Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer #30

       Summer is officially here. The weather warmer, the town crowded with visitors, the water warming, etc. It is odd that school is coming to a close but I do not mind at all. This summer is going to be one to remember. Rather than sitting at home each day, I plan to spent most time with friends. Whether it be lounging on the beach to a trip to a water park, I just desire to make the most of my time. It is the summer before my senior year, and the last before I am a graduate. The thought is frightening but it has only encouraged me to partake in more activities. I have already established a few activities for the summer, such as camping. The week after school ends, my family is going to visit Myles Standish. In the beginning of July, I am traveling to New Hampshire with my family to celebrate the fourth of July. This doesn't include all of the little things that I am going to do. I just cannot wait for school to end so I have the ability to do such things. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Rotation 30

I'm kind of running out of things to blog about as they end of the year is approaching, so I decided to tell you all about my dog, Chicken. We got him a month after my brother was born, they're both eleven now. He was abused as a puppy and the owner was going to drown the litter if they didn't have a home so we decided to take him home one day because I wouldn't let my family leave him behind. He is a Chihuahua-Beagle mix which is called a Cheagle. He looks like a hot dog type of dog, only fatter. He's very lazy and only plays with me about once a week, otherwise he just eats and sleeps all day. He's not the nicest dog and the hair on his spine stands up when growls at strangers because he thinks he's a huge guard dog, but he's scared of frogs and birds. He doesn't know how to sit like a normal dog so he sits like a human when he begs, my Grandma calls it "sitting pretty". He has three dog beds in the house but only sleeps on the couch because he thinks he's better than other dogs and he can't sleep unless he is wrapped in a blanket. He's a pretty weird dog, but everybody loves him and we can't imagine our house without him.
 Here's a picture of Chicken attempting to cocoon himself into his blankets.

Here's a picture of Chicken sitting... I said he was weird.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

III. Life: The Biggest Troll

It's been a pretty chaotic year for me. I have pushed myself in many ways that I never had before, and most of it has payed off pretty well. I pushed myself academically and finally made it into Top 10, a goal I've had since Freshman year. I dropped 20 pounds and dropped my mile time down to 6:53. I am stronger and healthier than ever, and have never been so confident and happy with myself and where I am going. That is not to say it has been perfect. The year started off very rough.I knew I needed to make a change in my life, and I decided it was time to make it. I'm happy with the choices I have made and the things that have happened to me. I have always been a bit of a paradox of sorts. I'm a centrist in just about everything, and just when I think I support something the other argument pulls me back in. (Usually) I am both excited and intensely worried for the future. I'm not exactly sure how I want to pursue my life, whether it be family, career or money. I want all three for sure, I'm not ashamed of it. I hope that in the pursuit of progress I do not lose sight of what is truly important and life, and forget how to enjoy myself. Values and noble intentions are easily corrupted in the modern world. I am ecstatic to join it and fear its existence at the same time. Oh well. Time passes whether or not I'm for it. The train will always roll by on its timetable, the plane will still take off tomorrow whether or not I'm not ready to fly it. As Donald Glover said in his song of of because the internet.: "Life the biggest troll but the joke is on us."

Friday, June 9, 2017

I really liked this year in general.  Most of my classes were interesting, and I learned a lot about what I want to do when I grow up and where my interests lie.  I'm still a little conflicted of what I want to do a bit, but at least I've narrowed it down to chemistry, physics, or engineering.  I'm happy that this year's English focused a lot on essays, and analyzing them because I think it's a useful skill for life in general.  Math was the best it's ever been this year because things started having a lot more intuitive meaning than formula memorization.  Let's see.  I took Physics and Chemistry this year, and I thought I wouldn't like chemistry but it turned out to be really cool, well cool enough to think of as a career anyway.  I like history, but I really disliked history because of how it was taught this year (only taught to the test, never any room for interesting deviation).  Spanish was the hardest class I've ever had this year, but I don't think it's worth giving up because I've already dedicated four years to it.  Am I missing any class?  Not any that are vastly important anyway.  This was a good year, and I hope it translates to a good year next year.

Prodigy (Act 1 Scene 1)

Act 1 Scene 1:
Story on stage from left to right stage. She has a bit of a an emotionless face. She passes everyone going the opposite way of the traffic of people in the hallway that pays her no mind. They all pass by some nudging her. She arrives at the auditorium door where she slowly opens the door and walks in.  
Finally. I been waiting all day for this.
She walks slowly to the piano and sits down. The auditorium is dark with only a spotlight on her as she plays flawlessly a song on the piano, spotlight slowly fades out. Story is at home now her dad is passed out on the front step. He is wearing a white shirt, brown jacket, and tattered pants. He has his house keys in his hands, Story uses them to open the door and drag her dad inside to the living room. Story takes a small black leather bound book out of her back pack and begins to write.

