Monday, March 30, 2015

Forced Medication...In Water?

Many places put fluoride in tap water to prevent tooth decay. According to Mass Dental, many towns including sections of Boston like Belmont and Cambridge, still have fluoride in their water. However, there are many factors pointing against this practice. 

The main argument for water fluoridation is that it prevents tooth decay. Looking at this graph, however, shows that countries without water fluoridation have achieved a decrease in tooth problems without this practice. So is this really necessary? Who really cares if it doesn't affect the health in a negative way, right? Well, there are studies that show that not only is this practice unnecessary, but harmful. According to Fluoride Alert, fluoride serves its best protection when used topically, not when it is ingested. Plus, too much of this fluoride can cause brain and bone problems as studied by a group of Harvard scientists. Fluoride itself is not even really good; fluoride supplements have never been approved by the FDA, who refers to fluoride as a drug.
Worst of all, water fluoridation is not something you can choose! It is put into tap water, which virtually every public place and home has. If you live in a place that has water fluoridation, you automatically have to ingest this fluoride through your water. How scary!

April vacation

April vacation is right around the corner and I can not wait and I bet many people agree with me.  I am going to florida for one and a half weeks.  I will be attending theme parks such as universal studios, islands of adventure, Seaworld, Disney theme parks and there are many more.  I will also be attending the beaches in Florida which will be very nice because I havnt been to a beach in Florida since I was very little.  There is also a lot of shopping places in Florida that I can attend such as downtown Disney and the humongous mall in orlando.  I stay in the vistana resort in Kissimmee about 10 minutes away from orlando.  It is so nice and has 7 pools and 7 hot tubs.  It is so big!  There is also restaurants in side of the resort that are yummy but expensive.  My favorite place to eat I. Florida is the ale house it is delicious.  I can't wait to be back in the sunshine state!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Is college even worth it?

After writing an essay on a mock exam that discussed the topic of reasons why people are questioning whether or not college is worth the cost. Many factors contribute to a student and their family's decision on a higher education. These factors include location, size, courses, majors offered, and most prevalent, costs. So is college really worth the amount of money spent?

Personally, I think that college is worth the money, here's why.

Studies show that people who attend college, even for a limited amount of time, gain more experience, and are more likely to find a higher paying job than those who come out of high school and enter the workforce with just a diploma. College students, after graduation, most often have higher salaries, and a higher standard of living. Of course, this does not apply to everyone because some people who attend college, end up dropping out, or graduating and becoming unemployed. More studies show that when college students and graduates are surveyed, most say that they are glad they attended college, and that it was worth it. Not only does a college education lead to higher benefits financially, but also characteristically. Most surveyed students and graduates said that college taught them many useful life skills, and helped them find themselves.

Ozone Recovery

          The UN Headquarters in New York declared on September 10 of last year, that the ozone layer in the stratosphere is showing recovery. 282 scientists from 36 countries say this recovery is in large part due to the decrease of production and use of ozone depleting chemicals. The use of these chemicals, mainly chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and halons has been continuously decreasing since 2010. CFCs are your typical aerosol cans and are also used in refrigerators to help with cooling. Halons are found in fire extinguishers. In 1987, some 200 countries came together to ratify the Montreal Protocol to begin phasing out ozone (O3) depleting substances. The international effort to lessen the use of these chemicals is finally showing. If the treated was not passed, the use of ozone depleting substances was projected to increase ten-fold by 2050.
Aerosol can, CFC
          Why is the ozone layer important? That is because it protects us from the harmful UV radiation that the sun emits, particularly UV-B Rays. Without this layer, humans and all life on Earth would be exposed to higher levels of radiation, which can lead to skin cancer, as well as many other catastrophic health issues. If countries across the globe continue to follow this protocol, ozone concentrations are expected to return to 1980 levels before 2050. Researchers must continue to keep an eye on the levels of greenhouse gases because many of the chemicals replacing ozone depleting chemicals still emit potent greenhouse gases. Scientists are baring in mind that human activities will always affect the atmosphere in one way or another, therefore levels of substances in the air will always be monitored. There is no one solution, but several ways to head toward recovery.
To learn more about the recovery, visit Live Science.
To learn about what's harming the atmosphere, visit "Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth".

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We May Be Overreacting Over Zayn...

