Monday, January 7, 2019

Everything Wrong With Sensitive People (Christmas Edition)

       I'm not the type of person to complain about other people I don't know and have no relation with, but sensitive people on the internet is an exception. This subject really gets me going. I think I could make a list as long as Rapunzel's hair on why I cannot stand sensitive people. I'm not talking about the people that you tell to "shut up" and they cry. I'm talking about a different type of sensitive, one that has surfaced in the recent years due to controversial topics. Let's start with Santa Clause. We all know the chubby kind old soul as a MAN that brings presents to the good girls and boys. Sensitive people are trying to ruin the idea of Christmas. They are now asking why Santa cannot be a girl. First of all, Santa cannot be a girl because he is a boy. And always has been. I don't see it changing anytime in the future. Now, people are very sensitive over the subject of equality. I believe men and women should have equal pay and equal rights. But, people go way overboard. In a popular video, a young girl is given a game-boy. She asks why it can't be called a "game-boy-girl". Things like this weren't made to be sexist, people are just way too sensitive now and will try to find anything to complain about. Now that we discussed that, let's move onto the CLASSIC Christmas movie, "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". You may have noticed, it was not on much this Christmas season. I did not see it on TV once. There is a reason behind this. People think the movie's theme of bullying is too harsh. It blows my mind people think that Rudolph is a harsh interpretation of bullying. Step inside a high school. Should we just close all high schools down because they contain bullying? It's crazy that people do little to stop real life bullying but when a reindeer is bullied in a movie the whole world has a melt down. Anyway, that is all I have to say on sensitive people and why I can't stand them. ツ

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