Monday, January 7, 2019

To Travel (No Intent To Trouble You for a Patient Ear)

I wish I could just travel. Every day I spend looking through a window, or talking to the same old people. I love Wareham and I love the town but I've had enough of this bland immersion. It's causing me to get all claustrophobic with whenever I end up worrying about the next thing. I don't know, maybe I'm just being a teenager or something. I've been thinking about my age as of late. I don't feel like I'm taken as seriously as a person, and it's just something to think about. It's not necessarily holding me down in any way, but I feel as though I'm a fly on the wall and somebody closed the window on me. What I need is really to travel, I just need to get out of town. I need somebody to open up that window. I spend lot of time in my own thoughts, and I think it's not my own head, but it's the bubble this town is creating. I haven't traveled too far ever, I've been to the state of Ohio a good amount but that's the limit. Ohio is sort of the most mediocre state in the country, and I would prefer to go somewhere exciting, hell even somewhere in the U.S. I just need a break. It's not me trying to flee my issues, or me trying to be antisocial, but I know that it'll help. I've never left the country in my life, which I am well aware isn't too bad because there is plenty of time to do so. Maybe I should just rest for a bit, I'll wait to really blow that trip out of the water. I know I'm still human even though I'm a teenager, but there are things that would go wrong. I know it. Plus, I have too many people that I'd be leaving in the rubble. I'm not about to do that. I love everything about this place except the fact that I've always been here. I wish I woke up one more and everything was the same, but it was just a different town. I wouldn't mind if I woke up and I was in Marion or somewhere close, just a change. I don't know. Just something to ponder over I suppose.

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