Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer #30

       Summer is officially here. The weather warmer, the town crowded with visitors, the water warming, etc. It is odd that school is coming to a close but I do not mind at all. This summer is going to be one to remember. Rather than sitting at home each day, I plan to spent most time with friends. Whether it be lounging on the beach to a trip to a water park, I just desire to make the most of my time. It is the summer before my senior year, and the last before I am a graduate. The thought is frightening but it has only encouraged me to partake in more activities. I have already established a few activities for the summer, such as camping. The week after school ends, my family is going to visit Myles Standish. In the beginning of July, I am traveling to New Hampshire with my family to celebrate the fourth of July. This doesn't include all of the little things that I am going to do. I just cannot wait for school to end so I have the ability to do such things. 

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