Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Missing Volleyball (Week 12)

It's hard to think that volleyball ended more than two months ago it felt like yesterday my whole team was in tears over missing playoffs by one single game. Which we lost by exactly two points. I will never forget our last game together where we did the unbelievable and played that game like it really was our last. We worked hard as a team and me personally playing the game of my life and topping my own serving record and saves. I never imagined that I would miss volleyball as much as I do now. Yes I have off season in less than 3 months, but nothing feels better than playing with all your friends in front of all your school mates and playing for a spot in play offs. If only we played the way we played that night in our other game we would be making school history, but you can't go back to the best you just have to keep living the present. Volleyball isn't as easy as people think it takes a lot of strength and mind power and thinking to destroy who ever your against. It isn't something that you can learn in just one day. If I could go back to October I would just to play one more time again with my team and just to live in the moment that this was the best high school volleyball season Wareham has had in years.

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