Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sound Waves and Movement

Sound waves can do more than just allow us to hear. Since sound is composed of literal waves that travel, the waves can move things like shown in the video. 

This amazing garden of stone is called Coral Castle. It was built by one man alone, and has a mysterious story behind it. The man who built it claims to have unlocked the secret of the pyramids, and it is claimed that sound was his tool for moving all the stone (although he never revealed his secret.) Could sound really move stone?
According to Washington Post, sound has been proved to moved objects, but on a small scale. Things like tooth picks and water have been moved with sound waves, but nothing as big as these stones weighing tons. This brings an interesting thought to my mind though; if sound waves can move objects, they must have some kind of effect on us in our daily lives. Most of our bodies are water, and water can be moved by sound, just like in the video. Could the sounds we hear everyday have an effect on our health? Could sound be used as a treatment for some illnesses? I think more research should go into sound waves and how they effect the environment. 

Finals week

Finals week has arrived and I think everyone if nervous but very excited at the same time.  They are nervous because it's finals and no one wants to do a bad job and everyone is stressing to cram some studying in.  But everyone is excited because  after finals it is summer vacation.  Also during finals week we have three half days which is also very exciting.  During this time people usually go to the beach after school or hang out with friends.  I can't wait myself.  This summer is going to be the best because it's the summer going into my senior year.  I hope I do good on my finals  and so does everyone else! Goodluck  everyone!

Best Parts of High School

          With the school year coming to a close, I find myself spending much time thinking about how I am going to be a senior next year. Time has gone by so fast! People have always told me high school flies by but I never believed them; how could these four years that people talk about for the rest of their lives (as both the worst and best part of their life) be over with the blink of an eye. Being in middle school, all I was told by high schoolers was that the next fours years would be the toughest. How, then, could it go by so fast? Well, it does. I remember walking through those doors on my first day of freshmen year. I was anxious, scared and bewildered. It was a whole new world. In no way, on any realm, is it comparable to middle school, not the classes, not the work, not the schedule, not the people, not even the teachers. I remember following my sister around the hallways until the bell rang because I didn't even know where to go. I made her walk me to my first period class, she must have been so embarrassed, but like a good sister, she did it anyway. As a matter of fact, I made her show me where all four of my classes were that day and where my advisory was. Looking back now, I cannot believe how bewildered I was in a two-hallway school with the 100s classrooms on floor one in order, and the 200s classrooms on floor two, in order. It's simpler than the middle school, and yet I feared getting lost. Fast forward to the present, and I cannot seem to take my mind off of senior year. I have five days left of junior year, and I graduate high school in less than 365 days. I move into college next year!
          As I think about what my last year of high school will be like, I ponder what memories will stay with me forever. What parts of high school will I always remember? Living in it now, it is hard to tell exactly what are the best parts of high school, so I looked up a survey. According to 150 high school girls across the country, there are six main parts of high school that make up the best aspects of these four memorable years.
           Extra-curricular activities and clubs rank first on the list. This is certainly true for me as well. I love that school does not end when the 2:10 bell rings. I am involved in numerous clubs and activities after school, as well as sports. So much so, in fact, that I am never walking out of those doors at 2:10. I love being involved and being a leader in my school so I can leave my mark on WHS.
          Second on the list is the independence of high school. Coming from the middle school, where you walk in lines to classes and lunch, and must report to homeroom in the morning, high school is a breath of fresh air of independence. You are given responsibility and this is a taste of what college is like. There are no lines to walk from your dorm to lunch, nor is there even a bell to get you to your next class. High school prepares you with just a taste of the responsibility of college. No matter what is it that makes high school enjoyable for you, it is without a doubt four memorable years of your life.

The video below shows 26 things you should do before you graduate.

To read the rest of the best parts of high school, visit Best Parts of High School.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Heaven's Gate

In the late 90s, a mass suicide occurred in California. A group called Heaven's Gate had been formed long before then, by a man called Do. Do claimed that Earth was just were souls developed, but when they were done developing, they had to leave. Looking for a sign, the group recognized the comet Hale-Bopp as the signal of their departure. A large group got together and prepared for their exit by dressing in black pants and shirts with Nike black and white sneakers. They drank a mixture of alcohol and phenobarbital, and laid in bed. They last few to drink the poison draped purple sheets over the others, and left money and even suitcases with everyone.

