Friday, June 9, 2017


In 2006, my dog Ole, passed away. My mom said she couldn't get another dog. But about two weeks later she was walking on the canal and these people passed her walking Irish Setters. She stopped to pet them and instantly fell in love. About a month later we drove to New Hampshire to pick up our New Irish Setter. My dad always wanted to name someone Otis. My mom refused to let him name me or my brother, Otis, so she decided it would be okay. The only reason he wanted to name the dog Otis, was so when he walked in to the house and Otis ran up to him, he could say "Otis my man!" We've had Otis for about 11 years now and he's the best. He the calmest dog ever, all her does is sleep and play. So happy my mom decided to get another dog, it wouldn't be the same without a dog. 

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