Friday, June 9, 2017

Prodigy (Act 1 Scene 1)

Act 1 Scene 1:
Story on stage from left to right stage. She has a bit of a an emotionless face. She passes everyone going the opposite way of the traffic of people in the hallway that pays her no mind. They all pass by some nudging her. She arrives at the auditorium door where she slowly opens the door and walks in.  
Finally. I been waiting all day for this.
She walks slowly to the piano and sits down. The auditorium is dark with only a spotlight on her as she plays flawlessly a song on the piano, spotlight slowly fades out. Story is at home now her dad is passed out on the front step. He is wearing a white shirt, brown jacket, and tattered pants. He has his house keys in his hands, Story uses them to open the door and drag her dad inside to the living room. Story takes a small black leather bound book out of her back pack and begins to write.

I found my dad passed out on the stoop again. He never knows when enough is enough. It has been this way my whole life every since that day. The day (beat) you know that we lost her. The doctors say it was complication during childbirth, but after that day daddy has never looked at me with any type of kindness. He blames me for her death, it haunts me every day knowing I killed her(tears up). I never really knew her and dad never talks about her and I don’t like to bring it up because of his anger. I feel like nothing will ever change around her unless I’m gone.
(Fade out)
Story is in the living room enter stage right the living room also dulls as the kitchen. She takes the eggs out of the small fridge cooks them up and leaves them next to her passed out father on the floor. (Fade out)
Story is in class asleep as the teacher is talking.
So doctors have proven that music can heal, (Bell rings) I want you all to write me some song lyrics over the weekend I want it to be about something important to you.
Story was jolted awake by the bell and is leaving the class with the crowd of kids, when Mrs.Green stops to talk to her.
Story can you stay a few minutes after the bell I need to talk to you.
Story walks down the row of desks and stops when she reaches Mrs. Green’s desk.
Mrs. Green
Story this is the second time this week you fell asleep in my class and you haven’t participated once all year.
I know, I promise it won’t happen again.
You said that the last time, is there something going on at home that you need to talk abo--
Flustered at Mrs. green comment Story quickly ends the conversation and leaves.
I’m sorry again Mrs. Green for falling asleep in class it won’t happen again and I will try to participate more in class.
Story quickly leaves the room and heads for her locker, she opens it and grabs some books she shoves in her bag. As Story does this she looks over at the other end of the hallway where a group of boys from the football team are standing talking about last night’s game. Story is looking at only one of the kids Zadyn he is the tallest in the group of boys and he’s wearing his letterman with his name and number on the front.
I can’t believe you made that catch last night Zadyn, you won the game for us.
Thanks I was just leaving it all out there for the team.  
Well Jessica’s party last night was turnt I saw you talking to her last night does that mean you’re getting back together.
He smirks,nudges Zadyn implying that they should get back together.
She’s bad I might just have to take her then.
Be my guest.
As Zadyn says this he looks over at the end of the hallway where he sees Story looking. Their eyes meet.  Story stunned like a deer in headlights turns and runs off stage right. (Fade out)

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