The followers of Do picture him as Jesus Christ's descendant. Do himself committed suicide and was in the master bedroom. He told everyone that the aliens were going to take their souls into the UFOs and carry them to the new life awaiting for them. My best guess is that Do had a mental problem himself, which made him live in a different world than the average person. 
To read more spooky mass suicides, visit 

Monday, June 15, 2015


Emus look like they are funny looking harmless big birds.  If you thought that a bird couldn't do some serious damage to you, you are wrong.  Emus are not out to kill but if they are in danger or feel like they are they will try and rip you apart.  They have very long talons on both of there feet that could wrap any part of your body apart.  They will bring there foot backwards and kick you so hard with those long talons that you wouldn't have a chance to react and could be dead instantly if they got you in the right spot.  One of my good friend has a farm with emus and they were recently trying to move them to a new area and one man helping got claws on the leg by an emu. His pants and skin ripped open.  It wasn't that serious of an issue but it still could hurt you way worse.  Be careful around big birds.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Solar Power from Space

          Everybody is aware of the issue of global warming, or at least I hope so. Whether you acknowledge its existence or have not reached the mental capacity to accept the proven phenomenon is regardless; either way, you should know about the crisis. Climate change is the change in regional or global climate patterns, pertaining to temperature, rainfall and the like, as a result of human disruption to the natural cycles of gases in the atmosphere. For example, when we excavate for fossil fuel energy, we are reintroducing fossilized carbon into the atmosphere that has been buried for centuries. This carbon, no longer part of the natural carbon cycle, is brought back into the air, therefore increasing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. This, in combination with the other gases of the atmosphere tears a hole in the stratospheric ozone, a layer of the atmosphere that blocks the sun's harmful UV rays from Earth. With a hole in this layer, humans and life on Earth now has more exposure to UV rays and is more prone to skin cancer. In regards to climate change, a hole in the atmosphere means more sun rays which means a warmer climate on Earth. This contributes to the melting of the glaciers at the poles, which leads to the rising of ocean levels. This continues to snowball and results in many harmful effects. In short, we are walking ourselves down a dangerous path for the future, but there are ways we can change this.
          There are the obvious methods to harness energy in cleaner ways, such as wind turbines, nuclear power plants, tidal energy, and hydroelectric dams, but have you ever thought to put solar panels in space? Japan has! The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) intends to have entirely converted to space solar power by the year 2040. Their plan is to launch solar panels into space that can harness the suns rays into energy that will be transmitted back to Earth and converted into electricity. There will be clusters of mirrors in space that reflect the suns rays onto secondary mirrors that aim the rays at solar panels (also in space). The photovoltaic solar panels convert the rays into microwave beams and send them down to Earth to be received in a crop field onto panels that will convert the energy into usable electricity. It may be a difficult theory to grasp but it is genius in my opinion. It will send essentially limitless energy back down to Earth in a clean, efficient way. Of course, there are also drawbacks and risks, as with anything. If the beam misses the receiving panels on Earth, it could sizzle a city, but JAXA already has a plan in place for the shutdown of the system if the beam is not on target for the designated area. Also, the startup cost of this system is extremely high. Another concern is the radiation concentration of the area around that field. There is certainly much work to be done in regards to this system, but it is certainly worth consideration! It is time to start implementing cleaner energy sources now. We must start thinking about the future of our planet and the future of human existence.
To learn more, visit JAXA.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hagia Sophia

