Monday, January 7, 2019

My Christmas Vacation/ New Year

This Christmas vacation felt longer than most others which is weird because to me it always feels like those ten days go by in about 4 days. Obviously everyone wants vacation to be way longer like maybe four weeks or the whole entire month of December sounds good to me. This year was different I had so much going on in such little time it felt like the days were dragging on. Until New Years hit and I then realized wow I actually have to adult again and go back to school. The one thing I was waiting to hear about on that Wednesday was what everyone did over break and what they did to celebrate the new year. For me I was excited for 2018 to be over i swear that year was never going to end and it felt like for most people and not just me it was a terrible year a year nobody wants to remember because honestly I will remember 2018 as the worst year  I have ever gone through. It's over now so it's the past and hopefully 2019 for not just me but everyone is a better year and hopefully the stress levels drop instead of rise, but other than that Happy New Year.

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