Something missing in this picture? You sure guessed it! Recently, Zayn Malik of the hugely popular boy band One Direction announced his leaving of the band. I wasn't really affect by this at all, but many "Directioners" were hugely affected by this. Many people over social media have been complaining about it almost all day now. An 18 year old girl even tweeted that there was no reason for even living anymore. Another person tweeted that her friend had to leave school because she was crying so much about it. Almost all of the people seeing or doing these crazy things were almost all from the United States. So does this small little mishap affect our country a lot? Not as much as  a band breaking up. I even. Other countries even laughed at our reactions. Should we be ashamed of county? Maybe, maybe not. All the news like this shows us the dangers and consequences of these actions he took. Most consist of hate letters to his family or even death threats. As scary as that sounds, those can all be possibilities. They are even comparing him to Yoko Ono, John Lennon's widowing wife.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Love at first Sight?

Recently as I watched the news this week I came across a bizarre occurrence. There was a couple, who are married who retrieved some old home videos. The wife was watching her old home videos that her dad recorded. She recognized one familiar video of a water park vacation with her family at the age of ten. There was on thing she didn't realize. She actually crosses paths with the much younger version of her current husband. Crazy right?! In the video it shows that the two make eye contact and walk by each other. Do you think they knew they would end up married one day with three kids? I think not. I wonder if love at first sight is true after watching this video. How ironic. To view the video and article click here

Thursday, March 19, 2015

One-Way Ticket to Mars

          I first heard about this whole idea of sending people to Mars on one-way flights not too long ago...and to be honest, I thought it was bologna. First of all, who would sign up for this, and second, what is there for them? Well after doing some research, I've found that the "who" is 78,000 people worldwide who share the adventure and curiosity for colonizing a new planet. I'm sorry to say this but my interest, the very little I had to begin with, is completely and 100% blocked and halted at the "one-way" part. You would have to pay me big bucks to go anywhere, I mean anywhere, on a one-way flight. I just canot grasp these volunteer's curiosity. 660 semi-finalists were narrowed down to 100 finalists that will now not only be individually examined, but tested for their abilities to work as a team as well. 24 finalists will take the flight in 2024.
          Or will they? Many people think this is all a scam. If it is, it's a pretty darn good one. The non-profit Dutch organization spearheading this mission already has quite a sum of money cosidering applicants have to pay just to sign up. The first flight will cost Mars One $6 billion. They then intend to send a flight every two years which will cost $4 billion each. Now, is it worth it? The goal is to establish a self-sustaining colony on Mars. If you haven't been convinced that it may be a scam yet, allow me to explain to you that Mars is toxic. Yes, very toxic. Inhabitants will be breathing in coal dust and gypsum which can damage lungs. In addition, people will be breathing in silicates that when combined with the water in human lungs can cause respiratory disease. Another major problem is the high radiation environment of Mars. These aren't the only holes in Mars One's plan, research from MIT is full of more. For example, let's talk about the water on Mars, or the lack there of! So after reading this now, would you sign up?

To learn more about the Mars mission, read One-Way Trip to Mars.
To learn more about the toxins on Mars, read Mars is Toxic.

To read about the qualifications to go, read Selection and Preparation of Mars One Applicants.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Moon

The Moon in the only natural satellite that Earth has. It has so much involvement in the life on Earth and the oceans. Ancients used moonlight to hunt and believed that it was divine. We even landed on its surface, which was a monumental historical event. What besides the obvious reasons makes us so interested in the Moon?

As labeled in the photo, the Moon has many craters and mare. Mare is the Latin word for sea, and they use this word because the darker parts of the surface looked like seas when the first observers spotted the Moon. All the names are in Latin, so mare tranquillitatis is translated into the sea of tranquility. This mare is where the Apollo 11 mission landed the first men on the Moon in 1969 during the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States. This video shows the president John F. Kennedy talking about the space race

One thing I find very interesting about the Moon and its relation to Earth is its control of the tides. Because the Moon pulls on Earth, it causes the water to be pulled in or out, depending on the position of the two celestial bodies. The position of the Moon also plays a role in the phases. A full moon is fully lit up, while a new moon is completely dark. Plus, as I learned today, the Moon is always in the sky during the day, even though we usually can't see it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

No End to a California Drought

Pine Flat Lake in Fresno County, CA. The ring around the
lake represents where the water level used to be.

California Drought

California has been experiencing a 4 year drought, and there is no end in sight. The state receives most of its rainfall between the months of December and April, about 90% of its total annual rain. Temperatures are spiking, and getting to record amounts, which increases the amount of water evaporation. Many reservoirs are drying up, with water levels getting lower and lower over time. Land has also been affected; it is becoming drier and dead.