This ancient building has a history as rich as the ornate decorations found in it. The building itself was changed three times. First, it was called Megale Ekklesia, or great church. Riots broke out and this was burnt down. Another church was built on top of the remains of Megale Ekklesia, but the Nika riots broke out which attacked the emperor at the time. He decided to build it to be more extravagant. When Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Empire and became Istanbul, the church turned into a mosque, being dedicated to Allah. Hagia Sophia is almost like a melting pot of architecture, since many features can be seen in it. In the image above, columns and domes can be seen, indicating the Greek and Roman influence of its very early years. There are also mosaics of Christian emblems that have been recovered now that the former mosque is a museum. The calligraphy on the walls are connected to the prophet Muhammad. This collision of two cultures creates friction, however. Christians and Muslims fight over the fact that they want Hagia Sophia back for their religious practices.
There are not many ancient buildings that have such a diverse history as the Hagia Sophia. Along with the fact that the interior design is a gem to the eye, it is a place where diverse cultures can be seen alongside each other. To learn more about Hagia Sophia's history, watch this video.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Prison Break in New York

Think about some of the most notorious criminals you know. Now think of them out of jail.
Yes, this may seem scary, but in New York at the Clinton Correctional Facility it happened. It sounds like some movie that you would watch on Netflix two years after its release because it really wasn't that good in the theater. Two prisoners escaped from a prison in New York at 5:30 am on Saturday. They drilled through their cell walls and emerged outside the prison through a manhole. The two hilariously left a sticky note for the guards with an optimistic smiling face and "Have a nice day!" written on it. Now, this is nothing to be afraid is a common occurrence. Only 1% of prisoners are escapees, so these guys got lucky. Still, it is crazy to believe that these two criminal masterminds broke out of a high security prison in the past week. For more information go to

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Taylor Swift v. Katy Perry

          The feud between these popular artists is obvious to everyone, whether you firmly take one side, or don't even listen to pop music. To be honest with you, despite being in high school amongst teens who cry about this all day (or, well I guess maybe just tweet about it all day), I've never taken much interest in it. I knew they didn't like each other, but until today, I didn't even know why. Perhaps you know of the feud and have a favorite too, but don't know why they hate each other. If so, you're just like me. I will be honest with you when I say I like Katy Perry better than Taylor Swift by far, but not because I'm some huge Perry fan, rather because I'm a huge Swift hater. Before you reach through the screen to knock me out, hear me out, though admittedly my reasoning is not the greatest. Taylor Swift, to me, lacks talent. She is undoubtably popular but I fail to see her skill. Every single one of her songs is about the same topic: a breakup, and every single one of her songs has the same beat to it. To be honest, it just gets annoying. She hardly ever varies her pitch either. She sings in the same tone with the same pitch to the same rythym about the same thing every time. Boring! Whereas Perry shows originality and can certainly hit a variety of notes! I will say I like Swift a little bit better since she has declared her official transition from country to pop. Her country wasn't even country! It was like "wannabe" country that was stuck in a pop setting. At least she has found where she belongs.

          So anyway, that was my opinion before I even knew anything about the reasoning of their feud. Well today I have had the pleasure of educating myself on this matter. It turns out that following Katy Perry's California Dreams world tour in 2011, three of her dancers auditioned and received positions as background dancers in Taylor Swift's upcoming Red world tour. While the dancers were mid-tour with Swift, Perry's camp evidently inquired of their interest in joining Perry on a second work tour for her upcoming album Prism. So, what's the problem? The dancers agreeing would mean they would be leaving Swift's tour before it was over...and all three of them agreed to leave early to join Perry. Yikes! It sure seems like Perry is a little more fun to be on tour with, and quotes from the three dancers also suggest this. One dancer said, "We weren't really dancing in Taylor's tour anyway so I had got a little bored and I really wanted to do a promo tour." Clearly Perry is more fun, that isn't her fault. Though it was a little sneaky of her to ask them to leave Swift's tour early, it was ultimately the dancers' decision and they chose to go with Perry. In my opinion, Swift should be mad at the dancers, not Perry! Is this enough to cause a feud? Perhaps, but adding to the fire is the fact that they are competition for each other by the nature of their music. They are both young pop singers, so it is natural to be envious of each other. Also adding to the fuel of the feud is perhaps the fact that Swift dated singer-songwriter John Mayer from November of 2009 to February of 2010, and Katy Perry then dated Swift's ex (Mayer) from August 2012 to February 2014. Again, I do not see why this should be a problem. It is not like Perry dated him while he also dated Swift; they'd been broken up for two and a half years. Besides, don't you know, Swift had to move on so she could write another song about a breakup. I don't mean to be harsh, because obviously she is more talented than I am and she's making a living off of what she does, so kudos to her. Kudos to both of them for being so successful! Maybe the whole feud is a lie for media attention. Hey, it's working!
To learn more about the feud visit Swift Perry Feud Theory and Timeline.
Also, watch the video above for clarity on the feud.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Climate Change