I found my dad passed out on the stoop again. He never knows when enough is enough. It has been this way my whole life every since that day. The day (beat) you know that we lost her. The doctors say it was complication during childbirth, but after that day daddy has never looked at me with any type of kindness. He blames me for her death, it haunts me every day knowing I killed her(tears up). I never really knew her and dad never talks about her and I don’t like to bring it up because of his anger. I feel like nothing will ever change around her unless I’m gone.
(Fade out)
Story is in the living room enter stage right the living room also dulls as the kitchen. She takes the eggs out of the small fridge cooks them up and leaves them next to her passed out father on the floor. (Fade out)
Story is in class asleep as the teacher is talking.
So doctors have proven that music can heal, (Bell rings) I want you all to write me some song lyrics over the weekend I want it to be about something important to you.
Story was jolted awake by the bell and is leaving the class with the crowd of kids, when Mrs.Green stops to talk to her.
Story can you stay a few minutes after the bell I need to talk to you.
Story walks down the row of desks and stops when she reaches Mrs. Green’s desk.
Mrs. Green
Story this is the second time this week you fell asleep in my class and you haven’t participated once all year.
I know, I promise it won’t happen again.
You said that the last time, is there something going on at home that you need to talk abo--
Flustered at Mrs. green comment Story quickly ends the conversation and leaves.
I’m sorry again Mrs. Green for falling asleep in class it won’t happen again and I will try to participate more in class.
Story quickly leaves the room and heads for her locker, she opens it and grabs some books she shoves in her bag. As Story does this she looks over at the other end of the hallway where a group of boys from the football team are standing talking about last night’s game. Story is looking at only one of the kids Zadyn he is the tallest in the group of boys and he’s wearing his letterman with his name and number on the front.
I can’t believe you made that catch last night Zadyn, you won the game for us.
Thanks I was just leaving it all out there for the team.  
Well Jessica’s party last night was turnt I saw you talking to her last night does that mean you’re getting back together.
He smirks,nudges Zadyn implying that they should get back together.
She’s bad I might just have to take her then.
Be my guest.
As Zadyn says this he looks over at the end of the hallway where he sees Story looking. Their eyes meet.  Story stunned like a deer in headlights turns and runs off stage right. (Fade out)


In 2006, my dog Ole, passed away. My mom said she couldn't get another dog. But about two weeks later she was walking on the canal and these people passed her walking Irish Setters. She stopped to pet them and instantly fell in love. About a month later we drove to New Hampshire to pick up our New Irish Setter. My dad always wanted to name someone Otis. My mom refused to let him name me or my brother, Otis, so she decided it would be okay. The only reason he wanted to name the dog Otis, was so when he walked in to the house and Otis ran up to him, he could say "Otis my man!" We've had Otis for about 11 years now and he's the best. He the calmest dog ever, all her does is sleep and play. So happy my mom decided to get another dog, it wouldn't be the same without a dog. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Chasing Lightning Moments

This year I’ve been working really hard on a special video, that can be seen as emotional, exciting, and fun.  I put myself out there, and it was really cool.  First I had no idea what direction I wanted to take the video until one day my dad played me a song that he and his band had been working on.  I legitimately cried hearing it.  It was about two outcasts enjoying a night out, going to their prom, except they were walking through people's laughs and mocks.  They didn’t care, they continued to listen to their music and dance.  This song could be about you, me, someone in your family, anyone.  We are all different and we should accept it rather than changing to become like everyone else.  Peter who is the singer of the band is someone who is crazy and clearly does not care about anyones opinion.  He is such a creative and unique person.  He can create dark, yet uplifting music that can be incredibly catchy.  From lyrics of “Heard some people talking, I know who's my friends, They say I’m a dreamer, But they’re off by far, Suspended my license to dream, For driving without a car.”  The song I was moved by was called “Living Life.”  This was the initial beginning to the video I wanted to change people with it, change their points of view, maybe even hit their heartstrings.  So I decided to make a documentary about my dad’s band except create an edge.  I tied myself into it…  

I would absolutely love for you guys to watch it!  I worked incredibly hard to make it, and am excited about how it turned out. :) <3

Share it, show it to your pals, fam, person on the street, spread the woooord.