Monday, January 7, 2019

Puerto Rico

This summer I was able to go on a trip to Puerto Rico,  it was an amazing trip I was able to go on a nature trail that had a naturally made water slide as well as being able to go scuba diving for the first time. The reason for going on such a trip was because my cousin was going to get married. We were able to get a nice hotel that was right on the beach where you could look out to the ocean which seemed to be endless, as for the afternoons before it would get dark you could see the sun bouncing of the water as it slowly just disappears away. As for the early morning there would rarely be any clouds in the sky which had made hiking up the mountain just that much more breath taking as being able to look down to see all the land and see surrounding as well as being able to see the peak. When we had reached the nature pools as well as the cliff jumping area, all of the water was clear as well as the trees being blown. As we got closer there were families, with some pets around. Such as a family that had lived fairly close to the area let their own dog had follow us up the trail to the pools. We had stayed their for a while for before going back to our hotel passing by many markets as well as some older parts of Puerto Rico. Luckily the next day the excitement continued. We had went with my other cousin to a beach area which had people who had gear for you to go scuba diving. As we were beginning to go under my cousin, her boyfriend, and I were able to go calmly around in the sectored off area. As for my parents and sister they had more difficulty yet in the end they still had fun. I hope the next trip I go one will be as memorable as this one had

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