Monday, January 7, 2019

My New Dog

This Christmas my family got a new dog. He is a neapolitan mastiff, he's four months old, and his name is Hooper. My dad was always talking about getting a new dog but we didn't think he was being serious. My cousin Nick was driving up to Indiana to get something from his aunt's and Hooper was in Ohio so Nick offered to pick him up on Christmas Eve and he would be here for Christmas. My dad told my siblings and I that Hooper was bought already by another family so he would be a surprise on Christmas. It was Christmas Day and everyone knew that we were getting a dog besides My siblings and me. I walked downstairs around seven in the morning because I like to snoop around before everyone else goes downstairs. My parents were awake and my dad was outside. My mom yelled at me to go upstairs and I was really confused because my mom never yells and I knew most of the things I was getting anyway. So I went back downstairs later and my parents told us to go in the living room and start with our stockings and my mom wanted to take a family picture. My mom always takes pictures so we were used to it but she was actually recording us. Next thing you know a puppy walks by and I screamed. I was so happy I started laughing then I cried a little bit because it was really surprising that we got a new dog. I really thought that we weren't getting a dog because my mom was against it, and my dad said he got bought and we were going to try for another litter that will be in January. My whole family didn't even bother to open the presents we got because we were all playing with our new dog Hooper. But my older dog Otis wasn't too excited. Not only did we get a new addition to our family we also got a protector that might grow to be 260 pounds. 

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