Thursday, June 8, 2017

Chasing Lightning Moments

This year I’ve been working really hard on a special video, that can be seen as emotional, exciting, and fun.  I put myself out there, and it was really cool.  First I had no idea what direction I wanted to take the video until one day my dad played me a song that he and his band had been working on.  I legitimately cried hearing it.  It was about two outcasts enjoying a night out, going to their prom, except they were walking through people's laughs and mocks.  They didn’t care, they continued to listen to their music and dance.  This song could be about you, me, someone in your family, anyone.  We are all different and we should accept it rather than changing to become like everyone else.  Peter who is the singer of the band is someone who is crazy and clearly does not care about anyones opinion.  He is such a creative and unique person.  He can create dark, yet uplifting music that can be incredibly catchy.  From lyrics of “Heard some people talking, I know who's my friends, They say I’m a dreamer, But they’re off by far, Suspended my license to dream, For driving without a car.”  The song I was moved by was called “Living Life.”  This was the initial beginning to the video I wanted to change people with it, change their points of view, maybe even hit their heartstrings.  So I decided to make a documentary about my dad’s band except create an edge.  I tied myself into it…  

I would absolutely love for you guys to watch it!  I worked incredibly hard to make it, and am excited about how it turned out. :) <3

Share it, show it to your pals, fam, person on the street, spread the woooord.



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