Tuesday, January 15, 2019

DECA 2019

Last week I went away Thursday and Friday for my DECA Districts competition. DECA is a club that is based off of the world of business. When you go to districts you go and compete with over 1,000 kids for awards to technically see how strong you are with your category. My parent once for my second year of DECA was Emma and last year we placed 8th in our category and this year we placed 10th which is far from bad seeing the amount of teams in Sports and Entertainment. This years competition was held at the Hyannis Resort and Conference Center. It was so much fun it was something I won't forget. I got to see old friends and also meet many new friends along with doing something I love. Your day is very busy and packed but when the end of the day comes you can relax and have an amazing time and which I did. Then when Friday comes you can get up and get ready for awards. If you ever want to consider about doing DECA you should. It is an amazing experience and something everyone should try out.

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