Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The New Year and People's Resolutions

Everybody has New Year's resolutions. It's always that common saying "New year, new me" that gets people motivated for a little change. There are a lot of common resolutions like losing weight, getting a better diet, and saving money and not spending it on things they don't need. However, you hear a lot of people say that they haven't accomplished their resolution. There's another common saying that I tend to hear besides "new year, new me." And that is, "Huh... maybe next year." So why do people want to make a small change in their life to make things a little better and easier to live? I think it's because things are always easier said than done. People say that they want to exercise, but they never truly act on it. It's so much easier to wish and imagine things but it's much harder to actually do them and fully accomplish them. And people say "there's always next year" because next year seems like such a long time away. When people make resolutions, it's always a great deal of trusting themselves. Do they trust themselves to listen and make a commitment to this change? If they personally don't feel like they can, then they shouldn't make it a resolution. It's like nobody remembers how hard it can be to make a resolution until the new year comes around.

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