There is really no argument when it comes to the verity of global warming, irregardless of causes.
 This graph, based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct  measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric CO<sub>2</sub> has increased  since the Industrial Revolution.  (Source: [[LINK||||NOAA]])
Looking at this graph from NASA's website, it is obvious that something is way off. In 2014, the parts per million in carbon dioxide located in Earth's atmosphere is about 400. This is far past the range of the normal shifting of measurements, which fluctuates between about 170 and 300. Never before has it gone higher or lower, until recently (relatively speaking). This increase in carbon dioxide means that more sun rays penetrate Earth, which means that Earth captures more heat. This is seen by rising temperature, not only in the air but in water. Water levels are also rising due to melting ice in both of Earth's poles.But as Obama and Russell Brand points out, not many people are as worried about it as they need to be:
We only have this one planet to support us, but we are pushing limits and eventually there will be no more support available. We need to act before time runs out. We need to act before we ruin this planet that abundantly nourished and sheltered us for all these years. We are exploiting, and exacerbating the availability of the benefits Earth gives us, yet not everyone takes this threat as serious as others. Why? According to Brand, because big businesses continue to rule the world.  


Does the name sound familiar? Maybe some movies pop up in your mind hearing this name-The Outsiders, The Godfather, Apocalypse Now-which are all great works by Francis Ford Coppola. But he is not the only Coppola to take on the film industry; his daughter Sophia also is well known for movies like Lost in Translation, Somewhere, and Marie Antoinette.

All three of these movies are some of my personal favorites. I would not be alone in claiming that Sofia Coppola can reach in, twisting and pulling at emotions, even with a simple plot that is most apparent in Somewhere. That work of hers focuses on a middle-aged man who has to bring his daughter with him on his movie promotion. Along the way, his daughter brings out a side of him that is much better than the man he appears to be (which are apparent through various angry texts toward him).
Lost in Translation focuses on a washed-up movie star and a young wife who are both staying at a hotel in Tokyo. They end up having some sort of close emotional bond, even though they are both married. This relationship is not an affair, but rather a unique and indescribable connection. As the time comes to depart, a withheld secret is whispered to the girl, in which the audience cannot hear. The suspense is almost painful! But it left me with this message; when a good thing comes, do not ruin it with exploitation, everything has a beginning and ending.

Marie Antoinette is just as it appears, about the famous queen. However there is a sort of modern twist on it, even though it still takes place in the corresponding moment in history. The set is absolutely stunning; colorful pastries, extravagant dresses, expansive rooms...everything about the movie is just brilliant. It take a deep look into her life as queen, and offers a different perspective than the one that coins her with the phrase "Let them eat cake" (although there is not really evidence of her saying this).

Overall, the Coppola family has some good film-making genes!

Mispronounced Words

The average five year old will know about 5,000 words. The average twelve year old will know 12,000 words. We use words to communicate with others, to get our point across, and for many other things. But how many words do we mispronounce? When I was younger I used to say “sherbert” exactly how it looks. I did not know that the ‘r’ was silent. Wondering how many people have said something different than how it is pronounced got to me enough to want to question some of the words that a lot of people messed up on. A few of these words are, “specific,” “especially,” and even the phrase, “for all intents and purposes.” There are many words that are being pronounced wrong that we may not even know about. To learn more about some of the more common words that are being used, you can look at this website or video that is linked below.

Video: - Top 27 Mispronounced Words by
Good Mythical Morning

Telling the Truth or Lying?

