Monday, February 4, 2019

Super Bowl 53

Every year for the Super Bowl that the Patriots are in, we have a party at my uncles house. We have a party every football Sunday but this ones more fun. We all eat until we we cannot eat anymore. We all sit in the same spots every Sunday because we are very superstitious. We all wear the same jerseys all season. This Super Bowl, my aunts and uncles were there, my four cousins, my sister, mom and dad and I all watched. It definitely was not as good as past super bowls. The half time show was pretty weak. Maroon 5 should not be in the half time show, they have the kind of music that you hear in the grocery store playing silently in the background. They also played the Spongebob Super Bowl for like a whole 10 seconds and everyone was disappointed. The game was touch downless for the longest time. The Patriots finally got a touch down after the game remained 3-3 for a long time, and a field goal after, to make it 10-3. Pretty much the defense won the game for us. After a lot of kickoffs, we got another field goal and made the score 13-3. We won another super bowl. The Patriots now had 6 rings. The confetti went all over the stadium and all the players hugged. We now are tied with the Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins in history. I hope we make it to a fourth Super Bowl next season.

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