Conservation Efforts

Conserving the water is very important to the well being of the natural land and also to the population of California. Many areas had to have water imported, due to the drying up of their local water sources. State officials began voting on new conservation rules this past week, specifying for example, landscaping and its water use. The lack of water resources has affected agriculture as well. Farmers stated that this year, they plan on leaving 1 million acres unplanted, where in the previous year, about double that amount went unplanted. State officials ask for everyone's help in the attempt to conserve water, and that it will take everyone in order for it to be successful; there needs to be a quick turnaround very soon.
Link to article:

St Patricks day

St Patricks day is all about festivities and people having fun.  Such as the big parades, the drinking beer all day, parties, but it's more than that.  A lot of people's traditions are to wear green, eat cornbread and cabage, and be with your family.  But is that what st Patricks day is all about?  People who aren't even Irish celebrate it just for the festivities and reason to drink a lot.  The true meaning of st Patricks day is to honor Ireland but not only that but to honor missionaries.  Shamrocks represent Goodluck and are also an Irish tradition.  If you find a four leaf clover which is rare means very Goodluck.  A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow also represents the Irish.  Also leprechauns represent Irish too.  You can tell by many things who celebrates st Patricks day.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Breakfast Club Returns to Theaters

The Criminal, The Basketcase, The Athlete, The Princess, and The Brain are returning to the big screen. 30 years later, The Breakfast Club is being re-released to theaters this March for two days, and it's going to be huge! March 26th and 31st will be the days to go see it! Very limited time! For the 30th anniversary, there will be a short before the movie, talking about how much of an impact this movie made on many people's lives, with interviews with the original cast. The whole movie will be released remastered and restored. This cult classic is expected to make a lot more money just for two days, due to its huge popularity across all age groups. A ticket to go and see this will be really hard to get, so they are selling them now in advance. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I highly suggest going to one of these showings. This movie is a great film in describing the hardships of high school, and how anyone of any group of people can be friends, no matter what the differences are. I'm especially excited to see the movie on the big screen instead of my TV.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


When people are considering a new dog to welcome into their homes, purebred dogs are always first on their mind. They are known for their good looks. Purebred dogs are very expensive. I'm not really sure why that is to be honest. A new study shows that purebred dogs are not worth all that money. Over time popular dog breeds have been mutated from their original form to what we consider purebred now. This mutation problem significant hurts the dogs in the long run. The mutation leaves dogs with various health issues. For example, now the  Boxer has the highest rate of cancer in a dog breed due to mutation. The example in the breed change due to mutation can be shown below in the picture.
 The Boxer

\The Bull Terrier

Don't worry, you don't have to buy the most expensive dog to have the best dog. There are millions of dogs, even puppies in shelters that are waiting to be rescued. Most are mutts, but don't be frightened, mutts statistically live longer and have less health issues. Don't shop, ADOPT!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cell phones

Are cell phones a distraction or good for academic use in school?  Many teachers do not allow students to use their cellphones in class because they believe they will be texting or on twitter, Instagram, or the various other social media websites.  But in other instances teachers allow use of cellphones for a endemic reasons.  Their are many uses for cellphones in the classroom, because technology is taking over and we have to get use to it and so don't old school teachers.  You can use your cellphones as a dictionary, calculator, or basically anything because of all the apps that are available.  In my opinion I believe the cellphone should be allowed.  If the student doesn't want to pay attention and uses it for not academic activities then that's their problem and their grades will be affected by it.  We are in high school and are not going to be babied like that in college so people should get use to it now.  Technology is taking over and we have to expand with it and get to know what one day will take over texts books and other learning devices.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

"The Cost of Paying Attention"