Pinocchio Pinocchio Wallpaper In all honesty, I believe that telling the truth is the way to go, because you lying about it can cause a lot more consequences the longer it goes on. But, everyone here has probably told at least one lie in their life time. Maybe it was when you were younger or even just the other day. It could have been to a neighbor, your boss, a friend or a family member. Lying allows for people to say things that they do not mean, or to spare someone’s feelings, or to get them out of specific situations. The main question here though is what you should do. The first thing to do is not lie to yourself. Being honest with yourself will allow you to accept yourself for who you actually are, and so that you know who you truly are as a person. Another thing is to try not to lie too much to your parents, friends and others. The more lies that you say, the more you’ll have to remember things about those lies and create stories that shape the lies, and later on if found out, it can lead to a lot of chaos. Try to stay as honest as possible to others and people around you, and you should be able to be a well rounded person overall, on the inside and the outside.

Here is an article that talks about the topic of lying if you are interested in hearing more.

Pigeons Blowing Up?

Growing up, we all heard stories about things we didn’t believe, but never thought more of. Myths that we have deep in our minds that we know of, but do not actually know if they are true or not. Doing some research, I found a list of the top ten myths that are believed all over the world. One of these myths are that pigeons blow up if you feed them uncooked rice. I have honestly never heard of that before, but it was interesting to hear something like that and to see that a lot of people have heard it and believe in it. A myth that I have heard though is that if you shave hair, it will come back thicker and faster.The thing is though, that the hair that we see on our skin is not alive, and removing it will not cause any type of reaction like what they say, so there is no reason to believe that it will grow back thicker and faster. Just hearing that myths like that are not true but a large percentage of the people believe they are is very intriguing and makes me wonder how many other stories we have heard are actually myths.

Here is a link to the article that I used. It contains a lot more interesting myths, so be sure to check it out and see how much you really know!

Money makes the world go round

“Money makes the world go round” is a quote that everyone seems to be familiar with, but how much do we actually know about money? We spend a few dollars here and there, or pay bills and insurance companies, donate, etc., and we do not really spend time looking at the fine print. Doing some research online, I realized some interesting facts about money. One, for example, is that the ink that is printed on the bills are traceable, magnetic, and has certain chemical properties in it that allow for it to change colors. Another thing I learned was that the color green was selected as the U.S. dollar color because it is the most resistant to discoloration, fading and flaking. An interesting fact I learned was that pennies that are buried in a garden will repel slugs, as they receive an electric shocks from touching zinc and copper. 

For more interesting facts about money, here is a link that tells you a few fun facts.

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

I remember back in elementary school when the teacher was teaching us how to write create sentences. We had already learned our letters and could make a few short sentences, but a small paragraph seemed a lot harder. They would always smile and chuckle when they got to my paper, as my handwriting was always so small that they would usually have to bring the paper right up under their noses to read it. Now, when I’m asked to write larger I can do it, but I do not feel comfortable doing it. Scientists have reasoned out that your handwriting may tell you something about yourself personality wise. There are all different types of reasoning's that come along with the slant of your words, the thickness of them, dotting your I’s, and so much more. It’s interesting to think that simple things just like how you write can tell so much about a person. 

If you’d like to read more about this topic, here is an article that I found online that was very interesting:

Summer Vacation is right around the corner...

     With the final days of school approaching, the ideas of summer vacations and fun in the sun are in everyone's minds as they plan to enjoy a well needed break.
     Personally, I love to travel. I visited the countries of Spain and Italy, and I have traveled all throughout the United States to places including Florida, California, New Hampshire, and Hawaii. 
     Due to the fact that I love traveling and visiting new places, I planned to visit a new destination this summer. In my search for a new adventure, I searched the internet for popular vacation spots. The top 5 spots are:
     1. Paris
     2. London
     3. Barcelona
     4. Maui
     5. New York City
I visited Barcelona, and had a layover in London during my recent trip to Italy. I have been to Hawaii but not the island of Maui. However, next summer my family is going to Hawaii and we are going to visit multiple islands. I am excited to experience this upcoming trip with my family.
      My goal is to visit the seven wonders of the world, and the natural wonders of the world. I hope one day I will be able to say that I traveled the world and learned a lot about different people and cultures.

