Thursday, June 1, 2017


I feel like all my blogs are rants. Good rants, but this one in particular is one I am going to question.
So it just so happens that in psychology today we were watching a movie, and I recognized one of the scenes. It was a scene where Russell Crowe is out on the steps of a building with a young woman, having a conversation about the stars. He asks her to pick a shape, then continues to point into the stars, drawing a shape. She chooses an umbrella. I knew I had just watched this somewhere, but it took me a few minutes to pinpoint exactly where I had seen it- the weekly poem video! The movie was of course "A Beautiful Mind." The movie, as I am watching- is brilliant. I have not seen it before and I am thoroughly enjoying it.
Or should I say was enjoying it.
That was until I realized John Nash's entire life was basically one big hallucination. A good portion of the movie thus far has been a lie! How?? Schizophrenia. I mean, this is a psychology class and I probably should have eluded to some sort of psychological connection, but this one caught me off guard. I just assumed he was paranoid because of his work!
However, I am still finding the movie extremely entertaining, and despite the twist, I am still very much enjoying the movie (plus, no psych movie will ever throw me for more of a loop than Edward Norton's "Primal Fear" did). I do like the movie and I am excited to watch the ending!

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