          While I was scrolling through some of this week's top articles, one caught my eye, the headline of it being the same as the title of this post. I thought to myself, what could be a cost of paying attention? Well, come to find out, the topic of the article is advertisements. The author talks about how advertising is everywhere nowadays with technology. Ads even pop up on the little screen where the prompts come up after you swipe your credit card at a register. When you think about it, advertisements have taken over nearly every venue of a person's daily life. Think of the last place you went or the last thing you did, I bet advertisements were somewhere to be found. Even if you were sitting at home watching television, commercials come up. Even if you were online checking your mail, ads pop up. Even if you were taking the bus downtown, ads were on the backs of seats and on the outside of the bus. They've even covered the buckets you put valuables in at the airport with advertisements. How is one to remember to grab their stick of lip gloss out of the bucket after security when there is a LipSmacker ad covering the walls of the container? It blends right in. The majority of people don't even realize how much advertising they absorb in a day.
          So what could be so bad about it? It clutters your brain! It takes up all the available space and even moves into the unavailable space, pushing important things stored in your brain away. How many times have you as a student been taking an exam and can't remember say...the trigonometric values of theta but can remember the theme song to your favorite restaurant? You know fifteen minutes can save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance but you don't know forty-five degrees is equal to pi over four radians, and you don't even care to remember Geico's commercial but it took the space up anyway! How many of you can still recite the Hump Day commercial entirely? I can! It's gets you thinking how much smarter the American population would be if there were no advertisements anywhere. Well we'd be a lot poorer too because that's the main way businesses draw in customers.
          How do you avoid advertising? Well, you can't avoid it entirely but you can pay for less. Imagine that? Pay for less of something. That's the cost of paying attention. Take Pandora for example, you have to pay for an upgrade to have no advertisements. I can't even use the Internet for homework without being distracted by advertisements and now websites make you pay for upgrades to be advertisement free too. What have we come to? What lies ahead in the world of advertising?

To learn more about the cost of paying attention, read Today's Advertising.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Great Minds

This week's quote got me thinking about who I consider to be real geniuses. The first to come to mind was Nikola Telsa, the enigmatic inventor responsible for multiple wonders but best known for the alternating current. Tesla's story intrigues me because he was just overall and interesting and obscure person. His little quirks, like the fact that he claimed to never get more than two hours of sleep, or how he fell in love with a pigeon, are what add to his personality that I find interesting. What makes him a real genius though is the fact that when he was in his engineering school, he took on eleven classes at one time. Tesla also knew eight languages. The book Tesla the wizard of electricity shows Tesla's life in a new age way, and includes a comic book like series.

this rap battle shows the real battle that Tesla and Edison had since they were rivals.

The other name that popped into my mind was Leonardo da Vinci, another who can be considered mysterious. This man was like every possible thing I can think of. He invented, painted, studied math, anatomy, natural sciences,'s like he was a human encyclopedia. Of course, he is most known for painting Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, but he also created the first parachute, the first helicopter, and even had plans of a mechanical animal. The study I find most interesting is da Vinci's study of the human body. Due to being able to dissect real human corpses, he made detailed sketches of the human system. 
What is also visible in the sketch is his mirror writing. He did this so other would not spy of his notes, but some also suggests that maybe it was just easier that way since he was left handed. Either way, mirror writing is by itself fascinating. 
Leonardo da Vinci also taught himself a lot of the knowledge he had, and I admire that. Both these men had wonderful minds and strived for great things, achieving at many things. I consider them two of the most intriguing, important, and beneficial geniuses of all time. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Family, fun, success!

For many people at wareham highschool the Deca program means everything to them.  Deca makes people realize business is their true passion and end up wanting to go to school for it.  Deca isn't all about the competition and studying, but much more.  Deca means family to a lot of people, because when your at these competitions everyone is there to cheer for you, help calm you down before the role play, and crossing their fingers hoping a wareham name gets called up for each category.  Deca also means fun for a lot of people.  There is dances, water pong, karoke, shopping, eating, and much more.  Everyone gets together and has so much fun doing whatever sparks their interest.  Deca also means success.  When you get up after your name getting called you feel like a million bucks.  Or even seeing people you know get called up makes you smile.  Over all it is an amazing experience and I believe everyone who try's deca competition will fall in love with deca!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesdays with Morrie

My newest book besides the Great Gatsby is one called Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. The front cover has the title and also "an old man, a young man, and life's greatest lesson." As you may guess from the phrase, the memoir is about a professor, Morrie, who is dying from cancer and is visited by his past student, Mitch.
From my reading so far, Mitch was a phenomenal student who grew a very close bond with Morrie, his professor at the time. Mitch and Morrie would meet for coffee and have lunch together. When Mitch graduated, Morrie even shed some tears. They promised to keep in touch. However, Mitch started to live a fast paced, money driven, carefree life. His job as a sports columnist took over his life and he spends many hours of the day writing and going to events. He lives by himself and does not really keep in touch with family. This all changes when Mitch sees his old sociology professor, Morrie, on TV talking about how he is dying from ALS and is going to make the most of his time left.
Mitch goes to visit him and although a little awkward at first, Mitch is again comforted by the same loving professor he remembers, but he knows he is not the same person. Every Tuesday, Mitch flies out to Morrie's house to visit and attend Morrie's last 'lessons' with Mitch. Some of the topics that Mitch listed in the memoir were;

a meaningful life

As these lessons go on, I can see Mitch is returning to his true warm-hearted self that he was in college. He records the lessons they have so that after Morrie has passed, Mitch will still have tapes to listen to.

