Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Epileptic Seizures

   I've learned a lot of things from my older sister having epilepsy. I've learned that if someone is having a seizure, it's extremely important to stay calm because the worst thing you can do is panic. This can be very hard because you're frightened and scared for the person who is going through it. Strangely enough, you can't really do anything. It's also important to let it run its course and avoid trying to restrain the person who is seizing. The most important thing to do when this is happening is to time the duration of the seizure. This might sound weird but the duration is very important and can help doctors and neurologists figure out the severity of the person's epilepsy. Putting the person into recovery position can be helpful because some people who have seizures froth at the mouth and they could possibly choke. If the person who had a seizure hasn't been diagnosed with epilepsy, it is crucial to call an ambulance or take that person to the hospital. It could be a sign or result of a brain tumor or something worse. If the person who had the seizure HAS been diagnosed with epilepsy, you don't have to take that person to the hospital unless they sustained any kind of injury from it (especially head injuries, watch for signs of a concussion). Give that person food/water/ let them take their medication if they hadn't taken it already and rest. The most common triggers for epileptic seizures are missed medications, dehydration, skipping meals (not really eating enough or a good meal), and stress.

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