Thursday, June 1, 2017


I wonder about things in my life 
I have made some good and bad decisions
everything comes down to a moment
one second, 
one minute 
one hour
one day
one month
 one year
one decade
 one century
 one millennial
 at a time.
Every one ticking away.
We have clocks above our heads,
counting down. 
Tick Tock, Tick Tock  
Every moment we spend avoiding risk is the moment you stop truly living
Every person has only one 
Live, laugh, love and learn thats all you ask for
For if material things is all you seek then your wish is granted everlasting life without happiness.
It's true selfish people live longer, but never are truly happy.
Those who love and take risk live the richest life the fullest life 
Maybe poor, with very little to their names, but they can find true happiness. 
People never change, but they can when they realize their life is meaningless,
it is up to them to make that change for the better from
Money can buy you happiness, to love is the only true happiness.
 Only then can you find the light. 
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 This "poem" I wrote really a short story rather is just something I wanted to create to get my idea of life and happiness on a page. I may seem weird and hard to read, but the main idea is that love is the only real way for a person to find happiness and life is short so if you aren't looking for it you may miss your chance at happiness. I believe that people should pay attention to the little things in the things we do everyday because even though you don't notice it they are the things that bring you the most joy. I know that some people are with me on this and other people will believe their is more than one way to be happy. This is true but I find the happiness true happiness that stays with you even in death can only come from love, while the others are just temporary.

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