This memoir is very touching and eye opening to how life should be lived through the duration of it. As Morrie said, he is learning how to die and finally realizing how to live. The lessons contained in the book are Morrie's versions of a successful, joyful, and righteous life.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What's next for Spider-Man?

Spider-Man has become the most controversial superhero in the Marvel franchise to this date. From Marvel being bought out by Disney, and Sony buying the rights to Spider-Man. Spider-Man has been depicted through many shapes and forms from the one pictured above, known as the Ultimate Spider-Man, not Peter Parker but Miles Morales. Spider-Man has recently been confirmed to join the Avengers in the Marvel universe with many questions. Not with being in the Avengers (since he is already in them) but with who will be playing him. Andrew Garfield recently announced he wasn't comfortable with playing Peter Parker again, mainly due to the fact of the death of Gwen Stacy in the second Amazing Spider-Man movie. Sony is hoping to get him back and not start over Spider-Man again. Talks of the Spider-Man pictured above taking over is going around, but people are not fond of it. Personally, I think that Andrew Garfield needs to step up and continue playing Spider-Man. He is such an iconic superhero and to be given such a great responsibility like this is great. But I cannot make his decisions, sadly, and hope that Sony, Marvel, and Disney will make the smart and best decision.

Snow Fall

As I am typing this blog I can sadly look out my window and see snow flakes falling on top of piles of snow. Is it really necessary for all this snow. I mean I already cannot see over my car with the snow banks. At every stop sign I am taking the risk of not knowing what is coming at me in my car from the left or right. I know I am not the only one complaining. This may be a record breaking year for Boston. Currently the record has been kept for over 20 years. With 102 inches Boston only needs 5.7 inches to break the record that is held currently at 107.6 inches. Tonight the snow fall is accumulated at 4-6 inches. Do you think we will beat the record? I think there is a high chance we will. So much snow in so little of time.
to read more on the link click here


We all get them. They are wrinkles. Yes humans get them as they age older. Some even get stress lines that resemble wrinkles. Not only do humans get them, but animals as well. An example of an animal that has a a lot of wrinkles is an elephant. Elephants don't have wrinkles for their age but rather as a cooling system. And they aren't really wrinkles, more like baggy skin. Elephants have few sweat glands and can't use them to regulate their body temperature. Most elephants live in hot climates, for example the African Elephant. In Africa it is very hot and animals like the elephant have evolved to disperse the heat and cool down naturally. The elephants wrinkles create traps for moisture leave int on the elephants body for longer periods of time. This keeps it cool. So next summer day you are complaining about the heat, maybe you should consider having baggy skin like elephants you will be kept cool.
to read more on this click here

3.1.15 Have a Look Outside

          Today is the first day of March, a month many people like to think of as the beginning of Spring. However as I gaze out my windows into this lovely month's beginning, I see snow. Snow everywhere. Brown snow, white snow, and even yellow snow. I see ice everywhere. And to top it all off, it's snowing as I write. Yes, March 1st it is indeed and it is snowing as hard as ever. Did we have a "white Christmas" as every child dreams of? No, but honestly who needs a white Christmas when we're about to have a white St. Patrick's Day?
Boston, MA 2015
          So, you have to be thinking that this winter has broken some records. Well, Boston is currently having the second snowiest season on record with 102 inches this winter, right behind the winter of 1995-96 with 107.6 inches. February is the snowiest month on record in Boston with 64.8 inches in the 28 day month. The closest record to that is the January of 2005 with 43.3 inches. In just over 2 years, we've had 3 of the top 7 heaviest snow storms in Boston. It makes you wonder if the seemingly endless snowfall has something to do with climate change, or is it just random. The months of January and February take up 2 of the top 5 snowiest months on record in Worcester. I'm starting to wonder when it will end. I'm a snow-lover, I must admit, but I am not a lover of school through June 30th. That leaves only one full month of summer. That is saddening. What they should do is give less homework over the summer because we are getting less time off, but they won't. We have standards to reach and tests to teach to, because why else do we go to school other than to be taught to pass a standardized test?

To read more about this winter's snow records, visit Weather 2014-15.