Monday, December 14, 2015

Hover Board Epidemic

The hottest toy on the market this holiday season, what is called a "hover board", isn't just the hottest toy on the market due to its sudden popularity. It's also due to the fact that they are exploding, even burning entire houses down.

What is a hover board? A hover board is a self balancing segway that almost resembles the "RipSticks" of Christmas past. The issue with this segway of sorts is that while charging, it has a tendency to explode and burst into flames, and pouring water on the fire can only make it worse. The fire initiates from the Lithium Ion battery in the hover board. The hover boards that are currently popular (as in the photo above) are the cheapest on the market, made with inexpensive & mass produced parts coming from China, including the battery, which is extremely faulty.

This is not to put a bad name with Lithium Ion batteries, as every iPhone has one and minimal fires have come from iPhone batteries. The issue arises from how cheaply they are made in hover boards.

In specific with the burning of hover boards, a mom bought her 12-year-old son one of these just before Thanksgiving, and the hoverboard just a day later began to explode during charging.

Amazon claims to stop selling these iffy boards all together, as many people are getting hurt from this once innocent holiday gift.