Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Things that annoy me- rotation #30

This is another blog post that i think I have already done before but i am doing it again because it is on my mind. Here is a list of pet peeves or things that annoy me.
1. When people make a post on social media and their punctuation is typed a space away from the ending work like: "Fight me !" I have no clue why this annoys me so much but it actually drives me insane.
2. My sister just got her license (she's 19, and she doesn't have a car) And now she keeps acting like she has some type of RIGHT to drive my car (that I spent around 8 months saving money for to buy on my own) and when I tell her no she gets so upset. Now that she has her license she's making a million more plans because she figures that she can drive herself places... but i'm not letting her drive my car by herself. She's a crazy driver and I have trust issues when it comes to my car.
3. I work at Rue21, and NOTHING drives me more insane than when people try on clothes, and they put the clothes back on the hanger INSIDE OUT! What is wrong with you???? It is literally not even worth the effort of putting it back on the hanger because I will just have to take it off and flip it the right way and put it back. Please, don't even bother.
4. When people touch my head/my hair. Just don't do it.
5. Getting wet. I hate being wet, it is the most uncomfortable feeling for me. Obviously showering isn't the issue that i'm taking about. I'm taking about washing my hands and then there aren't paper towels, or spilling a quarter sized amount of water on myself, or going to a beach or pool and being forced to swim and then sitting in my soaking wet bathing suit afterwards. It makes me beyond uncomfortable.
6. When my sister screams at me for leaving a single fork in the sink and not cleaning it when she leaves a pot, strainer, wooden spoon, bowl, spoon, and Tupperware container.
7. When there are dishes in the sink and my sister only washes the EXACT ones she used. That is literally the pettiest and most immature things... whenever there is a full sink of dishes I just clean them all. It makes everyone's lives easier and its easier than sorting through all the dirty dishes just to find my own.
8. When people post a selfie or whatever that is captioned "prob gonna delete later." If you're going to delete it why post it in the first place?
9. When people stare at my septum ring and say "oh why did you do that" or, when older people look at it and say "why would you do that to yourself??? Why are your ear holes so big?" It doesn't bother me because they are noticing it or staring at them, but it bothers me because sometimes people can be rude when they ask and because I honestly have NO CLUE how to respond to that.
10. When people make plans to hang out in the bathroom (peep my tweet @lillypierro)
11. When I am clearly not in the mood to talk and people keep talking to me and then go "are you okay?" and I say "i'm just annoyed" and then they disregard it and keep talking about their life.
12. When I accidentally use a colored pen knowing for a fact that a teacher uses the same color pen to grade. I don't know why I do this but i do it a lot and i know it drives me insane so it probably drives them insane too.
13. When people make illegal passes while driving. God forbid I actually do the speed limit. Go past me illegal and go 50 in a 35, have fun.
14. When in parking lots (happens a lot in the wareham crossing) people are walking to their cars and they don't make sure to hold their 2-6 year old's hand while they are walking and running all around. You have a child, you're in a parking lot, vehicles are constantly going in and out, watch your child. It gives me so much anxiety, whether or not I am the driver.
15. When people do things to you that you know for a fact if you did it to them it would be the actual end of the world.
16. When moms use the lines "I am the only one that ever does anything around this house," "If i were dead you sure as hell would miss me" "other kids don't have parents" etc etc.
17. When my mom (who moved out to live with her bf) comes over and yells at me for having a messy room... like home girl you left you have no right to complain about any mess in this house.
18. when my mom makes super petty and dramatic posts on facebook (this could actually be the majority of moms on facebook)
19. When I'm with my family and for once I get a single text and they all yell about children always being on their phones now-a-days
20.How dunkin donuts makes bottled coffee with creamer and flavors in it but they don't make any with almond milk or coconut milk etc etc
21. When people make snide comments on what or how i eat... just... don't
22. When my mom sends me a text and i don't answer within 5 minutes and she'll send another one that ALWAYS says "helllloooo???????????"
23. When people come into work at 8:53 knowing damn well we close at 9.
24. When my manager stalks my time card every time i go on break and says "you took an extra 3 minutes on your break." Bro i didn't have to pee until the end of my break #chill.
25. When my manager makes me take my break an hour into my 6 hour shift because it's more convenient for them and so they won't have to worry about me taking my break.
26. When my manager makes me stay at work until 9:55 to close when the store was in PERFECT condition at 8:03. #IHateYou
27. When I'm eating my food and my dog doesn't just stare at me and begs, but whines and cries.
28. when my dog barks at me to put him outside and then I let him out and he stares at the door to let him back in.
29. When my dogs have a bowl full of dog food but they scratch the cat food bin like crazy and cry because they (DOGS) want cat food instead of dog food.
30. When people ask me for help on something that they didn't even 1. look at doing or 2. make any sort of attempt to do.
31. When I'm in the kitchen and my sister comes up the stairs, doesn't even take the time to call out my parents name, and just looks at me and goes "where's dad?" Do I look like dad's tracking device to you????
32. When I just walk in the door from school and Kayla asks me where dad is? This one actually makes no sense #31 was just me being over annoyed with kayla.
33. When my dad buys generic brand toothpaste. I am FINE with him buying ANYTHING else store brand... but toothpaste is totally different.
34. When I ask my dad to buy diet soda and he buys regular... boi i won't drink that.
35. When teachers all plan to do a million tests the week before finals (s/o to the teachers that decide the final unit taught doesn't need a test and it can just be on the final... you da greatest of them all)
36. People who assume my life is perfect because i have good grades, a job, and car.
37. When I want to be out of my room and in the living room (doesn't happen often) and my sister makes a joke that I didn't laugh at and she makes a huge attitude and sayd that I'm in the bad mood (when shes the one getting super angry over me not laughing at her joke) and then she yells at me to go back to my room.
38. When my sister acts like she has some type of authority over me (ex in #37) when the majority of the time I'm the one that's more mature.
39. When people do something bad or mean to someone and then they get sad that they made them mad and they act like the victim
40. Planned obsolescence- literally every iPhone ever
41. When people take my phone. I have nothing to hide on my phone, but there are to many gross germs on peoples hands as it is... I want to limit the amount of nasty germs on my phone as much as possible.
42. When my sister asks for a sip of my water. Anyone else can ask me and it won't bother me, but for some reason it really bothers me when she asks. Probably because of the majority of the time she asks me when there's a sink about 5 feet away.
43. Procrastinating- I do this so much and it always annoys me to no extent
44. When people try to make plans and I tell them I'm working and they tell me to take the day off or call in... not that easy.
45. When I actually do call into work for being sick and they yell at me saying that I HAVE to find coverage when 1. if i am sick it is the managers job to find coverage, 2. they never yell or make a big deal for any other associates. and 3. we have worked the store with less than 3 people being there, me not being there does not make a bog difference.
46. When people yell at me for not replying to a text or snap chat... I'm annoyed bc they're yelling at me but i am also annoyed because I am really bad at responding back to people #I'mNotThatSorryThough
47. When people type "tho" instead of "though"
48. When people scream in the hallway/classroom/bathroom... pls... just don't
49. When I say "I don't want to blah blah blah" and someone replies with "do you think anyone wants to?" Like I wasn't talking about everyone else's feelings I was saying what I felt in that moment bye
And '
50. Taking up and ENTIRE class period to make this list because I am procrastinating because there is one week of school left

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