Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Junior year #29

          There are only seven days left of school and I'm speechless. It is difficult to imagine that my junior year is coming to an end. The year I expected to be an ordeal was rather eventful. Although there was an abundance of homework, I thoroughly enjoyed the year. I feel as though I have matured greatly, regarding some aspects at least. Junior year has taught me how to prioritize the differing features in my life. What I'm worried about is becoming a senior. When I first arrived at the high school, at the age of fourteen, senior year seemed so far away. There are only a matter of days before I technically become a senior. I do not know how to react. It is astonishing how fast time passed by. Before I know it, summer will flash by and senior year will be starting. Not long after that, I will have to apply to the colleges I hope to attend. Soon after that, I will be graduating. It is a frightening thought, but it is my reality. 

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