Friday, June 2, 2017


We are here, in the last few weeks of our junior year. These past few years have gone by so quickly, and every year seems to be going quicker than the last. I am very happy that this year is almost over because it has definitely been my most stressful year. I have had a lot of things in the past years of my life, but this one has just been real stressful and I have felt overworked the entire time. There has been a lot thrown at all of us this year. We do a lot and I know that the teachers and family know, but I sometimes feel like they just see the final product; at least my teachers and family. They know that it is a lot but no one really knows how much we all go through. My parents know that I work hard but they dont really get how much there is for us and the things we have to deal with. We all have school and some have jobs and clubs and family and just trying to have a life on top of that is hard. I know I have no time for myself. Once you do well in school, you are continuously expected to continue to do well, and even improve. How is it that I do my best and I am still expected to do better? How is it that I am expected to do better than ever during the years that get harder and more intense? I understand all of the things I am saying, and why people think that but I wish it wasnt what people thought and expected of us. Because I know that when I dont meet these expectations I am the one that feels bad about myself. And dont get me wrong, there are a lot of people and things in place that show us that we are good and that we do well, but I just feel like things are really hard and that families and some other adults dont show us the appreciate for all that we do.

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