Chinese Cruise Ship Disaster

     Yesterday evening, the Chinese Cruise Ship, Eastern Star, with more than 458 people aboard, capsized near Jianli, China in the Yangtze River. Most passengers were sleeping at the time when an extreme storm struck. Along with the storm came torrential down pouring of rain, and wind which pushed water into the cabins.
     One survivor describes the event, saying that the boat began tipping over to one side, at about a 45 degree angle. The items in his cabin began to roll and fall.
     Out of the 458 passengers, only 15 survivors have been found, along with five bodies. Rescue teams are on a search for more survivors, as they search the ship and surrounding waters. Families hope to hear from their loved ones, praying they are still alive.

Texas Floods

               CNN reports that Texas has received enough rain throughout the month of May to cover the entire state in 8 inches of water. President Obama has declared this a national disaster, with twenty people already dead, and many still missing or injured. The worst is not over, with disaster relief efforts aiming towards finding the missing and getting people to safer areas.
               Many rivers in Texas had reached flood level in over one hundred different locations. Over 600 cattle were trapped during a flood. These floods produced tornados also, which had locals fearing for their safety. Hundreds of homes were swept away or destroyed during the floods, leaving many families homeless.
     May 2015 goes down as the wettest month on record for Texas. 37.3 trillion gallons of water fell in Texas during the month of May. People continue to search for loved ones and belongings as the calm of the storm is coming. States like Oklahoma are preparing themselves for possible flash floods.

Caitlyn Jenner breaks a world record

     On June 1st, Bruce Jenner officially transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner. The new Vanity Fair cover was released yesterday (pictured), showing the new look and personality of Caitlyn.
     One day after step daughter Kim Kardashian announced her second pregnancy with husband Kanye West, Vanity Fair introduced this new woman to the world.
     Caitlyn Jenner's new twitter, @Caitlyn_Jenner blew up, and she broke a world record of reaching 1 million followers in just 4 hours. She is currently at 2.04 million, and growing. One of her first tweets stated, "I'm so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self. Welcome to the world Caitlyn. Can't wait for you to get to know her/me."
     Many celebrities voiced their support of Caitlyn via their social media profiles. Daughter Kendall Jenner tweeted, "be free now pretty bird" with an attached photo of the magazine cover. Step daughter Kim Kardashian tweeted, "Caitlyn Jenner for Vanity Fair [camera emoji] Annie Leibovitz! How beautiful! Be happy, be proud, live life YOUR way!" Many other celebs voiced their support, including Lady Gaga, Anna Kendrick, John Stamos, and Ellen Degeneres.
     Sources say that the next step in Jenner's transition is to fully transition her face through reconstructive surgery. Most wish Caitlyn the best of luck with her future ongoings as a woman.

Dog dies at Petco

     A Virginia woman dropped her 2-year old golden retriever off at a local PETCO for a regular grooming this past week, and came back finding out her dog had died.
     Reports say that the dog was put in a drying cage after his grooming to be dried off. The employee supposedly had to leave and go do something else that came up. The drying cage period is supposed to only last about 15 minutes before it is turned off. The 2 year old dog was found dead in the cage that reached a temperature of 105 degrees. Examiners say the dog had been dead for about 45 minutes before he was found. They also say that he most likely suffered badly during his death due to the extreme temperature.
     PETCO released a statement saying they are performing a thorough investigation on the situation. The owner of the dog is devastated and is planning on suing PETCO for their negligence. Below is a video of a newscast covering this story.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Rainy days

Rainy lazy days are the best days ever!  You can just sit down and relax all day without a care in the world.  This is the first day I have been able to relax after school in a long time.  I usually either have work, soccer or something to do but I don't today and it is so exciting.  I can finally catch up on my homework, tv shows and just hangout.  Lately I feel like I don't stop so it is nice to have a little break.  I also love the darkness that there is when it rains!  It just makes me want to  sleep or lay down.  My bed is my bestfriend when it rains out!  Also a nice home cooked meal on a rainy day is amazing.  I love it when my mom cooks on rainy days.  I love food so I am excited.  Rainy days are definitly the best days.