aren't doing it right. For instance, I will let you have insight to an incident that I had the earlier this week in my physical education class. As I am walking into gym class, being the second day of badminton, I was accused of cheating the class before. I calmly tried to defend myself and also asked, "why didn't you say anything before?" Instead of talking it out like young adults, a male senior, yelling in my face swearing at me asking, "Are you ******* retarded?" That moment I instantly became furious, him not knowing I have an aunt who suffers from disabilities and myself being apart of the 'Best Buddies' organization, and I couldn't do anything but walk away. He could see how mad it made me but he was too stuck up to apologize or even stop staying it. I couldn't really think straight after that from being so upset, but the question I have is 'why say it?' Does it benefit you? Does it make other people fell good about themselves? Saying the word, "retard", can go more than just insulting one of your friends as a joke, you have no idea how the people around you feel about it and the harm you can cause to someone. Making someone's disability as an equal to an insult you would say to someone is rude and shouldn't be allowed to be said in a school environment. It also does not help that no teachers did anything or disciplined him for the language he was using towards me either, it teaches kids that doing/saying the wrong things will not come with consequences. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Siblings v. Time

Do you ever think about how old you will be when your siblings reach a certain age? I am sure many of you reading this probably has a sibling who is much older or younger than you. I am so excited to watch each and every one of my siblings to grow. I have three younger siblings. Adreanna is only two and a half years younger than me while my brother Aidan is six years younger than me. My youngest sibling, Owen, is a whopping NINE and a half years younger than me. Almost an entire decade. Think about that. When he graduates high school, in 2028, I will be a few months shy of turning twenty eight years old. Where we will all be when we reach twenty eight years old? By then, we will have all hopefully graduated college, some of us in the middle of law or medical school. Others will have started their dream job. Some of us will be married and with young children. The truth is we could all end up in any of these situations, intended or not when we turn twenty eight. Meanwhile my brother would be eighteen, wrapping up his high school career with his entire adult life ahead of him. Being so much older than my brother has allowed me to watch him grow because I can distinctly remember the day he was born. I don’t need to rely on the memories and stories of others to figure out how he was like when he was a baby. And that’s why I will always consider him a baby. Owen is currently six years old and he doesn’t appreciate that very much. Oh well.

Psychopath vs. Sociopath

Though people tend to group psychopaths and sociopath's in the same category, but they would be wrong. A psychopath has no moral compass or a consience, this means that when it comes to knowing if something is right or wrong they don't know the differnce. They are also master manipulators they have no emotions so to appear normal to everyone else they mimic the people around them. Psycopaths are maticulas, if they even become violent at all they plan their attcks and stalk their prey till the monments just right and kill with no mercy becaus ethey simply have not emotion. Now that you know a little about pdycopaths lets talk about sociopaths. Sociopaths are differnt from psychopaths becaus they have a conscience they just choice to ignore it for their own sefish gain. Sociopaths have some understanding on of emotions they can choice to endulge them or not. Usually sociopaths aren't as commonly violent like a psychopth, but they can be. Their attacks aren't usually planned, but are a sudden release of emotions. Most sociopaths are good in cut throat jobs like a lawyer or a stock broker. Both psychopaths and sociopaths can function in society with out people even knowing who they really are. Do you think you could see through their facade.


I know people have already written about Christmas, but im going to write about it too. i cant wait for it. On Christmas eve i go to my grandmothers on my moms side. we open presents and everyone just hangs out. then on Christmas i stay home, hang out, and just relax. then a few days later i go to my dads side for "Papadakis Christmas" this is just where the whole side of the family gets together, eats food, gives presents, and just has a good time.
The best part about Christmas is that my whole family gets together. i love seeing all of them, because we always have so much fun. there is never a dull moment with my crazy family. They are always so fun, and everyone is so caring. getting together with them makes me so happy, and giving out their gifts and seeing their faces light up make me happy.
Christmas is a great time because its so cold outside but then its really warm is cozy inside. then you get together with friends and family, gather around the fire, and just hang out, and its awesome.

One Tree Hill

ok so most of my blogs are going to be about tv pretty much. each new blog can be about a new tv show. i am going to talk about things from each show, so if there are spoilers i will put that as the title.
the first show i am going to talk about is one tree hill. i know that a lot of people are now a fan of this show and its great. It is about a groups of teens, and they have a ton of drama in high school, and some hate each other, then fall in love; its really intense. then it jumps a little bit and they are adults. they have kids, some are married, and they have their own jobs. it is amazing! then it jumps again, and people are introduced, and a few people leave. but its ok because its still great.
there is a lot of drama and emotion in this show, and i get so into it. people die, people fall in love, friends fight, make up, then fight again. If i had more room, i would summarize this show so much better. i could talk about it for hours, but this is already long enough, so im going to stop. if anyone wants to talk about this show, i will literally talk about it to anyone, anytime. its so good. so good.

Theseus and the Centaur Rotation #12

My favorite Greek myth is the tale of Theseus and the Centaur.
There once was a young boy named Theseus. He was the prince of a small island called Athens. Once a year his father had to send seven boys and girls to the island of Crete. He had to in order to keep Athens safe from King Minos. King Minos has a huge evil being called a minotaur, which is half man half bull.
One year Theseus got tired of sending fourteen people to die, so he goes to kill the minotaur. His father did not like this idea, but allowed it. His only order was that if Theseus survived he needed to raise a white sail on his return.
When Theseus arrived at Crete he met King Minos’ daughter, Ariadne. She fell in love with him, and helped him to defeat the minotaur. She gave him a sword and a spool of string. When Theseus was locked into the maze he tied the string to the gate. The string dragged out behind him, leading the way back to the gate.
When Theseus found the minotaur he quickly killed him and returned to the gate. He gave the head to King Minos, and then got on the boat to go home. He forgot to raise the white sail, and when the King of Athens saw this he threw himself off a cliff in grief.
Theseus returned to Athens a king, but also an orphan. Was protecting his land worth losing his father?